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Cryptozoology A To Z

Cryptozoology A To Z Author Loren Coleman
ISBN-10 9781439147795
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 272
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The ultimate quest for the world's most mysterious creatures The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman -- these are the names of the elusive beasts that have caught the eye and captured the imaginations of people around the world for centuries. Recently, tales of these "monsters" have been corroborated by an increase in sightings, and out of these legends a new science has been born: cryptozoology -- the study of hidden animals. Cryptozoology A to Z, the first encyclopedia of its kind, contains nearly two hundred entries, including cryptids (the name given to these unusual beasts), new animal finds, and the explorers and scientists who search for them. Loren Coleman, one of the world's leading cryptozoologists, teams up with Jerome Clark, editor and author of several encyclopedias, to provide these definitive descriptions and many never-before-published drawings and photographs from eyewitnesses' detailed accounts. Full of insights into the methods of these scientists, exciting tales of discovery, and the history and evolution of this field, Cryptozoology A to Z is the most complete reference ever of the newest zoological science.

Cryptozoology A To Z

Cryptozoology A To Z Author Loren Coleman
ISBN-10 9780684856025
Release 1999-08-05
Pages 270
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Explores the truth and the myths behind such legendary creatures as the Loch Ness monster and Sasquatch

The Cryptozoology a to Z

The Cryptozoology a to Z Author Loren Coleman
ISBN-10 1439564779
Release 2008-10-15
Pages 270
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Explores the truth and the myths behind such legendary creatures as the Loch Ness monster and Sasquatch

Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology

Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology Author Michael Newton
ISBN-10 0786497564
Release 2014-10-24
Pages 584
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On every continent and in every nation, animals unrecognized by modern science are reported on a daily basis. People passionately pursue these creatures--the name given to their field of study is cryptozoology. Coined in the 1950's, the term literally means the science of hidden animals. When the International Society of Cryptozoology (ISC) was formed in 1982, the founders declared that the branch of science is also concerned with the possible existence of known animals in areas where they are not supposed to occur (either now or in the past) as well as the unknown persistence of presumed extinct animals to the present time or to the recent past...what makes an animal of interest to cryptology is that it is unexpected. This reference work presents a flesh and blood view of cryptozoology. Here, 2,744 entries are listed, the majority of which each describe one specific creature or type of creature. Other entries cover 742 places where unnamed cryptids are said to appear; profiles of 77 groups and 112 individuals who have contributed to the field; descriptions of objects and events important to the subject; and essays on cryptotourism and hoaxes, for example. Appendices offer a timeline of zoological discoveries, annotated lists of movies and television series with cryptozoological themes, a list of crypto-fiction titles and a list of Internet websites devoted to cryptozoology.

Attack of the Killer Facts

Attack of the Killer Facts Author Eric Gryzymokowski
ISBN-10 9781440525391
Release 2011-04-18
Pages 320
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Factoid Attack: Inherent sadistic streak in dentists confirmed! The electric chair was invented by a dentist, Dr. Alfred Southwick. Not surprising, dentists have been perfecting torture devices for centuries. Factoid Attack: Galaxy at risk! Intelligent life in short supply! In 1961, Astronomer Frank Drake estimated the number of probable intelligent civilizations inhabiting our galaxy. Using conservative numbers, that estimate came to 10,000. Unfortunately, we are not included in that total. Factoid Attack: Colorblind bulls hate all matadors equally! The color of a matador's cape, or muleta, is traditionally red, which is widely believed to irritate the bull. In reality, bulls are colorblind, so it is irrelevant what color cape a matador uses to antagonize them. Shot in the dark, but maybe it's the being stabbed with swords bit that pisses them off. Forget Fringe, Warehouse 13, and The X-Files. In this book, you'll find more weird and wacko truths than in all those combined. From golden poison dart frogs with enough venom to kill ten grown humans to cockroaches that can survive radiation 15 times stronger than what kills people, scary and strange just got scarier—and stranger!


Cryptozoology Author Mark Bessire
ISBN-10 3905770075
Release 2006
Pages 168
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Edited by Marc Bessire, Raechell Smith. Text by Loren Coleman, Loring Danforth, Dave Filipi, Sean Foley, Chris Thompson, Nato Thompson.

Bigfoot the Loch Ness Monster and Unexplained Creatures

Bigfoot  the Loch Ness Monster  and Unexplained Creatures Author Matt Bougie
ISBN-10 9781502628473
Release 2017-07-15
Pages 64
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For many centuries, unexplained creatures have caused people to go on epic searches around the world. Some enduring legends that have tested and tried many an adventurer are Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. This book explores the best-known tales associated with these legends and presents scientific approaches that many have undertaken to prove these legends true. Full of photographs, eyewitness accounts, hoaxes, and scientific evidence, this book examines the status of these creatures, from the legendary to the real.

Abominable Science

Abominable Science Author Daniel Loxton
ISBN-10 9780231526814
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 432
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Throughout our history, humans have been captivated by mythic beasts and legendary creatures. Tales of Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness monster are part of our collective experience. Now comes a book from two dedicated investigators that explores and elucidates the fascinating world of cryptozoology. Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero have written an entertaining, educational, and definitive text on cryptids, presenting the arguments both for and against their existence and systematically challenging the pseudoscience that perpetuates their myths. After examining the nature of science and pseudoscience and their relation to cryptozoology, Loxton and Prothero take on Bigfoot; the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, and its cross-cultural incarnations; the Loch Ness monster and its highly publicized sightings; the evolution of the Great Sea Serpent; and Mokele Mbembe, or the Congo dinosaur. They conclude with an analysis of the psychology behind the persistent belief in paranormal phenomena, identifying the major players in cryptozoology, discussing the character of its subculture, and considering the challenge it poses to clear and critical thinking in our increasingly complex world.


Cryptozoology Author Chad Arment
ISBN-10 1930585152
Release 2004
Pages 393
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The author details the investigation of mystery animals, emphasizing the methodologies used to evaluate witness reports, analyze cultural beliefs, and actively search in the field. Cryptozoology can be an effective tool in zoological discovery. Those who investigate Bigfoot, lake monsters, sea serpents, and other unrecognized species will find a scientific foundation for their search. The author also explores a number of lesser-known cryptids and sighting reports, ranging from giant orangutans and oversized snakes to long-tailed bobcats and stone giants.

The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates

The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates Author Loren Coleman
ISBN-10 1938398394
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 224
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The Field Guide to Bigfootand Other Mystery Primatesis a comprehensive study of the astonishing variety of puzzling primates that are being reported by eyewitnesses around the world but that science has failed to recognize. This fully illustrated volume not only contains the references, range maps, and typical footprints that appeared in the first edition, but it also contains a new, complete index and new preface that updates the discoveries made since this book was first published. Loren Coleman is the world's most popular living cryptozoologist. He appears frequently on television and radio, and has even been turned into a fictional character in novels and comic books. He is the author of more than two dozen books, including Bigfoot!; Mysterious America; and Cryptozoology A to Z (with Jerome Clark). His fieldwork has taken him from Scotland's Loch Ness to the rainforests of Mexico, from the Everglades to the Pacific Northwest's Bigfoot country. Coleman is director of the International Cryptozoology Museum."

Hunting Monsters

Hunting Monsters Author Darren Naish
ISBN-10 9781784281915
Release 2016-01-26
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The Loch Ness Monster, bigfoot and the yeti have long held a fascination for people the world over. Debates about their actual existence or what they might really be have continued for decades, if not centuries. Known also as cryptids, they have spawned a body of research known as cryptozoology. This entertaining book looks at the evidence of these mysterious monsters and others and explores what they might really be (if they exist at all), why they have been represented as they have and the development of cryptozoology and how it has collected data to discover more about these unknown creatures.

The Encyclopedia of Monsters

The Encyclopedia of Monsters Author Jeff Rovin
ISBN-10 0816018243
Release 1989
Pages 390
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A guide to more than one thousand beasts, specters, and other monsters, from the Bible's Leviathan to Hollywood's Alien, arranged alphabetically and cross-referenced by subject

Field Guide to Lake Monsters Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep

Field Guide to Lake Monsters  Sea Serpents  and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep Author Loren Coleman
ISBN-10 9781101153444
Release 2003-10-27
Pages 368
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From the serpentine "Champie" of Lake Champlain to the venerable "Nessie" of Loch Ness, extraordinary-and un-explained-creatures of the deep have been reported in sightings throughout the twentieth century. Now, two of the world's leading cryptozoological investigators provide a globetrotting field guide to when, where, and what kind of mysterious aquatic beasts have gripped the public—and sometimes the scientific—imagination. Filled with comprehensive drawings, classifications, and maps, their book offers an invaluable and unusual resource for the intrepidly curious to investigate these sightings firsthand or to simply enjoy the fascinating accounts that others have given.

On The Track Of Unknown Animals

On The Track Of Unknown Animals Author Heuvelmans,
ISBN-10 9781317848110
Release 2014-07-10
Pages 714
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First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Field Guide to North American Monsters

The Field Guide to North American Monsters Author W. Haden Blackman
ISBN-10 PSU:000033410920
Release 1998
Pages 249
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Describes the appearance, habitat, diet, and behavior of over 100 beasts drawn from mythology, urban legends, American and Canadian folklore, and sightings

Something about the Author

Something about the Author Author Lisa Kumar
ISBN-10 078768788X
Release 2006-02-03
Pages 288
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An easy-to-use source for librarians, students and other researchers, each volume of this series provides illustrated biographical articles on approximately 70 children's authors and artists. The series covers more than 10,000 individuals, ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources and photographs. Also availa is a cumulative author index, published in odd-numbered volumes.

Something about the Author

Something about the Author Author Thomson Gale
ISBN-10 078768788X
Release 2006-02
Pages 262
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Covers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs.