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Complete Casting Handbook

Complete Casting Handbook Author John Campbell
ISBN-10 9780081001202
Release 2015-08-06
Pages 1054
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Campbell’s Complete Casting Handbook: Metal Casting Processes, Techniques and Design, Second Edition provides an update to the first single-volume guide to cover modern principles and processes in such breadth and depth, while also retaining a clear, practical focus. The work has a unique viewpoint, interpreting the behavior of castings, and metals as a whole, in terms of their biofilm content, the largely invisible casting defects which control much of the structure and behavior of metals. This new edition includes new findings, many from John Campbell’s own research, on crack initiation, contact pouring, vortex gates, and the Cosworth Process. Delivers the expert advice that engineers need to make successful and profitable casting decisions Ideal reference for those interested in solidification, vortex gates, nucleation, biofilm, remelting, and molding Follows a logical, two-part structure that covers both casting metallurgy and casting manufacture Contains established, must-have information, such as Campbell’s ‘10 Rules’ for successful casting manufacture Includes numerous updates and revisions based on recent breakthroughs in the industry

Complete Casting Handbook

Complete Casting Handbook Author John Campbell
ISBN-10 9780080964232
Release 2011-07-20
Pages 1220
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Complete Casting Handbook is the result of a long-awaited update, consolidation and expansion of expert John Campbell’s market-leading casting books into one essential resource for metallurgists and foundry professionals who design, specify or manufacture metal castings. The first single-volume guide to cover modern principles and processes in such breadth and depth whilst retaining a clear, practical focus, it includes: A logical, two-part structure, breaking the contents down into casting metallurgy and casting manufacture Established, must-have information, such as Campbell’s ‘10 Rules’ for successful casting manufacture New chapters on filling system design, melting, molding, and controlled solidification techniques, plus extended coverage of a new approach to casting metallurgy Providing in-depth casting knowledge and process know-how, from the noteworthy career of an industry-leading authority, Complete Casting Handbook delivers the expert advice needed to help you make successful and profitable castings. Long-awaited update, consolidation and expansion of expert John Campbell’s market-leading casting books into one essential handbook Separated into two parts, casting metallurgy and casting manufacture, with extended coverage of casting alloys and new chapters on filling system design, melting, moulding and controlled solidification techniques to compliment the renowned Campbell ‘10 Rules’ Delivers the expert advice that engineers need to make successful and profitable casting decisions

Complete Casting Handbook

Complete Casting Handbook Author John Campbell
ISBN-10 9781856178099
Release 2011
Pages 1130
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Part II: Casting Metallurgy 1. The Melt 2. Entrainment 3. Flow 4. Molds and Cores (updated and expanded) 5. Solidification Structure 6. Casting Alloys (new chapter) 7. Porosity 8. Cracks and Tears (new consolidated chapter) 9. Properties of Castings Part II: Casting Manufacture 10. The 10 Rules 11. Filling System Design Fundamentals 12. Filling System Components 13. Filling System Design Practice 14. Melting 15. Molding 16. Casting 17. Controlled Solidification Techniques 18. Dimensional Accuracy 19. Post-Casting Processing Index.

High Integrity Die Casting Processes

High Integrity Die Casting Processes Author Edward J. Vinarcik
ISBN-10 0471275468
Release 2002-10-16
Pages 256
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"It's about time that a practicing engineer with casting and academic experience has written a book that provides answers to questions about squeeze casting and semi-solid molding/forming that many engineers and students of casting need answered." —Joseph C. Benedyk, PhD, Consultant and retired technical director, Alcoa High Integrity Die Casting Processes provides a comprehensive look at the concepts behind advanced die casting technologies, including vacuum die casting, squeeze casting, and several variants of semi-solid metalworking. Practical applications for these processes are illustrated in numerous case studies. This single-source reference tool presents the latest material in five sections: Basic concepts of die casting and molten metal flow High integrity die casting processes with case studies Product design considerations Controlling quality and avoiding defects Future advances under development Key coverage includes a survey of liquid metal flow, strategies to overcome the limitations of conventional die casting, and potential defects unique to high integrity die casting processes. Also featured are methods for minimizing porosity, reducing cost by design, practical applied statistical process control techniques, designing for manufacturability, and containment methods for potential processing defects. Several chapters present detailed real-world examples illustrating the broad range of applications possible using high integrity die casting processes. Included with this book is a CD-ROM containing PowerPoint(r) presentations for each chapter. These presentations can be used for training purposes in conjunction with numerous study questions designed to practically apply the content of the book to real-world situations. Selected PowerPoint(r) slides can be used to support engineering proposals, marketing presentations, or customer education seminars. High Integrity Die Casting Processes is a valuable reference for both component producers and component users alike. Process engineers, tool designers, manufacturing engineers, production managers, and machine operators will acquire a better understanding of these advanced die casting processes to optimize manufacturing and improve product quality. Component designers, product engineers, purchasing agents, buyers, supplier quality engineers, and project managers will gain insight into these processes and develop superior products by design.

Foundry Engineering

Foundry Engineering Author Robert B. Tuttle, Dr.
ISBN-10 1478157437
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 334
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This book covers the science, engineering, and current art of the creation of metalcastings. Basic theory on gating design, solidification, and risering are presented. The metallurgy and processing of aluminum, cast iron, and steel are covered.


ISBN-10 9788120327269
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 168
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This book presents a scientific approach to metal casting design and analysis supported by software tools. Unlike other books in metal casting focused only on the process know-how, this book uncovers the know-why as well. Besides serving the needs of students of mechanical, production and metallurgical engineering, this book is equally meant to benefit practicing engineers involved or interested in casting development, including product designers, toolmakers, foundry engineers, supply chain managers, engineering consultants, researchers, and software developers. The theory discussed in the book is applicable to all types of castings: ferrous and non-ferrous, produced in sand and metal moulds. By gaining a better understanding of the theory and logic involved through creating, analysing and optimizing virtual castings, the readers will learn how to: Design process-friendly cast products, leading to shorter development time Manufacture assured quality castings, leading to fewer rejections and 'surprises' Manage material and energy utilization, leading to higher yield and lower costs.

Solidification Processing

Solidification Processing Author Merton C. Flemings
ISBN-10 MINN:31951000772442G
Release 1974
Pages 364
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Solidification Processing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Solidification Processing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Solidification Processing book for free.

Principles of Metal Casting Third Edition

Principles of Metal Casting  Third Edition Author Mahi Sahoo
ISBN-10 9780071789769
Release 2014-06-05
Pages 832
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The definitive metal casting resource--fully updated Written by prominent industry experts, Principles of Metal Casting, Third Edition, addresses the latest advances in the field such as melting, casting processes, sand systems, alloy development, heat treatment, and processing technologies. New chapters cover solidification modeling, casting defects, and zinc and zinc alloys. Detailed photographs, illustrations, tables, and equations are included throughout. Ideal for students and researchers in metallurgy and foundry science as well as foundry industry professionals, this authoritative guide provides all of the information needed to produce premium-quality castings. Comprehensive coverage includes: Patterns Casting processes Solidification of metals and alloys Gating and risering of castings Casting process simulation Aluminum and aluminum alloys Copper and copper alloys Magnesium and magnesium alloys Zinc and zinc alloys Cast irons Steel castings Cleaning and inspection Casting defects

Foundry Technology

Foundry Technology Author Peter R. Beeley
ISBN-10 0750645679
Release 2001
Pages 719
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Introduction; Liquid Metals and the Gating of Castings; Solidification 1 -- Crystallization and the development of cast structure; Solidification 2 -- the Feeding of Castings; The Moulding Material -- Properties, Preparation and Testing; Defects in Castings; Quality Assessment and Control; Casting Design; Production Techniques 1 -- the Manufacture of Sand Castings; Mould Production; Melting and Casting; Finishing Operations; Production Techniques 2 -- Shell, Investment and Die Casting Techniques; Production Techniques 3 -- Further Casting techniques; Environmental Protection, Health and Safety; Appendix; Index.

The Prop Builder s Molding Casting Handbook

The Prop Builder s Molding   Casting Handbook Author Thurston James
ISBN-10 1558701281
Release 1989-11-15
Pages 238
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The Prop Builder's Molding & Casting Handbook &break;&break;This is the first book to contain, in one comprehensive volume, every molding and casting procedure of use to the theater props builder (no matter what his or her level or proficiency). The author demonstrates the techniques involved in using more than thirty different materials ranging from papier-mache to breakaway glass. &break;&break;While the use of some materials–plaster and polyester resins, for example–is covered to some extent in other publications, information on the selection and use of rubber materials (latex, neoprene, silicone, and the urethanes) and the procedure for making breakaway windows and bottles is available only in The Prop Builder's Molding & Casting Handbook. &break;&break;Written in an easy, conversational style, the book will be useful to anyone involved with theater properties, puppetry, and costuming (as professionals or amateurs). It will also serve admirably the needs of students taking classes in those subjects. &break;&break;Completing the book is a special section on designing and building a vacuum forming machine suitable for use in constructing theater props. More than 450 photographs illustrate the step-by-step procedures explained throughout the entire text.

Lost wax Casting

Lost wax Casting Author Fred R. Sias
ISBN-10 9780967960005
Release 2005
Pages 202
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This book is a basic introduction to lost-wax casting with emphasis on jewelry making. It is designed to be used both as a textbook and a reference book and is directed primarily at beginners. Experienced casters, however, will probably find some useful ideas; they may even find some new techniques. Heavy emphasis is placed upon understanding why things are done in a particular way, rather than simply presenting a set of cookbook rules that will always work. The book is also available in a 8.5x11 inch comb-bound version for use in the shop or classroom. See ISBN 0-9679600-1-0.


Metalcasting Author C. W. Ammen
ISBN-10 007134246X
Release 2000
Pages 434
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A-to-Z guide to low-volume metalcasting There's plenty of demand for one-shot or low production metalcasting job work, but the work often goes begging for lack of anyone to do it. Interested? Metalcasting by C.W. Ammen is packed with step-by-step guidelines for getting started and working effectively and efficiently in this time-honored craft. You get hands-on advice and cost-cutting tips, plus sound ideas for safety and productivity. In easy-to-understand language, this guide shows you how to use metalcrafting's tools and processes, casting and mold making...molding sands...molding equipment....metal melting, handling, and pouring devices...alloys...and more, including: *Patination of cast metals *Working with chemically-bonded molds *Newest molding, casting, and pattern-making techniques A Frequently Asked Questions section anticipates and responds to typical beginner's queries about applications and repair techniques and other metalcasting issues.


Castings Author John Campbell
ISBN-10 0080488447
Release 2003-04-28
Pages 352
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This is the key publication for professionals and students in the metallurgy and foundry field. Fully revised and expanded, Castings Second Edition covers the latest developments in the understanding of the role of the liquid metal in controlling the properties of cast materials, and indeed, of all metallic materials that have started in the cast form. Practising foundry engineers, designers, and students will find the revealing insights into the behaviour of castings essential in developing their inderstanding and practice. John Campbell OBE is a leading international figure in the castings industry, with over four decades of experience. He is the originator of the Cosworth Casting Process, the pre-eminent production process for automobile cylinder heads and blocks. He is also co-inventor of both the Baxi Casting Process (now owned by Alcoa) developed in the UK, and the newly emerging Alotech Casting Process in the USA. He is Professor of Casting Technology at the University of Birmingham, UK. * New edition of this internationally respected reference and textbook for engineers and students; * Develops understanding of the concepts and practice of casting operations; * 'Castings' is the key work on castings technology and process metallurgy, and an essential resource on contemporary developments and thinking on the new metallurgy of cast alloys; * Revised and updated throughout, with new material on subjects including surface turbulence, the new theory of entrainment defects including folded film defects, plus the latest concepts of alloy theory.


ISBN-10 9788120350779
Release 2015-01-02
Pages 576
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Designed for the undergraduate students of mechanical engineering and allied branches, this book serves as a bridge between the study of the basic processes and their application in production industries. This book covers two similar fundamental processes—foundry and welding—in a single volume. The chapters of the book are grouped in seven modules. A separate module is devoted to introduce the preliminaries of the two areas namely casting and joining processes. Miscellaneous welding and allied processes, including the modern methods and thermal cutting, conventional sand mould casting, special and modern casting methods, conventional metal joining processes and theory of solidification of metal, its metallurgy, defects in castings and casting design procedure are covered in the book. The theory of each process is explained with the help of simple line sketches which can be easily reproduced by a student at the time of examination. Enough worked out examples and problems are given for practice, especially in the design areas. At the end of each chapter, sufficient number of review questions are given as exercise.

Handbook of Lost Wax Or Investment Casting

Handbook of Lost Wax Or Investment Casting Author James E. Sopcak
ISBN-10 0935182284
Release 1986-01-01
Pages 64
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Detailed information and photographs show how to construct equipment and jewelry, castings, molds, and patterns for jewelry and metal.

Cast Iron Technology

Cast Iron Technology Author Roy Elliott
ISBN-10 9781483192307
Release 1988-04-18
Pages 252
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Cast Iron Technology presents a critical review of the nature of cast irons. It discusses the types of cast iron and the general purpose of cast irons. It also presents the history of the iron founding industry. Some of the topics covered in the book are the description of liquid metal state; preparation of liquid metal; process of melting; description of cupola melting and electric melting methods; control of composition of liquid metal during preparation; description of primary cast iron solidification structures; and thermal analysis of metals to determine its quality. Solidification science and the fundamentals of heat treatment are also discussed. An in-depth analysis of the hot quenching techniques is provided. The graphitization potential of liquid iron is well presented. A chapter is devoted to microstructural features of cast iron. The book can provide useful information to iron smiths, welders, students, and researchers.

Manufacturing Process Selection Handbook

Manufacturing Process Selection Handbook Author K. G. Swift
ISBN-10 9780080993577
Release 2013-02-15
Pages 456
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Manufacturing Process Selection Handbook provides engineers and designers with process knowledge and the essential technological and cost data to guide the selection of manufacturing processes early in the product development cycle. Building on content from the authors’ earlier introductory Process Selection guide, this expanded handbook begins with the challenges and benefits of identifying manufacturing processes in the design phase and appropriate strategies for process selection. The bulk of the book is then dedicated to concise coverage of different manufacturing processes, providing a quick reference guide for easy comparison and informed decision making. For each process examined, the book considers key factors driving selection decisions, including: Basic process descriptions with simple diagrams to illustrate Notes on material suitability Notes on available process variations Economic considerations such as costs and production rates Typical applications and product examples Notes on design aspects and quality issues Providing a quick and effective reference for the informed selection of manufacturing processes with suitable characteristics and capabilities, Manufacturing Process Selection Handbook is intended to quickly develop or refresh your experience of selecting optimal processes and costing design alternatives in the context of concurrent engineering. It is an ideal reference for those working in mechanical design across a variety of industries and a valuable learning resource for advanced students undertaking design modules and projects as part of broader engineering programs. Provides manufacturing process information maps (PRIMAs) provide detailed information on the characteristics and capabilities of 65 processes in a standard format Includes process capability charts detailing the processing tolerance ranges for key material types Offers detailed methods for estimating costs, both at the component and assembly level