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Utterly Me Clarice Bean

Utterly Me  Clarice Bean Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 9780763627881
Release 2005
Pages 190
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When someone steals the winner's trophy for the school book project, Clarice emulates her favorite book heroine, Ruby Redfort the detective.

Utterly Me Clarice Bean

Utterly Me  Clarice Bean Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 1408324156
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 192
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The acclaimed Child brings her trademark wacky wit and eccentric visual energy to this first full-length, fast paced Clarice Bean episode--now available in paperback. Illustrations.

Utterly Me Clarice Bean

Utterly Me  Clarice Bean Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 1442013419
Release 2009-04-09
Pages 190
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"Fans of Child's irrepressible, impulsive picture-book heroine as well as kids who have not yet had the pleasure of making her acquaintance will devour her first chapter-book adventure." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY It's not easy to concentrate at school when mysterious things are happening all around you. In fact, Clarice Bean is starting to feel just like her favorite heroine: Ruby Redfort, schoolgirl detective. Clarice and her utterly best friend, Betty Moody, are planning to ace their book project about Ruby and win the class prize, until Betty disappears into thin air, and horrible teacher Mrs. Wilberton teams Clarice up with the naughtiest boy in school. Will her new partner ruin everything? Will Betty ever come back? And what on earth happened to the silver trophy everyone's hoping to win? Lauren Child brings her trademark wacky wit and eccentric visual energy to a full-length, fastpaced Clarice Bean episode that will charm even the most capricious reader.

Clarice Bean Spells Trouble

Clarice Bean Spells Trouble Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 9780763629038
Release 2006
Pages 189
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Clarice Bean, aspiring actress and author, unsuccessfully tries to avoid getting into trouble as she attempts to help a friend in need by following the rules of the fictional, "exceptionordinarily" spy, Ruby Redfort.

Clarice Bean That s Me

Clarice Bean  That s Me Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 9781408341674
Release 2015-04-23
Pages 32
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"This book is about me, Clarice Bean. It's a very funny book and all of the pages have pictures, mostly of me. There are some annoying bits when my little brother barges in on pages 8 and 9, so you might want to miss them out . . ." All Clarice Bean wants is a bit of peace and quiet. But that can be hard to find in a house where your little brother is being utterly annoying, your big brother is in the dark tunnel of adolescence and your granddad's pouring soup on his cornflakes. Clarice introduces us to her life and family in the original book that launched the hugely successful, critically-acclaimed Clarice Bean series. This multi award-winning, bestselling picture book is a classic tale of family life that will have you laughing out loud.

Clarice Bean Guess Who s Babysitting

Clarice Bean  Guess Who s Babysitting Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 0763613738
Release 2000
Pages 32
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When her Uncle Ted, the fireman, comes to stay with Clarice and her brothers and sister while her mother is away, things get somewhat hectic.

Clarice Bean Don t Look Now

Clarice Bean  Don t Look Now Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 9780763639358
Release 2008-08-01
Pages 252
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When her best friend announces that she is moving away, Clarice Bean has a new entry for her "Worry" journal and hopes that something will happen to change things back to the way they were.

Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes

Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 9780763651206
Release 2012
Pages 383
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Thirteen-year-old Ruby, a genius code-cracker and daring detective, gets an anonymous call setting a challenge that leads her to the headquarters of Spectrum, a highly secret anti-crime agency that needs her help to crack a code, but soon Ruby uncovers dastardly plans of the Fool's Gold Gang.

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 0763624039
Release 2004
Pages 32
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When Lola is worried about starting school, her older brother Charlie reassures her.

Poor Puppy

Poor Puppy Author Nick Bruel
ISBN-10 1596432705
Release 2007-07-24
Pages 40
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When Bad Kitty won't play with him, Poor Puppy has to amuse himself with an alphabetical list of toys and dreams of playing in an alphabetical list of countries.


Unschooled Author Allan Woodrow
ISBN-10 9781338116908
Release 2017-08-29
Pages 288
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This year's fifth graders are the worst Principal Klein has ever seen. But he's hoping that Spirit Week can teach them teamwork, with a top secret prize for the winning team as incentive. Best friends George and Lilly have been looking forward to Spirit Week all year. They might be complete opposites, but they can't wait to be on the winning team together. When their classes end up rivals, with Lilly leading Team Red and George leading Team Blue, the friends swear they can compete and remain best friends. But suddenly there are slimed lockers, sabotaged costumes, and class pets held hostage. As the mischief escalates, it threatens everything, including the prize. Because if Principal Klein finds out, Spirit Week will be canceled and the students will spend the rest of the year in detention. Can George and Lilly find a way to fix their friendship and get the entire fifth grade to play fair, or is the most awesome week of fifth grade about to make this the worst school year ever?

EllRay Jakes Is Magic

EllRay Jakes Is Magic Author Sally Warner
ISBN-10 9780698139398
Release 2014-03-06
Pages 176
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Small kid. Big Stage. Does EllRay have a talent to put on show for the entire school? When EllRay and his friends hear about the school talent show, they’re not impressed. They’re too old for that stuff. But their teacher, Mrs. Sanchez, isn’t so quick to let her students off the hook. Five students absolutely must try-out, and EllRay somehow ends up being one of them. Now he has to figure out something he’s talented at….like, maybe magic? But now the pressure’s on. It’s up to EllRay to take the stage and show his classmates and the whole school that he’s not only talented but magic.

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 0763611883
Release 2000
Pages 32
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A fussy eater decides to sample the carrots after her brother convinces her that they are really orange twiglets from Jupiter.

Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton Trent

Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton Trent Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 0340877898
Release 2005
Pages 48
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Hubert Horatio or H for short is a genius at almost absolutely everything. His parents on the other hand aren't too good with money... and fritter away the family fortune. It's up to Hubert and his friend, Stanton Harcourt to sort out the mess. Ages 4+.

Sizzles is Completely Not Here

Sizzles is Completely Not Here Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 0141383372
Release 2007
Pages 10
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Charlie has this little sister Lola. Lola is supposed to be looking after Marv's dog, Sizzles. But he seems to have disappeared... Lola says "Sizzles is completely NOT here." Join Charlie and Lola on their search for Sizles the dog. Flit the Flaps and see if you can spot where Sizzles is hiding.

Ruby Redfort 4 Feel the Fear

Ruby Redfort  4    Feel the Fear Author Lauren Child
ISBN-10 0007334133
Release 2015-07-02
Pages 528
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Ruby Redfort: supercool secret agent, code-cracker and 13-year-old genius. In this adventure, she must pit her wits against a seemingly invisible foe, but how do you set your sights on catching a light-fingered villain if you can't even see him?

Juan in America

Juan in America Author Eric Linklater
ISBN-10 0955731240
Release 2008
Pages 456
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Set in the year before the Wall Street crash, Juan in America is a classic evocation of the final mania of prohibition, as seen through equally maverick British eyes. The character Eric Linklater devised to be his unreliable explorer was one capable of absorbing the enormity of the American experience without being overwhelmed by its incongruities. A blithe, bastard descendent of Byrone(tm)s Don Juan, Linklater's Juan is an anti-hero with a taste for the grotesque and the ridiculous, at once both dirty and deity whose response when faced either with sudden catastrophe or miraculous survival is simply to laugh.A novel in the mode of the picaresque, this is a story of erotic discovery in the sense, as Juan puts it, that eoeyour trousers hide not only your nakedness but your kinship to the clown.e A nation emerging as a great power is exalting in absurdist energies. In its last spasms before the great depression, America is revealed through a series of unlikely accidents as Juan stumbles from state to state, somehow evading consequences as he goes. On his first day, he falls for the daughter of a gangster, witnesses a murder in a speakeasy and watches a woman leap to her death in a New York street. He thrills to the bizarreness of each spectacle and moves on to the next in a galloping mood that is part medieval romance, part running commentary on what was still, in the 1920s, the new world.