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China s Venture Capital Market

China   s Venture Capital Market Author Lin Zhang
ISBN-10 9780857094513
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 102
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The venture capital market in China has been developing for over twenty years. Over this period, the legal frameworks surrounding China’s venture capital have evolved significantly. China’s Venture Capital Market addresses this important topic and argues for further improvements in legal frameworks for venture capital in China. The book consists of five chapters, each covering an aspect of venture capital in China. The first chapter profiles the venture capital market. The second, third and fourth chapters consider the legal problems and suggest reform measures for fundraising in, operation of and exit from Chinese venture capital. The book concludes by asking how long it will take for reform measures to take place in China. Fills a gap in the market by weighing up the pros and cons of the legal system under which venture capital operates in China Contains primary source material, including interviews with Chinese venture capitalists Gives new case studies of Chinese venture capital

China s Capital Markets

China   s Capital Markets Author Yong Zhen
ISBN-10 9781780633602
Release 2013-10-17
Pages 298
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Capital markets in China include stock, bond, futures and other derivatives, as well as the private equity market. China’s Capital Markets is the first book to systematically study China’s capital markets, examining its evolution, policies, reforms, current situation and challenges. Following an introduction to China’s capital markets and economic growth, the book moves on to cover further capital markets in China, including: the banking system, mergers and acquisitions, and valuation adjustment mechanisms, before concluding with a discussion of the opening up and internationalization of China’s capital markets. Provides an overall picture of China's capital markets including: policy analysis; case studies; investor strategies and behaviours; and suggestions for success in the markets Offers diverse perspectives, using rich data and analysis This is the first book to systematically study China’s capital markets

Angel Financing in Asia Pacific

Angel Financing in Asia Pacific Author John Y. Lo
ISBN-10 9781786351272
Release 2016-10-28
Pages 528
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By examining the current status and recent developments in a number of countries in Asia, this book makes recommendations, provides analysis, and suggests new approaches to startup angel financing in the Asia Pacific region.

Tales from the Development Frontier

Tales from the Development Frontier Author Hinh T. Dinh
ISBN-10 9780821399897
Release 2013-09-16
Pages 552
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Tales from the Development Frontier presents analytical reviews and case studies that show how selected countries have developed light manufacturing to create jobs and foster prosperity. The focus is on China, a current powerhouse in light manufacturing, but the volume also analyzes a selection of countries in Africa and Asia.

Partnership for Change

Partnership for Change Author East Asian Bureau of Economic Research
ISBN-10 9781760460655
Release 2016-08-15
Pages 303
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The Australia–China Joint Economic Report is the first major independent joint study of the bilateral relationship and has the blessing of both national governments. The Report is an academic policy study by leading researchers in both Australia and China. It draws policy conclusions to guide the development of bilateral economic relations that include an Australia–China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for Change, an Australia–China Commission, and an Australia–China Basic Treaty of Cooperation.

State Capitalism Institutional Adaptation and the Chinese Miracle

State Capitalism  Institutional Adaptation  and the Chinese Miracle Author Barry Naughton
ISBN-10 9781107081062
Release 2015-06-09
Pages 288
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This volume explores how Chinese institutions have adapted to the new challenges of 'state capitalism'.

Negotiating Autonomy in Greater China

Negotiating Autonomy in Greater China Author Ray Yep
ISBN-10 8776941191
Release 2013
Pages 324
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In this book, Ray Yep demonstrates that Hong Kong better than Tibet illustrates the intricacies of local autonomy in a Chinese context. He also provides a nuanced understanding of central - local interaction in general.

Embedded Courts

Embedded Courts Author Kwai Hang Ng
ISBN-10 9781108420495
Release 2017-10-26
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A study of the decision-making process of Chinese courts and the non-legal forces and regional factors that influence judicial outcomes.

Supporting Research in Area Studies

Supporting Research in Area Studies Author Lesley Pitman
ISBN-10 9781780634715
Release 2015-08-21
Pages 124
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Supporting Research in Area Studies: A Guide for Academic Libraries focuses on the study of other countries or regions of the world, crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries in the humanities and social sciences. The book provides a comprehensive guide for academic libraries supporting communities of researchers, exploring the specialist requirements of these researchers in information resources, resource discovery tools, information skills, and the challenges of working with materials in multiple languages. The book makes the case that adapting systems and procedures to meet these needs will help academic libraries be better placed to support their institutions’ international agenda. Early chapters cover the academic landscape, its history, area studies, librarianship, and acquisitions. Subsequent chapters discuss collections management, digital products, and the digital humanities, and their role in academic projects, with final sections exploring information skills and the various disciplinary skills that facilitate the needs of researchers during their careers. Describes the nature of area studies research and the traditional strengths of area studies librarianship in supporting inter- and trans-disciplinary research Applies the latest thinking in research support in university libraries to the specific needs of the area studies research community in the United Kingdom and United States Explores how internationalizing systems and processes can bring broader benefits to the university as a whole Analyzes the particular issues caused by working with content and systems in multiple languages

The Factory Free Economy

The Factory Free Economy Author Lionel Fontagné
ISBN-10 9780198779162
Release 2017-03-16
Pages 368
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The shift towards a “factory-free” economy has drawn the attention of policy makers in North America and Europe. Some politicians have articulated alarming views, initiating mercantilist or ‘beggar-thy-neighbour’ cost-competitiveness policies. Yet companies that concentrate research and design innovations at home but no longer have any factories there may be the norm in the future. This paper summarizes the key themes emerging from a conference on de-industrialization. De-industrialization is a process that happens over time in all countries, even China. The distinction between manufacturing and services is likely to become increasingly blurry. More manufacturing firms are engaging in services activities, and more wholesale firms are engaging in manufacturing. One optimistic perspective suggests that industrial country firms may be able to exploit the high-value added and skill-intensive activities associated with design and innovation, as well as distribution, which are all components of the global value chain for manufacturing. Although this ongoing transformation of the industrial economies may be consistent with evolving comparative advantage, it has significant short-run costs and requires far-sighted investments. These include the costs to workers who are caught in the shift from an industrial to a service economy, and the need to invest in new infrastructure and education to prepare coming generations for their changing roles.

Doing Business In Ghana

Doing Business In Ghana Author John E. Spillan
ISBN-10 9783319547718
Release 2017-07-19
Pages 236
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This book provides a thorough perspective on the realities of doing business in Ghana, outlining the economic, social, technological, and cultural dimensions of the society. It offers insight for entrepreneurs into the region’s markets based on GDP growth, political and governmental systems, relationships with investors, and other factors. Considered a beacon of hope for Africa, Ghana is a country with a competitive labor force, stable political environment, and lots of economic opportunities for new business ventures. This book will offer academics a good understanding of the major issues affecting business development in Ghana, and inform students, scholars, managers, and leaders on the paths necessary to pursue launching a product or service in Africa.

Working Time Around the World

Working Time Around the World Author Jon C. Messenger
ISBN-10 9781134070381
Release 2007-06-11
Pages 240
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First Published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Making of International Law in Korea

The Making of International Law in Korea Author Seokwoo Lee
ISBN-10 9789004315754
Release 2016-05-09
Pages 344
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The Making of International Law in Korea addresses the development of international law in Korea and Korea’s approach to contemporary international legal issues.

Structures of Participation in Digital Culture

Structures of Participation in Digital Culture Author Joe Karaganis
ISBN-10 0979077222
Release 2007
Pages 284
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Media Studies.

Consumer emancipation and economic development

Consumer emancipation and economic development Author Hans Birger Thorelli
ISBN-10 UOM:39015004080001
Release 1982
Pages 376
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Consumer emancipation and economic development has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Consumer emancipation and economic development also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Consumer emancipation and economic development book for free.

The Good Cause

The Good Cause Author Gjalt de Graaf
ISBN-10 3866492634
Release 2010
Pages 204
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From conceptualization to ideas on practical policy recommendations, The Good Cause presents a state-of-the-art study on the causes of corruption. A cohort of internationally-recognized researchers from the various academic fields that study corruption come together to explain their different theoretical perspectives and offer an introduction to corruption theory. The Good Cause integrates research to date, delves into the dilemmas within theoretically framing and empirically studying corruption, and gives direction to future research. Understanding different theoretical perspectives illuminates new viewpoints on an important social phenomenon and the spectrum of possibilities available to us in treating it analytically and practically. `[...] This book gives us a challenging view of the emergence of key concepts of corruption and reform, of new perspectives on the origins of corruption problems and the nature of change, and of ways in which we need to adapt familiar ideas to new knowledge and circumstances.[...].' Michael Johnston, Colgate University `This book brings together world expertse to discuss the complex nature of corruption that undermines the legitimacy, performance, and credibility of all institutions. [...]'Gerald E. Caiden, University of Southern California `[...] So many have either ignored the challenge of understanding corruption or have failed trying to grasp its complexity that it is starting to read a book that takes the challenge head on and succeeds chapter by chapter.[...] This book is an invaluable asset to scholars and practitioners alike.' Frank Anechiarico, Hamilton College

The Origins and Development of Financial Markets and Institutions

The Origins and Development of Financial Markets and Institutions Author Jeremy Atack
ISBN-10 1139477048
Release 2009-03-16
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Collectively, mankind has never had it so good despite periodic economic crises of which the current sub-prime crisis is merely the latest example. Much of this success is attributable to the increasing efficiency of the world's financial institutions as finance has proved to be one of the most important causal factors in economic performance. In a series of insightful essays, financial and economic historians examine how financial innovations from the seventeenth century to the present have continually challenged established institutional arrangements, forcing change and adaptation by governments, financial intermediaries, and financial markets. Where these have been successful, wealth creation and growth have followed. When they failed, growth slowed and sometimes economic decline has followed. These essays illustrate the difficulties of co-ordinating financial innovations in order to sustain their benefits for the wider economy, a theme that will be of interest to policy makers as well as economic historians.