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College Secrets

College Secrets Author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
ISBN-10 9781932450118
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 270
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To properly manage college costs, you need to understand the real price tag of a higher education, including hidden fees that surprise students after they enroll in a college or university. College Secrets and its companion book, College Secrets for Teens, reveal the true costs of earning a college degree – and then provides hundreds of money-saving ideas to help students and parents reduce or eliminate these expenses. College Secrets can save you $20,000 to $200,000 over the course of a four-year education. In this book, you’ll discover: · 22 hidden costs that college officials never talk about · 24 tricks to slash in-state and out-of-state tuition costs · 7 tips to keep room and board expenses under control · 13 strategies to save money on books and supplies · 14 lifestyle costs that students must manage wisely · 6 do’s and don’ts to avoid credit card debt in college · 12 steps to boost your odds of winning scholarships · 15 common mistakes that reduce your financial aid … and much, much more! The College Secrets series is your roadmap to paying for college the smart way – with some sanity, truth and planning in the process, and without going broke or winding up deep in debt.

How to Graduate Debt Free

How to Graduate Debt Free Author Kristina Ellis
ISBN-10 9781617958304
Release 2016-08-09
Pages 224
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Nearly 70% of students graduate with close to $30,000 in debt. But you don’t have to be one of them! In these pages, acclaimed author Kristina Ellis walks you through the wide world of college-finance options, presenting tips, secrets, and strategies so you can develop a personalized plan. A plan to overcome obstacles and get your degree debt-free. With Kristina as your mentor, you’ll discover how to: Establish a winning money mindset Save up and cut costs before you get to campus Figure out the dollars and sense of financial aid Secure your share of free cash for college Earn money to pay as you go Choose a school and a major that’s worth it Stretch your funds when every penny counts With determination, the right information, and a well-planned strategy, you can earn that career-advancing degree and graduate from college debt-free. #NotGoingBroke

Debt Free U

Debt Free U Author Zac Bissonnette
ISBN-10 1101458968
Release 2010-08-31
Pages 304
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This book can save you more than $100,000. These days, most people assume you need to pay a boatload of money for a quality college education. As a result, students and their parents are willing to go into years of debt and potentially sabotage their entire financial futures just to get a fancy name on their diploma. But Zac Bissonnette is walking proof that this assumption is not only false, but dangerous-a class con game designed to rip you off and doom your student to a post-graduation life of near poverty . From his unique double perspective-he's a personal finance expert (at Daily Finance) AND a current senior at the University of Massachusetts-Zac figured out how to get an outstanding education at a public college, without bankrupting his parents or taking on massive loans. Armed with his personal knowledge, the latest data, and smart analysis, Zac takes on the sacred cows of the higher education establishment. He reveals why a lot of the conventional wisdom about choosing and financing college is not only wrong but hazardous to you and your child's financial future. You'll discover, for instance, that: * Student loans are NOT a necessary evil. Ordinary middle class families can- and must-find ways to avoid them, even without scholarships. * College "rankings" are useless-designed to sell magazines and generate hype. If you trust one of the major guides when picking a college, you face a potential financial disaster. * The elite graduate programs accept lots of people with non-elite bachelors degrees. So do America's most selective employers. The name on a diploma ultimately won't help your child have a more successful career or earn more money. Zac can prove every one of those bold assertions - and more. No matter what your current financial situation, he has a simple message for parents: "RELAX! Your kid will be able to get a champagne education on a beer budget!"

College Secrets for Teens

College Secrets for Teens Author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
ISBN-10 1932450122
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 210
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College costs often start several years before actual enrollment. Those costs include college exams, test preparation and tutors, pre-college programs and summer activities, campus tours and visits, and college application costs. In this book, you will learn all about pre-college expenses and how to minimize them. "College Secrets for Teens" and its companion book, "College Secrets", reveal the true costs of earning a college degree, including hidden higher-education expenses.--Publisher.

Zero Debt

Zero Debt Author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
ISBN-10 1932450807
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 252
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"Zero Debt" will helps readers put a financial fortress around themselves, offering tips on budgeting, the importance of having insurance, low-cost strategies for creating an updated will, creative ways to instantly save, and more.

2018 Federal Children s Scholarship Handbook

2018 Federal Children s Scholarship Handbook Author Federal Handbooks
ISBN-10 9781329881105
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2018 Federal Children s Scholarship Handbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 2018 Federal Children s Scholarship Handbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 2018 Federal Children s Scholarship Handbook book for free.

Perfect Credit

Perfect Credit Author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
ISBN-10 1932450998
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 210
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If you have negative marks in your credit history, you already know what a pain it is living with bad credit: you get turned down for credit cards and loans or you pay sky-high interest rates when you do get approved. The list of indignities you suffer with poor credit goes on and on.Even people with ¿good¿ credit histories and respectable credit scores are having a tough time. Banks have imposed new fees, raised interest rates, slashed credit lines and even closed accounts of customers with so-called ¿good¿ credit. Which is why, even if you have a fair-to-good credit rating, you need to learn how to achieve ¿perfect credit.¿Perfect Credit is the definitive guide to getting and keeping outstanding credit. Think of this book as a roadmap for anyone hoping to establish picture-perfect credit, make improvements to have stellar credit, or simply maintain a fantastic credit standing. Today, roughly 220 million Americans have credit files maintained by the ¿Big Three¿ credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Of those, about 40 million Americans (roughly 1 out of 5), have very poor credit, or ¿deep subprime scores,¿ according to Experian. Another 50 million adults in the U.S. have no credit files ¿ either because they¿ve never used traditional forms of credit, or because their credit files are ¿too thin¿ to generate a credit score. Perfect Credit offers all these consumers an easy-to-follow blueprint on how to get superb credit ¿ and how to sidestep numerous credit traps and pitfalls along the way.

College Without Student Loans

College Without Student Loans Author Dave Smith
ISBN-10 9781614486343
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 116
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The process of S.A.F.E. ways is a logical, easy to follow road map that any college bound family can implement with effective results. If we were riding a bicycle, the front wheel would be “Selection” and “Acceptance”, giving a strong and meaningful direction/reason for attending college for the student. The back wheel is “Funding” and “Execution” the important components for the parents in this process. Both students and parents have an active role in S.A.F.E. which provides the family with predictable and affordable results for each student.

Your First Home

Your First Home Author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
ISBN-10 1932450858
Release 2008
Pages 304
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Guides prospective first-time homeowners on the process of buying a house, covering such topics as hiring an agent, financing a mortgage, and managing a closing.

College The No Debt Way No debt college grads share their secrets

College The No Debt Way  No debt college grads share their secrets Author Bob Adebayo, PhD
ISBN-10 9781682893791
Release 2016-03-14
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Why pay for college education and rack up a huge debt? There are dozens of ways to get your college education for free and College the No-Debt Way holds the key. Dr. Bob Adebayo has done the research for you. He has approached hundreds of college graduates who are proud to have started their working lives free of education debt and he has collated their strategies. Bob has also tapped into the wisdom of counselors, educationalists, and parents of debt-free college graduates. College the No-Debt Way reveals that two things are necessary: knowledge and attitude. This valuable book puts all the knowledge of grants, credits, and smart strategies at your fingertips and, at the same time, analyzes the specific attitudes and mind-sets of successful graduates who have beaten the odds and avoided huge debt. You will quickly see that the smart players start the process very early. If you are determined to get a college education, it is never too early to set yourself up for a debt-free start in life. If you are already in debt, this nifty book explains how you can completely get off the hook. “I wish a tome such as this had been available to me before my four kids went through college. What a valuable boon it would have been” (Anonymous manuscript reviewer). Grab your copy of College the No-Debt Way now and learn how you can complete your education without debt and develop the essential attitudes that you need to achieve this.

The Money Coach s Guide to Your First Million

The Money Coach s Guide to Your First Million Author Lynnette Khalfani
ISBN-10 9780071470810
Release 2007
Pages 232
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As seen on CNBC, “Dr. Phil,” “Starting Over,” and “Tavis Smiley” Each day, nearly 25,000 people in the U.S. become millionaires…. Why not you? All it takes is smart planning, shrewd investing, and a little personal coaching-from the world-renowned Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani. She's living proof that you can go from rags to riches if you follow a few simple guidelines. Believe it or not, Lynnette managed to dig herself out of $100,000 of credit card debt, turn her life around, and become a millionaire herself. Even more amazing: You can do it, too. The Money Coach's Guide to Your First Million tells you exactly what to do. First you'll formulate an easy-to-follow budget that fits your lifestyle. Then you'll be able to construct a plan to get out of debt, establish perfect credit, and save a bundle, using the same strategies the wealthy do to manage the money they have-and to keep making more. Soon you'll learn how to invest in stocks and bonds (without losing your shirt) and make a fortune in real estate (without becoming a landlord if you don't want to.) You'll learn the financial benefits of entrepreneurship and discover the SMART way to set goals (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-bound.) You'll avoid the most common financial pitfalls and come out on top every time. In fact, you're just 7 steps away from your first million! The Money Coach's “Millionaire Success Formula” will show you how to: Make a personal prosperity plan Invest first, last, and always in your reputation Live like a lender, not a borrower Leverage the power of property Increase your fortune with proven methods not shortcuts Overcome setbacks and minimize risks to your financial health Never forget the next generation

Pay for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement

Pay for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement Author Tim Higgins
ISBN-10 0972002189
Release 2008
Pages 219
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"Examines the cost of college within the context of a family financial plan; financial aid; academic, athletic and need-based scholarships; tax sheltered savings plans such as 529s; potential help from grandparents; and the use of business assets, loans,home equity, and retirement savings"--Provided by publisher.

TheSmartestWay to Save Big

TheSmartestWay to Save Big Author Samuel K. Freshman
ISBN-10 9780982474679
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 146
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TheSmartestWayTM to Save Big’ is our third book in our TheSmartestWayTM series on how to save money. We thought that the first two books, ‘TheSmartestWayTM to Save’ and ‘TheSmartestWayTM to Save More’, were the total of what we had to say on the topic. Were we ever wrong: During the 2007 housing bubble, people delayed saving for retirement because they thought the inflated value of their home would stay afloat so they borrowed on their home equity. When the bubble burst, more people were having trouble hanging onto their money. We decided to write book number three to help you attain financial freedom. Financial freedom means no worries about money. “He who knows he has enough is rich.” But how much is enough? That answer is different for everyone. It is knowing that you have saved and invested what you need to be comfortable in the lifestyle of your choice for the rest of your life – without having to work anymore.

The Scholarship Financial Aid Solution

The Scholarship   Financial Aid Solution Author Debra Lipphardt
ISBN-10 9781601382610
Release 2008-02-01
Pages 144
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College costs are continuing to rise, with a four-year private school averaging $22,218 and a four-year public school averaging $5,836 for the 2006-07 school year. The good news is that more than $134 billion in financial aid is available. The Scholarship & Financial Aid Handbook will show you how to earmark some of that money for your college education, ensuring that you will be able to afford a higher education.In this book, you will learn about the different types of scholarships, including those based on academics, awards, honors, leadership, test scores, extracurricular activities, majors, community service, volunteer work, essays, financial aid, minority status, even some unusual ones. You will learn how to determine your eligibility for these scholarships, as well as how to enlist the help of your parents, how to recognize and avoid scholarship scams, how to create a résumé, how to ask and who to ask for letters of recommendation, how to ace interviews with scholarship committees, and how to prepare for your interview. Additionally, you will discover where to look for scholarships, from your school to local organizations, businesses, and online. You will be provided with tips on filling out applications and tips for writing essays, as well as how to alter your essays for multiple uses. Also included are possible essay topics, sample interview questions, and information on state grants, FAFSA, and work study. The Scholarship & Financial Aid Handbook is intended to be a guide for students, parents, and school personnel to assist students in finding and obtaining scholarships. The author uses her years of experience and exhaustive research to help you benefit from scholarships. Even if you do not have above average grades, participate in lots of extracurricular activities, or have an abundance of extracurricular activities, you can find money to go to college. Just read this book and apply the techniques found within.

Confessions of a Scholarship Winner

Confessions of a Scholarship Winner Author Kristina Ellis
ISBN-10 9781617951725
Release 2013-03-20
Pages 224
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Kristina Ellis was awarded a full scholarship through her PhD. How she managed to get that kind of a scholarship offer is revealed in this book. Raised by a single mother, Kristina appeared to have everything stacked against her – years of living below the poverty level, imperfect grades and sub-par SAT scores. Yet Kristina discovered the secrets to effectively presenting herself as a unique and desirable scholarship candidate. And she’s sharing her secrets for scholarship success with students (and their parents) so that they too can obtain money for college.

Free College Resource Book

Free College Resource Book Author Doug Hewitt
ISBN-10 9781593634629
Release 2009
Pages 203
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Inside secrets from two parents who put their five kids through college for next to nothing! With tough economic times, paying for a child's education is harder than ever. Free College Resource Book takes students and parents through the process of weighing options for college funding, including scholarship searches, grants, savings plans, differences between financial aid options, and which financial aid programs provide the best benefits to students, and other sources of money for paying college tuition and fees. This book shows students how to both find sources of funding and prepare winning essays, applications, and interview responses to ensure they meet their financial aid goals. The book also includes a detailed resource section full of websites and organizations willing to help students find financial assistance for college. Written by parents who put five children through college on very little of their own money, this handy guide will aid parents and future college students in their search for the best education at the best price. Easy-to-use reference guide featuring insider tips and advice Overviews the complicated federal financial aid system and provides solutions Suggests a proven plan of action for completing and applying for scholarships and grants Includes a detailed Reference guide to scholarships and financial aid resources Written by two parents who put their five kids through college for next to nothing Prufrock Press offers award-winning products focused on gifted, advanced, and special needs learners. For more than 20 years, Prufrock has supported parents and teachers with a wide range of resources based on sound research. The average day of a parent or teacher of a gifted or special needs learner is filled with a thousand celebrations and challenges. Prufrock's goal is to provide practical solutions to those challenges—to provide readers with timesaving, research-based tools that allow them to spend less time on the challenges and more time on the celebrations. Prufrock Press' line of products features: Resources on parenting the special needs learner Sage advice on teaching in the inclusive classroom Advanced learning tools for gifted children and inquisitive learners Cutting-edge information on innovative teaching approaches Resources for college planning for gifted and special needs learners Prufrock Press is committed to resources based on sound research. It has a senior advisory group composed of the top scholars in the field of education and psychology. All of the company's editors have graduate degrees in education or children's literature, and they all have classroom experience. In essence, when a reader holds a book by Prufrock Press, he or she knows that the information found in that book will be research-based and reflect agreed upon best practices in the field of education and child psychology.

Never Pay Retail for College

Never Pay Retail for College Author Beth V. Walker
ISBN-10 1619615339
Release 2017-03-14
Pages 213
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Choosing an affordable college with the desired programs is difficult but this book can help the entire family navigate college choices and financial aid.