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Cultural Resources Archaeology

Cultural Resources Archaeology Author Thomas W. Neumann
ISBN-10 9780759118478
Release 2010-01-16
Pages 274
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Most students who pursue a career in archaeology will find employment in cultural resource management (CRM), rather than in academia or traditional fieldwork. It is CRM, the protection and preservation of archaeological and other resources, that offers the jobs and provides the funding. Few textbooks, however, are dedicated to teaching students the techniques and practices of this field. Cultural Resources Archaeology, now brought completely up date in this second edition and replete with new case studies from the western U.S., fills in the gap. Drawing on their decades of teaching and field experience, the authors walk students through the intricacies of CRM. They clearly describe the processes of designing a project, conducting assessment, testing, doing essential mitigation work (Phases I, II, and III), and preparing reports. The book's emphasis on real-world problems and issues, use of extensive examples from around the country, and practical advice on everything from law to logistics make it an ideal teaching tool for archaeology students who dream of becoming practicing archaeologists.

Practicing Archaeology

Practicing Archaeology Author Thomas W. Neumann
ISBN-10 0759118078
Release 2009-10-16
Pages 364
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This book is an excellent reference tool for consulting firms, contractors, graduate students, and others who need to know the nuts and bolts of professional archaeology.

Cultural Resource Laws and Practice

Cultural Resource Laws and Practice Author Thomas F. King
ISBN-10 0759104743
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 408
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Renowned cultural resource management consultant Thomas F. King demystifies this web of regulations surrounding this field, providing frank, practical advice on how to ensure regulatory compliance in dealing with archaeological sites, historic buildings, urban districts, sacred sites and objects, shipwrecks, and archives. In this new edition, King reports on changes in cultural resource laws, regulations, and executive orders in the past five years and adds material on Section 106 review, NEPA, and the 'Preserve America' executive order.

Thinking About Cultural Resource Management

Thinking About Cultural Resource Management Author Thomas F. King
ISBN-10 9780759116542
Release 2002-08-27
Pages 216
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Collection of provocative essays on how to improve cultural resource management practice by the leading consultant in the field.

Doing Archaeology

Doing Archaeology Author Thomas F King
ISBN-10 9781315430126
Release 2016-06-16
Pages 168
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What is archaeology, and why should we do it? Tom King, arguably the best-known heritage management consultant in the United States, answers the basic question of every introductory student from the unique perspective of one who actively uses archaeology for cultural resource management. Designed as a supplement for introduction to archaeology classes, this brief and breezy book runs the reader through the major principles of archaeology, using examples from the author’s own field work and that of others. King shows how contemporary archaeology, as part of the larger cultural resource management endeavor, acts to help preserve and protect prehistoric and historic sites in the United States and elsewhere. Brief biographies of other CRM archaeologists help students envision career paths they might emulate. The bookends with an exploration of some of the thorny problems facing the contemporary archaeologist to help foster class discussion. An ideal ice-breaker for introductory college classes in archaeology, one that will get students engaged in the subject and thinking about its challenges.

Tribal Cultural Resource Management

Tribal Cultural Resource Management Author Darby C. Stapp
ISBN-10 9780759116443
Release 2002-10-23
Pages 208
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The entrance of Native Americans into the world of cultural resource management is forcing a change in the traditional paradigms that have guided archaeologists, anthropologists, and other CRM professionals. This book examines these developments from tribal perspectives and articulates native views on the identification of cultural resource, how they should be handled and by whom, and what their meaning is in contemporary life. Stapp and Burney also demonstrate the connections between cultural resource and other issues such as native sovereignty, economic development, human rights, and cultural integrity.

Legal Perspectives on Cultural Resources

Legal Perspectives on Cultural Resources Author Jennifer R. Richman
ISBN-10 0759104484
Release 2004
Pages 284
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Collection of original writings on legal aspects of cultural resources protection from practicing lawyers and judges. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Archaeology by Design

Archaeology by Design Author Stephen L. Black
ISBN-10 9780759116290
Release 2003-03-19
Pages 200
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Introduction to designing an archaeological project, in both academic and contract contexts.

Federal Planning and Historic Places

Federal Planning and Historic Places Author Thomas F. King
ISBN-10 0742502597
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 195
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Section 106 is a critical section of an obscure law, the National Preservation Act which has saved thousands of historic sites, but it has let even more be destroyed, how does it work? This book aims to de-mythologize Section 106 and explain its origins, rationale, and proceedures.

A Companion to Cultural Resource Management

A Companion to Cultural Resource Management Author Thomas F. King
ISBN-10 9781444396058
Release 2011-03-29
Pages 600
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A Companion to Cultural Resource Management is an essential guide to those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of CRM and heritage management. Expert contributors share their knowledge and illustrate CRM's practice and scope, as well as the core issues and realities in preserving cultural heritages worldwide. Edited by one of the world's leading experts in the field of cultural resource management, with contributions by a wide range of experts, including archaeologists, architectural historians, museum curators, historians, and representatives of affected groups Offers a broad view of cultural resource management that includes archaeological sites, cultural landscapes, historic structures, shipwrecks, scientific and technological sites and objects, as well as intangible resources such as language, religion, and cultural values Highlights the realities that face CRM practitioners "on the ground"

Archaeological Ethics

Archaeological Ethics Author Karen D. Vitelli
ISBN-10 9780759114432
Release 2006-02-09
Pages 248
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Looting. Reburial and repatriation. Relations with native peoples. Professional conduct. The second edition of Archaeological Ethics combines compelling articles on these topics written for a general audience with valuable teaching aids. The updated articles provide a fascinating introduction to the issues faced every day in archaeological practice. The article summaries, discussion questions, suggestions for further reading, and resource guide serve as excellent teaching aids and make this volume ideal for classroom use.

Archaeology as a Tool of Civic Engagement

Archaeology as a Tool of Civic Engagement Author Barbara J. Little
ISBN-10 0759110603
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 286
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Little and Shackel use case studies from different regions across the world to challenge archaeologists to create an ethical public archaeology that is concerned not just with the management of cultural resources, but with social justice and civic responsibility.

Field Archaeologist s Survival Guide

Field Archaeologist   s Survival Guide Author Chris Webster
ISBN-10 9781315428437
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 157
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Chris Webster’s handy, informative guide outlines what it takes to become an archaeological technician, a field worker in cultural resource management (CRM) archaeology. Based on his popular blog feature, Shovelbums Guide, Webster offers young archaeologists useful advice about CRM work, including writing, cooking in hotel rooms, hand-mapping, surviving unemployment, life after archaeology, and more. It provides tools new CRM archaeologists need to get hired and to live life on the road in a fluctuating job market, as well as details on how to succeed as a field archaeologist. Appendices cover sample job hunting documents and checklists for fieldwork. If you will be pursuing a position in this dynamic, challenging field, this book is a must-read both before you apply for that first job and once you get one.

Public Archaeology

Public Archaeology Author Nick Merriman
ISBN-10 9781134513420
Release 2004-08-02
Pages 320
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Scrutinizing, in detail, the relationship between archaeology, heritage and the public, this much-needed volume explores public interest and participation in archaeology as a subject worthy of academic attention in its own right. Examining case studies from throughout the world; from North America, Britain, Egypt and Brazil to East Africa, China and beyond, Nick Merriman focuses on two key areas: communication and interpretation, and stakeholders. Constant reports of new discoveries, protests over the destruction of sites and debates over the return of artefacts such as the Elgin marbles or indigenous remains testify to an increasing public interest in archaeology. For students and scholars of this archaeology, and of its relationship with the public, this will prove essential reading.

Cross cultural Collaboration

Cross cultural Collaboration Author Jordan E. Kerber
ISBN-10 0803278179
Release 2006
Pages 379
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A unique anthology that showcases vividly the pitfalls and successes of collaboration between Native peoples and archaeologists in the northeastern United States.

Archaeological Theory in Practice

Archaeological Theory in Practice Author PatriciaA Urban
ISBN-10 9781351576192
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 344
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In this concise, friendly textbook, Patricia Urban and Edward Schortman teach the basics of archaeological theory, making explicit the crucial link between theory and the actual conduct of archaeological research. The first half of the text addresses the general nature of theory, as well as how it is used in the social sciences and in archaeology in particular. To demonstrate the usefulness of theory, the authors draw from research at Stonehenge, Mesopotamia, and their own long-term research project in the Naco Valley of Honduras. They show how theory becomes meaningful when it is used by very real individuals to interpret equally real materials. These extended narratives exemplify the creative interaction between data and theory that shape our understanding of the past. Ideal for introductory courses in archaeological theory.

Archaeology Cultural Resource Management

Archaeology   Cultural Resource Management Author Lynne Sebastian
ISBN-10 193469116X
Release 2010
Pages 345
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