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Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

Creating Emotionally Safe Schools Author Jane Bluestein
ISBN-10 1558748148
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 500
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Something is terribly wrong with our schools. How did a place that should be a sanctuary for kids becomes a source of fear and intimidation? What has happened? In Creating Emotionally Safe Schools, Jane Bluestein offers a plan to return schools to havens of nurturing and learning. She examines environmental, historical, developmental, psychological, sociological, interpersonal, instructional and administrative factors that contribute to the emotional climate of an educational institution. This is a comprehensive view of what makes a school feel the way it feels, and what we can do to make it feel safe for every child-and every adult-who walks through its doors. Emotional safety has many dimensions, such as: the impact of the family and early development, childhood stress and coping, the changing role of the school, acceptance and emotional support, respect and belonging, temperament and labels, gangs and violence, instructional strategies, learning styles and multiple intelligences, teacher training and support, and the inherent need for a sense of community. The message Jane Bluestein brings is positive: information, programs and solutions are available that can ultimately make our schools inviting, inspiring, and, yes-safe. Includes: Comprehensive list of references and resources Complete index

Special Programs and Services in Schools

Special Programs and Services in Schools Author Bonnie Beyer
ISBN-10 9781605951751
Release 2014-06-18
Pages 225
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New edition of the definitive text thoroughly updated with information on Race to the Top, NCLB revisions, ESEA Reauthorization, federal, state and district responsibilitiesSpells out requirements and legislated mandates for special education, ESL, food service, disability, health services, gifted education, school to work, etc.For administrators in public, private and charter schoolsUsed as a text at Texas A&M, Houston, Michigan and many other universities Created for school administrators in public and private schools, this book is an update of the original 2005 volume that organized and explained virtually all federally mandated programs, the "third curriculum" that helps dictate how U.S. schools are managed. Used as a textbook in many universities, it lists and explains dozens of new U.S. laws and amendments from the past decade and situates them in the context of states and districts. It investigates the goals and requirements of dozens of education programs and clarifies government regulations affecting students as well as citizens who come in contact with schools, e.g., disabled individuals, job-seekers, employees, non-English-speaking parents and many other groups. Encompassing and yet going far beyond special education, the text offers pointers and case studies on how programs should be administered to improve learning outcomes as well as heighten a school's community profile. The detailed, concrete information in this book is indispensable for understanding government requirements, accessing the right agencies, reducing discrimination, and avoiding legal entanglements. At the same time, the 10 chapters of this volume are readily integrated into a syllabus for courses on special programs in schools.

School Success for Kids with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

School Success for Kids with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Author Michelle R. Davis
ISBN-10 1593634315
Release 2011
Pages 297
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This guide gives parents and teachers of students with conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, mood disorders, or other emotional and behavioral disorders the strategies they need to help these kids overcome their struggles and find success in school.

Becoming a Win Win Teacher

Becoming a Win Win Teacher Author Jane Bluestein
ISBN-10 9781632209580
Release 2015-03-10
Pages 288
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Becoming a successful teacher in today's fast-changing world can be a daunting challenge. Jane Bluestein addresses the issues new teachers face and provides practical ideas and honest cautions in a wide range of helpful topics, including what keeps so many schools rooted in win-lose philosophies and practices, personal assets that will increase the odds of your survival and success, and specific strategies for winning in a win-lose system. These valuable insights and strategies, backed by years of experience and research, help you: - Establish your professional identity - Understand the culture, environment, and politics of today's schools - Build your own support team with mentors, administrators, and colleagues - Connect with students and create win-win classrooms - Take care of yourself and grow in your career With activity sheets full of handy charts, self-assessment surveys, and planning pages, Becoming a Win-Win Teacher helps you become a welcome, established, and effective member of a school community—without sacrificing your personality, intentions, or ideals.

In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands Author Sheri Werner
ISBN-10 9781610488099
Release 2012
Pages 142
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As suicide continues to be one of the leading causes of death among children under the age of fourteen, and as recent bullying statistics report a strong connection between bullying, being bullied, and suicide, it is time for society to set aside its obsession with grade-level benchmarks, test scores, and Blue Ribbon Schools, and instead demand that our students achieve the academic successes they deserve by ensuring that they are educated in schools that are intellectually, socially, and emotionally safe. In Safe Hands: Bullying Prevention With Compassion for All is a hands-on blueprint to helping schools, parents, and the community at large address and solve the problem of bullying. This compelling examination of bullying includes real life examples and activities for implementation. The fact that the program introduced in this book was developed not in response to the obvious and increasing need for bullying prevention and intervention in schools, but merely as a model of how all schools can educate children in safe educational environments is what differentiates this book from other bullying prevention books on the market today."

The Win win Classroom

The Win win Classroom Author Jane Bluestein
ISBN-10 9781412965033
Release 2009
Pages 72
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Use this guide to provide teachers with focused training on building student accountability, ending power struggles with kids, and encouraging student cooperation, motivation, self-management, and on-task behavior.

Activities for Building Character and Social Emotional Learning

Activities for Building Character and Social Emotional Learning Author Katia S. Petersen
ISBN-10 9781575423937
Release 2012
Pages 202
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In Activities for Building Character and Social-Emotional Learning, hundreds of user-friendly lesson plans help teachers build attitudes of respect and caring, reduce problem behaviors, empower students to solve problems, and educate the whole child socially, emotionally, and academically. The lessons? literature-based connections allow teachers to 'build in' rather than 'add on' social-emotional learning (SEL) as part of the daily curriculum. The four teacher resources in the Safe & Caring Schools® series can also be implemented as a schoolwide preK-8 program.

Safe School Ambassadors

Safe School Ambassadors Author Rick Phillips
ISBN-10 9780470197424
Release 2008-04-11
Pages 326
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Discusses bullying and violence in schools, and proposes that empowering students and instilling an environment of tolerance can help solve these issues.

Promoting Social and Emotional Learning

Promoting Social and Emotional Learning Author Maurice J. Elias
ISBN-10 9780871202888
Release 1997
Pages 164
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A guide to establishing high-quality social and emotional education programs describes approaches to social and emotional learning for all levels and includes thirty-nine guidelines and field-inspired examples for classrooms, schools, and districts.

Parents Teens and Boundaries

Parents  Teens and Boundaries Author Jane Bluestein
ISBN-10 1558742794
Release 1993-12-01
Pages 200
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How you set boundaries with your teens is among the most important aspects of your parent-child relationship. Unfortunately, this ability does not come automatically with parenthood. Here Jane Bluestein, a former teacher and counselor, looks at 20 relationship-building techniques all parents can use to set limits with their teens. You'll learn the essential arts of loving, motivating, accepting, negotiating, respecting, acknowledging, communicating, supporting, empowering, trusting . . . and much more. These practical strategies for boundary setting will enable you to avoid conflict, resolve problems and establish a foundation of mutual love and respect. As a result of learning to set healthy boundaries, you may actually begin to enjoy your children's teen years!

Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children

Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children Author Barbara Jackson Gilman
ISBN-10 9780910707886
Release 2008
Pages 358
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Formerly titled Empowering Gifted Minds: Educational Advocacy That Works, this double award-winning book is the definitive manual on gifted advocacy for gifted students. The author tells parents and teachers how to document a child's abilities to provide reasonable educational options year by year. This book provides imperative information on testing considerations, curriculum, successful programs, and planning your child's education. It is truly an essential guide.

Education for a Change

Education for a Change Author Titus Alexander
ISBN-10 9781134312313
Release 2004-11-30
Pages 236
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This challenging, hard-hitting book is about making schooling relevant to modern society. It starts from the premise that our present education system is ill equipped to serve students and society in the twenty-first century. In a series of positive yet powerful and provocative chapters, the authors look at critical issues shaping schools today, with a view to: * set out the critical issues behind the headlines * show evidence from research and examples of good practice * stimulate public debate and rigorous thinking about how we educate children for life in the twenty-first century * provide practical examples of learning for the future * present a vision for school transformation. With contributions from a range of leading commentators including Tim Brighouse, Jonathan Poritt, Anita Roddick, Charles Handy and Jonathan Sacks, this is a must-read for school leaders, teachers, policy-makers, parents and all education professionals.

Virtue Based Restorative Discipline

Virtue Based Restorative Discipline Author Lynne M. Lang
ISBN-10 9781612783383
Release 2013-06-21
Pages 192
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"This faith-filled approach to addressing bullying and other disruptive behaviors stands as an exemplary model for our parishes, homes and schools." - The Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson, Archbishop of St. Louis An age-old problem is now a golden opportunity! From inspiring kids to performing simple acts of kindness, to helping teachers recognize warning signs, to empowering parents, Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline helps put an end to bullying issues and restores a safe, positive, and welcoming environment for all. Designed to decrease anti-social behaviors and increase faith practices, this unique program, as developed in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, moves away from punitive methods of dealing with anti-social behavior, getting to the root cause of the issue. Lays a foundation of spirituality for parents and kids Educates children on virtues and integrates them as part of the solution Strengthens relationships with God and others Creates high accountability and high responsibility for solving conflicts. "We are encouraged by the changes we have seen in adults and students as we strengthen Catholic identity." -- George Henry, Superintendent for Catholic Education, Archdiocese of St. Louis "When I hear my students tell me they see me showing virtue in an action, I know they understand, even as young as second grade." Nina Ashby, Teacher, Holy Trinity School "It is a program on bullying, yet we're truly working to grow in faith and love. Well worth it!" -- Ben H., Parent at St. Peter School, Kirkwood, MO "I get to do something that makes me think about my actions and help others to learn from my mistakes. I hardly ever get in trouble anymore." -- Juan, an 8th grader at Holy Trinity School Lynne Lang is director of school climate for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. An experienced Catholic educator and author, she has worked for 15 years in the fields of violence prevention, health education and curriculum development.

Leading Dynamic Schools

Leading Dynamic Schools Author Sharon F. Rallis
ISBN-10 9781412915564
Release 2008
Pages 121
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Helps educational leaders create a dialogue that represents all stakeholders, define relevant policies that are ethically sound, and integrate legally mandated policies with schoolwide resolutions.

High School s Not Forever

High School s Not Forever Author Jane Bluestein
ISBN-10 0757302564
Release 2005-07-01
Pages 250
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Your survival guide to the maze that is the maze that is the high school experience With real-life stories from teens across the country - as well as high school "survivors" - this book paints a real picture of how teens like you feel about the struggles and triumphs of the daily grind and how they get through it. If you ever feel like you're on the sidelines or that the pressure to perform, conform or maintain appearances gets to be too much, this is the book for you!

Respectful Parents Respectful Kids

Respectful Parents  Respectful Kids Author Sura Hart
ISBN-10 9781892005229
Release 2006
Pages 240
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A practical handbook that provides seven simple steps to resolving conflicts between parents and children; and includes activities, stories, and helpful resources.

Raising a Secure Child

Raising a Secure Child Author Zeynep Biringen
ISBN-10 0399529942
Release 2004
Pages 317
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Arguing that emotional availability represents the key to parenting a happier child, this practical handbook discusses the fundamental principles of emotional availability and how to apply them to a variety of family situations, explaining how to create an emotional connection with one's children and develop new ways of nourishing emotional bonds with children of any age. Original.