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Children s Ministry Volunteers That Stick

Children s Ministry Volunteers That Stick Author Jim Wideman
ISBN-10 0764426737
Release 2004
Pages 144
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It's tough to recruit volunteers--so hang on to those you've got! You'll keep volunteers longer and keep them happier by giving them more than just a volunteer job. Instead, give them a volunteer career. Help them become leaders as well as volunteers! Here's everything you need to know to get your volunteers in the right job, then help them to grow in their skills and enthusiasm. Noted children's pastor Jim Wideman, from Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers practical strategies for any size church. Learn the secrets of retention, and ideas that really work...instill proven leadership skills...and grow your church volunteers to be happy, inspired, and in it for the long haul.

100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge Your Children s Ministry

100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge Your Children s Ministry Author Dale Hudson
ISBN-10 9781470704339
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 240
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A treasure trove of tools and techniques to take your children’s ministry to the next level...and impact kids' lives like never before. These 100 sure-fire "how-tos" were developed by children’s ministry leaders who’ve spent years fine-tuning the strategies that bring real success. You'll discover how to: • Equip volunteers to love serving and stay for the long haul • Develop a dynamic ministry area that kids love and bring their friends to • Rev up your vision and get your team excited • And much, much more!

If Disney Ran Your Children s Ministry

If Disney Ran Your Children s Ministry Author Dale Hudson
ISBN-10 9781684196203
Release 2016-09-22
Pages 192
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This book will challenge you to capture the imagination of children so they will grow up believing in a big God.

Connect with Your Kids

Connect with Your Kids Author Jim Wideman
ISBN-10 0881445045
Release 2009-12
Pages 82
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Features & Benefits- Twelve practical steps that can ignite a parent-child connection instantly!- Digestible size message enabling parents-on-the-go to quickly apply these biblical principles in their families.- Insightful revelation from an experienced children's minister and parent.

Children s Ministry Leadership

Children s Ministry Leadership Author Jim Wideman
ISBN-10 0764425277
Release 2003
Pages 144
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This guide is the perfect tool for encouraging motivated children's ministry leaders to grow their ministry with effective administration. And this isn't just theory--it's practical advice brought to you from someone with experience in children's ministries of all sizes. You'll get great field-tested training from the children's ministry leadership expert. Learn leadership fundamentals, sharpen your administrative and organizational skills and create great time management methods for yourself and your children's ministry staff. This essential tool offers ministry leaders: Ways to sharpen their administrative and organizational skills specifically for children's ministry, Effective facilitation and time management for yourself, your volunteers, and your staff, plus Tried-and-true, practical advice from a children's ministry trainer and expert in the field.

Sunday School That Works

Sunday School That Works Author Christine Yount Jones
ISBN-10 9781470718299
Release 2014-03-18
Pages 199
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Sunday School That Works is a dynamic new resource designed specifically to help you strengthen and enrich your Sunday school ministry while maximizing what you’re already doing on Sundays.Overflowing with expert insights from more than 20 successful ministry leaders, this book guarantees practical solutions for every area of your Sunday school ministry. You’ll learn best tips, creative ideas, and powerful strategies from dynamic leaders including Christine Yount Jones, Dale Hudson, Holly Catterton Allen, Dan Webster, Gina McClain, Linda Ranson Jacobs, Pat Verbal, Amy Dolan, Ricardo Miller, Greg Baird, Patty Smith, Gordon and Becki West, Patrick Snow, and more. Sunday School That Works will equip you in your ministry with these key benefits... • Help for key areas of your Sunday school program including: • developing your Sunday leadership team • keeping kids safe and secure • building a learning philosophy for today's kids • growing your kids spiritually • targeting age-level and special needs ministry • reaching today's families • developing great public relations • meeting the needs of today's kids • and more! • Current insights on today's Sunday school! Experts actively working in the field offer you the most current insights and advice for what's happening in churches--and what's relevant to kids and families today. • Practical ideas that are proven to work! These fresh ideas really work--in actual Sunday school ministries. They've been tested and tweaked to guarantee success in today's churches! • Insights for every level of Sunday school! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to Sunday school ministry, you'll refer to this resource regularly for the help you need! Learn how to maximize your Sunday school ministry with Sunday School That Works! From the makers of Children's Ministry That Works which has helped leaders create dynamic and effective ministry programs for over 20 years

Treat Em Right

Treat  Em Right Author Susan Cutshall
ISBN-10 0784709203
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 80
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70 tasteful notes to let your volunteers know how much they're appreciated! This place would be a zoo without our terrific volunteers (add animal cookies). We are nuts about our volunteers! (add a package of nuts). Corny, sure! But fun and effective. Notes are printed four-up on a page for convenient reproduction. Just add a tasty treat to complete the message of appreciation.

Children s Ministry in the 21st Century

Children s Ministry in the 21st Century Author Craig Jutila
ISBN-10 076443389X
Release 2006
Pages 205
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"Easy-to-copy reproducibles included"--Cover.

Leadership Essentials for Children s Ministry

Leadership Essentials for Children s Ministry Author Craig Jutila
ISBN-10 0764423894
Release 2001-11-01
Pages 142
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Jutila and his team have built a significant, cutting-edge ministry. In this book, Jutila shares with readers leadership insights that can build powerful leadership skills. The program centers around four critical foundational principles: passion, attitude, teamwork, and honor.

Leading KidMin

Leading KidMin Author Pat Cimo
ISBN-10 9780802494610
Release 2016-07-19
Pages 192
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Want to see your church’s kids transformed for Jesus? Struggling to get the whole church on board? Know what you want to see happen, but not how to make it happen? Leading KidMin is about what it takes to achieve big-time change. Moving past the “why” and getting straight to the “how,” Leading Kidmin provides tools and strategies for actually leading, influencing, and implementing change on a local church level—all from the vantage point of the children’s ministry director. The mission of Leading KidMin is to create a movement of change-agents who don’t just know that change is needed, but are equipped to make it happen, leading their churches in becoming more aligned, effective, and geared for growth. Pat Cimo and Matt Markins, veterans of KidMin, are prepared to make you the change-agent you want to be—and that your church needs you to be. Are you ready?

Best Practices for Children s Ministry

Best Practices for Children s Ministry Author Andrew Ervin
ISBN-10 0834125560
Release 2010
Pages 189
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There is a growing number of local church laypeople entering children’s ministry leadership. While this is helpful for furthering the Kingdom, these leaders face a huge learning curve. There are few resources available in the Wesleyan tradition for children’s ministry leadership.Best Practices for Children’s Ministry seeks to answer this need. With insight and understanding of the children’s ministry world, author Andrew Ervin provides leaders with the tips, strategies, and skills they need to develop a strong and successful children’s ministry.Times have changed. No longer does programming alone satisfy as the summation of children’s ministry. No, the role of the children’s ministry leader is far more complex. With Best Practices for Children’s Ministry, leaders will find the answers and solutions they need to better practice children’s ministry.

Think Orange

Think Orange Author Reggie Joiner
ISBN-10 1434764834
Release 2009
Pages 261
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Think Orange encourages churches and families to rethink the way they approach ministering to children and teenagers by combining their efforts under one strategy.

The Quick Guide to Discipline for Children s Ministry

The Quick Guide to Discipline for Children s Ministry Author Gordon West
ISBN-10 0764440047
Release 2009
Pages 160
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The most effective discipline tips for every issue you'll face--so you can focus on teaching kids and enjoying your class! You'll love this at-your-fingertips handbook for discipline issues that frazzle your nerves and leave you wondering what to do. Look to this guide for effective techniques that eliminate and redirect behavior challenges. We've also mixed in some humor for comic take a peek when you're in need of light-hearted encouragement, too! You'll find help for: Put-downs Back talk Not listening Biting Kicking Hiding Hitting Spitting Profanity ...and every other discipline issue! There's one discipline issue featured per page with instant solutions in this quick-flip reference guide. Efficient & easy to use!

Children s Ministry on Purpose

Children s Ministry on Purpose Author Steven J. Adams
ISBN-10 9780310523024
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 288
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Many children’s ministries are a flurry of activity, run by dedicated volunteers and staff who put in long hours and work hard for the good of the children and parents they serve. Yet despite good intentions, many children’s ministries today are not effective. They lack purpose and intentionality. A twenty-five year veteran of children’s ministry in the local church, pastor Steve Adams has ministered to families in multiple churches, from tiny church plants to his present position at Saddleback Church. In this book, Steve applies the revolutionary insights of the Purpose Driven Church to children’s ministry and leads readers on a journey of discovery, showing them how to develop an intentional ministry process that moves children toward spiritual health while building a healthy ministry environment for those who work with kids. You will learn how to ask and answer five simple but powerful questions: Why are we on this journey? Where are you and where are you going? Who are we trying to reach? How will we move our children towards spiritual health? What are the essential elements necessary for the journey? There is no single key to a successful children’s ministry, nor is there only one way that works for everyone. But there is a proven process you can follow and Steve shows how children’s ministries all over the world are reaching their God-given potential by discovering their biblical purpose, avoiding the traps of frustration and burnout.

The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School

The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School Author Aaron Reynolds
ISBN-10 0310274338
Release 2007
Pages 319
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Reynolds suggests transformational concepts and resources for Sunday School classes in this handbook of 20 creative methods for bringing Bible stories to life. (Ministry & Pastoral Resources)

Rock Solid Children s Ministry

Rock Solid Children s Ministry Author Larry Fowler
ISBN-10 9781441266231
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 208
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How Do We Measure Success in Our Ministry to Kids? In children's ministry, the essence of what we do is to impact the immeasurable--the heart of a child. While Bible knowledge is highly valuable in this endeavor, knowing Scripture does not automatically translate to changing the heart of a child. Practical application is also desirable, but changing behavior can be done without a heart change. Relating Scripture in such a way that it meets a child where he or she is at is critical, but as an approach, it may fail to build a solid enough foundation to equip children for the challenges that they will face later in life. All three approaches must be synergized to have a greater impact, and all three must be retargeted at the "bull's eye"--the heart of a child. Read this book to discover the seven standards of a rock-solid children's ministry!

Stretch Structuring Your Ministry for Growth

Stretch Structuring Your Ministry for Growth Author Jim Wideman
ISBN-10 0983830614
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 134
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Most of us really do want growth in our lives and ministries, even if we are scared of it. We want God to send us more kidsand more families. We want to share the Gospel, we want moresalvations, and we want more of a movement of God. But let me ask you a question: if He sent those things to you this Sunday, would you be ready? If a hundred new families walked into your church, would you know what to do with them? Would their kids have teachers? Would they even have a classroom? If fifty people who wanted to serve approached you this Sunday, could your system handle it? That's what structure is all about. If you want to know how tomake sure your ministry is structured for growth... STRETCH is for you! Children's Ministry Pioneer Jim Wideman share's proven principle's to help you structure your ministry for growth.