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Crimes Against Peace and International Law

 Crimes Against Peace  and International Law Author Kirsten Sellars
ISBN-10 9781107028845
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 316
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A legal and historical analysis of the first modern attempts to prosecute national leaders for embarking upon aggressive war.

Reducing Genocide to Law

Reducing Genocide to Law Author Payam Akhavan
ISBN-10 9780521824415
Release 2012-01-26
Pages 191
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Why is genocide the 'ultimate crime' and does this distinction make any difference in confronting evil?

War Crimes in Internal Armed Conflicts

War Crimes in Internal Armed Conflicts Author Eve La Haye
ISBN-10 9781139469845
Release 2008-04-03
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Does international law make individuals responsible for perpetrating war crimes during internal armed conflicts? Eve La Haye explores the content of international criminal law applicable in such conflicts and questions the 1995 finding of the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia that responsibility could be enforced on the basis of customary international law. This finding is evaluated with regard to state practice and the practice of international organisations. The means to enforce individual criminal responsibility for such crimes are also investigated. The states on whose territory the crimes took place have sometimes tried such perpetrators, but can other states prosecute perpetrators of war crimes under the principle of universal jurisdiction? The applicability of universal jurisdiction to war crimes committed in civil wars and the practice of domestic courts are examined, alongside the role and achievements of prosecutions carried out by international courts and tribunals.

Non Legality in International Law

Non Legality in International Law Author Fleur Johns
ISBN-10 9781107014015
Release 2013-01-03
Pages 259
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Shows how international lawyers make non-law (extra-legal, illegal and other non-legal phenomena) and why this matters in global politics today.

Justice for Crimes Against Humanity

Justice for Crimes Against Humanity Author Mark Lattimer
ISBN-10 9781841134130
Release 2003
Pages 512
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The aim of this book is to assess recent developments in international law seeking to bring an end to impunity by bringing to justice those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The book was originally conceived while the editors were engaged, in different capacities, in proceedings relating to the detention of Senator Pinochet in London. Recent developments including that case, the trial of former President Miloševic, and the creation of the International Criminal Court, have transformed international criminal law and also sparked vigorous public debate. Under what circumstances can those accused of grave crimes under international law now be brought to justice in national or international courts? When can immunity from jurisdiction still be claimed? In addressing these questions and attempting to clarify the applicable law, this book also acknowledges the wider moral and political questions raised, which in turn will influence the further development of the law.

The Law of Internal Armed Conflict

The Law of Internal Armed Conflict Author Lindsay Moir
ISBN-10 1139431730
Release 2002-01-03
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Laws regulating armed conflict have existed for centuries, but the bulk of these provisions have been concerned with wars between states. Relatively little attention has been paid to the enormously important area of internal armed conflict. At a time when international armed conflicts are vastly outnumbered by domestic disputes, this book seeks to redress the balance through a comprehensive analysis of those rules which exist in international law to protect civilians during internal armed conflict. From regulations in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries according to the doctrine of recognition of belligerency, this book traces the subsequent development of international law by the Geneva Conventions and their additional Protocols, as well as through the more recent jurisprudence of the Yugoslav and Rwandan tribunals. The book also considers the application of human rights law during internal armed conflict, before assessing how effectively the applicable law is, and can be, enforced.

Beyond Human Rights

Beyond Human Rights Author
ISBN-10 9781107164307
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Beyond Human Rights has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Beyond Human Rights also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Beyond Human Rights book for free.

Underwater Cultural Heritage and International Law

Underwater Cultural Heritage and International Law Author Sarah Dromgoole
ISBN-10 9780521842310
Release 2013-07-25
Pages 440
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The first full-scale study of the international legal framework governing underwater cultural heritage to be published in nearly two decades.

The Right to Reparation in International Law for Victims of Armed Conflict

The Right to Reparation in International Law for Victims of Armed Conflict Author Christine Evans
ISBN-10 9781107019973
Release 2012-06-28
Pages 277
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Christine Evans assesses the right to reparation for victims of armed conflict in international law and in national practice.

Humanity at Sea

Humanity at Sea Author Itamar Mann
ISBN-10 9781107148765
Release 2016-08-31
Pages 266
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Integrates legal, historical, and philosophical materials to illuminate the migration topic and to provide a novel theory of human rights.

Atrocity Punishment and International Law

Atrocity  Punishment  and International Law Author Mark A. Drumbl
ISBN-10 9781139464567
Release 2007-04-30
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This book argues that accountability for extraordinary atrocity crimes should not uncritically adopt the methods and assumptions of ordinary liberal criminal law. Criminal punishment designed for common criminals is a response to mass atrocity and a device to promote justice in its aftermath. This book comes to this conclusion after reviewing the sentencing practices of international, national, and local courts and tribunals that punish atrocity perpetrators. Sentencing practices of these institutions fail to attain the goals that international criminal law ascribes to punishment, in particular retribution and deterrence. Fresh thinking is necessary to confront the collective nature of mass atrocity and the disturbing reality that individual membership in group-based killings is often not maladaptive or deviant behavior but, rather, adaptive or conformist behavior. This book turns to a modern, and adventurously pluralist, application of classical notions of cosmopolitanism to advance the frame of international criminal law to a broader construction of atrocity law and towards an interdisciplinary, contextual, and multicultural conception of justice.

Crimes against Humanity

Crimes against Humanity Author M. Cherif Bassiouni
ISBN-10 9781139498937
Release 2011-04-25
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This book traces the evolution of crimes against humanity (CAH) and their application from the end of World War I to the present day, in terms of both historic legal analysis and subject-matter content. The first part of the book addresses general issues pertaining to the categorization of CAH in normative jurisprudential and doctrinal terms. This is followed by an analysis of the specific contents of CAH, describing its historic phases going through international criminal tribunals, mixed model tribunals and the International Criminal Court. The book examines the general parts and defenses of the crime, along with the history and jurisprudence of both international and national prosecutions. For the first time, a list of all countries that have enacted national legislation specifically directed at CAH is collected, along with all of the national prosecutions that have occurred under national legislation up to 2010.

Prosecuting International Crimes

Prosecuting International Crimes Author Robert Cryer
ISBN-10 1139443690
Release 2005-06-30
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This 2005 book discusses the legitimacy of the international criminal law regime. It explains the development of the system of international criminal law enforcement in historical context, from antiquity through the Nuremberg and Tokyo Trials, to modern-day prosecutions of atrocities in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. The modern regime of prosecution of international crimes is evaluated with regard to international relations theory. The book then subjects that regime to critique on the basis of legitimacy and the rule of law, in particular selective enforcement, not only in relation to who is prosecuted, but also the definitions of crimes and principles of liability used when people are prosecuted. It concludes that although selective enforcement is not as powerful as a critique of international criminal law as it was previously, the creation of the International Criminal Court may also have narrowed the substantive rules of international criminal law.

Great Powers and Outlaw States

Great Powers and Outlaw States Author Gerry Simpson
ISBN-10 0521534909
Release 2004-04-22
Pages 391
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Historical and legal analysis of Kosovo and Afghanistan wars and impact on global political order.

The Crime of Aggression Under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

The Crime of Aggression Under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Author Carrie McDougall
ISBN-10 9781107011090
Release 2013-04-18
Pages 382
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An analysis of the crime of aggression amendments adopted under the International Criminal Court's Statute in 2010.

Encyclopedia of War Crimes and Genocide

Encyclopedia of War Crimes and Genocide Author Leslie Alan Horvitz
ISBN-10 9781438110295
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 593
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Entries address topics related to genocide, crimes against humanity and peace, and human rights violations; profile perpetrators including Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin; and discuss institutions set up to prosecute these crimes in countries around the world.

Africa and the World

Africa and the World Author Dawn Nagar
ISBN-10 9783319625904
Release 2017-10-25
Pages 520
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This book probes key issues pertaining to Africa’s relations with global actors. It provides a comprehensive trajectory of Africa’s relations with key bilateral and major multilateral actors, assessing how the Cold War affected the African state systems’ political policies, its economies, and its security. Taken together, the essays in this volume provide a collective understanding of Africa’s drive to improve the capacity of its state of global affairs, and assess whether it is in fact able to do so.