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Conversations About Illness

Conversations About Illness Author Wayne A. Beach
ISBN-10 9781136486661
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 168
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The grandmother granddaughter conversation examined in this book makes explicit what the detailed study of interaction reveals about two social problems--"bulimia" and "grandparent caregiving." For the first time, systematic attention is given to interactional activities through which family members display ordinary yet contradictory concerns about health and illness: * a grandmother's (who is also a registered nurse) attempts to initiate, confront, and remedy her granddaughter's lack of responsibility in admitting bulimic "problems" and committing to professional medical assistance; * a granddaughter's methods for avoiding ownership of the alleged bulimic problems by discounting the legitimacy of her grandmother's expressed concerns. Through analysis of a single audio-recorded and transcribed conversation, Wayne Beach reveals the altogether pervasive and often troubled talk surrounding family medical predicaments. From a careful review of extant theories that seek to explain eating disorders and grandparent caregiving, it becomes clear that an overreliance on self-report data has promoted underspecified understandings of "social contexts" -- conceptualizations void of real time practices and interactional consequences mirroring how families manage their daily affairs and understandings regarding health and illness. In contrast, this volume draws attention to family members' embodied interactional activities. Here it is seen, for example, how methods for expressing concern and caring by individuals may nevertheless eventuate in interactional troubles and problems between family members. The analysis reveals that, while displays of basic concerns for others' health and well being are routine occurrences between family members in home environments -- and of course, across friendship and various support networks -- even the delicate and well-intended management of such occasions guarantees neither agreement on the nature of the alleged "problems" nor, consequently, a commitment to seek professional help as a means of remedying a medical condition. In such cases, the very existence of an illness is itself a matter of some contention to be interactionally worked out. And it is perhaps both predictable and symptomatic that those explicitly denying (or as with the granddaughter, indirectly failing to admit) that problematic health behaviors exist, also somehow let it be made known that far too much attention is being given to possibilities and consequences of illness in the first instance. Implications of this investigation extend well beyond "bulimia" and "grandparent caregiving" to a vast array of casual and institutional involvements between family members, friends, and bureaucratic representatives such as those involved in long-term caregiving, dealing with cancer and Alzheimer's disease, or conducting psychiatric interviews and HIV/AIDS counseling sessions. Findings regarding the interactionally organized nature of talk about bulimia, as well as the problematic nature of caregiving, will be of value to researchers focusing on language and social interaction, health practitioners, and families alike. This volume includes the full transcript of the conversation in the case study. A copy of the audio-recording is available for classroom adoption and/or personal purchase by contacting: Wayne A. Beach, School of Communication, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA 92182-4516.

Official Program Annual Conference of the International Communication Association

Official Program     Annual Conference of the International Communication Association Author International Communication Association. Conference
ISBN-10 IND:30000047343896
Release 1996
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Official Program Annual Conference of the International Communication Association has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Official Program Annual Conference of the International Communication Association also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Official Program Annual Conference of the International Communication Association book for free.

Performing the Past

Performing the Past Author Tamar Katriel
ISBN-10 9781136689444
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 184
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A nostalgic interest in the past is a well-recognized feature of fast-changing, contemporary societies. It finds its expression in a variety of history-making practices of which the establishment of local heritage museums is a major manifestation in many parts of the world today. Katriel develops a communication-centered perspective on the study of heritage museums and -- by extension -- other tourist sites, highlighting the role of discourse in these institutionalized, yet vernacular contexts of cultural production, social legitimation, and identity formation. Descriptive and critical in orientation, this book combines a close analysis of museum discourse with an exploration of such larger issues as: * the socio-cultural role of museums as arenas for the production of collective memory, * the ideological and performative constraints that shape museum presentations, * the interfacing of verbal and visual codes of communication in the context of material displays, * the dialectical interplay of the local and the global in contemporary life, and * the interpenetration of the personal and the communal in vernacular processes of narrative production. Of interest to scholars in communication, linguistics, anthropology, history, museum studies, tourism, intercultural communication, middle eastern studies, or those with interests in narratives, material culture, and ethnography.

Studies in Language and Social Interaction

Studies in Language and Social Interaction Author Jennifer Mandelbaum
ISBN-10 9781135652845
Release 2003-01-30
Pages 640
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This collection offers empirical studies and theoretical essays about human communication in everyday life. The writings come from many of the world's leading researchers and cut across academic boundaries, engaging scholars and teachers from such disciplines as communication, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and education. Chapters emphasize empirical, qualitative studies of people's everyday uses of talk-in-interaction, and they feature work in such areas as sociolinguistics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, and ethnography. The volume is dedicated to and highlights themes in the work of the late Robert Hopper, an outstanding scholar in communication who pioneered research in Language and Social Interaction (LSI). The contributors examine various features of human interaction (such as laughter, vocal repetition, and hand gestures) occurring naturally within a variety of settings (at a dinner table, a doctor's office, an automotive repair shop, and so forth), whereby interlocutors accomplish aspects of their interpersonal or institutional lives (resolve a disagreement, report bad medical news, negotiate a raise, and more), all of which may relate to larger social issues (including police brutality, human spirituality, death, and optimism). The chapters in this anthology show that social life is largely a communicative accomplishment and that people constitute the social realities experienced every day through small and subtle ways of communicating, carefully orchestrated but commonly taken for granted. In showcasing the diversity of contemporary LSI research, this volume is appropriate for scholars and graduate students in language and social interaction, communication, sociology, research methods, qualitative research methods, discourse analysis, conversation analysis, linguistics, and related areas.

Puerto Rican Discourse

Puerto Rican Discourse Author Lourdes Torres
ISBN-10 0805819312
Release 1997
Pages 138
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Before conclusions about Spanish in the United States can be drawn, individual communities must be studied in their own contexts. That is the goal of Puerto Rican Discourse. One tendency of previous work on Spanish in the United States has been an eagerness to generalize the findings of isolated studies to all Latino communities, but the specific sociocultural contexts in which people -- and languages -- live often demand very different conclusions. The results of Torres' work indicate that the Spanish of Puerto Ricans living in Brentwood continues to survive in a restricted context. Across the population of Brentwood -- for Puerto Ricans of all ages and language proficiencies -- the Spanish language continues to assume an important practical, symbolic, and affective role. An examination of the structural features of 60 oral narratives -- narrative components and the verbal tenses associated with each, overall Spanish verb use, and clause complexity -- reveals little evidence of the simplification and loss across generations found in other studies of Spanish in the United States. English-dominant Puerto Ricans are able Spanish language narrators demonstrating a wide variety of storytelling skills. The structure of their oral narratives is as complete and rich as the narratives of Spanish-dominant speakers. The content of these oral narratives of personal experience is also explored. Too often in studies on U.S. Spanish, sociolinguists ignore the words of the community; the focus is usually on the grammatical aspects of language use and rarely on the message conveyed. In this study, oral narratives are analyzed as constructions of gendered and ethnically marked identities. The stories demonstrate the contradictory positions in which many Puerto Ricans find themselves in the United States. All of the speakers in this study have internalized, to a greater or lesser extent, dominant ideologies of gender, ethnicity, and language, at the same time that they struggle against such discourse. The analysis of the discourse of the community reveals how the status quo is both reproduced and resisted in the members' narratives, and how ideological forces work with other factors, such as attitudes, to influence the choices speakers make concerning language use. A special feature of this book is that transcripts are provided in both Spanish and English. This volume combines ethnographic, quantitative, and qualitative discourse methodologies to provide a comprehensive and novel analysis of language use and attitudes of the Brentwood Puerto Rican community. Its rich linguistic and ethnographic data will be of interest to researchers and teachers in cultural communication, ethnic (Hispanic-American) studies, sociolinguistics, and TESL.

The International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction 3 Volume Set

The International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction  3 Volume Set Author Karen Tracy
ISBN-10 9781118611104
Release 2015-06-08
Pages 1660
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"Covers key research topics in the field of Language and Social Interaction with contributions from a team of experienced, global editors"--

Qualitative Communication Research Methods

Qualitative Communication Research Methods Author Thomas R. Lindlof
ISBN-10 9780761924944
Release 2002-09-11
Pages 357
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The Second Edition of Qualitative Communication Research Methods offers updated comprehensive coverage of such topics as naturalistic inquiry, interpretive paradigm, ethnomethodology, symbolic interactionism, sampling and linearity, with new studies in the areas of culture analysis and cyberspace ethnography. Numerous examples of work in the field illustrating how studies are designed, carried out, written, evaluated, and applied to theory make this an interesting and accessible text.

Producing and Managing Restricted Activities

Producing and Managing Restricted Activities Author Fabienne H.G. Chevalier
ISBN-10 9789027269096
Release 2015-03-27
Pages 382
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This book examines the kinds of talk that service providers working in various settings (e.g. doctors, healthcare providers, helpline call takers, tourist officers) seek to avoid in their interactions with clients, when such talk may be expected or due in some way. The studies utilise Conversation Analysis to demonstrate how participants use the interactional practices of avoidance and withholding to construct specific activities as restricted. The various authors also show how, in contributing to the restricted character of certain activities, withholding and avoidance in turn contribute to both the accomplishment of the particular work of the specific organisations and to the construction of the specific institutional identities of the professionals. Overall, the collection offers an authoritative account of restriction and avoidance in workplace interaction.


ABPR Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105117254594
Release 1996
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ABPR has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ABPR also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ABPR book for free.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079622448
Release 1996-05
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.

Being an older woman

Being an older woman Author Isabella Paoletti
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105019374797
Release 1998
Pages 94
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falls into women's studies, aging studies, as well as everyday communication markets.

A Natural History of Family Cancer

A Natural History of Family Cancer Author Wayne A. Beach
ISBN-10 1572736917
Release 2009
Pages 367
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Readers of A Natural History of Family Cancer will be provided with the first comprehensive analysis of pivotal communication moments comprising one family's interactional journey through cancer. The corpus is comprised of a collection of 60 local and long distance phone calls over a thirteen month period. This series of conversations represents the first natural history of a family's interactional attempts to understand and eal with cancer and its consequences.

The Talk of the Clinic

The Talk of the Clinic Author G. H. Morris
ISBN-10 9781136690358
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 352
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This collection of original papers by scholars who closely analyze the talk of the clinic features studies that were conceived with the aim of contributing to clinical practitioners' insight about how their talk works. No previous communication text has attempted to take such a practitioner-sensitive posture with its research presentations. Each chapter focuses on one or more performances that clinical practitioners -- in consort with their clients or colleagues -- must achieve with some regularity. These speech acts are consequential for effective practice and sometimes present themselves as problematic. Rather than calling for research to be simplified or reoriented in order for practitioners to understand it, these authors interpret state-of-the-art descriptive analysis for its practical import for clinicians. Each contributor delves deeply into clinical practice and its wisdom; therefore, each is positioned to identify alternative clinical practices and techniques and to appreciate practitioners' means of performing effectively. When reflective practitioners encounter these new pieces of work, productive alterations in how their work is done can be stimulated. By reading this work, reflective practitioners will now have new ways of considering their talk and new possibilities for speaking effectively. The volume is uniquely constructed so as to engage in dialogue with these reflective practitioners as they struggle to articulate their work. A practical wisdom-as-research trend has recently emerged in the clinical fields stimulating these practitioners to explore new and more informative ways -- communication and literary theory, ethnography, and discourse analysis -- to express what they do in clinics and hospitals. With the studies presented in this book, the editors build upon this dialectical process between practitioner and researcher, thus helping this productive conversation to continue.

The Psychology of Bulimia Nervosa

The Psychology of Bulimia Nervosa Author Myra Cooper
ISBN-10 0192632655
Release 2003
Pages 337
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Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterised by recurrent episodes of binge-eating followed by inappropriate compensatory behaviour. It affects 1-2% of the population, the majority of cases occurring in women between the ages of 16 and 35. This book provides a comprehensive and detailed review of the key psychological aspects of the disorder and places particular emphasis on cognitive considerations. The coverage includes the key features of Bulimia Nervosa, associated problems, psychological theories and different treatment approaches. There is special focus on cognitive factors with case examples used to illustrate the two most articulated cognitive treatments for the disorder. Emerging topics, such as imagery and metacognition are covered, as are service issues, such as stepped care and practice guidelines. Drawing on research and theory from cognitive and non-clinical areas of psychology, The Psychology of Bulimia Nervosa provides an original and challenging perspective on this debilitating condition. It questions assumptions about cognitive theory of Bulimia Nervosa and the role of standard cognitive therapy in treating the problem, suggests novel ideas, and a revised treatment and outlines areas for further research activity.

Bio Psycho Social Contributions to Understanding Eating Disorders

Bio Psycho Social Contributions to Understanding Eating Disorders Author Yael Latzer
ISBN-10 9783319327426
Release 2016-08-08
Pages 202
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This book uniquely combines cutting-edge medical, psychological, and sociocultural topics pertinent to eating disorders. In the medical realm, the book focuses on Eating Disorders’ newly investigated associations with ADHD and sleep disorders, and on innovative treatments of osteoporosis in anorexia nervosa. Novel contributions in the psychological realm address families’ trans-generational transmission of Eating Disorders-related difficulties and novel internet-based treatments for such families. Lastly, in the sociocultural realm, the book discusses social contagion and Pro-Ana websites as increasing risk for disordered eating in young women around the globe. This volume provides readers with more holistic perspectives of each realm and their interplay, to promote Eating Disorders’ understanding, treatment, prevention, and research. It provides various professionals including mental health providers, physicians, nutritionists, and graduate students in these professions.

Journeys of Embodiment at the Intersection of Body and Culture

Journeys of Embodiment at the Intersection of Body and Culture Author Niva Piran
ISBN-10 9780128094211
Release 2017-09-15
Pages 336
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Journeys of Embodiment at the Intersection of Body and Culture: The Developmental Theory of Embodiment describes an innovative developmental and feminist theory—understanding embodiment—to provide a new perspective on the interactions between the social environment of girls and young women of different social locations and their embodied experience of engagement with the world around them. The book proposes that the multitude of social experiences described by girls and women shape their body experiences via three core pathways: experiences in the physical domain, experiences in the mental domain and experiences related directly to social power. The book is structured around each developmental stage in the body journey of girls and young women, as influenced by their experience of embodiment. The theory builds on the emergent constructs of ‘embodiment’ and ‘body journey,’ and the key social experiences which shape embodiment throughout development and adolescence—from agency, functionality and passion during early childhood to restriction, shame and varied expressions of self-harm during and following puberty. By addressing not only adverse experiences at the intersection of gender, social class, ethnocultural grouping, resilience and facilitative social factors, the theory outlines constructive pathways toward transformation. It contends that both protective and risk factors are organized along these three pathways, with the positive and negative aspects conceptualized as Physical Freedom (vs. Corseting), Mental Freedom (vs. Corseting), and Social Power (vs. Disempowerment and Disconnection). Examines the construct of embodiment and its theoretical development Explores the social experiences that shape girls throughout development Recognizes the importance of the body and sexuality Includes narratives by girls and young women on how they inhabit their bodies Invites scholars and health professionals to critically reflect on the body journeys of diverse girls and women Addresses the advancement of feminist, social critical and psychological theory, as well as implications to practice—both therapy and health promotion

Brave Girl Eating

Brave Girl Eating Author Harriet Brown
ISBN-10 9780062008619
Release 2010-08-24
Pages 288
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“One of the most up to date, relevant, and honest accounts of one family’s battle with the life threatening challenges of anorexia. Brown has masterfully woven science, history, and heart throughout this compelling and tender story.” —Lynn S. Grefe, Chief Executive Officer, National Eating Disorders Association “As a woman who once knew the grip of a life-controlling eating disorder, I held my breath reading Harriet Brown’s story. As a mother of daughters, I wept for her. Then cheered.” —Joyce Maynard, author of Labor Day In Brave Girl Eating, the chronicle of a family’s struggle with anorexia nervosa, journalist, professor, and author Harriet Brown recounts in mesmerizing and horrifying detail her daughter Kitty’s journey from near-starvation to renewed health. Brave Girl Eating is an intimate, shocking, compelling, and ultimately uplifting look at the ravages of a mental illness that affects more than 18 million Americans.