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The Complete Book of Foaling

The Complete Book of Foaling Author Karen E. N. Hayes
ISBN-10 WISC:89046242673
Release 1993-02-15
Pages 272
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In Praise of The Complete Book of Foaling "A must read for anybody who has ever thought about breeding a mare." --Judith Forbis, Ansata Arabian Stud "Brilliantly written reads like a novel, yet beautifully organized so that you can flip to a section at a moment's notice if your mare is in trouble." --Equus "This book should be included in every foaling kit. In fact, it should never sit on the bookshelf in the house keep it in the barn where you can always get to it in a hurry!" --Modern Horse Breeding "Right away the illustrations set this book apart from any other in its class. Dr. Hayes's ability to teach is the other distinction she has a knack for explaining things in such a way that you understand and remember, and the learning process is fun. I couldn't put the book down until I had read it cover to cover." --Walter Schimanski, Masada Arabians The Howell Equestrian Library is a distinguished collection of books on all aspects of horsemanship and horsemastership. The nearly fifty books in print offer readers in all disciplines and at all levels of competition sound instruction and guidance by some of the most celebrated riders, trainers, judges and veterinarians in the horse world today. Whether your interest is dressage, show jumping or Western riding, or whether it's breeding, grooming or health care, Howell has a book to answer your needs. Get to know all the books in the Howell Equestrian Library: many are modern-day classics and have achieved the status of authoritative references in the estimation of those who ride, train and care for horses. The Howell Equestrian Library

Blessed Are The Foals

Blessed Are The Foals Author M. Phyllis Lose
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924084906142
Release 1998-06-30
Pages 304
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Blessed Are the Foals has been revised and updated to give those who care for the young equine from birth through its first year of life the information they need to make that critical period successful. Once again, Dr. M. Phyllis Lose draws on her decades of experience in equine veterinary practice to explain how to evaluate the foal's health and to recognize when professional help is needed. Profusely illustrated with photographs taken in her practice, Dr. Lose describes in simple, easy-to-understand language for owners, foaling attendants and caregivers what is normal or typical and how to troubleshoot situations that depart from the norm. Beginning with the delivery, emergencies such as failure to breathe, to rise and to nurse are addressed along with such problems as infections and congenital, hereditary and developmental conditions. Other topics include medication and diet—with the emphasis on foal nutrition to meet the changing needs of the newborn—exercise and the special needs of the premature, twin, orphaned and rejected foal. In addition, Dr. Lose discusses current veterinary and husbandry practices and gives candid judgments about their efficacy. Blessed Are the Foals is, in effect, the companion volume to Dr. Lose's Blessed Are the Brood Mares—the acknowledged classic on the breeding and care of mares through gestation. Yet again Dr. Lose's expertise, compassion and loving regard for all horses is apparent, along with her desire to offer support to all who would look after them.

Blessed are the brood mares

Blessed are the brood mares Author M. Phyllis Lose
ISBN-10 WISC:89016190084
Release 1991-10-29
Pages 271
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A veterinarian draws on her twenty years of professional experiences to offer a wealth of information on the proper care of the breeding mare from mating, through gestation, to foaling and nursing as well as the care of the foal itself

Complete Foaling Manual

Complete Foaling Manual Author Theresa Jones
ISBN-10 093584211X
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 320
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Complete Foaling Manual has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Complete Foaling Manual also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Complete Foaling Manual book for free.

Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding

Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding Author Kjersten Darling
ISBN-10 9781312305465
Release 2014-06-26
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A landmark breeding resource for new and seasoned horse owners alike With millions of recreational riders on the bridle paths today, breeding is becoming increasingly popular among horse owners at all experience levels. Whether you are already enjoying the rich rewards of equine breeding or need down-to-earth advice on whether breeding is right for you and your animal, the Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding offers a thorough, up-to-date overview of the process.

Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal

Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal Author Robert M. Miller
ISBN-10 1585746665
Release 2003
Pages 149
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Original publication and copyright date: 1991.

Your First Foal

Your First Foal Author Karin Kattwinkel
ISBN-10 9780857886248
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 112
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Our comprehensive guide on breeding, feeding and animal husbandry Many horse owners dream of having a foal from their own mare. However, irrespective of the delights associated with this experience, the pregnancy of the mare and the growth of the foal demand a high degree of care, patience and knowledge. This practical manual provides a comprehensive guide on the subjects of breeding, feeding and husbandry of a mare and foal for the private horse owner. The reader will find all the necessary information about covering the mare, correct feeding during the late pregnancy and lactating period, the birth of the foal as well as the appropriate care of the foal.

Breeder s Guide to Mare Foal Stallion Care

Breeder s Guide to Mare  Foal   Stallion Care Author Christine M. Schweizer
ISBN-10 1581501439
Release 2006
Pages 382
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Breeder's Guide to Mare, Foal, and Stallion Care is intended for the novice and experienced breeder alike. This comprehensive, straightforward guide provides all the necessary information a breeder will need straight from the authorities on all the relevant topics.--COVER.

Breeding Horses

Breeding Horses Author Mina Davies-Morel
ISBN-10 9780470750452
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 224
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Written for students and all with a general interest in breeding horses, this book sets out to provide a basic understanding with sufficient practical information for beginners to get started. Enough reproductive physiology of the mare and stallion is included to clarify the management techniques which are explained later in the book, but unnecessary details are avoided. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are also explained, as are selecting the broodmare and stallion, management at covering and during pregnancy, and post-partum care of the mare and foal.

Horse Owner s Veterinary Handbook

Horse Owner s Veterinary Handbook Author Tom Gore
ISBN-10 1630260037
Release 2008-09
Pages 746
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Completely updated with the latest information on infectious diseases, parasites, breeding and foaling, and alternative therapies, the Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook, Third Edition is still as useful and easy to navigate as the original, classic text. With an index of signs and symptoms, a guide to the organs and body systems, a general index, cross-references, and a helpful glossary, this book will help you diagnose and treat your horse. You will appreciate the well-organized contents, which will help you find the information you need quickly, when your horse needs your help most.

John Lyons Bringing Up Baby

John Lyons  Bringing Up Baby Author John Lyons
ISBN-10 1929164122
Release 2002
Pages 100
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In 20 lessons, each building on the previous one, use stress-free conditioned-response techniques to teach an equine youngster groundwork basics. Build skills, confidence, trust, and communication. Lay a strong foundation for future under-saddle work in all disciplines.

Breed for Success

Breed for Success Author Rene E. Riley
ISBN-10 1592286046
Release 2005
Pages 244
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As the cost of buying a horse goes up and as interest in training a young horse increases, more and more people are considering breeding their own animals. Doing so can be an ongoing and daunting challenge, but here to guide the novice breeder through every step of the way is Breed for Success. Beginning with initial decisions, including whether your mare is suitable breeding stock, the authors address pre-breeding mare care, breeding methods (live cover versus artificial insemination or embryo transfer), stallion selection, and negotiating the breeding contract. Chapters on pregnancy cover broodmare care throughout the gestation period with an emphasis on recognizing early trouble signs and ways to improve the chances of a healthy mare and foal. With regards to birth, the authors offer suggestions on how to create a foal-friendly environment, learn the signs that indicate an impending birth, cope with both routine and problem deliveries, and then manage the foal's crucial first twenty-four hours. Written with clarity and authority and full of "true life" anecdotes from breeders and other experts, Breed for Success is the one book to consult when your thoughts turn toward breeding your mare.

Equine Breeding Management and Artificial Insemination

Equine Breeding Management and Artificial Insemination Author Juan C. Samper
ISBN-10 9781416052340
Release 2009
Pages 310
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Practical information on the reproductive management of both thoroughbred and warmblood breeding operations prepares horse breeders to effectively breed even problem mares and stallions.

Equine Reproductive Physiology Breeding and Stud Management 4th Edition

Equine Reproductive Physiology  Breeding and Stud Management  4th Edition Author Mina C G Davies Morel
ISBN-10 9781780644424
Release 2015-06-05
Pages 434
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The fourth edition of this popular textbook provides a comprehensive account of how to successfully breed horses. Updated throughout, the new edition will cover techniques such as cloning, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI), in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and related reproductive technology that is currently being developed. This book also looks at reproductive anatomy, endocrine control and selection for breeding mares and stallions, and pregnancy, parturition and lactation in the mare. This classic textbook is required reading for many equine science and related courses, particularly in the UK.

Foaling Simplified

Foaling Simplified Author Sue Caldwell
ISBN-10 0995744009
Release 2017
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Foaling Simplified has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Foaling Simplified also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Foaling Simplified book for free.

Your Mare s First Foal

Your Mare s First Foal Author Jane Skepper
ISBN-10 1872119980
Release 2006
Pages 96
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At last - practical, jargon-free advice is provided for the first-time breeder. Stud Manager Jane Skepper, whose family has been breeding thoroughbred and non-thoroughbreds for three generations, has written this guide for the single mare owner breeding a foal for the first time. Easy to use and in note form, the book covers everything from conception to weaning. Jane provides all the answers to the questions that owners typically ask about their mare, pregnancy and foaling, including getting the mare in foal, scanning, vaccinations, nutrition, worming, foaling down, and coping with a newborn foal. In short, the author tells you what to expect and what to look out for, giving you all the facts to help you understand and enjoy this exciting and rewarding time.

MCQs in Pharmacy Practice

MCQs in Pharmacy Practice Author Lilian M. Azzopardi
ISBN-10 0853698392
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 417
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Designed as a study aid, MCQs in Pharmacy Practice covers topics commonly featured in pharmacy undergraduate, registration and licensing multiple choice examinations. The book is divided into open book and closed book sections and comprises a total of 800 multiple choice questions (MCQs) intended to assess students' knowledge, analytical skills, and ability to apply knowledge base in clinical practice. In this second edition, newly formatted MCQs have moved to a more detailed question style demanding accruement of knowledge, decision-making skills, factual accuracy and its application to realistic clinical situations. All information has been updated to reflect the content of the current BNF ensuring practical and contemporary questions