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Coatings on Glass 1998

Coatings on Glass 1998 Author Hans K. Pulker
ISBN-10 9780444502476
Release 1999
Pages 466
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Hardbound. This conference provided a forum where researchers and industrialists working with glass and thin films, could meet and discuss common, complex problems. Many apparently old fundamental procedures and processes are still under investigation, due to their complexity. In particular it is often so that experience dictates the operating conditions, e.g. a special glass treatment or a special coating process rather than the understanding of the treatment or the process itself. It was therefore the aim of this conference to discuss the various problems and to deepen the knowledge that is useful for industrial situations. Based on the fundamental steps of glass fabrication, modification and film deposition, and property studies and the search for possible applications, a wide range of glass and plastic treatments have been carefully considered in this book by experts working in the field.

Glazes and Glass Coatings

Glazes and Glass Coatings Author Richard A. Eppler
ISBN-10 1574980548
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 332
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Intended for the industrial rather than studio ceramist, this volume covers the chemistry of glazes and enamels, including glaze and enamels formulation, raw materials for coatings, batch calculation, and mill additives and slip rheology, and color; the processing of ceramic coatings, including mill

Handbook of sol gel science and technology 3 Applications of sol gel technology

Handbook of sol gel science and technology  3  Applications of sol gel technology Author Sumio Sakka
ISBN-10 1402079680
Release 2005
Pages 791
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Since Dr. Disiich of Germany prepared a glass lens by the sol-gel method around 1970, sol-gel science and technology has continued to develop. Since then this field has seen remarkable technical developments as well as a broadening of the applications of sol-gel science and technology. There is a growing need for a comprehensive reference that treats both the fundamentals and the applications, and this is the aim of "Handbook of Sol-Gel Science and Technology."The primary purpose of sol-gel science and technology is to produce materials, active and non-active including optical, electronic, chemical, sensor, bio- and structural materials. This means that sol-gel science and technology is related to all kinds of manufacturing industries. Thus Volume 1, "Sol-Gel Processing," is devoted to general aspects of processing. Newly developed materials such as organic-inorganic hybrids, photonic crystals, ferroelectric coatings, photocatalysts will be covered. Topics in this volume include: Volume 2, "Characterization of Sol-Gel Materials and Products, "highlights the important fact that useful materials are only produced when characterization is tied to processing. Furthermore, characterization is essential to the understanding of nanostructured materials, and sol-gel technology is a most important technology in this new field. Since nanomaterials display their functional property based on their nano- and micro-structure, "characterization" is very important. Topics found in Volume 2 include: Sol-gel technology is a versatile technology, making it possible to produce a wide variety of materials and to provide existing substances with novel properties. This technology was applied to producingnovel materials, for example organic-inorganic hybrids, which are quite difficult to make by other fabricating techniques, and it was also applied to producing materials based on high temperature superconducting oxides. "Applications of Sol-Gel Technology," (Volume 3), will cover applications such as:

1998 IBEC Proceedings Glass and glazing

1998 IBEC Proceedings  Glass and glazing Author Society of Automotive Engineers
ISBN-10 UOM:39015042095557
Release 1998
Pages 190
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1998 IBEC Proceedings Glass and glazing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 1998 IBEC Proceedings Glass and glazing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 1998 IBEC Proceedings Glass and glazing book for free.

Sol Gel Technologies for Glass Producers and Users

Sol Gel Technologies for Glass Producers and Users Author Michel A Aegerter
ISBN-10 1402079389
Release 2004-10-29
Pages 493
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Sol-Gel Techniques for Glass Producers and Users provides technological information, descriptions and characterizations of prototypes, or products already on the market, and illustrates advantages and disadvantages of the sol-gel process in comparison to other methods. The first chapter entitled "Wet Chemical Technology" gives a summary of the basic principles of the sol-gel chemistry. The most promising applications are related to coatings. Chapter 2 describes the various "Wet Chemical Coating Technologies" from glass cleaning to many deposition and post-coating treatment techniques. These include patterning of coatings through direct or indirect techniques which have became very important and for which the sol-gel processing is particularly well adapted. Chapter 3 entitled "Bulk Glass Technologies" reports on the preparation of special glasses for different applications. Chapter 4 entitled "Coatings and Materials Properties" describes the properties of the different coatings and the sol-gel materials, fibers and powders. The chapter also includes a section dedicated to the characterization techniques especially applied to sol-gel coatings and products.

Optical Interference Coatings

Optical Interference Coatings Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000033831725
Release 1998-06-01
Pages 486
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Optical Interference Coatings has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Optical Interference Coatings also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Optical Interference Coatings book for free.

Structural Use of Glass

Structural Use of Glass Author Matthias Haldimann
ISBN-10 9783857481192
Release 2008
Pages 215
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This book attempts to redress this issue by providing an overview of the recent developments in this field thereby providing a basis for the understanding of the structural performance and design of glass in buildings. Each chapter draws on the latest developments in practice and research and contains contributions from various international glass experts. The mix of general and specialist content ranging from rules of thumb to fracture mechanics and novel applications to post-breakage performance make this book useful to practitioners and researchers. Furthermore, the text is supplemented by tables of the major codes of practice and by an extensive list of references.

Flat Panel Display Materials 1998

Flat Panel Display Materials   1998 Author Gregory N. Parsons
ISBN-10 1558994149
Release 1998-10-27
Pages 342
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Flat-panel displays are found in a variety of military, industrial and consumer applications ranging from laptop computers to automobile and cockpit read-out devices. While active matrix, liquid-crystal displays have revolutionized portable high-resolution graphic and information processing systems, other large-area and miniature flat-panel display systems based on field emission, organic and inorganic electroluminescence, plasma charges and reflective liquid crystals are becoming more economically viable. However, improved cost and performance of flat-panel displays will only be achieved through advances in materials and processing technologies. Novel approaches to large-area processing, including materials that can be directly printed or patterned in 'additive' methods, will lead to significant cost reductions in large-area electronics fabrication. This book focuses on the materials and processes for all types of flat-panel displays including miniature and large-area active matrix, liquid-crystal displays, electroluminescent displays, plasma displays, field-emission displays, micromechanical displays, and more. Topics include: amorphous and polysilicon TFT materials; field emission cathodes and displays; phosphor materials and conductors.

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal Barrier Coatings Author Huibin Xu
ISBN-10 9780857090829
Release 2011-01-14
Pages 360
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Effective coatings are essential to counteract the effects of corrosion and degradation of exposed materials in high-temperature environments such as gas turbine engines. Thermal barrier coatings reviews the latest advances in processing and performance of thermal barrier coatings, as well as their failure mechanisms. Part one reviews the materials and structures of thermal barrier coatings. Chapters cover both metallic and ceramic coating materials as well as nanostructured coatings. Part two covers established and advanced processing and spraying techniques, with chapters on the latest advances in plasma spraying and plasma vapour deposition as well as detonation gun spraying. Part three discusses the performance and failure of thermal barrier coatings, including oxidation and hot-corrosion, non-destructive evaluation and new materials, technologies and processes. With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Thermal barrier coatings is an essential reference for professional engineers in such industries as energy production, aerospace and chemical engineering as well as academic researchers in materials. Reviews the latest advances in processing and performance of thermal barrier coatings, as well as their failure mechanisms Explores the materials and structures of thermal barrier coatings incorporating cover both metallic and ceramic coating materials as well as nanostructured coating Assesses established and advanced processing and spraying techniques, including plasma vapour deposition and detonation gun spraying

Materials for Conservation

Materials for Conservation Author C V Horie
ISBN-10 9781136437137
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 504
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Materials in Conservation is the definitive introduction to the properties of materials used in conservation. The continual struggle of conservators to ameliorate the deterioration of objects has led to increasing use of synthetic polymers. These materials are part of the sophisticated technology that has been developed to augment and often replace traditional materials and methods. Conservators therefore have a wider range of techniques available. However, they must be able to appreciate the potentials and pitfalls of any proposed technique. The first section explains physical and chemical properties which are important in the conservation process, i.e. application, ageing, reversal. The topics covered include molecular weight, glass transition temperature, solubility and solvents, polymerisation and degradation reactions. The second section provides a detailed consideration of the individual materials, current and obsolete, used in conservation, drawing out the factors relevant to their effects on objects. The conservation uses of each material are summarised and referenced to allow further study. In five appendices, the properties of the polymers, solvents and their interactions are tabulated, with a list of suppliers and conversion table of physical units. IUPAC and SI nomenclature is used throughout the book. In this second edition, this classic text is revised and updated to include modern materials such as cyclododecane, and current ideas on adhesion, consolidation and reversibility, making Materials in Conservation the definitive source of vital information in the field. This handy reference book should be on the bench of every conservator and available wherever objects, from steam engines to dried plants, are preserved.

Roll to Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings

Roll to Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings Author Charles A. Bishop
ISBN-10 9781118946169
Release 2015-08-28
Pages 350
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It is intended that the book will be a practical guide to provide any reader with the basic information to help them understand what is necessary in order to produce a good barrier coated web or to improve the quality of any existing barrier product. After providing an introduction, where the terminology is outlined and some of the science is given (keeping the mathematics to a minimum), including barrier testing methods, the vacuum deposition process will be described. In theory a thin layer of metal or glass-like material should be enough to convert any polymer film into a perfect barrier material. The reality is that all barrier coatings have their performance limited by the defects in the coating. This book looks at the whole process from the source materials through to the post deposition handling of the coated material. This holistic view of the vacuum coating process provides a description of the common sources of defects and includes the possible methods of limiting the defects. This enables readers to decide where their development efforts and money can best be used to improve the barrier performance of their own process or materials. The 2nd edition contains at least 20% new material including additional barrier testing techniques that have been developed and testing and cleaning equipment brought to market since the 1st edition was published in 2010. The topic of adhesion is covered in more detail and there is a section on the Hanson Solubility Parameter which is a method of predicting the solubility of gases or liquids in materials.

Oleochemical Manufacture and Applications

Oleochemical Manufacture and Applications Author F. D. Gunstone
ISBN-10 0849397855
Release 2001
Pages 325
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Oleochemical Manufacture and Applications presents an overview of oleochemicals at the research and professional levels, with an emphasis on industrial production and applications. Approximately half of the chapters consider general matters, while the other half deal with applications. Authors are drawn from industrial and academic laboratories around the world. The book is an invaluable reference for chemists and technologists working on the production and use of oleochemicals, analytical chemists, quality assurance personnel, and lipid chemists in academic research laboratories.


Glass Author Eric Le Bourhis
ISBN-10 9783527337057
Release 2014-11-03
Pages 416
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The second edition of a comprehensive reference in glass science, pointing out the correlation between the performance of industrial processes and practice-relevant properties, such as strength and optical properties. Interdisciplinary in his approach, the author discusses both the science and technology, starting with an outline of history and applications, glass structure, and rheology. The sections on properties include mechanical strength and contact resistance, ageing, mechanics of glass processes, the production and control of residual stresses, high-tech products, and current research a.

F S Index United States Annual

F   S Index United States Annual Author
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924084598915
Release 1998
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F S Index United States Annual has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from F S Index United States Annual also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full F S Index United States Annual book for free.

Ceramic Fibers and Coatings

Ceramic Fibers and Coatings Author Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems
ISBN-10 9780309059961
Release 1998-04-21
Pages 112
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High-temperature ceramic fibers are the key components of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). Ceramic fiber properties (strength, temperature and creep resistance, for example)-along with the debonding characteristics of their coatings-determine the properties of CMCs. This report outlines the state of the art in high-temperature ceramic fibers and coatings, assesses fibers and coatings in terms of future needs, and recommends promising avenues of research. CMCs are also discussed in this report to provide a context for discussing high-temperature ceramic fibers and coatings.

Coatings Tribology

Coatings Tribology Author Kenneth Holmberg
ISBN-10 0080931464
Release 2009-03-18
Pages 576
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The surface coating field is a rapidly developing area of science and technology that offers new methods and techniques to control friction and wear. New coating types are continually being developed and the potential applications in different industrial fields are ever growing, ranging from machine components and consumer products to medical instruments and prostheses. This book provides an extensive review of the latest technology in the field, addressing techniques such as physical and chemical vapour deposition, the tribological properties of coatings, and coating characterization and performance evaluation techniques. Eleven different cases are examined in close detail to demonstrate the improvement of tribological properties and a guide to selecting coatings is also provided. This second edition is still the only monograph in the field to give a holistic view of the subject and presents all aspects, including test and performance data as well as insights into mechanisms and interactions, thus providing the level of understanding vital for the practical application of coatings. * An extensive review of the latest developments in the field of surface coatings * Presents both theory and practical applications * Includes a guide for selecting coatings

Ceramic Abstracts

Ceramic Abstracts Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047805158
Release 2000
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Ceramic Abstracts has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ceramic Abstracts also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ceramic Abstracts book for free.