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Chinese Cyber Nationalism

Chinese Cyber Nationalism Author Xu Wu
ISBN-10 9780739152997
Release 2007-02-23
Pages 280
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Chinese Cyber Nationalism offers the first comprehensive examination of the social and ideological movement that mixes Confucian cultural traditions and advanced media technology. Over the past decade, the Internet has increasingly become a communication center, organizational platform, and channel of execution by which Chinese nationalistic causes have been promoted throughout the world.

Cyber nationalism in China

Cyber nationalism in China Author Ying Jiang
ISBN-10 9780987171894
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 141
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"The prevailing consumerism in Chinese cyberspace is a growing element of Chinese culture and an important aspect of this book. Chinese bloggers, who have strongly embraced consumerism and tend to be apathetic about politics, have nonetheless demonstrated political passion over issues such as the Western media's negative coverage of China. In this book, Jiang focuses upon this passion - Chinese bloggers' angry reactions to the Western media's coverage of censorship issues in current China - in order to examine China's current potential for political reform. A central focus of this book, then, is the specific issue of censorship and how to interpret the Chinese characteristics of it as a mechanism currently used to maintain state control." --Back cover.

Online Chinese Nationalism and China s Bilateral Relations

Online Chinese Nationalism and China s Bilateral Relations Author Simon Shen
ISBN-10 0739132490
Release 2010-03-18
Pages 310
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Online Chinese Nationalism and China's Bilateral Relations covers a new topic of interest to scholars and students studying Chinese politics and society, Chinese diplomacy, and e-politics by looking at the interaction between online nationalism and the bilateral relations between China and various parts of the world.

Contesting Cyberspace in China

Contesting Cyberspace in China Author Rongbin Han
ISBN-10 9780231545655
Release 2018-03-20
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The Internet was supposed to be an antidote to authoritarianism. It can enable citizens to express themselves freely and organize outside state control. Yet while online activity has helped challenge authoritarian rule in some cases, other regimes have endured: no movement comparable to the Arab Spring has arisen in China. In Contesting Cyberspace in China, Rongbin Han offers a powerful counterintuitive explanation for the survival of the world’s largest authoritarian regime in the digital age. Han reveals the complex internal dynamics of online expression in China, showing how the state, service providers, and netizens negotiate the limits of discourse. He finds that state censorship has conditioned online expression, yet has failed to bring it under control. However, Han also finds that freer expression may work to the advantage of the regime because its critics are not the only ones empowered: the Internet has proved less threatening than expected due to the multiplicity of beliefs, identities, and values online. State-sponsored and spontaneous pro-government commenters have turned out to be a major presence on the Chinese internet, denigrating dissenters and barraging oppositional voices. Han explores the recruitment, training, and behavior of hired commenters, the “fifty-cent army,” as well as group identity formation among nationalistic Internet posters who see themselves as patriots defending China against online saboteurs. Drawing on a rich set of data collected through interviews, participant observation, and long-term online ethnography, as well as official reports and state directives, Contesting Cyberspace in China interrogates our assumptions about authoritarian resilience and the democratizing power of the Internet.

Construction of Chinese Nationalism in the Early 21st Century

Construction of Chinese Nationalism in the Early 21st Century Author Suisheng Zhao
ISBN-10 9781317677604
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 257
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Chinese nationalism is powered by a narrative of China's century of shame and humiliation in the hands of imperialist powers and calls for the Chinese government to redeem the past humiliations and take back all "lost territories." The continuing surge of Chinese nationalism in the early 21st century therefore has fed a roiling sense of anxiety in many political capitals about whether a virulent nationalism has emerged to make China’s rise anything but peaceful. This book addresses this anxiety by examining the domestic sources and foreign policy implications of Chinese nationalism in the early 21st century. It is divided into three parts. Part I is an overview of the scholarly debate about if the rise of Chinese nationalism has driven China’s foreign policy in a more irrational and inflexible direction in the first one and half decades of the 21st century. Part II analyzes the construction of Chinese nationalism by a variety of domestic forces, including the communist state, the angry youth (fen qing), liberal intellectuals, and ethnic groups. Part III explores whether Chinese nationalism is affirmative, assertive, or aggressive through the case studies of China’s maritime territorial disputes with Japan in the East China Sea and with several Southeast Asian countries in the South China Sea, the border controversy over the ancient Koguryo with Korea, and the cross-Taiwan Strait relations. This book was based on articles published in the Journal of Contemporary China.

Cyberdualism in China

Cyberdualism in China Author Shiru Wang
ISBN-10 9781315438566
Release 2017-04-28
Pages 112
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Internet usage in China has recently grown exponentially, rising from 59 million users in 2002 to 710 million by mid-2016. One in every two Chinese has currently been exposed to the Internet. This upsurge has made political communication among citizens and between the government and citizens less costly and almost instantaneous in China. Despite these advances, scholars are only beginning to understand and systematically explain the ways in which increased Internet exposure may affect behavior and values of Chinese netizens. Can the Internet help liberalize Chinese society due to its innate pluralism? Has the Internet become an efficient tool assisting the ruling elite to remain in power given the tendency of Internet service providers and users to be easily manipulated by the Chinese state? This book addresses these questions by focusing on the most digitally embedded segment of Chinese population – university students. Using survey evidence from more than 1200 observations, data confirm that Internet exposure to information generated by fellow netizens promotes democratic orientation, enhances political resistance to indoctrination, and boosts popular nationalism. However, exposure to government-managed websites encourages regime support and, at a less significance level, decreases democratic orientation, and elevates official patriotism. People who perceive the Internet as a tool enhancing the vertical communication between the Chinese government and netizens tend to become patriotic and supportive of the regime. Building upon quantitative evidence, this book draws a nuanced picture of Internet exposure and its political implications.

Japan and China as Charm Rivals

Japan and China as Charm Rivals Author Jing Sun
ISBN-10 9780472118335
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 231
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Two Asian powers compete for the goodwill of their neighbors

Research in Mass Communication

Research in Mass Communication Author Paula M. Poindexter
ISBN-10 0312191626
Release 1999-11-12
Pages 451
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Research in Mass Communication provides students with a step-by-step guide to planning, conducting, and applying mass communication research in both academic and industry settings.

The Political Research Experience

The Political Research Experience Author Marcus E. Ethridge
ISBN-10 0765607573
Release 2002
Pages 401
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Organized to complement an introductory course in political science research methods, this work aims to help students understand research as it is actually practiced. Each chapter opens with an explanation of basic concepts and methods of political research.

China s Death Penalty

China s Death Penalty Author Hong Lu
ISBN-10 0415803969
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 192
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By all accounts, China is the world leader in the number of legal executions. Its long historical use of capital punishment and its major political and economic changes over time are social facts that make China an ideal context for a case study of the death penalty in law and practice. This book examines the death penalty within the changing socio-political context of China. The authors'treatment of China' death penalty is legal, historical, and comparative. In particular, they examine; the substantive and procedures laws surrounding capital punishment in different historical periods the purposes and functions of capital punishment in China in various dynasties changes in the method of imposition and relative prevalence of capital punishment over time the socio-demographic profile of the executed and their crimes over the last two decades and comparative practices in other countries. Their analyses of the death penalty in contemporary China focus on both its theory - how it should be done in law - and actual practice - based on available secondary reports/sources.

Imagined Communities

Imagined Communities Author Benedict Anderson
ISBN-10 9781844670864
Release 2006-11-17
Pages 240
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The definitive, bestselling book on the origins and development of nationalism...

After the Internet Before Democracy

After the Internet  Before Democracy Author Johan Lagerkvist
ISBN-10 3034304358
Release 2010
Pages 325
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China has lived with the Internet for nearly two decades. Will increased Internet use, with new possibilities to share information and discuss news and politics, lead to democracy, or will it to the contrary sustain a nationalist supported authoritarianism that may eventually contest the global information order? This book takes stock of the ongoing tug of war between state power and civil society on and off the Internet, a phenomenon that is fast becoming the centerpiece in the Chinese Communist Party's struggle to stay in power indefinitely. It interrogates the dynamics of this enduring contestation, "before democracy, " by following how Chinese society travels from getting access to the Internet to our time having the world's largest Internet population. Pursuing the rationale of Internet regulation, the rise of the Chinese blogosphere and citizen journalism, Internet irony, online propaganda, the relation between state and popular nationalism, and finally the role of social media to bring about China's democratization, this book offers a fresh and provocative perspective on the arguable role of media technologies in the process of democratization, by applying social norm theory to illuminate the competition between the Party-state norm and the youth/subaltern norm in Chinese media and society.

China and the West

China and the West Author Lili Hernández
ISBN-10 9781443838641
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 195
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The meeting point between China and the West is a striking subject in a wide range of disciplines. This collection scrutinises how China and the West interact in aspects of culture, arts, politics and everyday life. Within a complex web of actors, dimensions, technologies, spaces and social structures, cultural encounters are nevertheless problematic. China and the West come together within the stream of a global world. The essays in this anthology analyse new and emerging dynamics that challenge authoritative views imposed on the other, while deconstructing traditional responses to otherness too. Bringing these essays together responds to a commitment to a critical assessment of the various shapes that such convergence takes within globalisation. China and the West: Encounters with the Other in Culture, Arts, Politics and Everyday Life will appeal to scholars and practitioners in communications, the visual arts, cultural studies, sociology, media studies, anthropology, literature and politics. The non-academic reader interested in the vibrant and emerging interface between China and the West will find this enlightening too.

Inside Cyber Warfare

Inside Cyber Warfare Author Jeffrey Carr
ISBN-10 9781449325459
Release 2011-12-09
Pages 318
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When the Stuxnet computer worm damaged the Iranian nuclear program in 2010, the public got a small glimpse into modern cyber warfare—without truly realizing the scope of this global conflict. Inside Cyber Warfare provides fascinating and disturbing details on how nations, groups, and individuals throughout the world increasingly rely on Internet attacks to gain military, political, and economic advantages over their adversaries. This updated second edition takes a detailed look at the complex domain of cyberspace, and the players and strategies involved. You’ll discover how sophisticated hackers working on behalf of states or organized crime patiently play a high-stakes game that could target anyone, regardless of affiliation or nationality. Discover how Russian investment in social networks benefits the Kremlin Learn the role of social networks in fomenting revolution in the Middle East and Northern Africa Explore the rise of anarchist groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec Look inside cyber warfare capabilities of nations including China and Israel Understand how the U.S. can legally engage in covert cyber operations Learn how the Intellectual Property war has become the primary focus of state-sponsored cyber operations Jeffrey Carr, the founder and CEO of Taia Global, Inc., is a cyber intelligence expert and consultant who specializes in the investigation of cyber attacks against governments and infrastructures by state and non-state hackers.

Internet et politique en Chine

Internet et politique en Chine Author Séverine Arsène
ISBN-10 9782811105808
Release 2011
Pages 420
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Sur les blogs et les forums de discussion chinois, des millions de personnes parlent politique et se mobilisent quotidiennement. Ces internautes s'indignent devant le traitement réservé à des ouvriers migrants, dénoncent des expropriations illégales et vont jusqu'à critiquer la corruption de leurs dirigeants. Le Parti communiste ne peut plus étouffer ces scandales. Néanmoins, il déploie de nombreux efforts pour les canaliser. Le web chinois est devenu un espace public complexe, où de nombreux acteurs luttent pour faire entendre leur voix. Dès lors, il ne s'agit plus seulement de contournement de la censure, mais plutôt de construction d'une audience susceptible d'influencer les autorités. L'ouvrage aborde ces enjeux au travers de nombreux extraits d'entretiens avec des internautes ordinaires. Il explique comment l'aspiration à un style de vie "moderne", le nationalisme ou encore les tensions au sein de la société chinoise peuvent conduire, selon les cas, à l'auto-censure ou à la formation de virulentes protestations. En nous montrant comment les Chinois eux-mêmes conçoivent la place d'Internet dans la société, il constitue un éclairage inédit sur le fonctionnement du régime. Il amène aussi à réfléchir, dans une perspective comparative, sur le rôle effectif de la communication numérique dans le monde contemporain, notamment au cours du "Printemps arabe", qui a suscité de nombreux fantasmes à ce propos.

Death by China

Death by China Author Peter Navarro
ISBN-10 013236705X
Release 2011-05-05
Pages 240
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The world's most populous nation and soon-to-be largest economy is rapidly turning into the planet's most efficient assassin. Unscrupulous Chinese entrepreneurs are flooding world markets with lethal products. China's perverse form of capitalism combines illegal mercantilist and protectionist weapons to pick off American industries, job by job. China's emboldened military is racing towards head-on confrontation with the U.S. Meanwhile, America's executives, politicians, and even academics remain silent about the looming threat. Now, best-selling author and noted economist Peter Navarro meticulously exposes every form of "Death by China," drawing on the latest trends and events to show a relationship spiraling out of control. Death by China reveals how thousands of Chinese cyber dissidents are being imprisoned in "Google Gulags"; how Chinese hackers are escalating coordinated cyberattacks on U.S. defense and America's key businesses; how China's undervalued currency is damaging the U.S., Europe, and the global recovery; why American companies are discovering that the risks of operating in China are even worse than they imagined; how China is promoting nuclear proliferation in its pursuit of oil; and how the media distorts the China story--including a "Hall of Shame" of America's worst China apologists. This book doesn't just catalogue China's abuses: It presents a call to action and a survival guide for a critical juncture in America's history--and the world's.

The Rapidly Transforming Chinese High Technology Industry and Market

The Rapidly Transforming Chinese High Technology Industry and Market Author Nir Kshetri
ISBN-10 9781780632216
Release 2008-07-31
Pages 328
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A number of indicators point to rapid and extraordinary shifts in the Chinese high-technology landscape. This book places special emphasis on ulta-modern and crucial ICT industries in which Chinese players possess a competitive advantage. It analyzes how formal and informal institutions and associated feedback mechanisms have influenced the Chinese high-technology industry and market. Finally, the book deeply investigates the nature, sources and quality of key ingredients related to the Chinese high-technology industry and provides an insight into the status and locus of this industry. Draws on multiple theoretical lenses for studying the Chinese high technology industry and markets Focuses on a range of technology industries Special emphasis is placed on ultra-modern and crucial ICT industries in which Chinese players possess a competitive advantage