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Home and Exile

Home and Exile Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 0199761086
Release 2000-07-27
Pages 128
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Chinua Achebe is Africa's most prominent writer, the author of Things Fall Apart, the best known--and best selling--novel ever to come out of Africa. His fiction and poetry burn with a passionate commitment to political justice, bringing to life not only Africa's troubled encounters with Europe but also the dark side of contemporary African political life. Now, in Home and Exile, Achebe reveals the man behind his powerful work. Here is an extended exploration of the European impact on African culture, viewed through the most vivid experience available to the author--his own life. It is an extended snapshot of a major writer's childhood, illuminating his roots as an artist. Achebe discusses his English education and the relationship between colonial writers and the European literary tradition. He argues that if colonial writers try to imitate and, indeed, go one better than the Empire, they run the danger of undervaluing their homeland and their own people. Achebe contends that to redress the inequities of global oppression, writers must focus on where they come from, insisting that their value systems are as legitimate as any other. Stories are a real source of power in the world, he concludes, and to imitate the literature of another culture is to give that power away. Home and Exile is a moving account of an exceptional life. Achebe reveals the inner workings of the human conscience through the predicament of Africa and his own intellectual life. It is a story of the triumph of mind, told in the words of one of this century's most gifted writers.

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 0435905252
Release 1996
Pages 148
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This expanded edition of Chinua Achebe's first novel portrays the collision of African and European cultures in an Igbo village. Okonkwo, a great man in Igbo traditional society, cannot adapt to the profound changes brought by the British conquest of Nigeria. Yet, as in classic tragedy, Okonkwo's character as well as external forces contribute to his downfall. This expanded edition includes new illustrations, maps, additional essays on history, culture,and literature, and reference material to help readers see Achebe's classic novel in social and historical context, and to understand its place in world literature.

Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe Author Catherine Lynette Innes
ISBN-10 0521428971
Release 1992-03-26
Pages 199
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"Things fall Apart", is compared with Joyce Cary's "Mister Johnson". Achebe's novel is seen as a more realistic portrayal of the society and culture of indigenous people of Nigeria.

Conversations with Chinua Achebe

Conversations with Chinua Achebe Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 0878059997
Release 1997
Pages 199
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Chinua Achebe's books are being read throughout the English-speaking world. They have been translated into more than fifty languages. His publishers estimate that more than eight million copies of his first novel Things Fall Apart (1958) have been sold. As a consequence, he is the best known and most widely studied African author. His distinguished books of fiction and nonfiction include No Longer at Ease, Arrow of God, Morning Yet on Creation Day, Christmas in Biafra, and others. Achebe often has been called the inventor of the African novel. Although he modestly denies the title, it is true that modern African literature would not have flowered so rapidly and spectacularly had he not led the way by telling Africa's story from a distinctively African point of view. Many other Africans have been inspired to write novels by his example. The interviews collected here span more than thirty years of Achebe's writing career. The earliest was recorded in 1962, the latest in 1995. Together they offer a representative sample of what he has said to interviewers for newspapers, journals, and books in many different countries. Through his own statements we can see Achebe as a man of letters, a man of ideas, a man of words. As these interviews show, Achebe is an impressive speaker and gifted conversationalist who expresses his ideas in language that is simple yet pungent, moderate yet peppered with colorful images and illustrations. It is this talent for deep and meaningful communication, this intimate way with words, that makes his interviews a delight to read. He has a facility for penetrating to the essence of a question and framing a response that addresses the concerns of the questioner and sometimes goes beyond those concerns to matters of general interest. "People," he says, "are expecting from literature serious comment on their lives. They are not expecting frivolity. They are expecting literature to say something important to help them in their struggle with life. This is what literature, what art, is supposed to do: to give us a second handle on reality so that when it becomes necessary to do so, we can turn to art and find a way out. So it is a serious matter."

Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe Author Ezenwa-Ohaeto
ISBN-10 0852555458
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 352
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'Achebe is the man who invented African literature because he was able to show, in the structure and language of Things Fall Apart, that the future of African writing did not lie in simple imitation of European forms but in the fusion of such forms with oral traditions', says Professor Simon Gikandi of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. This biography of Chinua Achebe captures how his personal characteristics have combined with historical events to produce the man who cleared the frontiers of literature for Africa North America: Indiana U Press; Nigeria: HEBN

Emerging Perspectives on Chinua Achebe

Emerging Perspectives on Chinua Achebe Author Ernest Emenyo̲nu
ISBN-10 0865438765
Release 2004
Pages 475
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Chinua Achebe, a literary icon of the 20th century, is widely regarded as Africa's best novelist to date, and one of the world's greatest. The essays in this book provide global perspectives of Achebe as an artist with a proper sense of history and an imaginative writer with an inviolable sense of cultural mission and political commitment. Omenka is the first of a two volume celebration of this modern African literary tradition, which owes much of its origin to Achebe's landmark classic novel, Things Fall Apart, the most widely read African novel.

No Longer at Ease

No Longer at Ease Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780141393995
Release 2013-04-25
Pages 144
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Obi Okonkwo is an idealistic young man who, thanks to the privileges of an education in Britain, has now returned to Nigeria for a job in the civil service. However in his new role he finds that the way of government seems to be backhanders and corruption. Obi manages to resist the bribes that are offered to him, but when he falls in love with an unsuitable girl - to the disapproval of his parents - he sinks further into emotional and financial turmoil. The lure of easy money becomes harder to refuse, and Obi becomes caught in a trap he cannot escape. Showing a man lost in cultural limbo, and a Nigeria entering a new age of disillusionment, No Longer at Ease concludes Achebe's remarkable trilogy charting three generations of an African community under the impact of colonialism, the first two volumes of which are Things Fall Apart and Arrow of God.

Collected Poems

Collected Poems Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780307517913
Release 2009-01-16
Pages 96
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A collection of poetry spanning the full range of the African-born author's acclaimed career has been updated to include seven never-before-published works, as well as much of his early poetry that explores such themes as the African consciousness, the tragedy of Biafra, and the mysteries of human relationships.

Chinua Achebe Things fall apart

Chinua Achebe  Things fall apart Author Kate Turkington
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105039092023
Release 1977
Pages 62
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Chinua Achebe Things fall apart has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chinua Achebe Things fall apart also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chinua Achebe Things fall apart book for free.

The Chinua Achebe Encyclopedia

The Chinua Achebe Encyclopedia Author M. Keith Booker
ISBN-10 0325070636
Release 2003
Pages 318
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Several hundred A-Z entries cover Achebe's major works, important characters and settings, key concepts and issues, and more.

The Trouble with Nigeria

The Trouble with Nigeria Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 0435906984
Release 1984
Pages 68
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"The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership," concludes internationally acclaimed writer Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe Author David Carroll
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105035733778
Release 1980
Pages 192
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Chinua Achebe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chinua Achebe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chinua Achebe book for free.

The Fiction of Chinua Achebe

The Fiction of Chinua Achebe Author Jago Morrison
ISBN-10 9781137122049
Release 2009-07-23
Pages 200
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Since the emergence of Things Fall Apart in 1958, Chinua Achebe has come to be regarded by many as the 'Godfather' of modern African writing. Over 150 full length studies of his work have been published, together with many hundreds of scholarly articles. This Reader's Guide enables students to navigate the rich and bewildering field of Achebe criticism, setting out the key areas of critical debate, the most influential alternative approaches to his work and the controversies that have so often surrounded it. The Guide examines Achebe's key novels - with the main focus on Things Fall Apart - and also discusses his less well-known short fiction. Including discussion of important Nigerian scholarship that is often inaccessible, this is an invaluable introduction to the work of one of Africa's most important and popular writers.

A Man of the People

A Man of the People Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9966468048
Release 1966
Pages 141
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I en ny selvstændig afrikansk stat bekæmper en ung lærer landets korrupte og kvindeglade kulturminister for at få hævn over ham

The Education of a British Protected Child

The Education of a British Protected Child Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780141930664
Release 2011-05-12
Pages 192
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The pieces here span reflections on personal and collective identity, on home and family, on literature, language and politics, and on Achebe's lifelong attempt to reclaim the definition of 'Africa' for its own authorship. For the first thirty years of his life, before Nigeria's independence in 1960, Achebe was officially defined as a 'British Protected Person'. In The Education of a British-Protected Child he gives us a vivid, ironic and delicately nuanced portrait of growing up in colonial Nigeria and inhabiting its 'middle ground', interrogating both his happy memories of reading English adventure stories in secondary school and also the harsher truths of colonial rule.

Another Africa

Another Africa Author Robert Lyons
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105021677237
Release 1998
Pages 122
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In Another Africa, renowned photographer Robert Lyons and internationally acclaimed author Chinua Achebe (previous publications include Arrow of God, No Longer at Ease and Things Fall Apart) have joined together to explore the real Africa behind the stereotypes commonly held by Westerners. In a stunning series of photographs and poems, this work peels away myths to explore the complexity, diversity and humanity of a place called Africa.The nuance and detail of Robert Lyons's elegantly intermingled still lifes, portraits and landscapes reveal rich ambiguities and unique perspectives. Informed by a discerning blend of candid observation and artistic imagination, these startlingly beautiful images record 'the essential humanity and validity of the observed, and, if our hearts are open, the humanity and the validity of ourselves, the observers' (Artsweek).The photographs take on another dimension in concert with the eye-opening essay and enchanting poems by Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian. A 'magical writer - one of the greatest of the twentieth century' (Margaret Atwood), Achebe writes about Africa on its own terms, from within. With penetrating insight, he exposes a long history of distorted depictions of this extraordinary continent.In bringing their work together, these two great talents have achieved an alchemy of creativity out of which new ways of seeing emerge and coalesce into a portrait of Africa distinguished by honesty, understanding and respect.

Hopes and Impediments

Hopes and Impediments Author Chinua Achebe
ISBN-10 9780307816467
Release 2012-02-22
Pages 208
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One of the most provocative and original voices in contemporary literature, Chinua Achebe here considers the place of literature and art in our society in a collection of essays spanning his best writing and lectures from the last twenty-three years. For Achebe, overcoming goes hand in hand with eradicating the destructive effects of racism and injustice in Western society. He reveals the impediments that still stand in the way of open, equal dialogue between Africans and Europeans, between blacks and whites, but also instills us with hope that they will soon be overcome. From the Trade Paperback edition.