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Contract Law for Legal Professionals

Contract Law for Legal Professionals Author Andrea Yelin
ISBN-10 0136131786
Release 2010-02
Pages 272
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Taking a building-block approach, CONTRACT LAW FOR LEGAL PROFESSIONALS, 1/e covers the key topics and fundamental rules of contract law and shows how to apply them. Each chapter focuses on a specific topic, explains the law, illustrates the rules, reinforces the concepts and then lets students apply their knowledge. Cases present contracts issues and show how the courts resolved the issues by applying the rules. Focusing on mastering concepts, the book's goal is to equip paralegals with the basic knowledge required to approach a contracts issue capably, assist the supervising attorney and know when to ask questions.

Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals

Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:222026266
Release 1995
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Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals book for free.

The Full Weight of the Law

The Full Weight of the Law Author Shawn Healy
ISBN-10 163425970X
Release 2017
Pages 167
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"Law students and lawyers report having a significantly higher rate of depression than the general population. When untreated, depression affects lawyers and their clients, families, friends, and colleagues. In addition to the effects of mental health conditions on lawyers' lives, the same disorders can lead to substantial disciplinary issues that threaten attorneys' ability to practice law. Unfortunately, for many struggling with burdens like depression, it is only when they reach their breaking point, or encounter unavoidable professional consequences, that they feel ready to reach out for assistance. So many benefits could be derived if the problems that can grow to consume a lawyer's life and career are solved early. Authors Shawn Healy, Ph.D. and Jeffrey Fortgang, Ph.D. work directly with lawyers, law students, and judges who are suffering because of depression. In this book they offer hope through practical, realistic recommendations to help lawyers and the people who care about them understand the causes and symptoms of depression, various forms of treatment, and how to help a lawyer who may suffer from the condition." -- Publisher's website.

Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals

Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:222026266
Release 1995
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Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Understanding Contract Law for Non legal Professionals book for free.

Government Contract Law

Government Contract Law Author
ISBN-10 1590318951
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 618
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Government Contract Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Government Contract Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Government Contract Law book for free.

Contract Law in Hong Kong

Contract Law in Hong Kong Author Michael Fisher
ISBN-10 9789888083756
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 470
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This revised and expanded second edition of Contract Law in Hong Kong is the most comprehensive contemporary textbook on Hong Kong contract law written primarily for law students. The 16 chapters of the book cover all basic contract concepts in a reader-friendly style and make ample use of case illustrations. The book deals with all the core areas of Contract Law. The first two chapters introduce the major themes and explain the multiple sources of law in Hong Kong. The subsequent thirteen chapters cover the formation of a valid contract, its contents, "vitiating" elements, the consequences of illegality, the termination of contracts and remedies for breach of contract. The book concludes with an explanation of the doctrine of privity and proposals for reform of the operation of privity in Hong Kong. Particular attention is given to what makes Hong Kong law different from other common law jurisdictions, and to the continuing significance of English case law in Hong Kong and the theoretical and practical reasons for this. The book is intended primarily as a readable but comprehensive and authoritative text for Hong Kong law students. Practising lawyers and professionals who need to acquire knowledge on the topic, however, will also find this book useful and accessible.

Contract Law For Dummies

Contract Law For Dummies Author Scott J. Burnham
ISBN-10 9781118092736
Release 2011-12-06
Pages 384
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Take the mumbo jumbo out of contract law and ace your contracts course. This hands-on guide give you plain-English explanations of terminology and language used in contracts, showing you how to read and analyze cases and statues with ease.

Professional English in Use Law

Professional English in Use Law Author Gillian D. Brown
ISBN-10 0521685427
Release 2007-04-26
Pages 128
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Professional English in Use Law is a brand new addition to the Professional English in Use series.

Contract Law in the USA

Contract Law in the USA Author Gregory Klass
ISBN-10 9789041133106
Release 2010
Pages 292
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Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical analysis of the law of contracts in the USA covers every aspect of the subjectùdefinition and classification of contracts, contractual liability, relation to the law of property, good faith, burden of proof, defects, penalty clauses, arbitration clauses, remedies in case of non-performance, damages, power of attorney, and much more. Lawyers who handle transnational contracts will appreciate the explanation of fundamental differences in terminology, application, and procedure from one legal system to another, as well as the international aspects of contract law. Throughout the book, the treatment emphasizes drafting considerations. An introduction in which contracts are defined and contrasted to torts, quasi-contracts, and property is followed by a discussion of the concepts of 'consideration' or 'cause' and other underlying principles of the formation of contract. Subsequent chapters cover the doctrines of 'relative effect', termination of contract, and remedies for non-performance. The second part of the book, recognizing the need to categorize an agreement as a specific contract in order to determine the rules which apply to it, describes the nature of agency, sale, lease, building contracts, and other types of contract. Facts are presented in such a way that readers who are unfamiliar with specific terms and concepts in varying contexts will fully grasp their meaning and significance. Its succinct yet scholarly nature, as well as the practical quality of the information it provides, make this book a valuable time-saving tool for business and legal professionals alike. Lawyers representing parties with interests in the USA will welcome this very useful guide, and academics and researchers will appreciate its value in the study of comparative contract law.

Chinese Insurance Contracts

Chinese Insurance Contracts Author Zhen Jing
ISBN-10 9781317802549
Release 2016-11-25
Pages 840
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Chinese Insurance Contracts: Law and Practice is the first systematic text written in English on the law of insurance in China. This book offers a critical analysis of the major principles, doctrines and concepts of insurance contract law in China. At every point the analysis discusses the principles of the Insurance Law in detail, referring where appropriate to decided cases and also drawing attention to external influences. Readers are guided through the complexities of Chinese law in a clear and comprehensive fashion, and – significantly – in a manner that is accessible and meaningful for those used to a common law system. This book presents a comprehensive picture of Chinese insurance contract law, to facilitate a wider understanding of the relevant rules of law. Elements of insurance contract law are critically examined. In addition, this book presents rules of law on some special types of insurance contract, such as life insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, motor vehicle insurance, reinsurance, and marine insurance. The deficiencies and shortcomings of the law and practice will be identified and analysed; suggestions and recommendations on how to reform the law will be presented. Chinese Insurance Contracts also offers legal and practical advice to insurance professionals on how to draft clauses to avoid contractual pitfalls. It also uses cases to illustrate the difficulties which can arise in applying the principles in practice. This book will be essential reading for insurance companies and legal practitioners looking to do business in China, as well as reference for Chinese lawyers practising insurance law. It will also be a useful resource for students and academics studying Chinese law.

Contract Law in Russia

Contract Law in Russia Author Maria Yefremova
ISBN-10 9781782253150
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 302
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The book explains Russian contract law in a form understandable to lawyers qualified in other countries, especially common law countries. The introduction gives a concise overview of the Russian legal system in general and contract law in particular as well as a brief insight into the history of contract law in Russia. Then the main concepts of Russian contract law are explained, using the conceptual framework of English contract law to make them accessible to someone not familiar with the codified Russian system.The book not only considers the legislation regulating Russian contractual relations but also includes appropriate case law to show how the legislation is interpreted. The focus is on contract law in Russia as it actually operates, rather than merely the legislative texts, so that it will be directly relevant to legal practitioners and others who wish to acquire knowledge of the practical application of an important element of the Russian legal system, as well as those seeking an insight into the realities of codified law in action. The target readership therefore includes legal practitioners who have to deal with Russian law, academics and students with an interest in Russian law, the law of contract and comparative civil law, as well as scholars of comparative legal systems and Russian area studies.

Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts

Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts Author Roger ter Haar
ISBN-10 9781317496199
Release 2016-05-20
Pages 800
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Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts has long been the premier text for legal professionals looking for a combined analysis of construction contracts and their relation to insurance law. In a new and updated third edition, this book continues to provide in-depth commentary and pragmatic advice on all the most important regulations and policies surrounding contracts and insurance in the construction industry. Including brand new chapters on reinsurance and energy products, this book covers subjects such as: Minor, intermediate and major project construction contracts Classes of insurance contract The role of insurance brokers Risks in construction and legal liability Professional indemnity insurance and directors' and officers' liability insurance Bonds and insurance Latent defect insurance Property insurance Health and Safety and Construction Regulations Contract Insurance FIDIC, JCT and NEC 3 regulations PFI/PPP projects in the UK Dispute resolution This book is a vital reference tool and practical guide for lawyers and in-house counsels involved in the construction industry as well as project managers, quantity surveyors, construction contractors, architects and engineers needing advice from an experienced legal perspective.

Contract Law in Greece

Contract Law in Greece Author Michael Stathopoulos
ISBN-10 9789041132000
Release 2009
Pages 266
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"This book was originally published as a monograph in the International Encyclopaedia of Laws/Contracts Law."

Drafting Contracts

Drafting Contracts Author Tina L. Stark
ISBN-10 9781454829058
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 576
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An eagerly anticipated second edition of this established and highly regarded text teaches the key practice skill of contract drafting, with emphasis on how to incorporate the business deal into the contract and add value to the client's deal. Features: More exercises throughout the book, incorporating More precedents for use in exercises Exercises designed to teach students how to read and analyze a contract progressively more difficult and sophisticated New, multi-draft exercises involving a variety of business contracts New and refreshed examples, including Examples of well-drafted boilerplate provisions More detailed examples of proper way to use shall Multiple well-drafted contracts with annotations Revised Aircraft Purchase Agreement exercise to focus on key issues, along with precedents on how to draft the action sections and the endgame sections. Expanded explanations of endgame provisions, along with examples and new exercises

Contract Law and Contract Practice

Contract Law and Contract Practice Author Catherine Mitchell
ISBN-10 9781782253136
Release 2014-07-18
Pages 308
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An oft-repeated assertion within contract law scholarship and cases is that a good contract law (or a good commercial contract law) will meet the needs and expectations of commercial contractors. Despite the prevalence of this statement, relatively little attention has been paid to why this should be the aim of contract law, how these 'commercial expectations' are identified and given substance, and what precise legal techniques might be adopted by courts to support the practices and expectations of business people. This book explores these neglected issues within contract law. It examines the idea of commercial expectation, identifying what expectations commercial contractors may have about the law and their business relationships (using empirical studies of contracting behaviour), and assesses the extent to which current contract law reflects these expectations. It considers whether supporting commercial expectations is a justifiable aim of the law according to three well-established theoretical approaches to contractual obligations: rights-based explanations, efficiency-based (or economic) explanations and the relational contract critique of the classical law. It explores the specific challenges presented to contract law by modern commercial relationships and the ways in which the general rules of contract law could be designed and applied in order to meet these challenges. Ultimately the book seeks to move contract law beyond a simple dichotomy between contextualist and formalist legal reasoning, to a more nuanced and responsive legal approach to the regulation of commercial agreements.

The Development of Modern Government Contract Law

The Development of Modern Government Contract Law Author C. Stanley Dees
ISBN-10 1454886269
Release 2016-10-27
Pages 596
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This unique resource identifies and analyzes fourteen major legal issues in government contract law and highlights three important legislative changes that have occurred over the past 50 years and altered the practice of law. Authored by C. Stanley Dees, who was directly involved in many of the landmark cases examined here, this one-of-a-kind resource delivers a level of insight and historical perspective no other reference can match. Only The Development of Modern Government Contract Law: A Personal Perspective describes the evolution of government contract law and practice, thoroughly examining each of the subject areas and delivering unmatched insight and analysis. No book today provides the personal perspective of a practitioner who tried or argued key cases in many of these important areas. With The Development of Modern Government Contract Law, you'll gain: Important insight to case law controlling fourteen separate major legal issues in government contract law Thorough analysis of the three important legislative changes that occurred over the past half-century which altered the way attorneys practice Direct insights into approaches to managing apparently contradictory precedents As government contract law becomes increasingly complex, every legal professional must understand the elemental issues that structure the law. The past half century has formed the foundation period of modern government contract law, and C. Stanley Dees has been directly involved every step of the way. Quite simply, it would be difficult to develop true expertise in this practice area without taking advantage of the insights and analysis provided in this unique work on government contract law. Extensively researched, thoroughly footnoted, and with a full Table of Cases, The Development of Modern Government Contract Law: A Personal Perspective covers: Early Government Contract Law Incorporating Clauses by Operation of Law: The G.L. Christian Case Constructive Acceleration: The Electronic & Missile Facilities, Inc. Case Fact Versus Judgment: The E-Systems Case Allocation of Necessary Costs to Overhead: The General Dynamics Case Cardinal Changes--Breach to Bid Protest: AT&T Communications v. Wiltel Illegal Contracts: Before and After the AT&T Case Recovery of Unabsorbed Overhead: The Eichleay Formula, Used and Abused Structural Reform: Legislative Changes 1978-84 Loss of the Shuttle Challenger: The Changing Practice of Law GSA Procurement of Telecommunications and the "Mother" of All Bid Protests Fixed-Price Procurements for Development of Major Systems: Lockheed, Litton, General Dynamics, et al. Recovery of Interest: A History of Inequity and Error The Administrative Procedure Act: Jurisdiction in Contract Cases The Federal Circuit: Changing Direction? [Five areas where the court has reversed precedents] The Development of Modern Government Contract Law: A Personal Perspective is a foundational, must-have resource for every legal professional practicing in the government contracts arena, delivering invaluable insights and perspective that will directly inform the reader how to manage specific legal issues.

Implied Terms in English Contract Law Second Edition

Implied Terms in English Contract Law  Second Edition Author Richard Austen-Baker
ISBN-10 9781785365287
Release 2017-03-31
Pages 224
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This Second Edition is the leading account of contract law in England & Wales in relation to implied terms and has been fully revised and updated to cover recent developments in the law. Key features include analysis of the major changes to statutory implied terms brought by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and detailed examination of the decisions of the Privy Council in A-G of Belize v. Belize Telecom and of the UK Supreme Court in BNP Paribas v. Marks & Spencer.