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Cruise Tourism and Society

Cruise Tourism and Society Author Alexis Papathanassis
ISBN-10 9783642329920
Release 2012-12-21
Pages 204
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​The growth and increased popularity of cruises is accompanied by a number of sustainability issues concerning the environment, the port economies and societies; on board and at shore. The sustainability imperative ultimately leads to operational, economical as well as image-related challenges for the sector's decision-makers and stakeholders. This collection of peer-reviewed papers, presented during the 3rd International Cruise Conference (Dubrovnik, Croatia), seeks to address those issues and contribute to their management in the mid-term.

Report on China s Cruise Industry

Report on China   s Cruise Industry Author Hong Wang
ISBN-10 9789811081651
Release 2018-02-24
Pages 279
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The book contains 12 contributions that explain the current state of China’s cruise industry and future development. Dating from the 1960s and with the rapid development of over 50 years, the modern cruise industry has developed into one of the fastest growing industries with the most remarkable economic benefits in the global tourism and hospitality industry, known as a “golden industry on the golden waterway”. In recent years, with the gradual saturation of international cruise market and the eastward-moving trend of the center of cruise market, China has become a strategic emerging market with which international cruise lines have been competing. A number of international cruise lines, including Costa Crociere, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Princess Cruises, MSC Cruises, Star Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Dream Cruises, have entered the cruise market in Mainland China.

Cruise Ship Tourism 2nd Edition

Cruise Ship Tourism  2nd Edition Author Ross Dowling
ISBN-10 9781780646084
Release 2017-01-25
Pages 621
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Completely updated and revised, Cruise Ship Tourism, 2nd Edition covers the economic, social and environmental impacts of cruising, combining the latest knowledge and research to provide a comprehensive account of the subject. Despite the industry growing rapidly, there is a substantial gap in the related literature, and this book addresses the key issues for researchers, students and industry professionals. A valuable 'one-stop-shop' for those interested in cruise ships and maritime tourism, this new edition from major names in the field is also an invaluable resource for anyone concerned more widely with tourism and business development.

Iscontour 2013

Iscontour 2013 Author Roman Egger
ISBN-10 9783732235766
Release 2013
Pages 232
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Iscontour 2013 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Iscontour 2013 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Iscontour 2013 book for free.

Cruise Business Development

Cruise Business Development Author Alexis Papathanassis
ISBN-10 9783319273532
Release 2016-04-20
Pages 278
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This book addresses innovation management and product development in the cruise tourism industry. It explains how experience management has evolved from a strictly company-level, product- or service-focused tactical task to an industry-wide strategic challenge, and analyses the role of intangible reputational aspects of cruise experiences, as well as peripheral components and stakeholders, as increasingly important factors for customer acquisition and retention. Safety and risk issues are a central theme, as well as the cruise sector’s environmental and socio-economic impacts. Lastly, the book considers the increasing size of cruise vessels and the accompanying standardisation of facilities and itineraries, in conjunction with the hybridisation of cruise passengers in connection with expanding the competitive boundaries and intensity of competition in the cruise sector. The book approaches these issues as more than a mere public relations campaign, recognising the fact that they have since become the very essence of strategic cruise business development.

Cruise Tourism in Polar Regions

Cruise Tourism in Polar Regions Author Patrick T. Maher
ISBN-10 9781136532436
Release 2010-09-23
Pages 272
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Cruises are the primary form of tourism in the Polar Regions and cruise ship tourism in both the Arctic and Antarctic is expanding rapidly. The industry has moved beyond its infancy, and is now entering a maturing phase with increased numbers and types of vessels, more demanding routes, and more regular and predictable patterns of activity. The increase in cruise activities, and the associated risks of accidents, as well as the potential and actual impacts of the large numbers of tourists in the polar regions bring with it management challenges for sustainable use of these regions. This book discusses critically the issues around environmental and social sustainability of the cruise industry in Polar Regions. Authors from Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are experts in their respective fields and take an innovative, critical and at times controversial approach to the subject.

Tourism and Development

Tourism and Development Author Richard Sharpley
ISBN-10 9781845412906
Release 2002-04-30
Pages 411
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This book explores the role of tourism as a potential contributor to socio-economic development in destination areas. Establishing a link between tourism studies and development studies, it considers what is meant by 'development', the processes through which development may be achieved and, in particular, a number of fundamental issues related to the use of tourism as a development agent. In so doing, it challenges conventional thinking about the relationship between tourism and development.

The Business and Management of Ocean Cruises

The Business and Management of Ocean Cruises Author Michael Vogel
ISBN-10 9781845938451
Release 2012
Pages 275
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After decades of solid growth, the worldwide ocean cruise sector has become a noticeable economic factor and a significant employer. In the way it combines social, technological and natural systems to form its products, cruise tourism is an increasingly attractive area of study; particularly with regards to the managerial challenges posed by the interaction of these systems. This book brings together industry know-how, managerial experience and academic rigour to cover some of the most important and interesting managerial challenges associated with ocean cruises.

Deconstructing Travel

Deconstructing Travel Author Arthur Asa Berger
ISBN-10 0759107246
Release 2004
Pages 128
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Arthur Asa Berger's Deconstructing Travel is an engaging look into why people travel, examining travel and tourism as a cultural phenomenon through social, cultural, psychological, and economic forces. Starting off with classical expeditions in mythology, history, and literatures, Berger explores the role of travel in contemporary lives, from university travel-abroad programs to package tours and family vacations.

Political Economy of Tourism

Political Economy of Tourism Author Jan Mosedale
ISBN-10 9781136859519
Release 2010-01-11
Pages 288
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Political economy, in its various guises and transfigurations, is a research philosophy that presents both social commentary and theoretical progress and is concerned with a number of different topics: politics, regulation and governance, production systems, social relations, inequality and development amongst many others. As a critical theory, political economy seeks to provide an understanding of societies – and of the structures and social relations that form them – in order to evoke social change toward more equitable conditions. Despite the early influence of critical development studies and political economy on tourism research, political economy has received relatively little attention in tourism research. Political Economy and Tourism the first volume to bring together different theoretical perspectives and discourse in political economy related to tourism. Written by leading scholars, the text is organised into three sequential Parts, linked by the principle that ‘the political’ and ‘the economic’ are intimately connected. Part one presents different approaches to political economy, including Marxist political economy, regulation, comparative political economy, commodity chain research and alternative political economies; Part two links key themes of political economy, such as class, gender, labour, development and consumption, to tourism; and Part three examines the political economy at various geographical scales and focuses on the outcomes and processes of the political act of planning and managing tourism production. This engaging volume provides insights and alternative critical perspectives on political economy theory to expand discussions of tourism development and policy in the future. Political Economy and Tourism is a valuable text for students, researchers and academics interested in Tourism and related disciplines.

Tourism Impacts Planning and Management

Tourism Impacts  Planning and Management Author Peter Mason
ISBN-10 9781317704379
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 272
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Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management is a unique text, which links these three crucial areas of tourism - impacts, planning and management. Tourism impacts are multi-faceted and therefore are difficult to plan for and manage. This title looks at all the key players involved - be they tourists, host communities or industry members - and considers a number of approaches and techniques for managing tourism impacts successfully. Now in a third edition, this bestselling text has been fully revised to include: New material on: terrorism, sustainability, climate change, sex tourism, heritage tourism, theories of tourism planning and GIS. New chapter on Destination Planning and Management Updated tourism data and statistics Case studies on urban tourism, pro-poor tourism, cruise ship tourism, coral reef tourism, historic monuments, eco-labels, codes of conduct and sustainable tourism from both developed and developing regions, including Australia, Iceland, Spain, the UK, Namibia, the Arctic and Antarctica. A companion website including PPTs, video and web links. The text is written in an accessible style and includes a plethora of features that engage and aid understanding. This accessible yet academically rigorous introduction to tourism impacts, planning and management is essential reading for all tourism students.

Tourism Research

Tourism Research Author Metin Kozak
ISBN-10 9781443851169
Release 2013-07-29
Pages 330
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Compiled from research papers presented at the 2nd Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference, Fethiye, Turkey, held in April 2012, this book brings us all those papers related to varying fields of tourism research from an interdisciplinary perspective, encompassing fields such as geography, architecture, recreation, and culture. The authors included in the book have a very diverse background both in terms of their research fields and their countries of origin and focus, covering the USA, Australia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Croatia, Italy, and Turkey. Therefore, this volume will be of interest to both faculty members and postgraduate students around the world whose research expertise is in the field of tourism.

Senior Tourism

Senior Tourism Author Simone Francescato
ISBN-10 9783839437032
Release 2017-08
Pages 210
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This volume aims to bridge the disciplinary gap between tourism studies and aging studies. It investigates the intersections of tourism and aging from a variety of perspectives that focus on the many ways in which senior tourism is socially constructed and/or individually experienced. The essays tackle key topics ranging from the socio-economic aspects of post-retirement travel to the representations of the traveling elderly in literature, film and media, and the influence of travel on late-life creativity.

Cruising in the Global Economy

Cruising in the Global Economy Author Christine B. N. Chin
ISBN-10 0754672425
Release 2008
Pages 184
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Interdisciplinary in nature, this analysis elicits an examination of states' relationship to the maritime regulatory structure governing ship ownership, management and operations, cruise lines' business strategies, development of port communities to capture cruise-related revenue, changing leisure consumption patterns and meanings, and the employment of foreign migrant workers as seafarers.

Cruise Sector Challenges

Cruise Sector Challenges Author Philip Gibson
ISBN-10 9783834968715
Release 2011-11-19
Pages 255
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This textbook presents a compendium of important issues that were discussed at the 2nd International Cruise Conference in Plymouth (UK) between the 18th and 20th February 2010. The focus of the conference was to consider emerging issues, problems and solutions for the cruise industry at a time when trading conditions were perceived to be highly volatile.

Tourism and Development in the Developing World

Tourism and Development in the Developing World Author David J. Telfer
ISBN-10 9781317414414
Release 2015-12-14
Pages 438
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Tourism is widely considered to be an important factor in socio-economic development, particularly in less developed countries. However, despite almost universal recognition of tourism’s development potential, the extent to which economic and social progress is linked to the growth of a country’s tourism sector remains the subject of intense debate. Tourism and Development in the Developing World offers a thorough overview of the tourism-development relationship. Focusing specifically on the less developed world and drawing on contemporary case studies, this updated second edition questions widely-held assumptions on the role of tourism in development and seeks to highlight the challenges faced by destinations seeking to achieve development through tourism. The introductory chapter establishes the foundation for the book, exploring the meaning and objectives of development, reviewing theoretical perspectives on the developmental process, and assessing the reasons why less developed countries are attracted to tourism as a development option. The concept of sustainable development, as the most widely adopted contemporary model of development, is then introduced and its links with tourism critically assessed. Subsequent chapters explore the key issues associated with tourism and development, including the rise of globalization; the tourism planning and development process; the relationship between tourism and communities within which it is developed; the management implications of trends in the demand for and uptake of tourism; and an analysis of the consequences of tourism development for destination environments, economies and societies. A new chapter considers the challenges of climate change, sustainability of resource supply (oil, water and food), global economic instability, political instability and changing demographics. Finally, the issues raised throughout the book are drawn together in a concluding chapter that assesses the tourism and development ‘dilemma’. Combining an overview of essential concepts, theories and knowledge with an analysis of contemporary issues and debates in tourism and development, this new edition will be an invaluable resource for those investigating tourism issues in developing countries. The book will be of interest to students of tourism, development, geography and area studies, international relations and politics, and sociology.

Tourism Principles Practices Philosophies 12th Edition

Tourism  Principles  Practices  Philosophies  12th Edition Author Charles R. Goeldner
ISBN-10 9781118214312
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 526
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The 12th Edition of Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies explores major concepts in tourism, what makes tourism possible, and how tourism can become an important factor in the wealth of any nation. Written in global terms, it provides an overview of the principles, practices, and philosophies that affect the cultural, social, economic, psychological, and marketing aspects of human travel and the tourism industry. Among the topics given expanded coverage in this edition are: B&Bs, time shares, meetings and conventions, sustainable tourism, climate change, social media, and mobile marketing.