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Concepts of Modern Mathematics

Concepts of Modern Mathematics Author Ian Stewart
ISBN-10 9780486134956
Release 2012-05-23
Pages 368
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In this charming volume, a noted English mathematician uses humor and anecdote to illuminate the concepts of groups, sets, subsets, topology, Boolean algebra, and other mathematical subjects. 200 illustrations.

Concepts of Modern Mathematics

Concepts of Modern Mathematics Author Ian Stewart
ISBN-10 9780486284248
Release 1995-02-01
Pages 339
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Presents a humorous look at the concepts of "new math."

Concepts of Modern Mathematics

Concepts of Modern Mathematics Author Ian Stewart
ISBN-10 0486284247
Release 1995-02-01
Pages 339
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Presents a humorous look at the concepts of "new math."

Basic Concepts in Modern Mathematics

Basic Concepts in Modern Mathematics Author John Edward Hafstrom
ISBN-10 9780486497297
Release 2013
Pages 195
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An in-depth overview of some of the most readily applicable essentials of modern mathematics, this concise volume is geared toward undergraduates of all backgrounds as well as future math majors. Topics include the natural numbers; sets, variables, and statement forms; mappings and operations; groups; relations and partitions; integers; and rational and real numbers. 1961 edition.

Fundamentals of Modern Mathematics

Fundamentals of Modern Mathematics Author David B. MacNeil
ISBN-10 9780486316147
Release 2013-07-24
Pages 320
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Students and others wishing to know more about the practical side of mathematics will find this volume a highly informative resource. Accessible explanations of important concepts feature worked examples and diagrams. 1963 edition.

Mathematics and Logic

Mathematics and Logic Author Mark Kac
ISBN-10 9780486670850
Release 1968
Pages 170
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Fascinating study of the origin and nature of mathematical thought, including relation of mathematics and science, 20th-century developments, impact of computers, and more.Includes 34 illustrations. 1968 edition."


Mathematics Author A. D. Aleksandrov
ISBN-10 9780486157870
Release 2012-05-07
Pages 1120
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Major survey offers comprehensive, coherent discussions of analytic geometry, algebra, differential equations, calculus of variations, functions of a complex variable, prime numbers, linear and non-Euclidean geometry, topology, functional analysis, more. 1963 edition.

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking Author Friedrich Waismann
ISBN-10 9780486167428
Release 2012-08-07
Pages 272
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Examinations of arithmetic, geometry, and theory of integers; rational and natural numbers; complete induction; limit and point of accumulation; remarkable curves; complex and hypercomplex numbers; more. Includes 27 figures. 1959 edition.

Mathematics for the Nonmathematician

Mathematics for the Nonmathematician Author Morris Kline
ISBN-10 9780486316130
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 672
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Erudite and entertaining overview follows development of mathematics from ancient Greeks to present. Topics include logic and mathematics, the fundamental concept, differential calculus, probability theory, much more. Exercises and problems.

Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Analysis

Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Analysis Author Edward A. Bender
ISBN-10 9780486442501
Release 2005
Pages 248
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Discrete mathematics is fundamental to computer science, and this up-to-date text assists undergraduates in mastering the ideas and mathematical language to address problems that arise in the field's many applications. It consists of 4 units of study: counting and listing, functions, decision trees and recursion, and basic concepts of graph theory.

Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics

Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics Author Howard Eves
ISBN-10 9780486132204
Release 2012-04-10
Pages 368
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Third edition of popular undergraduate-level text offers historic overview, readable treatment of mathematics before Euclid, Euclid's Elements, non-Euclidean geometry, algebraic structure, formal axiomatics, sets, more. Problems, some with solutions. Bibliography.

Concepts of Mathematical Modeling

Concepts of Mathematical Modeling Author Walter J. Meyer
ISBN-10 9780486137247
Release 2012-10-23
Pages 448
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This text features examinations of classic models and a variety of applications. Each section is preceded by an abstract and statement of prerequisites. Includes exercises. 1984 edition.

Sets Sequences and Mappings

Sets  Sequences and Mappings Author Kenneth Anderson
ISBN-10 9780486158129
Release 2012-11-14
Pages 208
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This text bridges the gap between beginning and advanced calculus. It offers a systematic development of the real number system and careful treatment of mappings, sequences, limits, continuity, and metric spaces. 1963 edition.

What is Mathematics

What is Mathematics Author Richard Courant
ISBN-10 0195105192
Release 1996
Pages 566
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A discussion of fundamental mathematical principles from algebra to elementary calculus designed to promote constructive mathematical reasoning.

Levels of Infinity

Levels of Infinity Author Hermann Weyl
ISBN-10 9780486266930
Release 2013-09-26
Pages 208
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Original anthology features less-technical essays discussing logic, topology, abstract algebra, relativity theory, and the works of David Hilbert. Most have been long unavailable or previously unpublished in book form. 2012 edition.

Discovering Mathematics

Discovering Mathematics Author A. Gardiner
ISBN-10 9780486452999
Release 2006-01-26
Pages 206
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The term "mathematics" usually suggests an array of familiar problems with solutions derived from well-known techniques. Discovering Mathematics: The Art of Investigation takes a different approach, exploring how new ideas and chance observations can be pursued, and focusing on how the process invariably leads to interesting questions that would never have otherwise arisen. With puzzles involving coins, postage stamps, and other commonplace items, students are challenged to account for the simple explanations behind perplexing mathematical phenomena. Elementary methods and solutions allow readers to concentrate on the way in which the material is explored, as well as on strategies for answers that aren't immediately obvious. The problems don't require the kind of sophistication that would put them out of reach of ordinary students, but they're sufficiently complex to capture the essential features of mathematical discovery. Complete solutions appear at the end.

Basic Concepts of Mathematics and Logic

Basic Concepts of Mathematics and Logic Author Michael C. Gemignani
ISBN-10 9780486435060
Release 2004
Pages 280
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This text emphasizes logic and the theory of sets. Students who take no further courses in the field will find it an excellent resource for developing an appreciation for the nature of mathematics. Others will discover the foundations for future studies — set theory, logic, counting, numbers, functions, and more. 1968 edition. 43 figures. 25 tables.