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Common Sense Recovery

Common Sense Recovery Author Adam N.
ISBN-10 9780994016225
Release 2015-01-05
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Religion was once the primary way to understand human behavior. That was certainly true when the book Alcoholics Anonymous was written in 1939. Be we have learned much over the past 75 years. The author of Common Sense Recovery: An Atheist's Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous describes in a gentle and enriching fashion how the key ingredients of recovery are better understood today via science and secularism. The book takes a close look at the 12 Steps and how and why they can be of help to the suffering alcoholic, and it does this from a modern, uplifting and secular perspective. This remarkable book is long overdue and contains important insights for the future of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Recovery Road

Recovery Road Author Blake Nelson
ISBN-10 9780545107297
Release 2011
Pages 310
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While she is in a rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol abuse, seventeen-year-old Maddie meets Stewart, who is also in treatment, and they begin a relationship, which they try to maintain after they both get out.

Common Sense Economics

Common Sense Economics Author L. Albert Hahn
ISBN-10 9781610165143
Release 1956
Pages 244
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Common Sense Economics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Common Sense Economics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Common Sense Economics book for free.

Smith Currie Hancock s Common Sense Construction Law

Smith  Currie   Hancock s Common Sense Construction Law Author Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr.
ISBN-10 9780471662099
Release 2005-02-04
Pages 588
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The bestselling guide to the laws that govern construction Knowledge of construction law and employment law is essential to running a successful construction business. Now, industry professionals don′t have to rely on lawyers to translate the sometimes–confusing theories, principles, and established rules that regulate the business. In plain English, Smith, Currie & Hancock′s Common Sense Construction Law, Third Edition provides a practical introduction to the significant legal topics and questions affecting construction industry professionals. General contractors, subcontractors, owners, and surety bond agents will turn to this updated edition of the bestselling guide again and again for: ∗ Information on intrastate licensure and practice ∗ Advice on "Best Value" source selection and alternative project delivery systems ∗ Recent trends in claim resolution, including recovery of compensation for delays, extra work, and differing site conditions ∗ Expanded coverage on industry safety and environmental issues, including the latest information on project safety, indemnity, mold risks, and insurance coverage issues ∗ Helpful "Points to Remember" summarizing important concepts and useful "Checklists" make concepts easy to implement in real–world practice ∗ Advice on successfully managing employment issues in the construction industry Complete with a CD–ROM containing over 180 sample contracts and documents from AIA, AGC, and EJCDC, Smith, Currie & Hancock′s Common Sense Construction Law, Third Edition is an invaluable reference for industry professionals whose jobs rely on their ability to avoid unwelcome legal surprises that can cripple a project or kill a business.

Commonsense Methods for Children with Special Educational Needs

Commonsense Methods for Children with Special Educational Needs Author Peter Westwood
ISBN-10 9781317507765
Release 2015-04-30
Pages 214
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This fully revised and updated seventh edition of Commonsense Methods for Children with Special Educational Needs continues to offer practical advice on evidence-based teaching methods and intervention strategies for helping children with a wide range of disabilities or difficulties. The advice the author provides is embedded within a clear theoretical context and draws on the latest international research and literature from the field. Coverage includes: learning difficulties and disabilities students with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, physical or health issues, and sensory impairments gifted and talented students developing social skills and self-management behaviour management teaching methods literacy and numeracy curriculum differentiation and adaptive teaching computer-based instruction and e-learning. Peter Westwood also provides additional information and advice on transition from school to employment for students with disabilities, lesson study, e-learning, and computer-aided instruction, and reflects on the important changes made within the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

Schein s Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery

Schein s Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery Author Moshe Schein
ISBN-10 9783540267935
Release 2005-12-05
Pages 469
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- Written in an easy-to-read tone, concise and to the point. - Assembled during 20 years of intensive involvement, both clinical and academic, in emergency abdominal surgery. - An extensive list of international contributors, including surgeons from Mount Sinai (NY) and Albert Einstein (NY). - The first edition was translated into both Spanish and Russian.

Not So Common Sense

Not So Common Sense Author Mark A. Husk MA LPC
ISBN-10 1448950910
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 70
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"I've got a built-in forgetter. I forget the consequences of my drinking and drug use. I begin to think I can use without consequences." So said an old-timer in one recovery program. Many people in the room nodded their heads in agreement. They understood the truth of what he was saying. Through eighteen years of counseling recovering drug and alcohol addicts, I have been privileged to listen to some of the greatest wisdom for recovery available. This book takes these bits of wisdom and makes them available to everyone, in a language anyone can understand. Other axioms have come from my own efforts in helping struggling addicts stay clean and sober. Inside, find these little reminders that have helped addicts not only stay sober, but learn to live, love, and grow.

Cure for the Common Universe

Cure for the Common Universe Author Christian McKay Heidicker
ISBN-10 9781481450270
Release 2016-06-14
Pages 320
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"Jaxon meets the girl of his dreams on the same day that his father ships him off to video game rehab. Now he must earn 1 million therapy points in a week, if he wants to be released from rehab in time for his date"--

Smith Currie and Hancock s Common Sense Construction Law

Smith  Currie and Hancock s Common Sense Construction Law Author Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781118174333
Release 2011-09-20
Pages 736
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Smith Currie and Hancock s Common Sense Construction Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Smith Currie and Hancock s Common Sense Construction Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Smith Currie and Hancock s Common Sense Construction Law book for free.

Recovery of Philosophy in America The

Recovery of Philosophy in America  The Author Thomas P. Kasulis
ISBN-10 9781438408453
Pages 334
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This collection of essays by leading American philosophers honors John E. Smith, a major figure in the struggle for the American profession of philosophy to redefine itself and return to its grander traditions.

Recovery of the Measure

Recovery of the Measure Author Robert C. Neville
ISBN-10 0791400980
Release 1989
Pages 369
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The world is as we interpret it. Arguing that this assumption is a major and pervasive error, Neville demonstrates that the world is the measure of our interpretations. Distinguishing two traditions of hermeneutics, the continental tradition focusing on the interpretation of texts and the American tradition on the interpretation of nature; Neville argues that, since interpretation itself is part of the natural world, a philosophical vision of nature must be restored to currency in order to provide an interpretive theory of the world that can be a measure of interpretation. The natural world must be construed richly enough to be inclusive of human intention and purpose. By taking the discussion of hermeneutics from the context of textuality and placing it within that of nature, Recovery of the Measure provides a non-modernist and non-postmodernist theory of interpretation. The first four chapters and the last four constitute a hermeneutical theory addressing contemporary problems of interpretation situated in the context of the philosophy of nature. The middle chapters provide a compact philosophy of nature dealing with being, identity, value, space, time, motion, and causation."

Speculative Theology and Common Sense Religion

Speculative Theology and Common Sense Religion Author Linden J. DeBie
ISBN-10 9781630878214
Release 2008-05-15
Pages 130
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Evangelicals in nineteenth-century America had a headquarters at Princeton. Charles Hodge never expected that a former student of Princeton and his own replacement during his hiatus in Europe, John W. Nevin, would lead the German Reformed Church's seminary in a new, and in his mind, destructive direction. The two, along with their institutions, would clash over philosophy and religion, producing some of the best historical theology ever written in the United States. The clash was broad, influencing everything from hermeneutics to liturgy, but at its core was the philosophical antagonism of Princeton's Scottish common-sense perspective and the German speculative method employed by Mercersburg. Both Princeton and Mercersburg were the cautious and critical beneficiaries of a century of European Protestant science, philosophy, and theology, and they were intent on adapting that legacy to the American religious context. For Princeton, much of the new European thought was suspect. In contrast, Mercersburg embraced a great deal of what the Continent offered.Princeton followed a conservative path, never straying far from the foundation established by Locke. They enshrined an evangelical perspective that would become a bedrock for conservative Protestants to this day. In contrast, Nevin and the Mercersburg school were swayed by the advances in theological science made by Germany's mediating school of theology. They embraced a churchy idealism called "evangelical catholicism" and emphatically warned that the direction of Princeton and with it Protestant American religion and politics, would grow increasingly subjective, thus divided and absorbed with individual salvation. They cautioned against the spirit of the growing evangelical bias toward personal religion as it led to sectarian disunity and they warned evangelicals not to confuse numerical success with spiritual success. In contrast, Princeton was alarmed at the direction of European philosophy and theology and they resisted Mercersburg with what today continues to be the fundamental teachings of evangelical theology. Princeton's appeal was in its common-sense philosophical moorings, which drew rapidly industrializing America into its arms. Mercersburg countered with a philosophically defended, churchly idealism based on a speculative philosophy that effectively critiqued what many to this day find divisive and dangerous about America's current Religious Right.

The Recovery of Unconscious Memories

The Recovery of Unconscious Memories Author Matthew Hugh Erdelyi
ISBN-10 0226216616
Release 1998-05-08
Pages 264
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Memory has recently become the focus of media attention because of the emotionally charged uses made of delayed recall of repressed memories. Integrating literatures from all corners of psychology, The Recovery of Unconscious Memories includes historical accounts, analysis of experiments, and treatment topics, providing the first comprehensive scientific account of memory and how can it can increase over time. Erdelyi includes his own important contributions to this field, ranging from his early attempts to use free-association to produce hypermnesia to his most recent research with hypnosis, subliminal stimuli, forced-recall techniques, and very long-delayed recall probes. Sketching out the scientific foundations for a unified theory of repression that integrates the findings of the laboratory and the clinic, this comprehensive and authoritative synthesis of a century of memory research will be crucial reading for psychologists and clinicians, as well as forensic and legal professionals interested in the recovery of "inaccessible" memories. "By debunking hypnosis, [Erdelyi] has allowed the debate on memory to move forward. . . . Erdelyi's work on hypermnesia is very important to our understanding of the mechanisms of memory and the brain."—Janet D. Feigenbaum, Times Literary Supplement

366 Days of Recovery My First Year in Recovery

366 Days of Recovery  My First Year in Recovery Author Rozelle F. White
ISBN-10 9781434394538
Release 2008-07-01
Pages 388
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I thank God for the ability to write from my heart,something I have never been able to do before. The death of my son,John,has definitely given me a whole different perspective about life and death.So many emotions I've had to deal with these last five years, so draining, mentally and physically. By publishing my poetry and messages from God, I call my "GodWinks" I'm sharing my heart with the world.This book is about my love for my son, my heartbreak from his death,my healing and what I have gained in my life because of the love from my son and God.My relationship with God is so wonderful and I give to him all the Praise and Glory to where I am today.God continues to direct my path, he has shown me that I still have my son but in a different way. I pray that "WORDS FROM GOD THROUGH A GRIVING MOTHER'S HEART" will show you that "time" and "God" will give your heart comfort,peace and joy once again in your life.

Rational Recovery

Rational Recovery Author Jack Trimpey
ISBN-10 9780671528584
Release 1996-11-01
Pages 368
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Offers a self-recovery program for substance abuse based on the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique

Manual of Cancer Treatment Recovery

Manual of Cancer Treatment Recovery Author Stewart B. Fleishman, MD
ISBN-10 9781617050619
Release 2011-12-14
Pages 304
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Manual of Cancer Treatment Recovery presents the first comprehensive program to guide the recovery from cancer and its treatment. The Manual helps you, other practitioners, and your staff members plan early intervention and promote healing right from the start, before distressing symptoms begin. Manual of Cancer Treatment Recovery teaches how to guide patients and families in setting up a simple plan that minimizes treatment's unwanted effects, how to coordinate with other clinicians involved in the patient's management; and how to develop a directed survivorship program in your practice. Divided into three sections, the book covers what everyone needs to know about survivorship, how to implement effective and enduring care, and how to work with patients utilizing The LEARN System (Living, Education, Activity, Rest, Nutrition) that Dr. Fleishman developed. Manual also includes easy-to-use forms that patients may complete even before the initial consultation and post-treatment survivorship care plans for primary care providers. Whether used independently or in conjunction with Dr. FleishmanÌs patient-focused companion book Learn to Live Through Cancer, the Manual of Cancer Treatment Recovery enables the oncology care team to anticipate patient and family needs even before they arise. The Manual will help you to: Organize recovery plans during treatment to improve quality of life Develop an innovative system to minimize loss of vital energy, lean body mass, and distress before they happen Develop a survivorship program for your practice Coordinate oncology care with specialists and primary care providers Integrate end-of-life issues into the care trajectory Improve patient care during and after treatment Nurture your patientsÌ recovery preventively and systematically

Offbeat Guide to Recovery

Offbeat Guide to Recovery Author Moe Berg Memorial
ISBN-10 9781469153742
Release 2012-06-28
Pages 306
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Moe Berg Memorial's Offbeat Guide To Recovery is where carrying the message of recovery and spirituality meets the sexual and profanity gutter in a creative, artistic way to be sophomoric and intelligent, entertaining and informative. The humor and wit, words, and tone are not politically correct. It's meant to be shocking to express junk food mentality.