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Cultural Afterlives and Screen Adaptations of Classic Literature

Cultural Afterlives and Screen Adaptations of Classic Literature Author Hila Shachar
ISBN-10 9780230294042
Release 2012-07-17
Pages 228
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Film and television adaptations of classic literature have held a longstanding appeal for audiences, an appeal that this book sets out to examine. With a particular focus on Wuthering Heights, the book examines adaptations made from the 1930s to the twenty-first century, providing an understanding of how they help shape our cultural landscape.

Victorian Literature and Film Adaptation

Victorian Literature and Film Adaptation Author Abigail Burnham Bloom
ISBN-10 1604977868
Release 2011
Pages 265
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Movies began during the Victorian age. Through even the earliest years of filmmaking, Victorian literature provided a ready stock of familiar stories about colorful characters caught up in mystery, fantasy, adventure, sensation, and domestic conflict. Among the earliest films are adaptations of works by Victorian writers like Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Hardy, and even Alfred, Lord Tennyson. With the proliferation of volumes on adaptation, work is needed that provides theoretical and practical approaches for those who think about literature together with film adaptations whether as scholarship, part of classroom study, or general enjoyment. By bringing together many different approaches to the topic of adaptation, this book provides an important overview of the subject of the adaptation of nineteenth-century British literature, as well as an examination of the constructive and creative use of film adaptations in the classroom. Although a wide range of critical approaches are included, the primary emphasis is on what specific adaptations reveal about the ways in which nineteenth-century British texts are understood, responded to, and analyzed based on particular cultural contexts. This book provides a basis for rethinking adaptation and a template for future discussions and academic courses. They orient the reader within a popular field of study that is currently in need of both greater focus and of practical direction.

Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture

Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture Author Gail Ashton
ISBN-10 9781441102829
Release 2015-03-12
Pages 368
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With contributions from 29 leading international scholars, this is the first single-volume guide to the appropriation of medieval texts in contemporary culture. Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture covers a comprehensive range of media, including literature, film, TV, comics book adaptations, electronic media, performances, and commercial merchandise and tourism. Its lively chapters range from Spamalot to the RSC, Beowulf to Merlin, computer games to internet memes, opera to Young Adult fiction and contemporary poetry, and much more. Also included is a companion website aimed at general readers, academics, and students interested in the burgeoning field of Medieval afterlives, complete with: - Further reading/weblinks - 'My favourite' guides to contemporary medieval appropriations - Images and interviews - Guide to library archives and manuscript collections - Guide to heritage collection See also our website at

Screen Adaptations Romeo and Juliet

Screen Adaptations  Romeo and Juliet Author Courtney Lehmann
ISBN-10 9781408198766
Release 2014-09-26
Pages 304
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The Screen Adaptations series provides an in-depth look at how classic pieces of literature have been adapted for screen. It assesses the ways in which alternative screen interpretations offer up different readings of the original text as well as the methodologies and approaches of filmmakers. Each title in the series collects together a vast array of study material, critical insight and thought-provoking comparisons - from literary context to the afterlife of the screen versions. Shakespeare on Film is a huge area of study and Romeo and Juliet is one of his most popular plays with many teachers using film versions as a way of approaching the text. Focussing in the main on West Side Story and Baz Lurhmann's Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, this is a unique and comprehensive insight into the adaptation process providing a vital study aid for students.

Les Mis rables and Its Afterlives

Les Mis  rables and Its Afterlives Author Kathryn M. Grossman
ISBN-10 9781317105695
Release 2016-03-09
Pages 262
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Exploring the enduring popularity of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, this collection offers analysis of both the novel itself and its adaptations. In spite of a mixed response from critics, Les Misérables instantly became a global bestseller. Since its successful publication over 150 years ago, it has traveled across different countries, cultures, and media, giving rise to more than 60 international film and television variations, numerous radio dramatizations, animated versions, comics, and stage plays. Most famously, it has inspired the world's longest running musical, which itself has generated a wealth of fan-made and online content. Whatever its form, Hugo’s tale of social injustice and personal redemption continues to permeate the popular imagination. This volume draws together essays from across a variety of fields, combining readings of Les Misérables with reflections on some of its multimedia afterlives, including musical theater and film from the silent period to today's digital platforms. The contributors offer new insights into the development and reception of Hugo's celebrated classic, deepening our understanding of the novel as a work that unites social commentary with artistic vision and raising important questions about the cultural practice of adaptation.

Adaptation in Contemporary Culture

Adaptation in Contemporary Culture Author Rachel Carroll
ISBN-10 9780826444561
Release 2009-11-30
Pages 212
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A comprehensive interdisciplinary collection offering a survey of adaptation of literary texts across media including animation, film, TV, fan fiction, biopics and music video.

Shakespeare and Music

Shakespeare and Music Author Julie Sanders
ISBN-10 9780745632971
Release 2007-07-23
Pages 232
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This is a study of the rich and diverse range of musical responsesto Shakespeare that have taken place from the seventeenth centuryonwards. Written from a literary perspective, the book explores themany genres and contexts in which Shakespeare and his work haveenjoyed a musical afterlife discussing opera, ballet, and classicalsymphony alongside musicals and film soundtracks, as well as folkmusic and hip-hop traditions. Taking as its starting point ideas of creativity andimprovisation stemming from early modern baroque practices and themore recent example of twentieth-century jazz adaptation, thisvolume explores the many ways in which Shakespeares plays and poemshave been re-worked by musical composers. It also places thesecultural productions in their own historical moment andcontext. Adaptation studies is a fast emerging field of scholarship andas a contribution to this field, Shakespeare and Music: Afterlivesand Borrowings: develops theories and practices from adaptation studies tothink about musical responses to Shakespeare across thecenturies brings together in an exciting intellectual encounter ideas andmethodologies deriving from literary criticism, theatre history,film studies, and musicology explores music in its widest context, looking at classicalsymphonies including the work of Berlioz and Elgar and operas byVerdi and Britten as well as Broadway musicals, film scores byShostakovich, Walton, and contemporary performers, and the jazzadaptations of Duke Ellington and others. This is a timely study that will appeal to a wide readershipfrom lovers of Shakespeare and classical music through to studentsof film and historians of the theatre.

Screen Adaptations Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice

Screen Adaptations  Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice Author Deborah Cartmell
ISBN-10 9781408105931
Release 2010-09-25
Pages 150
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An in-depth study of the relationship between Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and its various screen versions.

Neo Victorian Villains

Neo Victorian Villains Author
ISBN-10 9789004322257
Release 2017-05-30
Pages 360
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Neo-Victorian Villains offers a varied and stimulating range of essays on the afterlives of Victorian villains in popular culture, exploring their representation and adaptation in neo-Victorian drama and fiction.

Science Fiction Film Television and Adaptation

Science Fiction Film  Television  and Adaptation Author Jay Telotte
ISBN-10 9781136650086
Release 2011-08-02
Pages 212
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While film and television seem to be closely allied screen media, our feature films and television series have seldom been successfully adapted across those screens. In fact, rather than functioning as portals, those allied media often seem, quite literally, screens that filter out something that made the source work so popular in its original form. Differences in budget, running times, cast, viewing habits, screen size and shape all come into play, and this volume’s aim is to track a number of popular texts in the course of their adaptive journeys across the screens in order to sketch the workings of that cross-media adaptation. For its specific examples, the volume draws on a single genre—science fiction—not only because it is one of the most popular today in either film or television, but also because it is arguably the most self-conscious of contemporary genres, and thus one that most obviously frames the terms of these technological adaptations. The essays included here mine that reflexive character, in both highly successful and in failed efforts at cross-media adaption, to help us understand what film and television achieve in screening science fiction, and to reveal some of the key issues involved in all of our efforts to navigate the various screens that have become part of contemporary culture.

The Afterlife of Little Women

The Afterlife of  Little Women Author Beverly Lyon Clark
ISBN-10 9781421415581
Release 2014-10-23
Pages 288
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The hit Broadway show of 1912; the lost film of 1919; Katharine Hepburn, as Jo, sliding down a banister in George Cukor’s 1933 movie; Mark English’s shimmering 1967 illustrations; Jo—this time played by Sutton Foster—belting "I'll be / astonishing" in the 2004 Broadway musical flop: these are only some of the markers of the afterlife of Little Women. Then there’s the nineteenth-century child who wrote, "If you do not... make Laurie marry Beth, I will never read another of your books as long as I live." Not to mention Miss Manners, a Little Women devotee, who announced that the book taught her an important life lesson: "Although it’s very nice to have two clean gloves, it’s even more important to have a little ink on your fingers." In The Afterlife of Little Women, Beverly Lyon Clark, a leading authority on children’s literature, explores these and other after-tremors, both popular and academic, as she maps the reception of Louisa May Alcott’s timeless novel, first published in 1868. Clark divides her discussion into four historical periods. The first covers the novel’s publication and massive popularity in the late nineteenth century. In the second era—the first three decades of the twentieth century—the novel becomes a nostalgic icon of the domesticity of a previous century, while losing status among the literary and scholarly elite. In its mid-century afterlife (1930–1960), Little Women reaches a low in terms of its critical reputation but remains a well-known piece of Americana within popular culture. The book concludes with a long chapter on Little Women’s afterlife from the 1960s to the present—a period in which the reading of the book seems to decline, while scholarly attention expands dramatically and popular echoes continue to proliferate. Drawing on letters and library records as well as reviews, plays, operas, film and television adaptations, spinoff novels, translations, Alcott biographies, and illustrations, Clark demonstrates how the novel resonates with both conservative family values and progressive feminist ones. She grounds her story in criticism of children’s literature, book history, cultural studies, feminist criticism, and adaptation studies. Written in an accessible narrative style, The Afterlife of Little Women speaks to scholars, librarians, and devoted Alcott fans.

Children s Literature in Context

Children s Literature in Context Author Fiona McCulloch
ISBN-10 9781847064875
Release 2011-09-22
Pages 172
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Featuring close readings of commonly studied texts, this book takes students of Children's Literature through the key works, their contexts and critical and popular afterlives.

The Afterlives of Eighteenth Century Fiction

The Afterlives of Eighteenth Century Fiction Author Daniel Cook
ISBN-10 9781107054684
Release 2015-08-31
Pages 320
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Explores the adaptation and appropriation of a range of canonical and lesser-known British and Irish novels of the eighteenth century.

Wuthering Heights on Film and Television

Wuthering Heights on Film and Television Author Valrie V. Hazette
ISBN-10 1783204923
Release 2015-12-15
Pages 250
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Emily Brontë's beloved novel Wuthering Heights has been adapted countless times for film and television over the decades. Valérie V.Hazette offers here a historical and transnational study of those adaptations, presenting the afterlife of the book as a series of cultural journeys that focuses as much on the readers, filmmakers, and viewers as on the dramas themselves. Taking in the British silent film; French, Mexican, and Japanese versions; the British television serials; and more, this richly theoretical volume is the first comprehensive global analysis of the adaptation of Wuthering Heights for film and television.

Jane Austen and Co

Jane Austen and Co Author Suzanne R. Pucci
ISBN-10 9780791487389
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 283
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Examines recent Austen remakes as well as other “post-heritage” films and television shows to show how the past is reshaped for a contemporary market.

A Biblical Text and Its Afterlives

A Biblical Text and Its Afterlives Author Yvonne Sherwood
ISBN-10 0521795613
Release 2000
Pages 321
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How interpretation re-shapes Bible texts - the book of Jonah.

The Turn of the Screw Collins Classics

The Turn of the Screw  Collins Classics Author Henry James
ISBN-10 9780007477548
Release 2012-05-31
Pages 192
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HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics.