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Contemporary Ireland

Contemporary Ireland Author Sara O'Sullivan
ISBN-10 1904558879
Release 2007
Pages 484
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A very readable, in-depth description and analysis of the transformations that have taken place in Ireland over the past ten years during the heyday of the Celtic Tiger.

The Cambridge Social History of Modern Ireland

The Cambridge Social History of Modern Ireland Author Eugenio F. Biagini
ISBN-10 9781107095588
Release 2017-04-30
Pages 650
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Covering three centuries of unprecedented demographic and economic changes, this textbook is an authoritative and comprehensive view of the shaping of Irish society, at home and abroad, from the famine of 1740 to the present day. The first major work on the history of modern Ireland to adopt a social history perspective, it focuses on the experiences and agency of Irish men, women and children, Catholics and Protestants, and in the North, South and the diaspora. An international team of leading scholars survey key changes in population, the economy, occupations, property ownership, class and migration, and also consider the interaction of the individual and the state through welfare, education, crime and policing. Drawing on a wide range of disciplinary approaches and consistently setting Irish developments in a wider European and global context, this is an invaluable resource for courses on modern Irish history and Irish studies.

Meanings of Life in Contemporary Ireland

Meanings of Life in Contemporary Ireland Author T. Inglis
ISBN-10 9781137413727
Release 2014-11-06
Pages 250
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The struggle to create and sustain meaning in our everyday lives is fought using cultural ingredients to spin the webs of meaning that keep us going. To help reveal the complexity and intricacy of the webs of meaning in which they are suspended, Tom Inglis interviewed one-hundred people in their native home of Ireland to discover what was most important and meaningful for them in their lives. Inglis believes language is a medium: there is never an exact correspondence between what is said and what is felt and understood. Using a variety of theoretical lenses developed within sociology and anthropology, Inglis places their lives within the context of Ireland's social and cultural transformations, and of longer-term processes of change such as increased globalisation, individualisation, and informalisation.

Community Media and Identity in Ireland

Community Media and Identity in Ireland Author Jack Rosenberry
ISBN-10 9781351397018
Release 2017-10-10
Pages 134
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This book explores how Ireland’s community media outlets reflect and shape identity at the local level. While aspects of its culture date back centuries, the nation-state of Ireland is less than one hundred years old. Because of this and other elements of the island’s history, Irish identity is a contested topic and the island is a place where culture, identity and geography are tightly intertwined. By addressing how community media serve as agents for community building, the book examines how they in turn influence the way individuals connect with their communities.

Contemporary Ireland

Contemporary Ireland Author Eoin O'Malley
ISBN-10 9780230343825
Release 2011-09-15
Pages 240
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Ireland has undergone huge change in recent times. Its economy moved from 'basket case' to 'tiger', its quality of life ranked as the best in the world, and its society became more open and outward-looking under the pressures of globalization. Yet this state of affairs was given a severe shock by the global economic crisis; Ireland found itself in the eye of the storm, and has once more been forced to adapt socially, politically and economically. This concise and lively book gives a comprehensive account of today's Ireland. Written by an acknowledged expert, it gives a realistic picture of Ireland's changing fortunes and of Irish life in the twenty-first century. Each aspect of Ireland's politics, economy, society and culture is systematically unpacked and set in historical context. The text is enlivened throughout with photographs and with boxes on topics ranging from the pronunciation of Irish names to Ireland's international identity 'between Boston and Berlin'. Assuming no prior knowledge and combining clarity with rigor, Contemporary Ireland is the ideal introduction to this fascinating country.

Contemporary Ireland

Contemporary Ireland Author Sara O'Sullivan
ISBN-10 9781910820919
Release 2007
Pages 484
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Ireland and the European Union

Ireland and the European Union Author Brigid Laffan
ISBN-10 9781137048356
Release 2008-10-06
Pages 256
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Recent times have witnessed a dramatic turn around in Ireland's fortunes. From being a poor and peripheral state, it has emerged as a prosperous, dynamic and self-assured player among the nations of Europe. For many, the Irish experience provides a model of the potential rewards of European integration. But, just how far are changes in Irish society the result of EU membership? What difference has the EU made to Ireland and, for that matter, Ireland to the EU? This major new study of Irish-European relations provides a rich account of Ireland's membership of the EU and the impact of the EU on the institutions, policy and economy of Ireland It will be read with benefit by all who want to further understand what Europe means for Ireland and those wanting to learn from Ireland's experience in a comparative context.

Gender Roles in Ireland

Gender Roles in Ireland Author Margret Fine-Davis
ISBN-10 9781317629351
Release 2014-09-15
Pages 242
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Gender Roles in Ireland: three decades of attitude change documents changing attitudes toward the role of women in Ireland from 1975 to 2005, a key period of social change in this society. The book presents replicated measures from four separate surveys carried out over three decades. These cover a wide range of gender role attitudes as well as key social issues concerning the role of women in Ireland, including equal pay, equal employment opportunity, maternal employment, contraception etc. Attitudes to abortion, divorce and moral issues are also presented and discussed in the context of people’s voting behaviour in national referenda. Taken together, the data available in these studies paint a detailed and complex picture of the evolving role of women in Ireland during a period of rapid social change and key developments in social legislation. The book brings the results up to the present by including new data on current gender role issues from Margret Fine-Davis' latest research.

A Sociology of Ireland

A Sociology of Ireland Author Hilary Tovey
ISBN-10 0717135012
Release 2003
Pages 632
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Reflects recent social developments with new chapters on Civil Society, Popular Culture and Everyday Life Has a strong central argument related to the nature of Irish society Looks at Ireland's positioning in a globalising world Considers a wide range of aspects of the social structure and culture Written in an accessible and interesting style Includes a comprehensive bibliography of Irish and overseas references Suitable for Sociology courses in Irish universities and Institutes of Technology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including general arts programmes, applied social studies, social studies/social work.

Racism and Social Change in the Republic of Ireland

Racism and Social Change in the Republic of Ireland Author Bryan Fanning
ISBN-10 0719064716
Release 2002
Pages 208
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In the last decade Irish society has visibly changed with the emergence of new immigrant communities of black and ethnic minorities. Argues that Ireland was never immune from the racist ideologies that governed relationships between the 'west and the rest' despite a history of colonial anti-Irish racism. Draws upon a number of academic disciplines, focusing on the relationship between ideological forms of racism and its consequences upon black and ethnic minorities. Sets out an invaluable critique of racism in Irish society. Chapters on nation-building, Ireland's response to the Holocaust, refugees and asylum seekers, the politics of Traveller exclusion and multiculturalism in Ireland examine the mechanics of exclusion resulting from institutional racism within political.


Belongings Author Mary P. Corcoran
ISBN-10 9781904541714
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 273
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These essays explore the notion of belonging - how it evolves, manifests itself, is shaped and challenged, across a range of contexts in contemporary Ireland.

Between Politics and Sociology

Between Politics and Sociology Author Peter Herrmann
ISBN-10 IND:30000093716672
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 138
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This is the first volume in a series on recent developments, international and comparative perspectives. As social professions are more and more forced to walk a pathway of cut-backs and political restrictions under supposedly democratic goals, this book aims at taking an active part in the international debate around the political responsibility of those working in the field, aiming as well at bringing together the different areas of professional work in the social science field. The contributions of the first volume deal with subjects connected to social integration -- the more practically oriented contributions are: The systems of guaranteeing sufficient resources in the Republic of France and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Anti-racism, citizenship and integration in contemporary France; Enduring Inequalities in Transitions to Labour: Class, Education and Community Disadvantage in Ireland; Two further contributions on Faith, State and Charity and aspects of the changing political environment of applied social studies.

Northern Ireland after the troubles

Northern Ireland after the troubles Author Colin Coulter
ISBN-10 9781847794888
Release 2013-01-18
Pages 280
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In the last generation, Northern Ireland has undergone a tortuous yet remarkable process of social and political change. This collection of essays aims to capture the complex and shifting realities of a society in the process of transition from war to peace. The book brings together commentators from a range of academic backgrounds and political perspectives. As well as focusing upon those political divisions and disputes that are most readily associated with Northern Ireland, it provides a rather broader focus than is conventionally found in books on the region. It examines the cultural identities and cultural practices that are essential to the formation and understanding of Northern Irish society but are neglected in academic analyses of the six counties. While the contributors often approach issues from rather different angles, they share a common conviction of the need to challenge the self-serving simplifications and choreographed optimism that frequently define both official discourse and media commentary on Northern Ireland. Taken together, the essays offer a comprehensive and critical account of a troubled society in the throes of change.

Changing Ireland in International Comparison

Changing Ireland in International Comparison Author Betty Hilliard
ISBN-10 UOM:39015073652839
Release 2007
Pages 245
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Based on data from the International Society Survey Programme (ISSP), an international co-operative project of cross-national survey research carried out on an annual basis across 41 countries, the book comprises an analysis of social and attitudinal change in Ireland over a period of unprecedented societal transformation, by a group of experts from the Social Science Research Centre, UCD and their associate, Michael Hout, Professor of Sociology at the University of California at Berkeley. The book provides a source of measuring attitudes "before and after" the boom on a variety of important themes in international comparison at a crucial time of increasing globalisation. Three main areas are covered: economic aspects of change; family and gender; and cultural change. Changing Ireland in International Comparison is an essential reference for lecturers and students of social science, as well as policy-makers, commentators and anybody interested in today's Ireland.

Turning the Tune

Turning the Tune Author Adam Kaul
ISBN-10 9781845459611
Release 2009-11-30
Pages 200
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The last century has seen radical social changes in Ireland, which have impacted all aspects of local life but none more so than traditional Irish music, an increasingly important identity marker both in Ireland and abroad. The author focuses on a small village in County Clare, which became a kind of pilgrimage site for those interested in experiencing traditional music. He begins by tracing its historical development from the days prior to the influx of visitors, through a period called "the Revival," in which traditional Irish music was revitalized and transformed, to the modern period, which is dominated by tourism. A large number of incomers, locally known as "blow-ins," have moved to the area, and the traditional Irish music is now largely performed and passed on by them. This fine-grained ethnographic study explores the commercialization of music and culture, the touristic consolidation and consumption of "place," and offers a critique of the trope of "authenticity," all in a setting of dramatic social change in which the movement of people is constant.

Contemporary Irish society

Contemporary Irish society Author Michel Peillon
ISBN-10 UOM:39015008489604
Release 1982
Pages 231
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Contemporary Irish society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Contemporary Irish society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Contemporary Irish society book for free.

Irish Women at War

Irish Women at War Author Gillian McIntosh
ISBN-10 NWU:35556040798720
Release 2010
Pages 232
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This book is the first to assess the impact of conflict on women in 20th-Century Ireland, and how women responded to and influenced these conflicts themselves. Their roles ranged from combatants, pioneers and workers, victims and survivors, prisoners, poets, playwrights, and artists. Irish women have played their part in many spheres during two World Wars and three national conflicts in the 20th Century. Drawing on original research from a range of international scholars, and covering the span of the century, the book considers women and war through a myriad of themes - militarism, morality, political activism, and motherhood - and through the lens of a variety of sources, from memoirs to political propaganda, artistic output to activism on the streets. Whatever their socio-economic or political background, a common thread of engagement links Irish women in wartime as they challenged and changed societies subsumed by hostilities.