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Congress the President and Policymaking A Historical Analysis

Congress  the President and Policymaking  A Historical Analysis Author Jean Reith Schroedel
ISBN-10 9781315485195
Release 2016-09-16
Pages 240
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The underlying theoretical premise of this text is that the separation between the executive and legislative functions has important policy consequences and has influenced legislative outcomes. The study analyzes the pattern of interaction on banking bill introductions over the past 150 years.

Guide to the Presidency

Guide to the Presidency Author Michael Nelson
ISBN-10 9781135914622
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 1773
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The Guide to the Presidency is an extensive study of the most important office of the U.S. political system. Its two volumes describe the history, workings and people involved in this office from Washington to Clinton. The thirty-seven chapters of the Guide, arranged into seven distinct subject areas (ranging from the origins of the office to the powers of the presidency to selection and removal) cover every aspect of the presidency. Initially dealing with the constitutional evolution of the presidency and its development, the book goes on to expand on the history of the office, how the presidency operates alongside the numerous departments and agents of the federal bureaucracy, and how the selection procedure works in ordinary and special cicumstances. Of special interest to the reader will be the illustrated biographies of every president from Washington to the present day, and the detailed overview of the vice-presidents and first ladies of each particular office. Also included are two special appendices, one of which gathers together important addresses and speeches from the Declaration of Independence to Clinton's Inaugural Address, and another which provides results from elections and polls and statistics from each office.

Health Politics and Policy

Health Politics and Policy Author James Morone
ISBN-10 9781111644154
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 624
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HEALTH POLITICS AND POLICY, 5th Edition walks you through the inner workings of health care policymaking, from the legislative process to socioeconomic impacts, and reveals both modern and historical perspectives in exciting detail. A collection of writings by some of today’s sharpest political minds and policy-makers, the book explores factors that shape the U.S. health care system and policy, such as values, government, and private players, and compares them to other countries for international context. Helpful learning features throughout include review questions and problems, supporting tables and graphs, and special Consider This essays that bolster chapter concepts. In an environment of ever-changing policies and politics, the new edition seamlessly integrates themes of the past and present-day dilemmas with a look to the future of health care politics in America. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Congress the President and the Federal Reserve

Congress  the President  and the Federal Reserve Author Irwin L. Morris
ISBN-10 0472088696
Release 2002
Pages 176
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Explores the power of the President and Congress over the Federal Reserve

The Congressional Budget Office

The Congressional Budget Office Author Philip G. Joyce
ISBN-10 9781589017580
Release 2011-04-18
Pages 264
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Created in 1974, the U.S. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has become one of the most influential forces in national policymaking. A critical component of our system of checks and balances, the CBO has given Congress the analytical capacity to challenge the president on budget issues while it protects the public interest, providing honest numbers about Congress's own budget proposals. The book discusses the CBO’s role in larger budget policy and the more narrow "scoring" of individual legislation, such as its role in the 2009–2010 Obama health care reform. It also describes how the first director, Alice Rivlin, and seven successors managed to create and sustain a nonpartisan, highly credible agency in the middle of one of the most partisan institutions imaginable. The Congressional Budget Office: Honest Numbers, Power, and Policy draws on interviews with high-level participants in the budget debates of the last 35 years to tell the story of the CBO. A combination of political history, economic history, and organizational development, The Congressional Budget Office offers an important, first book-length history of this influential agency.

Disciplines Disasters and Emergency Management

Disciplines  Disasters and Emergency Management Author David A. McEntire
ISBN-10 9780398085339
Release 2007
Pages 371
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Disasters such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina illustrate the salience and complexity of disasters. Both scholars and practitioners therefore agree that we must take a more proactive and holistic approach to emergency management, which should logically be derived from a sound understanding of the academic literature and the most pressing concerns facing professionals in the field today. Disciplines, Disasters and Emergency Management reviews what is known about catastrophic events from the standpoint of various academic areas of study. The introdu.

World War I and the Triumph of a New Japan 1919 1930

World War I and the Triumph of a New Japan  1919   1930 Author Frederick R. Dickinson
ISBN-10 9781107470842
Release 2013-10-03
Pages 185
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Frederick R. Dickinson illuminates a new, integrative history of interwar Japan that highlights the transformative effects of the Great War far from the Western Front. World War I and the Triumph of a New Japan, 1919–1930 reveals how Japan embarked upon a decade of national reconstruction following the Paris Peace Conference, rivalling the monumental rebuilding efforts in post-Versailles Europe. Taking World War I as his anchor, Dickinson examines the structural foundations of a new Japan, discussing the country's wholehearted participation in new post-war projects of democracy, internationalism, disarmament and peace. Dickinson proposes that Japan's renewed drive for military expansion in the 1930s marked less a failure of Japan's interwar culture than the start of a tumultuous domestic debate over the most desirable shape of Japan's twentieth-century world. This stimulating study will engage students and researchers alike, offering a unique, global perspective of interwar Japan.

Subject Guide to Books in Print

Subject Guide to Books in Print Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105025888558
Release 2003
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Subject Guide to Books in Print has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Subject Guide to Books in Print also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Subject Guide to Books in Print book for free.

American Public Policy An Introduction

American Public Policy  An Introduction Author Clarke E. Cochran
ISBN-10 9781305687981
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 560
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AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY: AN INTRODUCTION engages students with a unique emphasis on specific, substantive issues of public policy. It also kindles discussion that helps make public policy personal as students apply their knowledge to real-life policies. The authors present policy material step-by-step-explaining each policy's historical context, building a picture of the existing policy, and prompting students to evaluate and discuss possible alternatives. This new edition includes updated and expanded coverage on key policy issues, including immigration, unemployment insurance, gun control, and the Affordable Care Act. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Institutions of American Democracy

Institutions of American Democracy Author Joel D. Aberbach
ISBN-10 9780199883950
Release 2005-10-27
Pages 640
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The presidency and the agencies of the executive branch are deeply interwoven with other core institutions of American government and politics. While the framers of the Constitution granted power to the president, they likewise imbued the legislative and judicial branches of government with the powers necessary to hold the executive in check. The Executive Branch, edited byJoel D. Aberbach and Mark A. Peterson, examines the delicate and shifting balance among the three branches of government, which is constantly renegotiated as political leaders contend with the public's paradoxical sentiments-yearning for strong executive leadership yet fearing too much executive power, and welcoming the benefits of public programs yet uneasy about, and indeed often distrusting, big government. The Executive Branch, a collection of essays by some of the nation's leading political scientists and public policy scholars, examines the historical emergence and contemporary performance of the presidency and bureaucracy, as well as their respective relationships with the Congress, the courts, political parties, and American federalism. Presidential elections are defining moments for the nation's democracy-by linking citizens directly to their government, elections serve as a mechanism for exercising collective public choice. After the election, however, the work of government begins and involves elected and appointed political leaders at all levels of government, career civil servants, government contractors, interest organizations, the media, and engaged citizens. The essays in this volume delve deeply into the organizations and politics that make the executive branch such a complex and fascinating part of American government. The volume provides an assessment from the past to the present of the role and development of the presidency and executive branch agencies, including analysis of the favorable and problematic strategies, and personal attributes, that presidents have brought to the challenge of leadership. It examines the presidency and the executive agencies both separately and together as they influence-or are influenced by-other major institutions of American government and politics, with close attention to how they relate to civic participation and democracy.

Congress and the Presidency

Congress and the Presidency Author Michael Foley
ISBN-10 0719038847
Release 1996-01
Pages 432
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Adopting a distinctly institutional focus, Congress and the Presidency explains the nature of these changes and examines their consequences for the contemporary American political system. Foley and Owens direct attention to both bodies as co-equal institutions in a separated system. They examine both the historical development of the Congress and the presidency as separate institutions of American national government, as well as the changing relations between them. Taking into account important developments since the Republicans won control of Congress in 1994 and the advent of Newt Gingrich's 'Contract with America', the authors consider how the organisational designs of these representative and governing institutions have changed over time in response to internal pressures and external factors. The book locates the two institutions within the policymaking process and studies the varied and complex implications of 'the politics of separated powers'

Understanding the Backlash Against Affirmative Action

Understanding the Backlash Against Affirmative Action Author John Fobanjong
ISBN-10 159033065X
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 205
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Affirmative action remains one of the most divisive issues in America, remaining unsolved since the 1960s civil rights legislation. Though many works have attempted to solve the dilemma, none have tried to identify the underlying causes of the backlash against the policy. In order to understand affirmative action's future, one must understand its evolution, its opposition, and its application both in America and in other nations. In a multi-disciplinary approach, this book examines affirmative action from comparative, historical, policy, and sociological perspectives. Also included is a list of Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action.

The University of Virginia Record

The University of Virginia Record Author University of Virginia
ISBN-10 UVA:X030050611
Release 2002
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The University of Virginia Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The University of Virginia Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The University of Virginia Record book for free.


41 Author Michael Nelson
ISBN-10 9780801470820
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 280
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Although it lasted only a single term, the presidency of George H. W. Bush was an unusually eventful one, encompassing the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the invasion of Panama, the Persian Gulf War, and contentious confirmation hearings over Clarence Thomas and John Tower. Bush has said that to understand the history of his presidency, while “the documentary record is vital,” interviews with members of his administration “add the human side that those papers can never capture." This book draws on interviews with senior White House and Cabinet officials conducted under the auspices of the Bush Oral History Project (a cooperative effort of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center and the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation) to provide a multidimensional portrait of the first President Bush and his administration. Typically, interviews explored officials’ memories of their service with President Bush and their careers prior to joining the administration. Interviewees also offered political and leadership lessons they had gleaned as eyewitnesses to and shapers of history. The contributors to 41—all seasoned observers of American politics, foreign policy, and government institutions—examine how George H. W. Bush organized and staffed his administration, operated on the international stage, followed his own brand of Republican conservatism, handled legislative affairs, and made judicial appointments. A scrupulously objective analysis of oral history, primary documents, and previous studies, 41 deepens the historical record of the forty-first president and offers fresh insights into the rise of the “new world order” and its challenges. Contributors: Henry J. Abraham, University of Virginia; Jeffrey A. Engel, Southern Methodist University; Hugh Heclo, George Mason University; Sidney M. Milkis, University of Virginia; Michael Nelson, Rhodes College and University of Virginia; Barbara A. Perry, University of Virginia; Russell L. Riley, University of Virginia; Barbara Sinclair, University of California, Los Angeles; Bartholomew Sparrow, University of Texas at Austin; Robert A. Strong, Washington and Lee University; Philip Zelikow, University of Virginia.

The American Congress

The American Congress Author Steven S. Smith
ISBN-10 9781139505666
Release 2011-08-31
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The American Congress provides the most current treatment of congressional politics available in an undergraduate text. Informed by the authors' Capitol Hill experience and scholarship, this book presents a crisp introduction to major features of Congress: parties and committee systems, leadership, voting and floor activity. This text contains discussions of the importance of presidents, courts and interest groups in congressional policy making. Recent developments are also discussed within the context of congressional political history. The seventh edition includes complete coverage of the first Congress of the Obama presidency, the 2010 midterm elections, healthcare reform and an early perspective on the 112th Congress with a Republican majority.

Politics Process and American Trade Policy

Politics  Process  and American Trade Policy Author Sharyn O'Halloran
ISBN-10 0472105167
Release 1994
Pages 202
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Relying on the New Economics of Organizations (NEO), or New Institutionalism, Politics, Process, and American Trade Policy shows why conventional models do not adequately describe the formation of American trade policy. Rejecting both the pressure group model and the presidential-ascendancy model, this study's institution-based approach emphasizes the influence Congress has in setting trade policy, connecting theories of institutional design with the procedural details of regulating trade policy. To reach her conclusions, Sharyn O'Halloran uses time series data and econometric analysis to test a set of propositions concerning trade policy. She examines detailed case studies and provides a comprehensive history of the institutions that govern trade policy making. Unlike most scholars who see trade policy as disparate and ad hoc, O'Halloran is able to explain both early and contemporary American trade policy in a consistent and integrated fashion. She argues that a single set of procedures may lead to apparently different outcomes under differing initial conditions; therefore, the key is to identify the common logic, derived from constitutional imperatives, that underlies all policy outcomes.

Congress and National Energy Policy

Congress and National Energy Policy Author James Everett Katz
ISBN-10 1412820154
Release 1984
Pages 287
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James Katz evaluates the implications to the American political system of Congress's struggle over the formulation of a national energy policy during the last decade. He makes an original contribution by analyzing the policy in a wider theoretical and historical context. This combination of history, description, analysis, and theory building makes the book highly informative and useful. Katz shows that although energy supply is one of the greatest problems facing our generation and a key factor in the competition among world powers, Congress has often been unable to form effective energy policies. By examining Congress's reaction to the energy policy initiatives of recent administrations, the organizational and sociological limitations of the nation's ability to grapple with the development of a comprehensive energy policy, and the attempts to build a governmental organization to administer it, Katz provides new insight into Congress as an organization as well as into the proclivities and dynamics of the U.S. policy system. He also applies his own theory of organization to Congress to help predict and explain Congressional behavior.