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Comedy Acting for Theatre

Comedy Acting for Theatre Author Sidney Homan
ISBN-10 9781350012783
Release 2018-02-22
Pages 208
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Analysing why we laugh and what we laugh at, and describing how performers can elicit this response from their audience, this book enables actors to create memorable – and hilarious – performances. Rooted in performance and performance criticism, Sidney Homan and Brian Rhinehart provide a detailed explanation of how comedy works, along with advice on how to communicate comedy from the point of view of both the performer and the audience. Combining theory and performance, the authors analyse a variety of plays, both modern and classic. Playwrights featured include Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard, Christopher Durang, and Michael Frayn. Acting in Shakespeare's comedies is also covered in depth.

The Improv Book

The Improv Book Author Alison Goldie
ISBN-10 9781783196791
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 296
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A smart, witty and accessible guide to the rewarding and joyful practice of improvisation. • Classic improv games and variations • Telling stories and creating characters • Using improv to make theatre and comedy, from monologues to full-scale productions An asset to students and teachers of improvisation in schools, drama schools, higher education and theatre groups, both professional and amateur. It will also be of benefit to organisations and individual readers who want to discover how improv stimulates creativity and confidence in all areas of life. The Improv Book opens up this exciting discipline to a wider audience.

Heaven and Hell on Earth a Divine Comedy

Heaven and Hell  on Earth   a Divine Comedy Author Actors Theatre of Louisville
ISBN-10 9780822218241
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 62
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Brel's music...remains glorious! --NY Post.

Acting in Restoration Comedy

Acting in Restoration Comedy Author
ISBN-10 155783119X
Release 1991
Pages 106
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(Applause Acting Series). The art of acting in restoration comedy, the buoyant, often bowdy romps which celebrated the reopening of the English theatres after Cromwell's dour reign, is the subject of Simon Callow's bold investigation. There is cause again to celebrate as Callow, one of Britain's foremost actors, aims to restore the form to all its original voluptuous vigor. Callow shows the way to attain clarity and hilarity in some of the most delightful roles ever conceived for the theatre.

Acting Comedy

Acting Comedy Author Christopher Olsen
ISBN-10 9781317486657
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 170
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Despite being roundly cited as much harder to perform than its dramatic counterpart, comic acting is traditionally seen as a performance genre that can’t be taught. At best it is often described as a skill that can only be learned "on the job" through years of practice, or given to a performer through natural talent. Acting Comedy is an effort to examine this idea more rigorously by looking at different aspects of the comic actor’s craft. Each chapter is written by an expert in a particular form—from actors and directors to teachers and standup comedians. Topics covered include: how performers work with audiences how comic texts can be enhanced through word and musical rhythm analysis how physical movements can generate comic moments and build character. This book is an invaluable resource for any performer focusing on the minute details of comic acting, even down to exactly how one delivers a joke on stage. Christopher Olsen’s unique collection of comic voices will prove essential reading for students and professionals alike.

The Craft of Comedy

The Craft of Comedy Author Athene Seyler
ISBN-10 9781136312946
Release 2013-02-15
Pages 176
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"a work on the art and craft of comedy as important in its own way as works by Stanislavski and Chekhov" – Oxford Theatre Companion In 1939, a young, inexperienced actor wrote to a famous actress of his acquaintance, asking for advice on playing comedy. She responded enthusiastically, and they corresponded variously over the next year. The Craft of Comedy, a record of these exchanges, soon emerged as one of the few classic texts in the field of comedy acting. This major new edition takes a brilliant book and makes it better. Editor Robert Barton has devised extensive supplementary material, including: An introduction to the correspondents, the culture of the time, and the evolution of their book; Summaries, definitions, and exercises and practice scenes for readers wishing to explore Athene Seyler’s invaluable advice; Photographs, additional essays by Seyler, and a guide to easily accessed video clips of her performing. Seyler’s lucid guidance, and Barton’s scrupulous editorship, ensure this legendary work’s rightful status is restored: as one of the great practical guides to the craft of comedy, and an essential resource for actors and students of acting.

Film and Television Acting

Film and Television Acting Author Ian Bernard
ISBN-10 9781136081736
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 176
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Film and Television Acting offers solid techniques for creating a natural, believable performance for film and television. The reader will discover techniques for listening and reacting, blocking and business, character, focus, the closeup, and comedy as they pertain to acting in front of a camera. The book analyzes the differences between theatre, film, and television acting, providing the theatre trained actor with specific approaches for making the transition to on-camera work. This second edition is thoroughly revised and updated. The book contains numerous scenes and exercises, including sample scenes from Cheers and Seinfeld, which provide the reader with ways to practice the specific techniques outlined by the author. Included are interviews with well-know actors and directors: Don Murray, Norman Jewison, and Emmy award winner, Glenn Jordan, to name a few. These interviews illustrate how the professionals apply their training and technique to filmed performances. There is also a chapter-length interview with John Lithgow, in which the actor provides a first-hand account of the differences of acting for the theatre and for the camera.


Impro Author Gillyanne Kayes
ISBN-10 0878301631
Release 1979
Pages 208
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According to some politicians and much of the mainstream media, immigrant populations only contribute crime to their communities. Seen as unmotivated and unemployed, these immigrants are thought to be a threat to society's moral fiber, and a burden to its justice system. Ramiro Martinez tells a very different story in Latino Homicide. Studying five major cities--Chicago, El Paso, Houston, Miami, and San Diego--Martinez reveals Latino homicide rates to be markedly lower than one would expect, given the economic deprivation of these urban areas. Far from dangerous or criminal, these communities often have exceptionally strong social networks precisely because of their shared immigrant experiences. With fascinating case studies drawn from police reports and actual cases, Latino Homicide refutes negative stereotypes in a coherent and critically rigorous analysis of the issues.

Performing Greek Comedy

Performing Greek Comedy Author Alan Hughes
ISBN-10 9781107009301
Release 2012-01
Pages 311
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A new account of Greek comedy performance from its sixth-century origins to New Comedy, drawing upon fresh visual evidence.

Delicious Dissembling

Delicious Dissembling Author Suzanne M. Ramczyk
ISBN-10 0325003750
Release 2002
Pages 186
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Restoration comedies of manners are at once bitingly true-to-life and deceptively artificial. Their style, elegance, grace, and wit provide the kind of challenge actors continue to love. Now Suzanne Ramczyk offers both directors and actors the tools they need to perform these popular plays. Drawing on her directing experience and her years of leading workshops on Restoration theatre, Ramczyk provides: an historic overview of the period and the literature analysis of the major literary devices and features methods to approach vocal interpretation of often highly artificial text a solid grounding in period manners and movement specific exercises to get actors quickly and easily into the Restoration style detailed artwork of period costumes illustrations of such period necessities as bows, curtsies, the "language" of the fan, and snuff taking. Read Ramczyk and explore the possibilities of Restoration comedy from first reading to final, polished performance.

A Life in the Theatre

A Life in the Theatre Author David Mamet
ISBN-10 0573640246
Release 1977
Pages 69
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Comedy. An experienced actor and a novice interact backstage and on stage. 1 act, 26 scenes, 2 men, 1 interior.

Restoration Comedy in Performance

Restoration Comedy in Performance Author J. L. Styan
ISBN-10 0521274214
Release 1986-08-29
Pages 271
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Restoration comedy disappeared from the stage for nearly 200 years until it was revived early this century. Without the benefit of a performance tradition has suffered from an inappropriate literary and moralistic criticism which continues to this day. Yet this brilliant court and coterie comedy of sexual and social behaviour was an extraordinary success in its own time, and enjoys a unique place in theatrical history as an example of the interplay possible between the stage and the audience. In this book John Styan persuades us that only through a performance approach to the great plays of Etherege, Wycherley, Dryden, Shadwell, Vanbrugh, Congreve and Farquhar can we recover a sense of their value. Restoration Comedy in Performance is liberally illustrated with contemporary drawings and modern photographs, and it draws extensively upon documentary and visual evidence of the seventeenth century in order to suggest the importance of the costume and customs, manners and behaviour of the age to an understanding of the sort of theatre and drama it produced. Professor Styan also discusses the problems encountered in the early attempts to revive the comedies in the twentieth century, and pauses frequently in order to offer a descriptive account of a moment of staging or to recreate a scene or a sequence of comic repartee or action. The book aims to bring back to life, therefore, something of a lost art form, not as a piece of conventional stage or production history, but as a true attempt to recognize the virtues of Restoration comedy as a performing art.


Showtime Author Gregory L. Hudson
ISBN-10 9781456711412
Release 2011-03
Pages 116
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SHOWTIME is the follow-up book to Monologues: Dramatic Monologues For Actors. It is contains 16 hilarious comedic scenes for two actors that range from one to ten minutes in length. All of the scenes are original and are taken from selected plays, films, and television pilots from Gregory's body of work.Like Monologues, SHOWTIME was written to fill a much needed void for comedic scenes for black and minority actors; although this book was written for actors of all races. There are the many unique characteristics in this book that separates it from similar books. The characters can be performs by anyone and there are plenty of scenes for males and females, males and males, older males and younger males, and so on.There are scenes that are appropriate for middle school actors all the way to professional actors. It is the perfect book to produce a show consisting of short comedic scenes for two actors. Also, it is the perfect book for directing funny scenes or shows at high school, colleges, or professional level.SHOWTIME was written to be a comedic actor and director's dream. The characters in each scene allow the actors to explore a different character through: researching, exploring, and understanding the motivation and objective necessary to bring the character to life. For the director, it allows him/her to utilize, enhance, broaden, and develop many of their skills necessary for directing full-scale productions.As a literary resource for educators, SHOWTIME includes: a chapter on vernacular, commonly used vernacular terms, a chapter on copyright infringement, a chapter on stage terminology, a chapter on film/television terminology and more. It is an excellent resource to teach: acting, scene study, and character development.SHOWTIME is original, the characters are diverse, very funny and lots of fun for acting, directing, or teaching.

The Greek Sense of Theatre

The Greek Sense of Theatre Author J Michael Walton
ISBN-10 9781317513964
Release 2015-05-22
Pages 184
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In this updated and extended edition of The Greek Sense of Theatre, scholar and practitioner J.Michael Walton revises and expands his visual approach to the theatre of classical Athens. From the tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides to the old and new comedies of Aristophanes and Menander, he argues that while Greek drama is seen now as a performance-based rather than a strictly literary medium, more attention should still be paid to the nature of stage image and masked acting as part of this conception.

Discovering the Clown Or the Funny Book of Good Acting

Discovering the Clown  Or the Funny Book of Good Acting Author Christopher Bayes
ISBN-10 1559365617
Release 2018-03-13
Pages 192
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A must-have guide for actors both young and old.

Boulevard Comedy Theatre in Germany

Boulevard Comedy Theatre in Germany Author Daniel Meyer-Dinkgrafe
ISBN-10 9781443814614
Release 2009-10-02
Pages 118
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Twenty major German cities have a total of twenty-four theatres specializing, at a high level of sophistication, in presenting light comedy. They have their own typical ambience, principles of artistic management and casting. There are playwrights, actors, directors and designers who work almost exclusively in the genre, called boulevard comedy, developing highly specialised approaches to their work. In almost all cases, the predominantly privately run boulevard comedy theatres in Germany have been able to attract larger audiences than municipal or state theatres in the same cities. The book provides a description and an analysis of this phenomenon, which is unique to Germany. Chapters focus on an analysis of ambience, artistic managers, artistic policies and artistic structures, on major characteristics of the plays presented on the stages of German boulevard comedy theatres, on aspects of translation and the cultural transfer of comedy and laughter and on aspects of production and reception, dealing in turn with actors, directors, media coverage and audiences.

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery Author Henry Lewis
ISBN-10 9781350001220
Release 2016-07-19
Pages 104
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One enormous diamond Six incompetent crooks And a snoozing security guard What could possibly go right? Written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields of Mischief Theatre, creators of the Olivier Award-winning Best New Comedy The Play That Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Goes Wrong, The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is the latest adventure in mishap, mistimed exists and entrances, and disaster unfolding in front of the audience's eyes. It received its world premiere at the Criterion Theatre, London, on 31 March 2016.