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China s Porcelain Capital

China s Porcelain Capital Author Maris Boyd Gillette
ISBN-10 9781474259422
Release 2016-08-11
Pages 200
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Maris Boyd Gillette's groundbreaking study tells the story of Jingdezhen, China's porcelain capital, from its origins in 1004 in Song dynasty China to the present day. Gillette explores how Jingdezhen has been affected by state involvement in porcelain production, particularly during the long 20th century. She considers how the Chinese government has consumed, invested in, taxed and managed the local ceramics industry, and the effects of this state intervention on ceramists' lives, their local environment and the nature of the goods they produce. Gillette traces how Jingdezhen experienced the transition from imperial rule to state ownership under communism, the changing fortunes of the ceramics industry in the early 21st century, the decay and decline that accompanied privatisation, and a revival brought about by an entrepreneurial culture focusing on the manufacture of highly-prized 'art porcelain'.

Chinese Pottery and Porcelain

Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Author S. J. Vainker
ISBN-10 071412432X
Release 2005
Pages 240
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This comprehensive, illustrated survey tells the story of the development of ceramics in China from the Neolithic period. Incorporating contemporary commentaries, recent archaeological evidence from kiln sites and modern scientific analysis, this book provides accessible account of China's ceramic history.

Craft Economies

Craft Economies Author Susan Luckman
ISBN-10 9781474259552
Release 2018-02-22
Pages 248
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Craft Economies provides a wide-ranging exploration of contemporary craft production, situating practices of amateur and professional making within a wider creative economy. Contributors address a diverse range of practices, sites and forms of making in a wide range of regional and national contexts, from floristry to ceramics and from crochet to coding. The volume considers the role of digital practices of making and the impact of the maker's movement as part of larger trends around customisation, on-demand production, and the possibilities of 3D printing and digital manufacturing.

The Diplomacy of Migration

The Diplomacy of Migration Author Meredith Oyen
ISBN-10 9781501701467
Release 2015-10-27
Pages 320
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During the Cold War, both Chinese and American officials employed a wide range of migration policies and practices to pursue legitimacy, security, and prestige. They focused on allowing or restricting immigration, assigning refugee status, facilitating student exchanges, and enforcing deportations. The Diplomacy of Migration focuses on the role these practices played in the relationship between the United States and the Republic of China both before and after the move to Taiwan. Meredith Oyen identifies three patterns of migration diplomacy: migration legislation as a tool to achieve foreign policy goals, migrants as subjects of diplomacy and propaganda, and migration controls that shaped the Chinese American community. Using sources from diplomatic and governmental archives in the United States, the Republic of China on Taiwan, the People's Republic of China, and the United Kingdom, Oyen applies a truly transnational perspective. The Diplomacy of Migration combines important innovations in the field of diplomatic history with new international trends in migration history to show that even though migration issues were often considered "low stakes" or "low risk" by foreign policy professionals concerned with Cold War politics and the nuclear age, they were neither "no risk" nor unimportant to larger goals. Instead, migration diplomacy became a means of facilitating other foreign policy priorities, even when doing so came at great cost for migrants themselves.

Silk Porcelain and Lacquer

Silk  Porcelain and Lacquer Author Teresa Canepa
ISBN-10 1911300016
Release 2016-10-31
Pages 440
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Focusing on the prolific trade, transport and consumption of Chinese silk and porcelain, and Japanese lacquer abroad between 1500 and 1644, this groundbreaking book will show how the material cultures of late Ming China and Momoyama/Early Edo Japan on one side of the globe, and Western Europe and the New World on the other, became linked for the first time, through an exchange of luxury Asian manufactured goods for currency. It offers new insight into these multilayered long-distance commercial networks, which resulted in an unprecedented creation of material culture that reflected influences of both East and West. New research reveals evidence of the trade of these three Asian manufactured goods, first by Portugal and Spain, and later by the trading companies formed by the Northern Netherlands/Dutch Republic and England. Important documentary information is brought to light concerning, for example, the use of Chinese porcelain in Western Europe, and the objects made to order in European shapes for the Dutch and English trading companies in Japan and China. The study also sheds light on both the transatlantic and transpacific commercial trading networks through which these Asian goods circulated, as well as the way in which these goods were acquired, used and appreciated by the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and English societies in Western Europe and the multiethnic societies of the European colonies in the New World and Asia. 400 illustrations of extant examples of Chinese silks and porcelains, along with Japanese lacquers of the period, complement the information gleaned from archival and textual material. In the case of Chinese porcelain, a large number of the examples illustrated are provided by archaeological finds from European shipwrecks, survival campsites, colonial settlements in Asia, the New World and the Caribbean, and their respective mother countries in Western Europe. Breaking new ground in its comparative study of the impact these European trading empires or companies had on the material cultures of China and Japan, this book shows the influence that the European merchants and missionaries exerted on the goods made specifically to order for them in both China and Japan. It also traces the worldwide circulation of these luxury objects, which were intended for secular and religious use in European settlements in Asia, and their respective mother countries in Western Europe and colonies in the New World. More importantly, this book shows that these specific orders led to the creation of a wide variety of hybrid manufactured goods in both China and Japan, which combined elements from very different and distant cultures, reflecting the fascinating and complex East-West cultural exchanges that occurred in the early modern period.

Advanced Processing and Manufacturing Technologies for Nanostructured and Multifunctional Materials II

Advanced Processing and Manufacturing Technologies for Nanostructured and Multifunctional Materials II Author Tatsuki Ohji
ISBN-10 9781119211655
Release 2016-01-05
Pages 192
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Over 170 contributions (invited talks, oral presentations, and posters) were presented by participants from universities, research institutions, and industry, which offered interdisciplinary discussions indicating strong scientific and technological interest in the field of nanostructured systems. This issue contains 23 peer-reviewed papers that cover various aspects and the latest developments related to nanoscaled materials and functional ceramics.

Kimono Design

Kimono Design Author Keiko Nitanai
ISBN-10 9781462919260
Release 2017-05-16
Pages 304
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Kimono Design: An Introduction to Textiles and Patterns uses hundreds of photographs and a wealth of information on colors, fabrics and embellishments to paint a portrait of Japanese culture, art and thought. Lavish classical patterns, sweeping scenes, and the many motifs that have been woven, dyed, painted or embroidered into these textiles reveal a reflectiveness, a sense of humor, and an appreciation of exquisite beauty that is uniquely Japanese. Organized according to motifs traditionally associated with each season of the year, Kimono Design interprets the kimono's special language as expressed in depictions of: Flowers and grasses Birds and other animals Symbols of power, luck and prestige Land-and-seascapes scenes from literature, history and daily life scenes of travel and the Japanese concept of other lands and many others… Extensive notes on all the motifs demonstrate how the kimono reflects changing times and a sense of the timeless. Information on jewelry, hairpins and other accessories is scattered throughout to give a fuller sense of the Japanese art of dress. This is a volume that Japanophiles, historians, artists and designers will all cherish.

Between Mecca and Beijing

Between Mecca and Beijing Author Maris Boyd Gillette
ISBN-10 9780804764346
Release 2000
Pages 279
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"Between Mecca and Beijing" examines how a community of urban Chinese Muslims uses consumption to position its members more favorably within the Chinese government's official paradigm for development. Residents of the old Muslim district in the ancient Chinese capital of Xi'an belong to an official minority (the Hui nationality) that has been classified by the state as "backward" in comparison to China's majority (Han) population. Though these Hui urbanites, like the vast majority of Chinese citizens, accept the assumptions about social evolution upon which such labels are based, they actively reject the official characterization of themselves as less civilized and modern than the Han majority. By selectively consuming goods and adopting fashions they regard as modern and non-Chinese--which include commodities and styles from both the West and the Muslim world--these Chinese Muslims seek to demonstrate that they are capable of modernizing without the guidance or assistance of the state. In so doing, they challenge one of the fundamental roles the Chinese Communist government has claimed for itself, that of guide and purveyor of modernity. Through a detailed study of the daily life--eating habits, dress styles, housing, marriage and death rituals, religious practices, education, family organization--of the Hui inhabitants of Xi'an, the author explores the effects of a state-sponsored ideology of progress on an urban Chinese Muslim neighborhood.

On Their Own Terms

On Their Own Terms Author Benjamin A. ELMAN
ISBN-10 9780674036475
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 605
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Since the middle of the nineteenth century, imperial reformers, early Republicans, Guomindang party cadres, and Chinese Communists have all prioritized science and technology. In this book, Elman gives a nuanced account of the ways in which native Chinese science evolved over four centuries, under the influence of both Jesuit and Protestant missionaries. In the end, he argues, the Chinese produced modern science on their own terms.

                              Author Sherman E. Lee
ISBN-10 0810969084
Release 1998
Pages 503
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Published to accompany an exhibition in New York City from February 1998, arising from collaboration between the Guggenheim Museum and China's Ministry of Culture, this is an exploration of the themes of innovation and transformation during the great eras of Chinese art, from the Neolithic period to the mid-19th century.

Frans Floris 1519 20 70 Imagining a Northern Renaissance

Frans Floris  1519 20   70   Imagining a Northern Renaissance Author Edward H. Wouk
ISBN-10 9789004343252
Release 2018-02-13
Pages 860
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Frans Floris de Vriendt was among the most celebrated Netherlandish artists of the sixteenth-century, more renowned in his day than Bruegel the Elder. This book relates Floris’s hybridizing art to the social, religious, and political crises reshaping his society.

Viennese Design and the Wiener Werkst tte

Viennese Design and the Wiener Werkst  tte Author Jane Kallir
ISBN-10 0807611549
Release 1986-01-01
Pages 152
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Examines the Vienna Workshop's style of architecture, furniture, fashion, and the graphic arts at the turn of the century

Taiping Theology

Taiping Theology Author Carl S. Kilcourse
ISBN-10 9781137537287
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 281
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This book examines the theological worldview of the Taiping Rebellion (1850–64), a Chinese revolutionary movement whose leader, Hong Xiuquan (1814–64), claimed to be the second son of God and younger brother of Jesus. Despite the profound impact of Christian books on Hong’s religious thinking, previous scholarship has neglected the localized form of Christianity that he and his closest followers created. Filling that gap in the existing literature, this book analyzes the localization of Christianity in the theology, ethics, and ritual practices of the Taipings. Carl S. Kilcourse not only reveals how Confucianism and popular religion acted as instruments of localization, but also suggests that several key aspects of the Taipings’ localized religion were inspired by terms and themes from translated Christian texts. Emphasizing this link between vernacularization and localization, Kilcourse demonstrates both the religious identity of the Taipings and their wider significance in the history of world Christianity.

Britain s Chinese Eye

Britain s Chinese Eye Author Elizabeth Chang
ISBN-10 9780804775878
Release 2010-04-20
Pages 256
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This book traces the intimate connections between Britain and China throughout the nineteenth century and argues for China's central impact on the British visual imagination. Chang brings together an unusual group of primary sources to investigate how nineteenth-century Britons looked at and represented Chinese people, places, and things, and how, in the process, ethnographic, geographic, and aesthetic representations of China shaped British writers' and artists' vision of their own lives and experiences. For many Britons, China was much more than a geographical location; it was also a way of seeing and being seen that could be either embraced as creative inspiration or rejected as contagious influence. In both cases, the idea of China's visual difference stood in negative contrast to Britain's evolving sense of the visual and literary real. To better grasp what Romantic and Victorian writers, artists, and architects were doing at home, we must also understand the foreign "objects" found in their midst and what they were looking at abroad.

The Cambridge World History

The Cambridge World History Author Jerry H. Bentley
ISBN-10 9780521192460
Release 2015-04-09
Pages 512
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Comprehensive account of the intense biological, commercial, and cultural exchanges, and the creation of global connections, between 1400 and 1800.

Culture of War in China

Culture of War in China Author Joanna Waley-Cohen
ISBN-10 9780857711861
Release 2006-05-26
Pages 160
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What particularly distinguished the Qing from other ruling houses in China’s imperial period? In this pathbreaking book, Joanna Waley-Cohen overturns conventional wisdom to identify military power and an accompanying martial ethos as defining characteristics of the high Qing empire. _x000D_ _x000D_ From 1636 to 1800, Emperors reinforced massive military expansion with a wide-ranging cultural campaign intended to bring military success, and the martial values associated with it, into the mainstream of cultural life. Military prowess and imperial power were linked in the popular imagination though endelss repetition in literature, art and architecture – a startlingly modern use of words and images that demonstrates the imperial grasp of culture’s potency as a political tool. Overturning the presumption that reads back China’s late nineteenth-century military weakness into the past, Waley-Cohen shows that the Qing strongly emphasized military affairs, which they understood as complementary rather than subordinate to civil matters. Arguing that the militarization of culture that took place under the high-Qing emperors provided fertile ground from which the modern militarized nation-state could develop, Waley-Cohen contends that the past two centuries of Chinese weakness on the international scene may turn out to have been a protracted abberation, rather than the normal state of affairs. _x000D_ _x000D_ The Culture of War in China is a striking revisionist history that brings new insight into the nature of the Qing dynasty and the roots of the militarised modern state.

From Object to Concept

From Object to Concept Author Stacey Pierson
ISBN-10 9789888139835
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 169
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Ming porcelain is widely regarded among the world's finest cultural treasures. From ordinary household items patiently refined for imperial use, porcelain became a dynamic force in domestic consumption in China and a valuable commodity in export trade. In the modern era, it has reached unprecedented heights in art auctions and other avenues of global commerce. This book examines the impact of consumption on the evolution of porcelain and its transformation into a foreign cultural icon. The book begins with an examination of ways in which porcelain was appreciated in Ming China, followed by a discussion of encounters with Ming porcelain in several global regions including Europe and the Americas. The book also looks at the invention of the phrase and concept of 'the Ming vase' in English-speaking cultures and concludes with a history of the transformation of Ming porcelain into works of art.