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The New Comedy Writing Step by Step

The New Comedy Writing Step by Step Author Gene Perret
ISBN-10 9781610351089
Release 2007-07-01
Pages 288
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"Perret covers all aspects of comedy writing in his uniquely knowledgeable and anecdotal fashion."--Provided by publisher.

Comedy Writing Step by Step

Comedy Writing Step by Step Author Gene Perret
ISBN-10 0573606056
Release 1982
Pages 281
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A seasoned professional comedy writer offers a treasure trove of guidelines and suggestions covering a broad range of comedy writing situations, and many all-important insights into selling work.

Comedy Writing Workbook

Comedy Writing Workbook Author Gene Perret
ISBN-10 0806965541
Release 1990-01-01
Pages 192
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Provides practical exercises designed to develop one's comedy-writing skills, shares the secrets of great comedians, and offers advice on creating one-liners, formula jokes, humorous anecdotes, and monologues

Step by Step to Stand up Comedy

Step by Step to Stand up Comedy Author Greg Dean
ISBN-10 0325001790
Release 2000
Pages 191
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If you think you're funny, and you want others to think so too, this is the book for you! Greg Dean examines the fundamentals of being funny and offers advice on a range of topics, including: writing creative joke material rehearsing and performing routines coping with stage fright dealing with emcees who think they're funnier than you are getting experience and lots more. Essential for the aspiring comic or the working comedian interested in updating his or her comedy routine, Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy is the most comprehensive and useful book ever written on the art of the stand-up comedian.

The Ten Commandments of Comedy

The Ten Commandments of Comedy Author Gene Perret
ISBN-10 9781610351539
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 96
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Beginning comedy writers and performers may think funny can't be taught, but legendary comedy writer Gene Perret, winner of three Emmy Awards, tells otherwise in this guide to what makes a good joke work. Outlining the 10 commandments of comedy, the unbreakable rules that every gag must follow in order to be funny, this book liberates readers and allows them to immediately begin writing better and funnier comedy material. By following Perret's commandments, readers will better understand how to write jokes that connect with audiences and discover why unsuccessful material isn't working and how it can be fixed. From the First Commandment ("Thou Shalt Surprise") to the Tenth ("Thou Shalt Be Clever"), this work stands as a fast guide to the essentials of humor that is perfect for business presenters, after-dinner speakers, professional comedians, and anyone who wants to be funny.

The Comedy Bible

The Comedy Bible Author Judy Carter
ISBN-10 9780743219020
Release 2010-05-04
Pages 368
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Judy Carter, guru to aspiring comedy writers and stand-up comics, tells all about the biz of being funny and writing funny in this bright, entertaining, and totally practical guide on how to draw humor from your life and turn it into a career. Do you think you’re funny? Do you want to turn your sense of humor into a career? If the answer is yes, then Judy Carter’s The Comedy Bible is for you. The guru to aspiring stand-up comics provides the complete scoop on being—and writing—funny for money. If you’ve got a sense of humor, you can learn to make a career out of comedy, says Judy Carter. Whether it’s creating a killer stand-up act, writing a spec sitcom, or providing jokes for radio or one-liners for greeting cards, Carter provides step-by-step instructions in The Comedy Bible. She helps readers first determine which genre of comedy writing or performing suits them best and then directs them in developing, refining, and selling their work. Using the hands-on workbook format that was so effective in her bestselling first book, Stand-Up Comedy: The Book, Carter offers a series of day-by-day exercises that draw on her many years as a successful stand-up comic and the head of a nationally known comedy school. Also included are practical tips and advice from today’s top comedy professionals—from Bernie Brillstein to Christopher Titus to Richard Lewis. She presents the pros and cons of the various comedy fields—stand-up, script, speech and joke writing, one-person shows, humor essays—and shows how to tailor your material for each. She teaches how to find your “authentic” voice—the true source of comedy. And, perhaps most important, Carter explains how to take a finished product to the next level—making money—by pitching it to a buyer and negotiating a contract. Written in Carter’s unique, take-no-prisoners voice, The Comedy Bible is practical, inspirational, and funny.

Billy Liar

Billy Liar Author Keith Waterhouse
ISBN-10 9780141041735
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 159
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Captures the claustrophobic atmosphere of a small town. This title tells the story of Billy Fisher, a Yorkshire teenager unable to stop lying - especially to his three girlfriends.

Comedy Writing Self Taught Workbook

Comedy Writing Self Taught Workbook Author Gene Perret
ISBN-10 1610352408
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 120
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"Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?" "Practice, practice, practice." That's more than a joke; it's solid advice. Consider world-class performers in any field -- golf, figure skating, music, whatever. One thing you can safely say about each is that they achieved their level of skill through practice. To excel in any endeavor, you must work on and perfect your technique. Comedy writing is no exception. In this book, Emmy-winning TV writer and producer Gene Perret and professional writer Linda Perret have compiled a collection of over 100 comedy writing workouts that will challenge your joke writing skills and develop your sketch and sitcom writing abilities. This book suggests that talent is earned through observation, study, analysis, and repetition. The authors also encourage you to analyze your writing, discover where improvement is required, and create your own skill-creating exercises. The work can be demanding, but that's what it takes to become a success in any field, including comedy writing. If you study "Comedy Writing Self-Taught Workbook" -- with or without the companion volume, "Comedy Writing Self-Taught" -- when your break comes, you'll be ready.

Comedy Writing Self Taught

Comedy Writing Self Taught Author Gene Perret
ISBN-10 1610352203
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 175
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No one is born a comedy writer. No matter how much innate talent you have, you need to learn, develop, and hone comedy writing techniques to make it as a professional comedy writer. Fortunately, the best teachers are as close as your TV set. By studying the great comedians of the past and present, in current shows, reruns, and DVD collections, you can give yourself a Ph.D. training in comedy writing. In Comedy Writing Self-Taught, Gene Perret, a three-time Emmy Award winner and former head writer for Bob Hope and Phyllis Diller, teaches you how to teach yourself the essential principles of writing stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, and sitcom scripts-all by observing, analyzing, and recreating the work of master comedians and comedy writers. Entirely designed for self-study at home, Comedy Writing Self-Taught shows you how to select the right "comedy mentor" for your personal style of comedy, how to analyze your mentor's techniques, and how to use your mentor's principles in your own original comedy writing. Numerous drills and exercises help you develop your comedy writing creativity, and there are even more exercises and writing workouts in the companion volume Comedy Writing Self-Taught Workbook. You'll do the work-and it will require work-but in return you'll get a master class in professional comedy writing, and you'll have fun doing it. Book jacket.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Comedy Writing

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Comedy Writing Author James Mendrinos
ISBN-10 1592572316
Release 2004
Pages 328
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Provides advice for writing comedy, including television scripts, plays, feature films, cartoons, and stand-up jokes, and includes information on using comedy in business presentations.

Comedy Writing for Late Night TV

Comedy Writing for Late Night TV Author Joe Toplyn
ISBN-10 0615953891
Release 2014-05-05
Pages 444
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He has written and produced comedy/talk shows for over fifteen years. Now four-time Emmy winner Joe Toplyn reveals his proven methods of writing for late-night television in this one-of-a-kind insider's guide. Toplyn analyzes each type of comedy piece in the late-night TV playbook and takes you step-by-step through the process of writing it. His detailed tips, techniques, and rules include: * 6 characteristics every good monologue joke topic must have* 6 specific ways to generate punch lines* 12 tools for making your jokes their funniest* 7 types of desk pieces and how to create them* 9 steps to writing parodies and other sketches * How to go after a writing job in late night* PLUS a complete sample comedy/talk show submission packetAlso use this comprehensive manual to write short-form comedy for the Internet, sketch shows, magazines, reality shows, radio, advertising, and any other medium.

Stand Up Comedy

Stand Up Comedy Author Judy Carter
ISBN-10 9780440502432
Release 1989
Pages 204
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The authur states that she will teach comedy, but to be funny she gives experienced advice, gives assignments, and gives examples from established comedians

Step by Step to Stand Up Comedy Workbook Series

Step by Step to Stand Up Comedy   Workbook Series Author Greg Dean
ISBN-10 0989735109
Release 2013-08
Pages 104
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Learn joke structure and then write jokes using Dean's original joke writing system the Joke Prospector. This companion workbook turns each joke writing technique, from Chapters 1 and 2 of the paperback, eBook, or audio book of "Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy," into exercises, so now anyone, including you, can learn and practice the skills of writing funny jokes.

How To Write Comedy

How To Write Comedy Author Tony Kirwood
ISBN-10 9781845285616
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 208
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First you have to come out with a flow of ideas and decide which ones will work. Then you must give them a tight structure, and then write crisp dialogue which builds in constant laughs. This practical but inspirational book guides new and more experienced writers step by step through the process of each comedy genre. It gives space for your creativity to shine as you gradually build your skills. Beginning with sketches, the basic building blocks of comedy, you?ll find how you can quickly create great premises, and then structure them into two-minute slices of hilarity. The same techniques will help you write a string of jokes and one-liners. · A practical guide to comedy as you write it, from creating mindmaps from which to glean your new material, to techniques of structure, characterisation and dialogue which work. · Covers the distinct techniques and mindsets needed by each genre in turn, in the usual progression of a writer?s career - from jokes and sketches to sitcoms. You?ll also learn how to find outlets for your work, from submitting to the BBC to staging your own show or filming comedy for the internet.

Comedy Writing Secrets

Comedy Writing Secrets Author Mel Helitzer
ISBN-10 1582973571
Release 2005-10-01
Pages 352
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The Only Handbook for Humor Writers! "What is comedy? Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke."—Steve Martin Become the funniest person in the room! With Comedy Writing Secrets, 2nd edition, you can master the fundamentals of humor writing and turn your comedic talent into a well-paying pursuit. For more than a decade, Comedy Writing Secrets has been giving aspiring comedians a leg up on the competition. In this expanded new edition, Mel Helitzer, named the "funniest professor in the country" by Rolling Stone magazine, and funnyman Mark Shatz pack in even more insight and instruction, including: Humor writing exercises to punch up your jokes Extra information on writing for sitcoms and stand-up Comedic brainstorming techniques using associations and listings Exclusive tips for writing humor for specific markets like editorials, columns, speeches, advertising, greeting cards, t-shirts, and more Tap into your comedic genius with Comedy Writing Secrets, 2nd edition, and you'll always leave 'em laughing!

How to Write Funny

How to Write Funny Author Scott Dikkers
ISBN-10 1499196121
Release 2014-04-18
Pages 136
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The definitive comedy-writing handbook from one of the genre's most celebrated writers, this easy-to-follow guide lays out a clear system for creating humor that gets big, milk-coming-out-of-your-nose laughs, reliably and repeatably. You'll learn...• the three sure-fire ways to generate material• the 11 kinds of jokes and how to tell them• the secret to permanently overcoming writer's block• and many more tips, tricks and techniques

Get Started in Stand Up Comedy

Get Started in Stand Up Comedy Author Logan Murray
ISBN-10 9781473607194
Release 2015-03-26
Pages 256
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LEARN HOW TO WRITE AND PERFORM STAND UP COMEDY. A new edition of Be A Great Stand-Up, now fully revised and updated with new material on setting up and running a comedy night and mining almost any subject for jokes. Logan Murray has successfully taught the techniques of stand-up comedy to thousands, and in this book he distills his years of experience into the essential skills for a great and enjoyable performance. He will help you find your creative streak and your funny side, build the confidence to deliver, and explain the finer details of stagecraft, from dealing with hecklers to coping with props. There is a full guide to the practicalities, from finding gigs to securing an agent, with plenty of valuable hints, tips and advice. Drawing on Logan's years of teaching and his own successful stand-up career, with top tips from some of the most well-known people in the business, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to both your face and that of your future audience. As well as full updates throughout the book, this new edition contains fresh material on how to set up and run a comedy night, mine any subject for jokes and advice on festivals. ABOUT THE SERIES The Teach Yourself Creative Writing series helps aspiring authors tell their story. Covering a range of genres from science fiction and romantic novels, to illustrated children's books and comedy, this series is packed with advice, exercises and tips for unlocking creativity and improving your writing. And because we know how daunting the blank page can be, we set up the Just Write online community at tyjustwrite, for budding authors and successful writers to connect and share.