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Chocolate Milk Por Favor

Chocolate Milk  Por Favor Author Maria Dismondy
ISBN-10 0984855831
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 32
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Johnny is a big fan of school but that all changes when the new kid, Gabe arrives. Gabe doesn't speak any English, and that doesn't stop Johnny from going out of his way to be unkind. What will Johnny do when Gabe starts to make new friends? Will he join in the fun of making a new friend or turn the other way? Johnny realizes a powerful message in this story where empathy and inclusion teach us that actions speak louder than words. Read to find out how chocolate milk plays a major role in the discovery of the real universal language.

El Barrio

El Barrio Author Debbi Chocolate
ISBN-10 0805074570
Release 2009-04-14
Pages 32
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A young boy explores his vibrant Latino neighborhood, with its vegetable gardens instead of lawns, Nativity parades, quinceaänera parties, and tejana and salsa music.

Maximilian the Mystery of the Guardian Angel

Maximilian   the Mystery of the Guardian Angel Author Xavier Garza
ISBN-10 9781933693989
Release 2011-10-18
Pages 160
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Eleven-year-old Margarito, a big fan of the form of wrestling known as lucha libre, begins to suspect that he has a close connection with his favorite luchador, El Angel de La Guardia, the Guardian Angel.

Jalapeno Bagels

Jalapeno Bagels Author Natasha Wing
ISBN-10 0689805306
Release 1996-06-01
Pages 32
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For International Day at school, Pablo wants to bring something that reflects the cultures of both his parents.

Pink Tiara Cookies for Three

Pink Tiara Cookies for Three Author Maria Dismondy
ISBN-10 0615516203
Release 2015
Pages 24
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When Jasmine moves in across the street, best friends Sami and Stella learn to make room for one more friend.

It s Beautiful to Be Different and Being Different Is Beautiful

It s Beautiful to Be Different and Being Different Is Beautiful Author Dennis Robert Jeffrey
ISBN-10 1466364289
Release 2011-10-07
Pages 28
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This book is a lesson in diversity, inclusion, self awareness and self love. This book seeks to demonstrate that we all live on one planet, and that people of all ethnicities are beautiful, smart and good hearted. Additionally, every group across the globe should teach its children the important lesson of self love and diversity. Dennis believes that all parents should raise their children to be devoid of racial misconceptions, stereo types or stigmas. For more information visit our web site or to view a sample from the book go to

The Name Jar

The Name Jar Author Yangsook Choi
ISBN-10 9780307793447
Release 2013-10-30
Pages 40
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The new kid in school needs a new name! Or does she? Being the new kid in school is hard enough, but what about when nobody can pronounce your name? Having just moved from Korea, Unhei is anxious that American kids will like her. So instead of introducing herself on the first day of school, she tells the class that she will choose a name by the following week. Her new classmates are fascinated by this no-name girl and decide to help out by filling a glass jar with names for her to pick from. But while Unhei practices being a Suzy, Laura, or Amanda, one of her classmates comes to her neighborhood and discovers her real name and its special meaning. On the day of her name choosing, the name jar has mysteriously disappeared. Encouraged by her new friends, Unhei chooses her own Korean name and helps everyone pronounce it—Yoon-Hey.

The Little Linebacker

The Little Linebacker Author Maria Dismondy
ISBN-10 098485584X
Release 2016-06-01
Pages 32
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Stephen is a little kid with big dreams of playing football. The odds are against him when he is tested and faced with challenges. This is a story of a boy who worked hard to defy the odds and become a leader.

Crane Boy

Crane Boy Author Diana Cohn
ISBN-10 9781941026182
Release 2015-09-28
Pages 40
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Every year, Kinga and his classmates wait for the black-necked cranes to return to the kingdom of Bhutan. The birds fly south over the highest mountains in the word to winter in the valley where Kinga lives, deep in the Himalayas. The cranes have been visiting the valley since ancient times, but every year, fewer cranes return. Kinga is concerned. "What can he do?," he wonders. He and his classmates approach the monks for permission to create and perform a dance to honor the cranes and to remind the Bhutanese people of their duty to care for them. The monks caution them to first watch the cranes to see how they move and learn from them. The children watch and practice. And practice some more until the big day when they perform before the king of Bhutan. Diana Cohn is an educator and writer with an active commitment to social justice work. She has published six picture books for children. Crane Boy was inspired by two visits to Bhutan and by her interest in how cultural traditions evolve and adapt over time. Youme is an author, illustrator, and community-based artist who has worked internationally in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Her first book Selavi: That is Life won the 2005 Jane Addams Peace Award. Pitch Black: Don't Be Skerd, a graphic novel she co-authored with Anthony Horton, was named one of YALSA's Top Ten Great Graphic Novels in 2009.

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun Author Maria Dismondy
ISBN-10 0615473938
Release 2008-08
Pages 32
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Even though she is teased by a boy at school for being different, Lucy has the courage to be herself and comes to the boy's aid when he is in need of help.

The Bodies We Wear

The Bodies We Wear Author Jeyn Roberts
ISBN-10 9780385754118
Release 2014-09-23
Pages 368
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A streetwise girl trains to take on a gang of drug dealers and avenge her best friend’s death in this thriller for fans of Scott Westerfeld and Robin Wasserman. Heam: It’s the hottest drug around. Users are able to see Heaven—a place so beautiful, so indescribably serene, many people never want to come back. And some don’t, like Faye’s best friend, Christian. But when Faye was forced to take Heam, she didn’t see Heaven; she saw Hell. And now she spends her nights training to take revenge on the men who destroyed her future and murdered Christian. When a mysterious young man named Chael appears, Faye’s plans suddenly get a lot more complicated. Love and Death. Will Faye overcome her desires, or will her quest for revenge consume her? From the Hardcover edition.

A President from Hawaii

A President from Hawaii Author Dr. Carolan
ISBN-10 9780763652302
Release 2012
Pages 24
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Looks at the life of President Barack Obama, including his childhood living in Hawaii, along with information about Hawaiian history and cultural traditions.

The Potato Chip Champ

The Potato Chip Champ Author Maria Dismondy
ISBN-10 0984855815
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 32
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Champ and Walter, two boys from very different worlds, have a seemingly insignificant thing in common--their love for potato chips--but when Champ's world starts to crumble, Walter's kindness helps him feel better.

The Jelly Donut Difference

The Jelly Donut Difference Author Maria Dismondy
ISBN-10 0997608501
Release 2017-04-01
Pages 32
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Leah and Dexter are brother and sister. They don t always get along. In fact, there are times they can be downright mean to each other. The ooey, gooey jelly donuts in this story are a testament to the power of kindness, caring and generosity. Find out if Leah and Dexter will ever learn to get along! Bite into the power of paying it forward by adding The Jelly Donut Difference to your family s home collection or classroom library"

The Fruit Salad Friend

The Fruit Salad Friend Author Maria Dismondy
ISBN-10 0997608528
Release 2018-03-14
Pages 32
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Chloe loves going to school, but lately something is different. She has all the ingredients of a great friend and still wonders, "What do you do when friends don't treat you with kindness?" Find out how this brave girl navigates the trials and tribulations that pop up on her way to discovering the recipe for lasting friendship. This children's picture book gives boys and girls a realistic framework on how to handle challenging situations that commonly occur in friendships.

Froggy s Best Christmas

Froggy s Best Christmas Author Jonathan London
ISBN-10 9781101653395
Release 2002-09-23
Pages 32
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Froggy has never celebrated Christmas; usually he's taking his long winter's nap. But not this year! Froggy's best friend, Max the beaver, wakes him up to join the fun. Soon, Froggy's gotten into the swing of things: finding a tree, wrapping presents, singing carols, and enjoying a holiday feast. Join Froggy as he celebrates his very first, and very best, Christmas! "The humor and spirited artwork will put Froggy fans in the holiday mood!" (The Horn Book) "Children who have delighted in the earlier books about Froggy will cheer him along as he experiences his very first Christmas." (School Library Journal)

The Willpower Instinct

The Willpower Instinct Author Kelly McGonigal
ISBN-10 9781101553732
Release 2011-12-29
Pages 272
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Based on Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal's wildly popular course "The Science of Willpower," The Willpower Instinct is the first book to explain the new science of self-control and how it can be harnessed to improve our health, happiness, and productivity. Informed by the latest research and combining cutting-edge insights from psychology, economics, neuroscience, and medicine, The Willpower Instinct explains exactly what willpower is, how it works, and why it matters. For example, readers will learn: Willpower is a mind-body response, not a virtue. It is a biological function that can be improved through mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Willpower is not an unlimited resource. Too much self-control can actually be bad for your health. Temptation and stress hijack the brain's systems of self-control, but the brain can be trained for greater willpower Guilt and shame over your setbacks lead to giving in again, but self-forgiveness and self-compassion boost self-control. Giving up control is sometimes the only way to gain self-control. Willpower failures are contagious—you can catch the desire to overspend or overeat from your friends­­—but you can also catch self-control from the right role models. In the groundbreaking tradition of Getting Things Done, The Willpower Instinct combines life-changing prescriptive advice and complementary exercises to help readers with goals ranging from losing weight to more patient parenting, less procrastination, better health, and greater productivity at work.