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Conservatism and Racism and Why in America They Are the Same

Conservatism and Racism  and Why in America They Are the Same Author Robert C. Smith
ISBN-10 9781438432342
Release 2010-09-09
Pages 285
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Systematically illustrates the inescapable racism of American conservatism.

Conservatism and Racism and Why in America They Are the Same

Conservatism and Racism  and Why in America They Are the Same Author Robert C. Smith
ISBN-10 9781438432342
Release 2010-09-09
Pages 285
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Systematically illustrates the inescapable racism of American conservatism.

John F Kennedy Barack Obama and the Politics of Ethnic Incorporation and Avoidance

John F  Kennedy  Barack Obama  and the Politics of Ethnic Incorporation and Avoidance Author Robert C. Smith
ISBN-10 9781438445595
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 254
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Fascinating look at the challenges faced by John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama in their quests to win the presidency.

Racism in the Post Civil Rights Era

Racism in the Post Civil Rights Era Author Robert Charles Smith
ISBN-10 0791424375
Release 1995
Pages 203
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This is the first book to assess in a systematic and theoretically informed way the course and status of racism in the post-civil rights era. It convincingly demonstrates that racism continues to exist in contemporary American society twenty-five years after the civil rights revolution. Smith clarifies the concept of racism through a historical analysis of the doctrine and practice of white supremacy. Then, drawing on a variety of data surveys, court cases, the academic literature, government and privately collected statistical reports and studies, and personal experiences Smith traces the present-day manifestations of racism ideologically, attitudinally, behaviorally, and institutionally. The final chapter presents a detailed critique of the literature on the black underclass and of William Julius Wilson s thesis on the declining significance of racism in explaining the underclass. In the process, it presents a persuasive argument that the persistence and growth of the underclass is itself major evidence of the prevalence of racism today."

Economic Inequality Neoliberalism and the American Community College

Economic Inequality  Neoliberalism  and the American Community College Author Patrick Sullivan
ISBN-10 9783319442846
Release 2017-06-16
Pages 432
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This book aims to deepen public understanding of the community college and to challenge our longstanding reliance on a deficit model for defining this important, powerful, and transformative institution. Featuring a unique combination of data and research, Sullivan seeks to help redefine, update, and reshape public perception about community colleges. This book gives serious attention to student voices, and includes narratives written by community college students about their experiences attending college at an open admissions institution. Sullivan examines the history of the modern community college and the economic model that is driving much of the current discussion in higher education today. Sullivan argues that the community college has done much to promote social justice and economic equality in America since the founding of the modern community college in 1947 by the Truman Commission.

African American Leadership

African American Leadership Author Ronald W. Walters
ISBN-10 0791441458
Release 1999
Pages 315
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Written by two preeminent scholars of the subject, this book provides a panoramic view of the theory, research, and praxis of African American leadership. Walters and Smith offer a great deal to students of black leadership, as well as important strategy and policy recommendations for black leaders. The book first presents a comprehensive assessment of the social science research literature on black leadership. It finds that older studies (1930s to 1960s) dealt with the nascent formation of leadership theory, where blacks were located predominantly in the context of southern politics and had to adopt a conservative to moderate leadership style. The authors also review and evaluate research on black leadership from the 1970s to the present and suggest attention be given to studies of leadership that involve community level leadership, female leaders, black mayors, and black conservatives. African American Leadership also focuses on the practice of black leadership.

Black Presidential Politics in America

Black Presidential Politics in America Author Ronald W. Walters
ISBN-10 0887065465
Release 1988
Pages 255
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Assesses how Blacks have used presidential elections to exercise their political influence, and looks at primaries, party conventions, behind-the-scenes bargaining, and the general election

We Have No Leaders

We Have No Leaders Author Robert C. Smith
ISBN-10 9781438420530
Pages 396
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This comprehensive study of African American politics since the civil rights era concludes that the black movement has been co-opted, marginalized, and almost wholly incorporated into mainstream institutions.

Barack Obama and African American Empowerment

Barack Obama and African American Empowerment Author M. Marable
ISBN-10 9780230103290
Release 2009-11-09
Pages 269
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This book examines the evolution of black leadership and politics since the Civil Rights Movement. It looks at the phenomenon of Barack Obama, from his striking emergence as a successful candidate for the Illinois State Senate to President of the United States, as part of the continuum of African American political leaders.

Black Haze Second Edition

Black Haze  Second Edition Author Ricky L. Jones
ISBN-10 9781438456737
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 228
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Expanded and revised edition of the first book devoted solely to black fraternity hazing. Are black men naturally violent? Do they define manhood in the same way as their counterparts across lines of race? Are black Greek-letter fraternities among the most dangerous student organizations on American college and university campuses? Can their often-dangerous initiation processes be stopped or even modified and, if not, what should be done about them? In this second edition of Black Haze, Ricky L. Jones takes on these questions and more. The first edition was an enlightening and sometimes disturbing examination of American men’s quest for acceptance, comfort, reaffirmation, and manhood in a world where their footing is often unstable. In this new edition Jones not only provides masterful philosophical and ethical analyses but he also forces the engagement of a terrifying real world process that damages and kills students with all too frequent regularity. With a revealing new preface and stunning afterword, Jones immerses the reader in an intriguing and dark world marked by hypermasculinity, unapologetic brutality, and sometimes death. He offers a compelling book that ranges well beyond the subject of hazing—one that yields perplexing questions and demands difficult choices as we move forward in addressing issues surrounding fraternities, violent hazing, black men, and American society. “Black Haze is a landmark study on hazing culture within black Greek-letter organizations. With an insider’s eye and scholar’s touch, Jones masterfully captures the emic contours, complexities, and contradictions of black fraternity hazing as ritual act and cultural practice. This text is at once rigorous and accessible, theoretical and practical, classic and urgent. Anyone interested in understanding hazing, masculinity, BGLOs, or black cultural practice must read this book!” — Marc Lamont Hill, coauthor of The Classroom and the Cell: Conversations on Black Life in America “Black Haze is a compelling survey of black Greek-letter organizations, their history, purpose, and their most damning traditions. This is an examination of how the virtues of brotherhood and civic service coexist with brutal violence and cruelty within some of the oldest organizations in black America. Professor Jones has produced a vital contribution about a crucial and enduring problem.” — William Jelani Cobb, author of The Substance of Hope: Barack Obama and the Paradox of Progress “Ricky Jones’s Black Haze is an important study of black male identity development. By examining black men’s relationship with fraternities, he uncovers larger and brilliantly penetrating insights into issues of masculinity and political identity among African American males in the post-civil rights era.” — Peniel E. Joseph, author of Waiting ’Til the Midnight Hour: A Narrative History of Black Power in America “Black Haze is a riveting coup de grâce against ritualized violence in black fraternities. The second edition of Black Haze is the most penetrating, illuminating, and articulate sociopolitical and cultural analysis of the chilling legacy of violence in black Greek-letter fraternities. As one of the world’s leading authorities on black masculinity and organizations, Ricky Jones intelligently confronts traditional verities, social norms, and myths that seek to justify and continue ritualized violence in black fraternities through the courageous prism of a reformed insider dedicated to the preservation of black dignity and life.” — Jeremy I. Levitt, author of Black Women and International Law: Deliberate Interactions, Movements and Actions Praise for the First Edition “…provides valuable insights into the reasoning behind hazing, a practice that extends into the realms of sports and even high school, and is relevant for not only fraternity members and officials, but the general public as well.” — The Griot “…an important contribution … because of the skillful manner in which Jones incorporates and critically analyzes relevant literature and other related scholarly writings … Jones, himself a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, offers personal observations as well as first-hand views and perceptions of hazing.” — Journal of College Student Development

Race Class and Culture

Race  Class  and Culture Author Robert Charles Smith
ISBN-10 0791409457
Release 1992
Pages 203
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Race is arguably the most profound and enduring cleavage in American society and politics. This book examines the sources and dynamics of the race cleavage in American society through a detailed analysis of intergroup and intragroup differences at the level of mass opinion. The ethclass theory, which examines the intersection of ethnicity and class, is used to analyze interracial differences in mass attitudes. This analysis yields three clusters of opinion that distinguish African Americans from whites -- religiosity, interpersonal alienation, and political liberalism. The authors then examine the intragroup sources of these opinion differences among blacks in terms of class, gender, age, region, and religion. While the authors demonstrate an embryonic trend of more black middle class opinion agreement with whites, the book confirms the ethclass character of the black experience whereby race and race consciousness are still more significant than class in shaping black attitudes. Given the growing class bifurcation in black America and the continuing debate about its significance in shaping black attitudes and behavior, this book offers a refreshing new analysis of the homogeneity as well as heterogeneity of black mass public opinion.

Educating Black Males

Educating Black Males Author Ronnie Hopkins
ISBN-10 0791431576
Release 1997
Pages 145
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Offers insights into the creation of more effective and empowering schools and classrooms for Black males.

White Nationalism Black Interests

White Nationalism  Black Interests Author Ronald W. Walters
ISBN-10 0814330207
Release 2003
Pages 339
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A study of the most racially conscious aspect of the Conservative movement and its impact on politics and current public policy.

American Politics and the African American Quest for Universal Freedom

American Politics and the African American Quest for Universal Freedom Author Hanes Walton
ISBN-10 9781317218616
Release 2017-03-31
Pages 434
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This dynamic and comprehensive text from nationally renowned scholars continues to demonstrate the profound influence African Americans have had -- and continue to have -- on American politics. Through the use of two interrelated themes -- the idea of universal freedom and the concept of minority-majority coalitions -- the text demonstrates how the presence of Africans in the United States affected the founding of the Republic and its political institutions and processes. The authors show that through the quest for their own freedom in the United States, African Americans have universalized and expanded the freedoms of all Americans. New to the Eighth Edition A new co-author, Sherri L. Wallace, is renowned for her teaching, scholarship, and participation in APSA’s American government textbook assessment for coverage of race, ethnicity, and gender. She is the perfect addition following an election year that included female presidential candidates as well as candidates of color and issues focusing on racial tension and inequality. Offers a new Media Integration Guide for the first time. Provides the first overall assessment of the Obama administration in relation to domestic and foreign policy and racial politics in particular. Updated through the 2016 elections, connecting the Obama years with the new administration. Looks at candidates Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson in particular in relation to the themes of the book. Adds a new section on State Politics and Elections. Includes new sections on intersectionality dealing with issues of race, gender and sexuality; LGBT issues as another manifestation of the struggle for universal freedom; a discussion of the "Black Lives Matter" movement; and a new section focusing on the changing character of black ethnicity as result of increased immigration from Africa and the Caribbean. Discusses the way in which race contributed to the polarization of American politics; the connections to the Tea Party; and the Obama Presidency and the 2016 presidential campaign as the most polarized since the advent of polling. Previews the impact of the Trump Administration on matters of race and ethnicity.

Knowledge Power and Black Politics

Knowledge  Power  and Black Politics Author Mack H. Jones
ISBN-10 9781438449098
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 320
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Develops an alternative framework for describing and explaining African American politics and the American political system and applies it to a number of case studies. Few scholars have influenced the development of the study of black politics as much as Mack H. Jones. Through his writings one can trace the emergence, evolution, and maturation of the scientific study of the field. Knowledge, Power, and Black Politics brings together difficult-to-find and out-of-print essays by this important figure. In the first part of this volume Jones demonstrates how American social science creates a misleading caricature of African American life, one that can only lead to misguided public policies. He offers an alternative frame of reference, the dominant-subordinate group model, and argues that it offers greater descriptive insights and prescriptive utility for those interested in understanding politics internal to the African American community. The framework established in the first section is used to examine a broad range of topics such as the history of black politics from the period of enslavement to the modern era and the dynamics of the civil rights movement, as well as a range of contentious public policy issues, including public welfare, affirmative action, the black underclass, racism and multiculturalism, the black conservative movement, deracialization, presidential politics, and US foreign policy toward developing countries. “For more than four decades, Mack H. Jones’s work has been pivotal in directing the scope of black politics. Although his work is widely cited, never before have his seminal writings been compiled in one volume. Taken together as a whole they provide a guidebook to the field and present a powerful commentary on black politics in the current era. With force and clarity, Jones trains his sights on the most significant issues of epistemology, historical developments, policy initiatives, and political figures and groups. His clarity of vision on the instrumental uses of knowledge to advance the principle of freedom drives his incisive analysis, intellectual rigor, and, most of all, fearlessness. We have much to continue to learn from the work assembled in this collection.” — Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd, author of Gender, Race, and Nationalism in Contemporary Black Politics

Black Resistance in High School

Black Resistance in High School Author R. Patrick Solomon
ISBN-10 0791408485
Release 1992-03-16
Pages 159
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This book investigates and brings into focus the formidable issues of racial culture left undeveloped in research on multiracial school populations in the United States, Britain, and Canada. Through ethnographic research, the author presents significant and provocative insight into the formation of black self-concept, and captures the complex interplay between black students’ accommodation to the official achievement ideology and their resistance to the powerful structural forces operating within the school. It offers practical suggestions for working constructively with racial and ethnic subcultures as well as offering suggestions to school districts in the process of planning or implementing race and ethnic relations policies.

Ideal Citizens

Ideal Citizens Author James Max Fendrich
ISBN-10 0791413241
Release 1993-03-02
Pages 202
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Shifts the focus away from luminaries such as Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, and Marion Barry, to examine how the lives of more representative civil rights activists have been affected by intense political experience. Traces their career choices, and explores what kind of citizenship they practice. Paper edition (unseen), $16.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR