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Chicago America s Railroad Capital

Chicago  America s Railroad Capital Author Brian Solomon
ISBN-10 9780760346037
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 192
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"A history of the development of Chicago as a railroad hub, from its earliest days to the present, illustrated with color and black and white photographs, maps, and railroad memorabilia"-Provided by publisher.

Chicago Postwar Passenger and Commuter Trains

Chicago Postwar Passenger and Commuter Trains Author John Kelly
ISBN-10 158388291X
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 128
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In 1948, Chicago was the gathering place of 22 railroads, seven belt and switching roads, eight industrial railroads and three electric lines. Track was everywhere as passenger trains and commuter trains crowded the approaches to the terminals near the Loop that is Chicago, undisputed railroad capital of the world. Chicago Passenger Trains & Commuter Trains captures the spirit and challenges of the post-World War II era, as streamlined passenger trains arrived and departed from Chicago’s six celebrated stations during the pinnacle years of intercity train service. Welcome aboard as we ride those grand trains of the 1950s and 1960s into their twilight years and transition into Amtrak’s “Rainbow era.” Vintage and color photography, terminal and commuter maps, train brochures, postcards and tickets are featured. Nice color and vintage scenes for modelers.

Chicago Stations Trains Photo Archive

Chicago Stations   Trains Photo Archive Author John Kelly
ISBN-10 1583882162
Release 2008-05-15
Pages 128
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No other American city had such a fascinating group of railroad passenger stations as Chicago. This book highlights Chicago's six major railroad stations and the trains that served them. Included are Dearborn Station, Grand Central Station, Central Station, La Salle Street Station, North Western Station, and Union Station. During the heyday of passenger trains, Chicago was the undisputed rail center of the United States and its railroad stations were the gates to everywhere. Chicago's railroad stations featured superb architecture with marble floors and staircases, while restaurants, newsstands and shops filled the concourse areas. Steel latticework beams helped support glass-domed roofs and public address systems echoed train information throughout the high-ceiling stations. Huge station clocks loomed above the brass and neon train bulletin boards that listed "On Time" trains. Beyond the boarding gates, the constant parade of trains sounded with clanging bells and rumbling steel wheels. Historic photographs feature name trains like Super Chief, Capitol Limited, 20th Century Limited, Broadway Limited, California Zephyr, Hiawatha, 400, and City of Denver. Included are maps, station drawings, timetables and promotional advertising.

The Rock Island Line

The Rock Island Line Author Bill Marvel
ISBN-10 9780253011312
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 180
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This richly illustrated volume tells the story of a legendary railroad whose tracks spanned the Midwest, serving farms and small-town America for more than 140 years. One of the earliest railroads to build westward from Chicago, it was the first to span the Mississippi, advancing the frontier, bringing settlers into the West, and hauling their crops to market. Rock Island’s celebrated Rocket passenger trains also set a standard for speed and service, with suburban runs as familiar to Windy City commuters as the Loop. For most of its existence, the Rock battled competitors much larger and richer than itself and when it finally succumbed, the result was one of the largest business bankruptcies ever. Today, as its engines and stock travel the busy main lines operated by other carriers, the Rock Island Line lives on in the hearts of those whom it employed and served.

Terminal Town

Terminal Town Author Joseph P. Schwieterman
ISBN-10 0982315694
Release 2014-09-15
Pages 300
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Take an historical tour of Chicago's railroad stations, airports, bus depots and steamship wharves. Showcasing great icons of transportation, Schwieterman illustrates why the "Windy City" so richly deserves its reputation as America's premier travel hub.


Chicagoland Author Ann Durkin Keating
ISBN-10 9780226428826
Release 2005-11-15
Pages 262
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Provides an illustrated history of the growth of the Chicago suburbs beginning the nineteenth century, detailing the collective histories of 230 neighborhoods and communities, including farm centers, industrial towns, commuter suburbs, and recreational and institutional centers, in dozens of period photographs and maps. Simultaneous.

Electro Motive E Units and F Units

Electro Motive E Units and F Units Author Brian Solomon
ISBN-10 9781610597746
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 160
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Blending automotive manufacturing and styling techniques with state-of-the-art diesel-electric technologies, General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division conceived and marketed America’s first commercially successful road diesels: the fabulous E-Units and F-Units. This illustrated companion to Voyageur Press’ Alco Locomotives (2009) and Baldwin Locomotives (2010) is the most comprehensive history of the most recognizable locomotives ever built. Beginning with 1937 debut of the fast and powerful E-Units designed for long-haul passenger service, author Brian Solomon treats readers to a wonderful array of archival imagery while explaining the impact the locomotives made on the locomotive market and the railroad industry.

The Iron Road in the Prairie State

The Iron Road in the Prairie State Author Simon Cordery
ISBN-10 9780253019127
Release 2016-01-20
Pages 240
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In 1836, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas agreed on one thing: Illinois needed railroads. Over the next fifty years, the state became the nation’s railroad hub, with Chicago at its center. Speculators, greed, growth, and regulation followed as the railroad industry consumed unprecedented amounts of capital and labor. A nationwide market resulted, and the Windy City became the site of opportunities and challenges that remain to this day. In this first-of-its-kind history, full of entertaining anecdotes and colorful characters, Simon Cordery describes the explosive growth of Illinois railroads and its impact on America. Cordery shows how railroading in Illinois influenced railroad financing, the creation of a national economy, and government regulation of business. Cordery's masterful chronicle of rail development in Illinois from 1837 to 2010 reveals how the state’s expanding railroads became the foundation of the nation’s rail network.

The Chicago L

The Chicago  L Author Greg Borzo
ISBN-10 9780738551005
Release 2007
Pages 167
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Offers a history of the world famous Chicago "L," the elevated railroad that has operated since 1892 and has been ridden by more than ten billion people.

Classic Locomotives

Classic Locomotives Author Brian Solomon
ISBN-10 9781610588683
Release 2013-10-07
Pages 560
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DIVThis massive collection of 700 color photographs (comprising the previously published volumes Steam Power, Vintage Diesel Power, and Modern Diesel Power) traces the development of North American locomotives from the early nineteenth century right up to the present, spanning dozens of models from the likes of Alco, Baldwin, Electro-Motive, Fairbanks-Morse, General Electric, and more. Top-notch imagery from dozens of photographers is accompanied by detailed captions from author Brian Solomon that discuss locomotive technology, the roles of specific locomotives in individual railroads, and even the locations and operations depicted in the photographs. Together, this awesome collection stretches from the Baltimore & Ohio’s diminutive Tom Thumb steam locomotive—generally considered the starting point of North American locomotive technology—right up to today’s high-horsepower “green” models from General Electric and Electro-Motive. The resulting volume, which also reflects the grand geographic and technological breadth of railroading in North America, is the ultimate gathering of great locomotive photographs for casual and hardcore railfans alike./div

Chicagoland Commuter Railroads

Chicagoland Commuter Railroads Author Andrew T. Roth
ISBN-10 1583881905
Release 2007-05-01
Pages 128
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Commuter, or Suburban Rail Passenger Train Services have been an important part of the Chicago Metro area for well over 100 years. Since the city and its suburbs are economically interdependent upon one another, passenger service could not be discontinued without severe economic impacts on the entire Chicago area. The Metra Commuter Rail Service and the Indiana Commuter Transportation District (South Shore) services have realized this and are providing a crucial life line for the many Chicago-Suburban corridors, and have made substantial gains and many expansions since the 1980s. This book reviews the commuter services offered in the Chicago area on the Chicago & North Western, The Milwaukee Road, the South Shore, the Illinois Central, the Rock Island, the Burlington, the Wabash, the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio, the South Shore, the New York Central and the Pennsylvania Railroads before the development of the RTA, Metra and NICTD.

Railway Depots Stations Terminals

Railway Depots  Stations   Terminals Author Brian Solomon
ISBN-10 9780760348901
Release 2015-10-01
Pages 176
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From the railway's beginnings, the station building, itself, had civic importance greater than ordinary structures. Let historian Brian Solomon show you how beautifully it filled that role. Railway Depots, Stations & Terminals is a unique book about some of the finest, most interesting, and most famous railway stations. Contemporary photographs, historic images, and postcard views provide an in-depth look at the architectural gems that dot the railroad landscape. The railway station has a special role in people's lives. Stations have served as the gateway to the world's great cities and the point of contact for remote towns. The inherent nature of the station is different from that of other buildings; it is an entrance, an exit, a place to rest, and a stop along the way. It can be the first thing a traveler sees and the last memory of a favorite city. Facing both the street and the tracks, the station is naturally a point of departure and a face of the city it serves. Brian Solomon, one of today's most accomplished railway historians, leads you through a one-of-a-kind exploration of the history and architecture of depots, stations, and terminals.

Classic Railroad Signals

Classic Railroad Signals Author Brian Solomon
ISBN-10 9780760346921
Release 2015-05-08
Pages 160
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Explore the history, quirks, and stories behind signals with gorgeous period and contemporary photography. Railroad signals are the link between the steam era and modern railroading. Designed for reliability and durability, signals can survive for decades. In fact, old semaphores installed during the early years of the twentieth century were still in service during the 1990s, protecting trains that were running with the latest modern diesels. Even searchlight-style signals that were the epitome of 1940s railroading continue to work today. Though standards were introduced in the early twentieth century, interpretation varied greatly among railroads, so even major railroads have individualized signals. Some, such as the Pennsylvania Railroad, were noted for their distinctive signaling hardware. Others lines became known for their peculiarities in practice. Classic Railroad Signals examines how different railroads developed specific hardware to serve their unique needs, in the process tracing the lineage of various types of hardware and highlighting how and where they were used. From nineteenth-century mechanical signals to disc signals, upper- and lower-quadrant semaphores, three-light electric signals, searchlight-style targets, positional lights, and color-position light hardware, author Brian Solomon covers nearly every conceivable piece of North American signaling hardware, even the virtually extinct wig wag that was once standard in California and Wisconsin. Gorgeous period and contemporary photography shows signals and trains from around North America. Classic Railroad Signals should be next to Railroad Signaling on every railroad fan's bookshelf.

Chicago Union Station

Chicago Union Station Author FRED ASH
ISBN-10 9780253029157
Release 2018-04-02
Pages 320
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More than a century before the age of airlines, the windy city of Chicago was already the nation's transportation hub. Tightly linked to its railroads, Chicago Union Station provided a way for passengers to reach cities from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts. In this stunning book, railroad historian Fred Ash tells the story of Chicago Union Station from its beginning in the mid-1800s, when Chicago dominated Midwest trade and was referred to as the "Railroad Capital of the World." From the swing in the political climate that significantly modified the relationship between the local government and its largest landholders, to the competition between railroad companies at the turn of the 20th century, the station continued to be a center for prosperity. Profiling the fascinating stories of businessmen, politicians, workers, and immigrants whose everyday lives were affected by the bustling transportation hub, Ash documents the impact Union Station had on the growing city and the entire Midwest. Featuring more than 100 photographs of the famous beaux art architecture, Chicago Union Station is a beautifully illustrated tribute to one of America's overlooked treasures.

Journal of Illinois History

Journal of Illinois History Author
ISBN-10 OSU:32435087132023
Release 2014
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Journal of Illinois History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of Illinois History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of Illinois History book for free.

EMD Locomotives

EMD Locomotives Author Brian Solomon
ISBN-10 1610603796
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EMD Locomotives has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from EMD Locomotives also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full EMD Locomotives book for free.

Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives

Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives Author Jeff Wilson
ISBN-10 1627004556
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 306
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Get detailed information on diesel locomotives produced in North America from the 1930s to today.