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Complex Wave Dynamics on Thin Films

Complex Wave Dynamics on Thin Films Author Hen-hong Chang
ISBN-10 0080529534
Release 2002-03-14
Pages 412
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Wave evolution on a falling film is a classical hydrodynamic instability whose rich wave dynamics have been carefully recorded in the last fifty years. Such waves are known to profoundly affect the mass and heat transfer of multi-phase industrial units. This book describes the collective effort of both authors and their students in constructing a comprehensive theory to describe the complex wave evolution from nearly harmonic waves at the inlet to complex spatio-temporal patterns involving solitary waves downstream. The mathematical theory represents a significant breakthrough from classical linear stability theories, which can only describe the inlet harmonic waves and also extends classical soliton theory for integrable systems to real solitrary wave dynamics with dissipation. One unique feature of falling-film solitary wave dynamics, which drives much of the spatio-temporal wave evolution, is the irreversible coalescence of such localized wave structures. It represents the first full description of a hydrodynamic instability from inception to developed chaos. This approach should prove useful for other complex hydrodynamic instabilities and would allow industrial engineers to better design their multi-phase apparati by exploiting the deciphered wave dynamics. This publication gives a comprehensive review of all experimental records and existing theories and significantly advances state of the art on the subject and are complimented by complex and attractive graphics from computational fluid mechanics.

Interfacial Separation of Particles

Interfacial Separation of Particles Author Shouci Lu
ISBN-10 0080495451
Release 2005-01-25
Pages 706
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Interfacial Separation of Particles is concerned with the processing and separation of fine solid particles in liquid solutions using interfacial technology. Interfacial separation has been finding wide application in many industrial fields, such as pigment and filler production, mineral processing, environmental protection, hydrometallurgy, bioengineering, food and beverage industry and chemical industry. This book describes all interfacial separation techniques and discusses the general and specific fundamentals of the techniques. The book intends to promote theoretical understanding and the more promising developments of interfacial separation technology whilst broadening the reader's background knowledge of industrial suspensions. * Is clearly written based on strong systematic science fundamentals * Provides comprehensive coverage on particle technology, mineral processing and water treatment * Includes practical examples from the different industrial fields

XIVth International Congress on Mathematical Physics

XIVth International Congress on Mathematical Physics Author Jean-Claude Zambrini
ISBN-10 9789812562012
Release 2005
Pages 692
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In 2003 the XIV International Congress on Mathematical Physics (ICMP) was held in Lisbon with more than 500 participants. Twelve plenary talks were given in various fields of Mathematical Physics: E Carlen On the relation between the Master equation and the Boltzmann Equation in Kinetic Theory; A Chenciner Symmetries and "simple" solutions of the classical n-body problem; M J Esteban Relativistic models in atomic and molecular physics; K Fredenhagen Locally covariant quantum field theory; K Gawedzki Simple models of turbulent transport; I Krichever Algebraic versus Liouville integrability of the soliton systems; R V Moody Long-range order and diffraction in mathematical quasicrystals; S Smirnov Critical percolation and conformal invariance; J P Solovej The energy of charged matter; V Schomerus Strings through the microscope; C Villani Entropy production and convergence to equilibrium for the Boltzmann equation; D Voiculescu Aspects of free probability. ICMP 2003 also included invited talks by: H Eliasson, W Schlag, M Shub, P Dorey, J M Maillet, K McLaughlin, A Nakayashiki, A Okounkov, G M Graf, R Seiringer, S Teufel, J Imbrie, D Ioffe, H Knoerrer, D Bernard, J Dimock, C J Fewster, T Thiemann, F Benatti, D Evans, Y Kawahigashi, C King, B Julia, N Nekrasov, P Townsend, D Bambusi, M Hairer, V Kaloshin, G Schneider, A Shirikyan, P Bizon, H Bray, H Ringstrom, L Barreira, L Rey-Bellet, C Forster, P Gaspard, F Golse, T Chen, P Exner, T Ichinose, V Kostrykin, E Skibsted, G Stolz, D Yafaev, V A Zagrebnov, R Leandre, T Levy, S Mazzuchi, H Owhadi, M Roeckner and A Sengupta. Key Features Provides a list of the most recent progress in all fields of Mathematical Physics; Written by the best international experts in these fields; Indicates the "hot" directions of research in Mathematical Physics for years to come; Readership: Mathematical physicists, mathematicians and theoretical physicists.

Stable Nanoemulsions

Stable Nanoemulsions Author Joseph S. D'Arrigo
ISBN-10 9780444537980
Release 2011
Pages 415
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Certain stable lipid nanoemulsions, existing in natural waters and certain artificial media, display - upon intravenous injection - a marked capability for rapid active targeting, both to tumors and to certain lesion sites. This category of lipid nanoemulsions contains no phospholipids, no proteins nor peptides, no carbohydrates, and no chemical modification of the lipophilic drugs is required; consequently it avoids various past problems reported for earlier versions of targeted nanoemulsions. The book covers in detail the underlying chemical and biochemical principles of stable lipid nanoemulsions as well as many current and potential applications in nanomedicine such as targeted chemotherapy. It is in harmony with goals of the current US National Nanotechnology Initiative, which include nanomedical approaches to drug delivery that focus on developing nanoscale particles to improve drug bioavailability i.e. often using targeted nanoparticles for delivering drugs with cell precision and less side effects. Despite the obvious practical importance to various fields including nanomedicine there is currently no comprehensive book available in the literature. The proposed book will effectively fill this gap. Detailed coverage of the underlying chemical and biochemical principles of stable lipid nanoemulsions. The book includes many current and potential applications in nanomedicine such as targeted chemotherapy. Contains 67 figures (including 13 microscope photos) and 26 tables Over 1200 literature references, many of them of very recent date.

Nanocomposite Structures and Dispersions

Nanocomposite Structures and Dispersions Author Ignac Capek
ISBN-10 0080479596
Release 2006-09-19
Pages 312
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Nanocomposite Structures and Dispersions summarizes the fundamentals and mechanistic approaches in preparation and characterization of colloidal nanoparticles and dispersions, providing the readers a systematic and coherent picture of the field. The book serves as an introduction to the interesting field of nanoscience based on polymer and metal colloidal nanoparticles, and also presents the basic knowledge of polymer colloids preparation. It places a special emphasis on polymer, inorganic and metal nanomaterials classified as nanoparticles, nanocrystals, nanorods, nanotubes, nanobelts, etc. deals with the chemistry of the reaction approaches by which polymer and metal particles are synthesized. The book explores both organic (synthetic and natural) and inorganic materials, as well as their hybrids. It describes in detail terms, definitions, theories, experiments, and techniques dealing with synthesis of polymer and metal particles. It also discusses a variety of synthetic approaches including emulsion, miniemulsion and microemulsion approaches, homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation approaches under mild and high temperatures. There is also a chapter on modification and passivation of colloidal particles. This book would be of interest to chemical engineers, polymer chemists, organic chemists, colloid chemists, materials scientists and nanotechnologists. Although the text discusses nanoscience and nanotechnology from the viewpoint of a chemist, it would also appeal to those just entering the field and experts seeking information in other sub-fields. Serves as a general introduction for those just entering the field and experts seeking information in other sub-fields Variety of synthetic approaches is described including emulsion, miniemulsion and microemulsion approaches, hogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation approaches under mild and high temperatures Focused on both the organic (synthetic and natural) and inorganic materials, and their hybrids

Encyclopedia of mathematical physics

Encyclopedia of mathematical physics Author Sheung Tsun Tsou
ISBN-10 0125126603
Release 2006-06-06
Pages 3500
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The Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics provides a complete resource for researchers, students and lecturers with an interest in mathematical physics. It enables readers to access basic information on topics peripheral to their own areas, to provide a repository of the core information in the area that can be used to refresh the researcher's own memory banks, and aid teachers in directing students to entries relevant to their course-work. The Encyclopedia does contain information that has been distilled, organised and presented as a complete reference tool to the user and a landmark to the body of knowledge that has accumulated in this domain. It also is a stimulus for new researchers working in mathematical physics or in areas using the methods originated from work in mathematical physics by providing them with focused high quality background information. * First comprehensive interdisciplinary coverage * Mathematical Physics explained to stimulate new developments and foster new applications of its methods to other fields * Written by an international group of experts * Contains several undergraduate-level introductory articles to facilitate acquisition of new expertise * Thematic index and extensive cross-referencing to provide easy access and quick search functionality * Also available online with active linking.

Magnetism of Surfaces Interfaces and Nanoscale Materials

Magnetism of Surfaces  Interfaces  and Nanoscale Materials Author Robert E. Camley
ISBN-10 9780444626394
Release 2015-10-27
Pages 476
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In the past 30 years, magnetic research has been dominated by the question of how surfaces and interfaces influence the magnetic and transport properties of nanostructures, thin films and multilayers. The research has been particularly important in the magnetic recording industry where the giant magnetoresistance effect led to a new generation of storage devices including hand-held memories such as those found in the ipod. More recently, transfer of spin angular momentum across interfaces has opened a new field for high frequency applications. This book gives a comprehensive view of research at the forefront of these fields. The frontier is expanding through dynamic exchange between theory and experiment. Contributions have been chosen to reflect this, giving the reader a unified overview of the topic. Addresses both theory and experiment that are vital for gaining an essential understanding of topics at the interface between magnetism and materials science Chapters written by experts provide great insights into complex material Discusses fundamental background material and state-of-the-art applications, serving as an indispensable guide for students and professionals at all levels of expertise Stresses interdisciplinary aspects of the field, including physics, chemistry, nanocharacterization, and materials science Combines basic materials with applications, thus widening the scope of the book and its readership

Properties of Polymers

Properties of Polymers Author D.W. van Krevelen
ISBN-10 9780444596123
Release 2012-12-02
Pages 898
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Properties of Polymers: Their Correlation with Chemical Structure; Their Numerical Estimation and Prediction from Additive Group Contributions summarizes the latest developments regarding polymers, their properties in relation to chemical structure, and methods for estimating and predicting numerical properties from chemical structure. In particular, it examines polymer electrical properties, magnetic properties, and mechanical properties, as well as their crystallization and environmental behavior and failure. The rheological properties of polymer melts and polymer solutions are also considered. Organized into seven parts encompassing 27 chapters, this book begins with an overview of polymer science and engineering, including the typology of polymers and their properties. It then turns to a discussion of thermophysical properties, from transition temperatures to volumetric and calorimetric properties, along with the cohesive aspects and conformation statistics. It also introduces the reader to the behavior of polymers in electromagnetic and mechanical fields of force. The book covers the quantities that influence the transport of heat, momentum, and matter, particularly heat conductivity, viscosity, and diffusivity; properties that control the chemical stability and breakdown of polymers; and polymer properties as an integral concept, with emphasis on processing and product properties. Readers will find tables that give valuable (numerical) data on polymers and include a survey of the group contributions (increments) of almost every additive function considered. This book is a valuable resource for anyone working on practical problems in the field of polymers, including organic chemists, chemical engineers, polymer processers, polymer technologists, and both graduate and PhD students.

Dynamics of Adsorption at Liquid Interfaces

Dynamics of Adsorption at Liquid Interfaces Author S.S. Dukhin
ISBN-10 0080530613
Release 1995-04-11
Pages 600
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As the first of its kind, this book provides a valuable introduction for scientists and engineers interested in liquid/fluid interfaces and disperse systems to the rapidly developing area of adsorption dynamics. It is the first extensive review available on the subject of dynamics of adsorption and gives a general summary of the current state of adsorption kinetics theory and experiments. Current progress in recently designed set-ups and improved and generalised known methods for studying interfacial relaxations is reviewed. In addition, the role of the electric charge of surfactants in the adsorption process is discussed in terms of a non-equilibrium distribution of adsorbing ions in the diffuse layer. Present theories of the effect of dynamic adsorption layers on mobile surfaces, such as moving drops and bubbles, based on both diffusion and kinetic controlled adsorption models are described and efficient approximate analytical methods to solve the mathematical problem of coupling surfactant transport and hydrodynamics are introduced. The role of a dynamic adsorption layer in bubble rising, film drainage and film stabilisation and in complex processes such as flotation and microflotation is discussed. Containing more than 1100 references, the book is essential reading for industrial scientists and graduate and post-graduate students in physical, surface and colloid chemistry, physico-chemical hydrodynamics, water purification and mineral processing.

The Physics of Thin Film Optical Spectra

The Physics of Thin Film Optical Spectra Author Olaf Stenzel
ISBN-10 9783319216027
Release 2015-09-22
Pages 352
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The book bridges the gap between fundamental physics courses (such as optics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and solid state physics) and highly specialized literature on the spectroscopy, design, and application of optical thin film coatings. Basic knowledge from the above-mentioned courses is therefore presumed. Starting from fundamental physics, the book enables the reader derive the theory of optical coatings and to apply it to practically important spectroscopic problems. Both classical and semiclassical approaches are included. Examples describe the full range of classical optical coatings in various spectral regions as well as highly specialized new topics such as rugate filters and resonant grating waveguide structures. The second edition has been updated and extended with respect to probing matter in different spectral regions, homogenous and inhomogeneous line broadening mechanisms and the Fresnel formula for the effect of planar interfaces.

Fluid Dynamics at Interfaces

Fluid Dynamics at Interfaces Author Wei Shyy
ISBN-10 0521642663
Release 1999-09-28
Pages 461
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In this book experts discuss research and applications in interfacial fluid dynamics.

Magnetic Thin Films Multilayers and Superlattices

Magnetic Thin Films  Multilayers and Superlattices Author A. Fert
ISBN-10 9780444596697
Release 1991-06-06
Pages 242
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Materials Research in thin and ultrathin magnetic structures is a multidisciplinary field which heavily relies on state-of-the-art growth, characterization and theoretical approaches to build a comprehensive physical picture on how magnetic properties depend on interfacial structural issues, interlayer coupling and transport phenomena. Often in this field, the critical properties and characterization required necessitates knowledge of structural and magnetic phenomena extending over several atomic planes. Atomic controlled growth techniques are required and atomic sensitivity is needed from magnetic and structural probes. This critical knowledge is vital for device applications, providing the basis for the synergistic interactions that are predominant in this field of research. This volume is the definitive reference source for anyone interested in the latest advances and results of current experimental research in ultrathin film magnetism.

Journal of hydrodynamics

Journal of hydrodynamics Author
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822009643842
Release 2006
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Journal of hydrodynamics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of hydrodynamics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of hydrodynamics book for free.

Electrokinetically Driven Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

Electrokinetically Driven Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Author Hsueh-Chia Chang
ISBN-10 0521860253
Release 2009-11-09
Pages 526
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Electrokinetics is currently the mechanism of choice for fluid actuation and bioparticle manipulation at microscale and nanoscale dimensions. There has recently been widespread interest in the use of AC electric fields, given the many advantages it offers over DC electrokinetics. Nevertheless, a fundamental understanding of the governing mechanisms underlying the complex and nonlinear physicochemical hydrodynamics associated with these systems is required before practical microfluidic and nanofluidic devices can be engineered. This text aims to provide a comprehensive treatise on both classical equilibrium electrokinetic phenomena as well as the more recent non-equilibrium phenomena associated with both DC and AC electrokinetics in the context of their application to the design of microfluidic and nanofluidic technology. In particular, Leslie Yeo and Hsueh-Chia Chang discuss the linear and nonlinear theories underlying electroosmosis, electrophoresis, and dielectrophoresis pertaining to electrolytes as well as dielectric systems. Interfacial electrokinetic phenomena such as electrospraying, electrospinning, and electrowetting are also discussed.

Peterson s Guide to Graduate Programs in Engineering and Applied Sciences 1996

Peterson s Guide to Graduate Programs in Engineering and Applied Sciences 1996 Author Peterson's
ISBN-10 1560795050
Release 1995-11-01
Pages 1497
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Provides information about admission, financial aid, programs and institutions, and research specialties within the fields of engineering and applied sciences, including civil engineering, information technology, and bioengineering.

Solid Surfaces Interfaces and Thin Films

Solid Surfaces  Interfaces and Thin Films Author Hans Lüth
ISBN-10 9783319107561
Release 2014-11-05
Pages 589
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This book emphasises both experimental and theoretical aspects of surface, interface and thin-film physics. As in previous editions the preparation of surfaces and thin films, their atomic and morphological structure, their vibronic and electronic properties as well as fundamentals of adsorption are treated. Because of their importance in modern information technology and nanostructure research, particular emphasis is paid to electronic surface and interface states, semiconductor space charge layers and heterostructures. A special chapter of the book is devoted to collective phenomena at interfaces and in thin films such as superconductivity and magnetism. The latter topic includes the meanwhile important issues giant magnetoresistance and spin-transfer torque mechanism, both effects being of high interest in information technology. In this new edition, for the first time, the effect of spin-orbit coupling on surface states is treated. In this context the class of the recently detected topological insulators, materials of significant importance for spin electronics, are discussed. Particular emphasis, hereby, is laid on the new type of topologically protected surface states with well-defined spin orientation. Furthermore, some important well established experimental techniques such as X-ray diffraction (XRD) and reflection anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS), which were missing so far in earlier editions, were added in this new 6th edition of the book.

Workshop on scientific directions at the Advanced Light Source

Workshop on scientific directions at the Advanced Light Source Author Arthur Robinson
ISBN-10 CHI:56250801
Release 1998
Pages 256
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Workshop on scientific directions at the Advanced Light Source has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Workshop on scientific directions at the Advanced Light Source also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Workshop on scientific directions at the Advanced Light Source book for free.