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Corporate Crime Investigation

Corporate Crime Investigation Author Jack Bologna
ISBN-10 0750696591
Release 1997
Pages 250
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This manual is intended for corporate security professionals, and those involved in internal auditing of company accounts as well as investigators into race and gender infractions. Ethical issues surrounding privacy and breach of contract are discussed.

Encyclopedia of White Collar Corporate Crime

Encyclopedia of White Collar   Corporate Crime Author Lawrence M. Salinger
ISBN-10 9780761930044
Release 2005
Pages 974
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With more than 500 entries (including up-to-date information on such high profile cases as Martha Stewart and Enron), the Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime gathers history, definitions, examples, investigation, prosecution, assessments, challenges, and projections into one definitive reference work on the topic. This two-volume encyclopedia incorporates information about a variety of white-collar crimes, and provides examples of persons, statutes, companies, and convictions. Each entry offers a thorough and thoughtful summary of the topic. Rather than a simple definition, users are given a satisfying and sophisticated synopsis with references for further study.

White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime Author Petter Gottschalk
ISBN-10 9781599428390
Release 2010-06
Pages 198
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White-Collar Crime describes white-collar crime and criminals. It discusses executive knowledge of white-collar crime, and white-collar crime theories are presented. Executive positions involved in crime, white-collar crime analysis, response to crime suspicion, corporate social responsibility, and corporate reputation damage and repair are some of the core topics of this book. Knowledge strategy, intelligence strategy, and systems strategy are also presented from a strategic management perspective.

Fraud Examiners in White Collar Crime Investigations

Fraud Examiners in White Collar Crime Investigations Author Petter Gottschalk
ISBN-10 9781498760447
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 298
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In Fraud Examiners in White-Collar Crime Investigations, Petter Gottschalk examines and evaluates the investigative processes used to combat white-collar crime. He also presents a general theory regarding the economic, organizational, and behavioral dimensions of its perpetrators. Pool Your Resources for a Successful Investigation Gottschalk emphasizes the importance of collaboration across multiple disciplines including accounting, law, and forensic science in solving each case of suspected white-collar crime. He describes each case as a "puzzle" or "project" consisting of several steps and several participating individuals or organizations. Since so many people participate in an investigation, Gottschalk advises that objectively acquired and communicated information is vital to successful results. Fraud Examiners in White-Collar Crime Investigations approaches case studies from the perspectives of police science and detective work rather than auditing and legal thinking. Gottschalk asserts that "the private detective rather than the firm lawyer" is the more potentially successful fraud examiner. His approach emphasizes the importance of using strategy and practice in yielding results toward solving a case and highlights the use of interviews. He looks at the role of people as significant resources of information to help solve white-collar criminal cases and explains how a well-conducted interview can have a significant impact on the progress of an investigation. Through the analyses theories Gottschalk presents, this book gives you a useful tool for understanding characteristics of white-collar crime and for devising strategies for conducting and evaluating investigations of suspected white-collar crimes.

Investigating White Collar Crime

Investigating White Collar Crime Author Petter Gottschalk
ISBN-10 9783319689166
Release 2017-11-03
Pages 265
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This book examines internal fraud investigations in public and private organizations. It provides a theoretical framework of white-collar crime and convenience theory, to examine a number of case studies, including some cases brought to light by the Panama Papers. Investigating white-collar crime is distinguished from other types of crime by: concealment of the crime rather than the criminal, victims who may be unaware of the crime and not directly visible to the criminal, and the resources available to suspects. It requires a unique strategy and a unique set of tools. This work provides insight into a number of internal investigation reports that are normally not publicly available. It will be of interest to researchers in criminology and criminal justice, particularly with an interest in white collar crime and corruption, as well as related fields such as business, management, economics, and public administration.

Combating Corporate Crime

Combating Corporate Crime Author Michael L. Benson
ISBN-10 1555533531
Release 1998
Pages 264
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The first major study of white-collar crime prosecutions by local governments.

Corporate Criminal Liability and Prevention

Corporate Criminal Liability and Prevention Author Richard S. Gruner
ISBN-10 1588521257
Release 2004
Pages 600
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Instructs corporate counsel on how to adopt forward-looking compliance policies that can prevent criminal liability and how to mitigate the severity of penalties when they are unavoidable.

White collar Crime

White collar Crime Author Michael Benson
ISBN-10 9780791094136
Release 2008
Pages 118
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Discusses white-collar crime, including the different kinds of white-collar crimes, how they are detected and investigated, and the technological advances in criminal investigation that help apprehend offenders.

White Collar Crime The Essentials

White Collar Crime  The Essentials Author Brian K. Payne
ISBN-10 9781452219936
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 453
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White Collar Crime: The Essentials is a comprehensive, yet compact text addresses the most important topics in white collar crime, while allowing for more accessibility through cost. Author Brian Payne provides a theoretical framework and context for students and explores such timely topics as crimes by workers sales oriented systems, crimes in the health care system, crimes by criminal justice professionals and politicians, crimes in the educational system, crimes in the economic and technological systems, corporate crime, environmental crime, and others. This is an easily-supplemented resource for any course that covers white collar crime.

Explaining White Collar Crime

Explaining White Collar Crime Author Petter Gottschalk
ISBN-10 9783319449869
Release 2016-11-22
Pages 127
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This book introduces 'convenience' as the key concept to explain financial crime by white-collar criminals. Based on a number of fraud examination- reports from the United States and Norway, the book documents empirical evidence of convenience among white-collar criminals. It advances our understanding of white-collar crime by drawing attention to private investigation reports by fraud examiners and financial crime specialists, who are in the growing business of fraud investigations. Reports of investigations have never before been researched in terms of white-collar criminals nor crime convenience. Reports of investigations by auditing and law firms represent a valuable empirical basis – in addition to court documents and other sources of information about financial crime. A methodical and well-researched study, this book will be of particular interest to scholars of criminological theory and law – in addition to ethics courses in business schools.

Understanding White Collar Crime

Understanding White Collar Crime Author J. Kelly Strader
ISBN-10 9781579110383
Release 2011-11-11
Pages 486
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White collar crime is primarily based upon a complex set of statutes. Understanding White Collar Crime provides the texts of the statutes, along with analyses of the statutes' elements. Because many of these statutes are open to varying interpretations, the book also extensively discusses the main cases interpreting the statutes, including a large number of U.S. Supreme Court cases. Finally, the book discusses the significant policy issues that arise in white collar crime investigations and prosecutions, such as enforcement barriers and prosecutorial discretion. Examples of new materials for this edition include discussions of the Supreme Court's recent decisions on the United States Sentencing Guidelines (Booker), obstruction of justice (Arthur Andersen LLP), mail and wire fraud (Pasquantino), conspiracy (Jimenez Recio), bribery (Sabri), extortion (Scheidler v. NOW), and money laundering (Whitfield). The Third Edition of Understanding White Collar Crime also discusses important federal circuit and district court cases in such areas as obstruction (Quattrone), mail fraud (Rybicki), securities fraud (Martha Stewart), and sentencing (various issues arising under Booker).

Rethinking Corporate Crime

Rethinking Corporate Crime Author James Gobert
ISBN-10 0406950067
Release 2003-03-01
Pages 379
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Critiques the application of the current criminal law system to corporate wrongdoing and assesses the potential for legal control of corporate criminality.

Introduction to Corporate and White Collar Crime

Introduction to Corporate and White Collar Crime Author Frank J. DiMarino
ISBN-10 9781482215205
Release 2013-05-21
Pages 284
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White-collar crime costs the United States more than $300 billion each year. It is surprisingly common, with one in every three Americans eventually becoming a victim. The criminals often dismiss these crimes as victimless, but those unfortunate enough to fall prey would disagree. An Introduction to Corporate and White-Collar Crime provides readers with an understanding of what white-collar crime is, how it works, and the extent to which it exists in our society. The broad-based coverage in this text analyzes the opportunity structures for committing white-collar crime and explores new ways of thinking about how to control it. Topics include: Theories behind white-collar crime, including social and psychological theories Routine activity, crime pattern, and situational crime prevention theories Laws that govern the securities industries, including the Securities Exchange Act and Sarbanes–Oxley Bank fraud, money laundering, racketeering, and organized crime Crimes involving public officials and obstruction of justice Control and prevention of white-collar crimes and sanctions for white-collar criminals The material is organized and presented in a logical fashion, with each chapter building from the previous content. Every chapter begins with objectives to help readers focus on the topic and concludes with review questions to test assimilation of the material and promote debate. Several chapters conclude with a practicum to facilitate real-world understanding of the material.

Internal Investigations of Economic Crime

Internal Investigations of Economic Crime Author Petter Gottschalk
ISBN-10 9781627340489
Release 2015-08-18
Pages 320
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Private internal investigations by fraud examiners is a growing business for professional services firms. This book presents evaluations of a number of investigation reports in the United States and Norway. The book discusses self-regulation and regulatory policy. Convenience theory is introduced as an integrated explanation of white-collar crime.

White Collar Crime in the Shadow Economy

White Collar Crime in the Shadow Economy Author Petter Gottschalk
ISBN-10 9783319752921
Release 2018-03-22
Pages 155
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This open access book examines the magnitude, causes of, and reactions to white-collar crime, based on the theories and research of those who have uncovered various forms of white-collar crime. It argues that the offenders who are convicted represent only ‘the tip of the iceberg’ of a much greater problem: because white-collar crime is forced to compete with other kinds of financial crime like social security fraud for police resources and so receives less attention and fewer investigations. Gottschalk and Gunnesdal also offer insights into estimation techniques for the shadow economy, in an attempt to comprehend the size of the problem. Holding broad appeal for academics, practitioners in public administration, and government agencies, this innovative study serves as a timely starting point for examining the lack of investigation, detection, and conviction of powerful white-collar criminals.

Research Handbook on Corporate Crime and Financial Misdealing

Research Handbook on Corporate Crime and Financial Misdealing Author Jennifer Arlen
ISBN-10 9781783474479
Release 2018
Pages 392
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Jennifer Arlen brings together 13 original chapters by leading scholars that examine how to deter corporate misconduct through public enforcement and private interventions. Scholars from a variety of disciplines present both theoretical and empirical analyses of organizational and individual liability for corporate crime, liability for foreign corruption, securities fraud enforcement, compliance, corporate investigations, and whistleblowing. This Research Handbook also highlights promising avenues for future research.

The nature impact and prosecution of white collar crime

The nature  impact  and prosecution of white collar crime Author Herbert Edelhertz
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105044336308
Release 1970
Pages 77
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The nature impact and prosecution of white collar crime has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The nature impact and prosecution of white collar crime also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The nature impact and prosecution of white collar crime book for free.