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Cultural Studies Education and Youth

Cultural Studies  Education  and Youth Author Benjamin Frymer
ISBN-10 9780739169308
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 316
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Cultural Studies, Education, and Youth: Beyond Schools, edited by Benjamin Frymer, Matthew Carlin, and John Broughton, brings interdisciplinary lenses to the study of education beyond the classroom in order to critically attend to the increased influence of media and popular culture in the education and lives of youth. The chapters collectively advocate the importance of exploring the multiple cultural contexts where education occurs. Cultural Studies, Education, and Youth raises significant questions and offers important insights for teachers, youth, scholars, and practitioners, alike.

Imagining Education

Imagining Education Author Kevin R. Magill
ISBN-10 9781681237480
Release 2017-01-01
Pages 219
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Given the current social climate this book interrogates capitalism’s relationships to and influence on education. More importantly, this book is part of a greater effort to re?humanize society by generating dialogue, encouraging solidarity and providing analyses of power and avenues for agency in supporting a life beyond the logic of the state and its implied structure, global neoliberal capitalism. The authors speak to the conceptual and material manifestations of neoliberalism that order education. Imagining education is an informed public working against what is understood as self?interest, a reconsideration of a world beyond ideology; popular education aiding social transformation for community, a move away from divisiveness and social struggle. We do not offer easy answers to the problems of global neoliberal capitalism in education, instead the authors in this book offer frameworks for contextualizing neoliberalism, its history, and what education might be on the day after the end of capitalism. This is the rupture of the rationality of global neoliberal capitalism where we examine the potentialities of a world beyond the capitalist organization of consciousness.

America s Education Deficit and the War on Youth Reform Beyond Electoral Politics

America s Education Deficit and the War on Youth  Reform Beyond Electoral Politics Author Henry A. Giroux
ISBN-10 9781583673478
Release 2013
Pages 238
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America s Education Deficit and the War on Youth Reform Beyond Electoral Politics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from America s Education Deficit and the War on Youth Reform Beyond Electoral Politics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full America s Education Deficit and the War on Youth Reform Beyond Electoral Politics book for free.

A Critical Youth Studies for the 21st Century

A Critical Youth Studies for the 21st Century Author
ISBN-10 9789004284036
Release 2014-11-28
Pages 652
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Drawing on contemporary critical social theories and diverse methodologies, A Critical Youth Studies for the 21st Century explores the educational, employment, cultural and embodied issues that confront young people, and those who work with them, in a globalised world.

Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media

Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media Author Sara Bragg
ISBN-10 9781137008152
Release 2014-02-06
Pages 309
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This book explores the impact of globalisation and new technologies on youth cultures around the world, from the Birmingham School to the youthscapes of South Korea. In a timely reappraisal of youth cultures in contemporary times, this collection profiles the best of new research in youth studies written by leading scholars in the field.

Cultural Studies and Beyond

Cultural Studies and Beyond Author Ioan Davies
ISBN-10 9781134956456
Release 2005-08-04
Pages 216
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This lively book will be essential to all those attempting to understand the state of Cultural Studies in the West today. Ion Davies, who was in at the birth of Cultural Studies in Britain and followed its development in many parts of the world, is uniquely qualified to add historical depth and comparative breadth to this subject. Introducing the central theoretical issues, as well as the key personalities, Cultural Studies and Beyond traces the origins, growth and diffusion of the subject.

The First Year of Teaching

The First Year of Teaching Author Jabari Mahiri
ISBN-10 9780807773178
Release 2014
Pages 214
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For first-year teachers entering the nation’s urban schools, the task of establishing a strong and successful practice is often extremely challenging. In this compelling look at first-year teachers’ practice in urban schools, editors Jabari Mahiri and Sarah Warshauer Freedman demonstrate how a program of systematic classroom research by teachers themselves enables them to effectively target instruction and improve their own practice. The book organizes the teachers’ research into three broad areas, corresponding to issues the new teachers identified as the most challenging: Crafting Curriculum—how to engage students in learning curricular content, develop their abilities to meet standards, and prepare them for college or careers. Complicating Culture—how to build on the different languages and cultures found in contemporary schools. Conceptualizing Control—how to manage a classroom of 30 or more teenagers and create a climate where learning can take place. The First Year of Teaching offers an array of classroom scenarios that will spark in-depth discussions in teacher preparation classes and professional development workshops, particularly in the context of problem-based, problem-posing pedagogies. “The First Year of Teaching offers us knowledge about urban schools which we could only get by academics and teachers working together. Documenting three themes concerning the complications of curriculum, culture, and control, we learn significant practices that make a difference for new teachers and their students. This is a must-read for teachers, researchers, and policymakers who want to improve urban education now.” —Ann Lieberman, senior scholar, Stanford University “This volume marvelously demonstrates how teaching and learning can be improved by positioning new teachers as researchers within a systematic process for increasing their effectiveness in complex, diverse city schools. Through each seamlessly integrated chapter the authors show us how critical teacher inquiry can provide the meaningful insight and stance needed to inspire engaged pedagogical practice. The First Year of Teaching will serve as a tremendous resource for preservice teacher education, professional development programs across the career span, and university classes on urban education and teacher learning.” —Ernest Morrell, director, Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Globalizing Cultural Studies

Globalizing Cultural Studies Author Cameron McCarthy
ISBN-10 0820486825
Release 2007
Pages 541
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The contributors to "Globalizing Cultural Studies: Ethnographic Interventions in Theory, Method, and Policy" take as their central topic the problematic status of -the global- within cultural studies in the areas of theory, method, and policy, and particularly in relation to the intersections of language, power, and identity in twenty-first century, post-9/11 culture(s). Writing against the Anglo-centric ethnographic gaze that has saturated various cultural studies projects to date, contributors offer new interdisciplinary, autobiographical, ethnographic, textual, postcolonial, poststructural, and political economic approaches to the practice of cultural studies. This edited volume foregrounds twenty-five groundbreaking essays (plus a provocative foreword and an insightful afterword) in which the authors show how globalization is articulated in the micro and macro dimensions of contemporary life, pointing to the need for cultural studies to be more systematically engaged with the multiplicity and difference that globalization has proffered."

The Praeger Handbook of Urban Education

The Praeger Handbook of Urban Education Author Joe L. Kincheloe
ISBN-10 9780313039003
Release 2006-03-01
Pages 681
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Maintaining that urban teaching and learning is characterized by many contradictions, this work proposes that there is a wide range of social, cultural, psychological, and pedagogical knowledge urban educators must possess in order to engage in effective and transformative practice. It is necessary for those teaching in urban schools to be scholar practitioners rather than bureaucrats, who can only follow rather than analyze, understand, and create. The ten major sections cover: Context of urban education Race and ethnicity Social justice Teaching and pedagogy Power and urban education Language issues Cultural issues of urban schools as seen in the media Doing research in city schools Aesthetics and the proximity of cultural insitutions Education policy Sixty-one essays written by specialists in teacher education; public policy; sociology; psychology; applied linguistics; forestry; urban studies; school administrators; cultural studies; evaluation, and linguistics provide a blueprint for scholars, teachers, parents, urban politicians, school administrators, policy professionals and others seeking to understand the situation of urban schools across America today.

Visual Pedagogy

Visual Pedagogy Author Brian Goldfarb
ISBN-10 0822329646
Release 2002-10-18
Pages 263
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DIVCritiques some deployments of media in education, in and out of school, while exploring progressive possibilities in others./div

Cultural Studies Goes To School

Cultural Studies Goes To School Author David Buckingham
ISBN-10 9781135793746
Release 2005-08-15
Pages 244
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First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Dilemmas of Culture in African Schools

Dilemmas of Culture in African Schools Author Cati Coe
ISBN-10 0226111318
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 241
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In working to build a sense of nationhood, Ghana has focused on many social engineering projects, the most meaningful and fascinating of which has been the state's effort to create a national culture through its schools. As Cati Coe reveals in Dilemmas of Culture in African Schools, this effort has created an unusual paradox: while Ghana encourages its educators to teach about local cultural traditions, those traditions are transformed as they are taught in school classrooms. The state version of culture now taught by educators has become objectified and nationalized—vastly different from local traditions. Coe identifies the state's limitations in teaching cultural knowledge and discusses how Ghanaians negotiate the tensions raised by the competing visions of modernity that nationalism and Christianity have created. She reveals how cultural curricula affect authority relations in local social organizations—between teachers and students, between Christians and national elite, and between children and elders—and raises several questions about educational processes, state-society relations, the production of knowledge, and the making of Ghana's citizenry.

Youth Cultures and Subcultures

Youth Cultures and Subcultures Author Sarah Baker
ISBN-10 9781134791309
Release 2016-02-11
Pages 310
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This volume critically examines ’subculture’ in a variety of Australian contexts, exploring the ways in which the terrain of youth cultures and subcultures has changed over the past two decades and considering whether ’subculture’ still works as a viable conceptual framework for studying youth culture. Richly illustrated with concrete case studies, the book is thematically organised into four sections addressing i) theoretical concerns and global debates over the continued usefulness of subculture as a concept; ii) the important place of ’belonging’ in subcultural experience and the ways in which belonging is played out across an array of youth cultures; iii) the gendered experiences of young men and women and their ways of navigating subcultural participation; and iv) the ethical and methodological considerations that arise in relation to researching and teaching youth culture and subculture. Bringing together the latest interdisciplinary research to combine theoretical considerations with recent empirical studies of subcultural experience, Youth Cultures and Subcultures will appeal to scholars and students across the social sciences.

Education beyond school

Education beyond school Author Stephen J. Murgatroyd
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048433059
Release 1974-07-07
Pages 16
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Education beyond school has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Education beyond school also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Education beyond school book for free.

Educational Policies and Youth in the 21st Century

Educational Policies and Youth in the 21st Century Author Sharon Lynn Nichols
ISBN-10 1681235307
Release 2016-07
Pages 220
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Educational Policies and Youth in the 21st Century has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Educational Policies and Youth in the 21st Century also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Educational Policies and Youth in the 21st Century book for free.


Youthscapes Author Sunaina Maira
ISBN-10 9780812205671
Release 2013-07-20
Pages 296
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Young people, it seems, are both everywhere and nowhere. The media are crowded with images of youth as deviant or fashionable, personifying a society's anxieties and hopes about its own transformation. However, theories of globalization, nationalism, and citizenship tend to focus on adult actors. Youthscapes sets youth at the heart of globalization by exploring the meanings young people have created for themselves through their engagements with popular cultures, national ideologies, and global markets. The term "youthscapes" places local youth practices within the context of ongoing shifts in national and global forces. Using this framework, the book revitalizes discussions about youth cultures and social movements, while simultaneously reflecting on the uses of youth as an academic and political category. Tracing young people's movements across physical and imagined spaces, the authors examine various cases of young people as they participate in social relations; use and invent technology; earn, spend, need, and despise money; comprise target markets while producing their own original media; and create their own understandings of citizenship. The essays examine young Thai women working in the transnational beauty industry, former child soldiers in Sierra Leone, Latino youth using graphic art in political organizing, a Sri Lankan refugee's fan relationship with Jackie Chan, and Somali high school students in the United States and Canada. Drawing on methodologies and frameworks from multiple fields, such as anthropology, sociology, and film studies, the volume is useful to those studying and teaching issues of youth culture, popular culture, globalization, social movements, education, and media. By focusing on the intersection between globalization studies and youth culture, the authors offer a vital contribution to the development of a new, interdisciplinary approach to youth culture studies.

Connecting Histories of Education

Connecting Histories of Education Author Barnita Bagchi
ISBN-10 9781782382676
Release 2014-03-30
Pages 262
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The history of education in the modern world is a history of transnational and cross-cultural influence. This collection explores those influences in (post) colonial and indigenous education across different geographical contexts. The authors emphasize how local actors constructed their own adaptation of colonialism, identity, and autonomy, creating a multi-centric and entangled history of modern education. In both formal as well as informal aspects, they demonstrate that transnational and cross-cultural exchanges in education have been characterized by appropriation, re-contextualization, and hybridization, thereby rejecting traditional notions of colonial education as an export of pre-existing metropolitan educational systems.