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Coffee in Health and Disease Prevention

Coffee in Health and Disease Prevention Author Victor R. Preedy
ISBN-10 9780124167162
Release 2014-11-12
Pages 1080
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Coffee in Health and Disease Prevention presents a comprehensive look at the compounds in coffee, their reported benefits (or toxicity risks) and also explores them on a health-condition specific level, providing researchers and academics with a single-volume resource to help in identifying potential treatment uses. No other book on the market considers all the varieties of coffee in one volume, or takes the disease-focused approach that will assist in directing further research and studies. The book embraces a holistic approach and effectively investigates coffee and its specific compounds from the biochemical to the nutritional well-being of geographical populations. This book represents essential reading for researchers in nutrition, dietetics, food science, biochemistry, and public health. Presents one comprehensive, translational source for all aspects of how coffee plays a role in disease prevention and health Experts in nutrition, diet, and food chemistry (from all areas of academic and medical research) take readers from the bench research (cellular and biochemical mechanisms of vitamins and nutrients) to new preventive and therapeutic approaches Focuses on coffee composition; nutritional aspects of coffee; protective aspects of coffee-related compounds; specific coffee components and their effects on tissue and organ systems Features sections on both the general effects of coffee consumption on the body as well as the effects of specific coffee compounds on specific organ systems


Coffee Author Yi-Fang Chu
ISBN-10 9780470958780
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 324
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Coffee: Emerging Health Benefits and Disease Prevention presents a comprehensive overview of the recent scientific advances in the field. The book focuses on the following topics: coffee constituents; pro– and antioxidant properties of coffee constituents; bioavailability of coffee constituents; health benefits and disease prevention effects of coffee; and potential negative impacts on health. Multiple chapters describe coffee′s positive impact on health and various diseases: type 2 diabetes; neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson′s and Alzheimer′s); cancer (prostate, bladder, pancreatic, breast, ovarian, colon and colorectal); cardiovascular health; and liver health. Coffee′s positive effects on mood, suicide rate and cognitive performance are addressed as are the negative health impacts of coffee on pregnancy, insulin sensitivity, dehydration, gastric irritation, anxiety, and withdrawal syndrome issues. Written by many of the top researchers in the world, Coffee: Emerging Health Benefits and Disease Prevention is a must–have reference for food professionals in academia, industry, and governmental and regulatory agencies whose work involves coffee.

Tea in Health and Disease Prevention

Tea in Health and Disease Prevention Author Victor R. Preedy
ISBN-10 9780123849373
Release 2013
Pages 1573
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Examines the benefits of tea and its components, ranging from the anti-microbial to the anti-oxidant. Components such as catechins, theaflavins, polysaccharides, and others have been isolated and may have putative protective effects and modulate the biochemistry of a variety of cell types. 128 chapters explore improvements in the cardiovascular system, the brain, and other organs, and looks at possible applications in other disease areas --

Beer in Health and Disease Prevention

Beer in Health and Disease Prevention Author Victor R. Preedy
ISBN-10 9780080920498
Release 2011-04-28
Pages 1248
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Beer in Health and Disease Prevention is the single comprehensive volume needed to understand beer and beer-related science. Presenting both the concerns and problems of beer consumption as well as the emerging evidence of benefit, this book offers a balanced view of today's findings and the potential of tomorrow's research. Just as wine in moderation has been proposed to promote health, research is showing that beer – and the ingredients in beer – can have similar impact on improving health, and in some instances preventing disease. This book addresses the impact of beer and beer ingredients on cancers, cardiovascular disease, anti-oxidant benefits, and other health related concerns. It offers a holistic view from beer brewing to the isolation of beer-related compounds. It contains self-contained chapters written by subject matter experts. This book is recommended for scientists and researchers from a variety of fields and industries from beer production to health-care professionals. Winner of the 2009 Best Drinks and Health Book in the World - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards The most comprehensive coverage of the broad range of topics related to the role of beer and beer ingredients in health Addresses the impact of beer and beer ingredients on cancers, cardiovascular disease, anti-oxidant benefits, and other health related concerns Presents a holistic view from beer brewing to the isolation of beer-related compounds Appropriate for scientists and researchers from a variety of fields and industries from beer production to health-care professionals Consistent organization of each chapter provides easy-access to key points and summaries Self-contained chapters written by subject matter experts

Let S Stop Killing Our Children

Let   S Stop   Killing   Our Children Author Philip S. Chua MD FACS FPCS
ISBN-10 9781462877553
Release 2011-08-25
Pages 800
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Book Review Author Advocates Healthy Lifestyle and Disease Prevention to start from the Womb and dieting to begin in the Crib New Health Book, written in easy-to-understand laymans term, provides thought-provoking and valuable health reference designed to change lives of individuals and society as a whole through good pre-emptive and proactive social initiatives and more responsible parenting for healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, which the cardiac surgeon author says must start in the womb and safe dieting should begin in the crib, to maximize their full potential in achieving their goals. XLIBRIS - (PRWEB) August 29, 2011 What is the best strategy to prevent diseases? Cardiac Surgeon Emeritus in Northwest Indiana Dr. Philip S. Chua attempts to provide resolution to this issue as he presents Lets Stop Killing Our Children, a valuable, inspiring, and innovative 794-page health guide that focuses on disease prevention starting from ground zero, and highlights the fundamental obligation parents and society have in teaching children how to life a healthy lifestyle by setting good examples early on. This revolutionary concept puts the onus squarely on society, parents and guardians of young children, who are totally at the mercy of society and of these adults, whose good or bad examples, habits and behaviors will inevitably be emulated by the children. It is in the first five formative years of the children and up to age 12 when instilling proper discipline and behavioral modification are most effective, states this heart surgeon. Almost all diseases known to man are self-induced and are, therefore, preventableMost of us seemed to have unwittingly programmed our mindset and behavior to a self-destruct and slow-suicide modethis negative surrender and fatalistic attitude are what this book aims to change, Dr. Chua critically pointed out in his book. An international health advocate and writer, Dr. Philip S. Chua, in this book of information, philosophy and principles, poses this great challenge to society as a whole in his belief that most diseases known to man are self-induced through self-abuse. It is important that both society as a whole and parents play their essential role of doing what is right for the children, way before age 5 to save these young lives from avoidable morbidity and premature death as they grow to middle age and beyond. After all, says Dr. Chua, the race does not start in the middle. The author points out that autopsy findings on children, as young as 4-5 who were victims of accidents, already had evidence of arteriosclerosis (hardening of their arteries) which we see in adultswe must be doing something wrong. "Are we losing the war on diseases because we are starting late and lagging far behind in this race?" ponders the cardiac surgeon. Dr. Chua, in his book, strongly suggests for parents and society as a whole to practice this novel pre-emptive and proactive health concept even before conception to achieve a healthier family, a healthier citizenry, and thus a healthier nation. "Since, we have not really significantly succeeded in our war against many diseases over the past half a century, the medical community and society as a whole need to seriously re-evaluate of our current conventional strategy in dealing with health and disease prevention, if we are to contain, if not eradicate, the common diseases afflicting man around the world today, including hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer," admonishes the author. This pre-emptive health strategy could forever change the role of parents and society in our quest for health, well-being, happiness, and longevity. This challenging and stimulating coffee-table book of wisdom is a must-read. Every home deserves one.

Coffee Pests Diseases and Their Management

Coffee Pests  Diseases and Their Management Author J. M. Waller
ISBN-10 9781845932091
Release 2007
Pages 434
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Price collapse and oversupply have made coffee a high-profile crop in recent years: never has efficient production and crop protection been more important for reducing costs and increasing quality. Packed with illustrations, this book covers the origins, botany, agroecology and worldwide production statistics of coffee, and the insect pests, plant pathogens, nematodes and nutrient deficiencies that afflict it. With emphasis on integrated crop management, this book reviews control measures suitable for any coffee pest or disease and will enable agriculturists to design and implement sustainable pest management systems.

The Truth about Coffee

The Truth about Coffee Author Marina Kushner
ISBN-10 0974758256
Release 2009-06-26
Pages 144
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This book exposes coffee's darker side that scientists know, but the coffee industry has tried to suppress. It uncovers short- and long-term health issues associated with coffee consumption, reveals why women should avoid coffee, the role of coffee in adrenal depletion, and other topics.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Author Caldwell B. Esselstyn
ISBN-10 9781583332726
Release 2007
Pages 308
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Presents the plant-based diet developed by the author to treat heart patients, discussing the long-term studies done to prove the effectiveness of his program, along with recipes for salads, soups, main dishes, and desserts that comprise the diet.

Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture Author Catherine M. Tucker
ISBN-10 9781136827976
Release 2011-01-26
Pages 176
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"The Anthropology of Stuff" is part of a new Series dedicated to innovative, unconventional ways to connect undergraduate students and their lived concerns about our social world to the power of social science ideas and evidence. Our goal with the project is to help spark social science imaginations and in doing so, new avenues for meaningful thought and action. Each "Stuff" title is a short (100 page) "mini text" illuminating for students the network of people and activities that create their material world. From the coffee producers and pickers who tend the plantations in tropical nations, to the middlemen and processors, to the consumers who drink coffee without ever having to think about how the drink reached their hands, here is a commodity that ties the world together. This is a great little book that helps students apply anthropological concepts and theories to their everyday lives, learn how historical events and processes have shaped the modern world and the contexts of their lives, and how consumption decisions carry ramifications for our health, the environment, the reproduction of social inequality, and the possibility of supporting equity, sustainability and social justice.

Drug induced Diseases

Drug induced Diseases Author James E. Tisdale
ISBN-10 9781585282050
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 1110
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According to the authors, a drug-induced disease as an unintended effect of a drug, which results in mortality or morbidity with symptoms sufficient to prompt a patient to seek medical attention and/or require hospitalization. Since the first edition of this book was published in 2005, numerous drugs have been withdrawn from the market in the United States as a result of morbidity and/or mortality associated with drug-induced diseases. Despite best efforts to assure that all drugs are safe and effective, millions of patients each year develop drug-induced diseases. Every time a patient presents with a new disease or an exacerbation of an existing condition, someone needs to ask, “Could this be drug-related?”Now in its second edition, this popular and essential comprehensive resource provides a detailed analysis of how to identify, prevent, and manage drug-induced diseases. Edited by James E. Tisdale and Douglas A. Miller, with contributions from experts distinguished in their respective specialties, Drug-Induced Diseases is organized logically and is easy to use for pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and pharmacy students alike.Inside you'll find: Chapters dedicated to each disease state. In-depth tables throughout each chapter. A new section on Drug-Induced dermatologic diseases. New drugs implicated as the cause of specific disease(s). The inclusion of the Levels of Evidence classification scheme for identifying drug-induced diseases. And much more.

The China Study

The China Study Author Colin Campbell
ISBN-10 9781935251002
Release 2006-06-01
Pages 417
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Referred to as the “Grand Prix of epidemiology” by The New York Times, this study examines more than 350 variables of health and nutrition with surveys from 6,500 adults in more than 2,500 counties across China and Taiwan, and conclusively demonstrates the link between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. While revealing that proper nutrition can have a dramatic effect on reducing and reversing these ailments as well as curbing obesity, this text calls into question the practices of many of the current dietary programs, such as the Atkins diet, that are widely popular in the West. The politics of nutrition and the impact of special interest groups in the creation and dissemination of public information are also discussed.

Oral Health Surveys

Oral Health Surveys Author World Health Organization
ISBN-10 9789241548649
Release 2013
Pages 125
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This manual encourages countries to conduct standardized oral health surveys that are comparable internationally. The manual provides guidelines for assessing the current oral health status of a population and the future needs for oral health intervention. Oral diseases are among the most prevalent non-communicable diseases and major components of the global burden of disease. The key risk factors are common to chronic and oral diseases. Guidelines are presented for risk factors assessment. The WHO approach can facilitate the incorporation of oral health into national health surveillance systems. Surveillance of oral health over time and monitoring of programs may provide decision-makers, public health planners, and health administrators with valuable information about the relevance and cost-effectiveness of public health intervention programs.


Buzz Author Stephen Braun
ISBN-10 9780195092899
Release 1996
Pages 214
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Discusses both the scientific and cultural impact of alcohol and caffeine, the world's most widely-consumed mind-altering substances

The Budwig Cancer and Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet

The Budwig Cancer and Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet Author Johanna Budwig
ISBN-10 1893910423
Release 2011
Pages 211
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This revolutionary diet from Dr. Johanna Budwig, the German researcher who discovered omega-3 fatty acids, shows you how to use healing essential fatty acids, the good fats, to cure yourself of cancer, heart disease and other chronic ailments. Dr. Budwig's book includes more than 150 exciting recipes and meal plans for cancer treatment, prevention and plans for children, too. The book provides hundreds of patient testimonials and cites scientific studies proving that Dr. Budwig s diet works! The Budwig Cancer & Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet is the long-awaited follow-up to her internationally renowned Oil-Protein Diet which has sold more than half a million copies worldwide.

Coffee is Good for You

Coffee is Good for You Author Robert J. Davis
ISBN-10 9781101553992
Release 2012-01-03
Pages 240
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Though food is supposed to be one of life's simple pleasures, few things cause more angst and confusion. Every day we are bombarded with come-ons for the latest diet, promises for "clinically proven" miracle ingredients, and warnings about contaminants in our favorite foods. It's enough to give anybody indigestion. Packed with useful-and surprising-information, Coffee Is Good for You cuts through the clutter to reveal what's believable and what's not in a fun and easily digestible way. You'll find out: Locally grown produce isn't necessarily more healthful than fruits and vegetables from across the globe Alcohol does cause breast cancer You don't need eight glasses of water a day for good health Milk isn't necessary for strong bones Oatmeal really can lower cholesterol Sea salt isn't more healthful than regular salt Low-fat cookies may be worse for you than high-fat cheese

Natural Products and Their Active Compounds on Disease Prevention

Natural Products and Their Active Compounds on Disease Prevention Author M. Mohamed Essa
ISBN-10 1621001539
Release 2012
Pages 514
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It is well documented that most natural products are enriched with bio-active components that have protective action. There is currently a growing body of evidence that supplementing the human diet with natural products is of major benefit for human health and well-being. Nowadays, the use of complementary/alternative medicine, functional food and especially the consumption of natural products have been increasing rapidly world-wide, mostly because of the supposedly less frequent side effects. Both in conventional and traditional medicines, natural products continue to provide valuable therapeutic agents. The issues regarding the efficacy and safety of currently available modern medicine agents have prompted the search for safer and more effective alternatives. This book focuses on implications of traditional and processed foods for health and disease prevention.

The 10 hour Coffee Diet

The 10 hour Coffee Diet Author Jennifer Jolan
ISBN-10 1535274697
Release 2016-07-14
Pages 196
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* Newly Updated! The future of dieting has arrived! A groundbreaking diet strategy that is timeless... allowing you to comfortably diet (WITH COFFEE) whenever you want... for the rest of your life! FINALLY, you won't ever have to deal with those harsh, unrealistic 1-size-fits-all diets that make you feel miserable ever again. A coffee diet breakthrough is about to unleash a health and body transformation revolution across the world. Coffee lovers rejoice. For those who can't get enough coffee and want to look and feel their best... let us introduce The 10-Hour Coffee Diet. It's very simple. Drink your coffee using 3 weird tricks, 2 or more times a day. Then just sit back and feel the results instantly. Do the coffee diet 6 days the first week and you'll feel and see the difference in your body. (This is not a gimmick... it's the real deal. You will feel and see results in the 1st week!) Not only will you improve your health, look better, and feel better, but by drinking your coffee 2 or more times a day (as described in this book), the typical person will end up saving around $216 a month (yes, per person!)... saving $2,500+ a year from your food bill. (NO, this doesn't involve starving yourself. You'll get plenty of healthy calories without being stuck in the kitchen making expensive and elaborate meals... or feeling hungry.) In The 10-Hour Coffee Diet, you will discover: * How to turn ordinary coffee into 10-Hour Coffee Diet weight loss coffee using 3 weird tricks that "load up" your coffee and make it the ultimate health enhancer and diet drink while also satisfying your appetite so you're never hungry * 10 variations of The 10-Hour Coffee Diet to choose from (from pure weight loss to maintaining your weight to body composition to gaining muscle... you're covered... actually 11 choices if you count the option to switch out coffee for tea) * How vegetarians can use The 10-Hour Coffee Diet (Hint: it helps fix two important weaknesses in most vegetarian diets) * Huge cost savings to your monthly food bill (drink a lot of coffee, look better, improve your health, and save $200+ a month) * How this supercharged 10-Hour Coffee Diet coffee that you make produces an elegantly clean, consistent, and focused energy that renders 5-Hour Energy, Redbull, Monster, Rock Star, and all other energy drinks/shots pointless and unnecessary... and why Starbucks is shaping up for a bad future * No food restrictions (eat your favorite foods, daily, if you want) * A natural Viagra for men! * Why Paleo Diet followers should be all over this fully-loaded coffee * How to FUEL UP your body with 25-75 different "body-happy" nutrients cheaply and easily with each meal * The 4 brain chemicals that cause weight loss problems and how to specifically fix each one with diet tricks, supplements, and a certain type of exercise * Easy 5-Minute No-bake weight loss cookies that are delicious * Two 15-second diet tricks that destroy belly fat * Why cosmetics are making you pile on the weight (and what to do about it) * And so much more! If you're serious about coffee and like the idea of using your coffee to improve your health and shrink your waistline effortlessly and without starving, then get this book today. After doing the diet for just 1 to 2 days the book pays for itself from your grocery and fast food savings. Bottom line? You're about to have your mind blown away. What you're about to read is nothing like anything you've ever read about when it comes to health and weight loss.