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Complete Guide to Digital Photography

Complete Guide to Digital Photography Author Ian Farrell
ISBN-10 1786489120
Release 2017-11
Pages 416
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Are you intent on capturing the perfect sunset? A budding photojournalist? Or ready to take your holiday snaps to the next level? The Complete Guide to Digital Photography is your definitive guide to taking, processing and printing sharper, more colourful and better looking pictures. Ian Farrell's expert tips take you from the basics of using your camera to advanced darkroom techniques with 52 step-by-step projects including portraits, landscapes, still-life images, fast-moving objects and photographing live events. Introducing you to the latest software and techniques and featuring technical tips, interviews with the professionals, troubleshooting and over 400 inspirational images, the Complete Guide to Digital Photography is the ultimate master class in digital photography. Contents include: Portrait photography, Landscape photography, Street photography, Nature and wildlife, Dynamic live action, Special effects, Macro photography, Travel photography, Wedding photography, Digital darkroom, Colour management, Sharpening, High dynamic range, Skin smoothing, Printing your images, Making a portfolio, Your first exhibition, Selling your photographs.

The Complete Guide to Digital Photography

The Complete Guide to Digital Photography Author Michael Freeman
ISBN-10 1600593011
Release 2008
Pages 224
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With over 600 illustrations, this updated edition contains all the information photographers need to create crisp images every time. Here are all the most exciting and up-to-date digital technologies, uncovered: larger-resolution sensors, built-in image stabilization, the latest improvements in cameras and lenses, printers and inks, and the newest versions of image-processing software such as Photoshop CS3. Other sections present the current developments in workflow managers like Lightroom, as well as analyses of raw-file development. A discussion of shooting and processing techniques offers advice on everything from portraits to still lifes.

Rick Sammon s Complete Guide to Digital Photography 2 0

Rick Sammon s Complete Guide to Digital Photography 2 0 Author Rick Sammon
ISBN-10 0393329143
Release 2007
Pages 477
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A lavishly illustrated, updated reference to digital photography and editing electronic images covers introductory digital photography for beginners, digital image and Photoshop techniques for experienced shooters, and an advanced bonus section on taking glamour shots, producing e-books, and setting up a home studio. Original.

The Complete Guide to Black White Digital Photography

The Complete Guide to Black   White Digital Photography Author Michael Freeman
ISBN-10 1600595235
Release 2009-11-01
Pages 224
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Michael Freeman--our top digital photography author and a worldwide name--presents the most comprehensive book yet on black-and-white digital photography. Oversized, beautifully illustrated, and far-reaching in scope, this guide is destined to be a standard reference for years to come. Freeman covers all aspects of black-and-white digital photography: its fine art tradition as well as its techniques. Learn how to see and expose in black and white, digitally convert color to monochrome, and develop a black-and-white digital workflow. Explore creative choices and how to interpret various subjects most skillfully in monochrome. Finally, get an expert’s advice on printing and displaying black-and-white photographs to best effect.

The Complete Guide to Light Lighting in Digital Photography

The Complete Guide to Light   Lighting in Digital Photography Author Michael Freeman
ISBN-10 1579908853
Release 2007
Pages 224
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A comprehensive guide to lighting techniques in digital photography covering topics including working with artificial light and daylight.

Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography

Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography Author Joe Farace
ISBN-10 1579907725
Release 2006-10-01
Pages 160
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Cameras can capture what the eye can't perceive: the presence of infrared light. And shooting infrared (IR) with a digital camera makes it easier than ever to create distinctively dreamlike high-contrast black-and-white pictures. Using a wealth of stunning images, this thorough resource explores the technical and creative possibilities of this unique and increasingly popular medium. Begin with the basic concepts for shooting infrared, along with an overview of equipment. Get tips on focus and exposure; IR filters; and having a camera converted to shoot specifically in infrared. Follow instructions for processing and printing the photos--including toner effects and faux color. One glance through this guide and it's clear why infrared pictures are fun to take and beautiful to look at.

Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography

Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography Author Ferrell McCollough
ISBN-10 9781600591969
Release 2008
Pages 176
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It’s the latest and hottest technique, made possible only through digital. High Dynamic Range photography is the process of taking several pictures of a scene at various exposures, then merging them into one file. So the entire photo can look crisp and detailed, from highlights to midtones to shadows--and photographers needn’t sacrifice any part of their image. And the best way to master this exciting technology is with this thorough, easy-to-follow, and visually spectacular guide. No other title does justice to these cutting-edge techniques, which actually take the viewer into worlds far beyond normal photography--sometimes even beyond normal human perception. Ferrell McCollough, a widely respected photographer, pushes the boundaries and inspires others to pursue their artistic vision, too. The amazing results simply can’t be achieved any other way.

The New Complete Guide to Digital Photography

The New Complete Guide to Digital Photography Author Michael Freeman
ISBN-10 1781570000
Release 2012
Pages 224
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Revised and updated, the new edition of the best-selling classic: over 500,000 copies of previous editions in print worldwide Every new generation of digital cameras offers more photographic possibilities, and the options can be baffling. This completely updated edition of Michael Freemans best-selling Complete Guide to Digital Photography introduces all the knowledge youll need to cut to the chase and create perfect photographs every time. You'll gain a thorough understanding of how today's cameras work, an introduction to digital editing techniques that make the most of the technology's capabilities, and a grounding in photography's fundamentals; all the expertise that Michael Freeman has gained in his successful career as a professional assignment photographer. With over 600 examples, a no-nonsense, jargon-busting glossary of terms and a full index for easy reference, it is an indispensable onestop source of photographic information and expertise.

Kodak Guide to Digital Photography

Kodak Guide to Digital Photography Author Rob Sheppard
ISBN-10 1579909698
Release 2007
Pages 368
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A comprehensive resource covering every aspect of digital photography is filled with a wealth of essential and helpful information for mastering digital photographic techniques, from choosing the right camera and selecting accessories, to taking better portraits and improving image composition, to storing and retrieving images.

4 H Guide to Digital Photography

4 H Guide to Digital Photography Author Daniel Johnson
ISBN-10 9781616732240
Release 2010-01-15
Pages 176
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Suddenly, anyone with a cell phone is a photographer. This book takes the basics of digital photography and makes them the tools for creative, interesting, and artistic picture-taking. Illuminating the most popular of 4-H projects, Daniel Johnson instructs beginners in the basics of composition, lighting, and the use of flashes--among other fundamentals of capturing a picture that’s more than just “flash.” With step-by-step, illustrated directions, along with spectacular examples, this book is the perfect starting point for 4-H’rs taking up digital photography--and for anyone who wants to learn how to take superior digital pictures.

The Complete Guide to Night Lowlight Digital Photography

The Complete Guide to Night   Lowlight Digital Photography Author Michael Freeman
ISBN-10 1600592066
Release 2008
Pages 224
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Aimed at serious photographers, this lavishly illustrated guide takes a close look at every detail of lowlight photography. Michael Freeman (The Complete Guide to Digital Photography, Mastering Digital Black & White Photography) offers in-depth analysis of the many techniques photographers must master for night and lowlight shooting. Point by point, he discusses how to keep the camera steady, what lenses and camera settings to use, and how to best apply flash, bracketing, image-stabilizing, vibration reduction, and noise reduction. He also outlines common lowlight situations, from stormy weather and deep shade to twilight, moonlight, city lights, and nightclubs. Finally, Freeman examines software programs and processes that will increase the quality of lowlight photographs.

The Digital Photography Book

The Digital Photography Book Author Scott Kelby
ISBN-10 9780321934949
Release 2013
Pages 239
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Furnishes an overview of digital photography, covering such topics as cameras, exposure, lighting, shutter speed, depth of field, and resolution--and tips on how to avoid hours of photo-editing by taking great photographs the first time.

The Digital Photography Handbook

The Digital Photography Handbook Author Tim Daly
ISBN-10 0817437932
Release 2004
Pages 288
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A comprehensive, easy-to-use introduction to the art of digital photography provides detailed explanations of the latest computer hardware, software applications, scanners, and printing techniques, along with step-by-step instructions on everything from how to use a digital camera and producing high-quality prints to create effects with image manipulation and preparing images for e-mail or the Web. Original.

The Complete Guide to Nature Photography

The Complete Guide to Nature Photography Author Sean Arbabi
ISBN-10 9780817400170
Release 2011-12-06
Pages 240
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The authoritative guide for photographing nature in today’s digital world Infused with both a passion for nature and an abundance of technical expertise, The Complete Guide to Nature Photography guides amateur photographers through every stage of shooting landscapes, close-ups, and animal portraits in today’s digital world. Master nature photographer Sean Arbabi offers insider advice on everything from packing your gear bag to selecting sites, staying safe while working in the field, getting a perfect exposure, composing your images for maximum impact, and processing your digital images afterward. Packed with more than 200 inspiring and instructive images, this complete course is the only book you’ll need to capture the beauty of the world around you. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Digital Photography Handbook

Digital Photography Handbook Author Doug Harman
ISBN-10 9781623651985
Release 2013-09-03
Pages 224
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Need to know which digital camera to buy? Want to take better photographs and retouch images? Ready to achieve professional results? This updated edition of The Digital Photography Handbook will allow you to make the most of all the advantages your camera has to offer - as well as guiding you through the latest software to enhance your images, and get professional results with every shot. This book includes expert advice on the art of photography (composition, depth of field and how to photograph a variety of subjects), editing and image manipulation software, how to print your images for the best results, developing a portfolio and mastering the rules of copyright. Doug Harman includes the very latest developments in digital technology, equipping you with everything you need to become a photographer. Contents include: Types of camera, Computers and software, Memory, Pixels and magnification, Saving images, Exposure, Composition, Light, Camera modes, Special effects, Manipulating images, Photo apps, Retouching old photos, Printing digital images, Selecting printers and paper, Archiving and the cloud, Making money from your images, Copyright rules and more.

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Landscape Photography

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Landscape Photography Author John Clements
ISBN-10 2884790101
Release 2003-05-28
Pages 128
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By thoroughly dissecting and annotating sumptuous digital landscapes, this second title in the "Digital Photography" series reveals the secrets of creating great landscape pictures. Find out how to manipulate point of view, light, arrangement, and timing for superb, artistic results. With a little imagination and digital retouching, it's possible to "change the weather" in a photo or produce dramatic effects. See how to get giant images and panoramas (great for mountain ranges or cityscapes), correct slants, boost a picture's brightness and sharpness, add layers of color, combine images in a montage, and more!

Digital Photography Complete Course

Digital Photography Complete Course Author DK
ISBN-10 9781465448453
Release 2015-08-18
Pages 360
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Build your photography skills week-by-week The Digital Photography Complete Course is the perfect one-on-one learning program for any aspiring photographer. This modular 20-week course guides you through every aspect of digital photography, using a combination of tutorials, step-by-step photo shoots, practical assignments, and fun Q&As. Demystify digital photography and build your photography skills with comprehensive guides on everything you need to know, from conveying movement and using natural light, to understanding exposure and mastering composition.