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Cultures of Environmentalism

Cultures of Environmentalism Author S. Yearley
ISBN-10 9780230514867
Release 2004-11-23
Pages 205
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As environmental issues increasingly impinge on society, sociologists have turned their attention to nature and the environment. However, unlike the majority of sociological work on environmental issues, which has too often been dominated by abstract theoretical disputes, this book concentrates on empirical studies in environmental sociology. It shows what sociologists can bring to current debates over environmental topics (including genetic modification) and - using the author's first-hand research - demonstrates how sociologists can best pursue practical work on environmental topics.

Environmental Sociology

Environmental Sociology Author Michael D. Mehta
ISBN-10 1895712807
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 412
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Environmental Sociology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Environmental Sociology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Environmental Sociology book for free.

Environmental Sociology

Environmental Sociology Author John Hannigan
ISBN-10 9781317752004
Release 2014-03-26
Pages 258
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The third edition of John Hannigan’s classic undergraduate text has been fully updated and revised to highlight contemporary trends and controversies within global environmental sociology. Environmental Sociology offers a distinctive, balanced treatment of environmental issues, reconciling Hannigan’s much-cited model of the social construction of environmental problems and controversies with an environmental justice perspective that stresses inequality and toxic threats to local communities.

Sociological Theory and the Environment

Sociological Theory and the Environment Author Riley E. Dunlap
ISBN-10 0742501868
Release 2002
Pages 357
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This comprehensive survey and assessment of sociological theories of the relations between societies and their 'natural' biophysical environment touches on and addresses virtually all of the major perspectives, focal points, and debates in environmental sociology today. At the same time, the book aims to go beyond an inventory of environmental sociological theory by stressing how new ground can be broken in the articulation of environmental sociology with major classical and contemporary sociological theories.

The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology

The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology Author M. R. Redclift
ISBN-10 9781849805520
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 448
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Acclaim for the first edition: 'The scope of the volume is vast and, overall, the Handbook amounts to an almost encyclopaedic reference text for scholars of environmental questions across the social sciences, be they in sociology, geography, political science or wherever.' – Neil Ward, Environmental Politics 'Each author writes with a distinctive style, yet the work flows well because the editors selected recognized scholars with outstanding credentials. Academic libraries, especially those serving a strong social science community, will find this work a worthwhile addition. Professors of sociology and environmental studies could use the essays for additional readings and reviews.' – Marjorie H. Jones, American Reference Books 'This International Handbook is an important addition to the growing concern and publication in the field of environmental sociology. Certainly any serious scholar in the field should find this edited reference work of interest. . .' – John J. Hartman, International Social Science Review This thoroughly revised Handbook provides an assessment of the scope and content of environmental sociology, and sets out the intellectual and practical challenges posed by the urgent need for policy and action to address accelerating environmental change. More than a decade has passed since the first edition of the Handbook was published to considerable acclaim, and environmental sociology has since become firmly established as a critical social science discipline. This second edition is a major interdisciplinary reference work comprising more than 25 original essays authored by leading scholars, many of whom are intimately involved in national, regional or global environmental policy processes. It marks some of the changes and continuities in the field of environmental sociology, and highlights today's substantive concerns and theoretical debates. The Handbook is divided into three parts covering concepts and theories, critical issues and international perspectives, each with an introduction outlining the content of the constituent chapters and cross-referencing some of the more significant themes that link them together. Authoritative and comprehensive, this Handbook will prove to be essential reading for academics, researchers and students across the social sciences who are interested in the environment. It will also be enthusiastically received by sustainable development policy-makers and practitioners.

Handbook of Cultural Sociology

Handbook of Cultural Sociology Author John R. Hall
ISBN-10 9781134026142
Release 2010-09-13
Pages 720
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The Handbook of Cultural Sociology provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary scholarship in sociology and related disciplines focused on the complex relations of culture to social structures and everyday life. With sixty-five essays written by scholars from around the world, the book draws diverse approaches to cultural sociology into a dialogue that charts new pathways for research on culture in a global era. Contributing scholars address vital concerns that relate to classic questions as well as emergent issues in the study of culture. Topics include cultural and social theory, politics and the state, social stratification, community, aesthetics, lifestyle, and identity. In addition, the authors explore developments central to the constitution and reproduction of culture, such as power, technology, and the organization of work. This book is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in diverse subfields within Sociology, as well as Cultural Studies, Media and Communication, and Postcolonial Theory.

Nature Environment and Culture in East Asia

Nature  Environment and Culture in East Asia Author
ISBN-10 9789004253049
Release 2013-07-09
Pages 468
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Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia. The Challenge of Climate Change explores East Asian cultural variations in approaching and solving environmental challenges in the past, present, and future—important perspectives from cultural studies to the current global environmental and climate crisis.

A History of Environmentalism

A History of Environmentalism Author Marco Armiero
ISBN-10 9781441170514
Release 2014-07-31
Pages 208
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'Think globally, act locally' has become a call to environmentalist mobilization, proposing a closer connection between global concerns, local issues and individual responsibility. A History of Environmentalism explores this dialectic relationship, with ten contributors from a range of disciplines providing a history of environmentalism which frames global themes and narrates local stories. Each of the chapters in this volume addresses specific struggles in the history of environmental movements, for example over national parks, species protection, forests, waste, contamination, nuclear energy and expropriation. A diverse range of environments and environmental actors are covered, including the communities in the Amazonian Forest, the antelope in Tibet, atomic power plants in Europe and oil and politics in the Niger Delta. The chapters demonstrate how these conflicts make visible the intricate connections between local and global, the body and the environment, and power and nature. A History of Environmentalism tells us much about transformations of cultural perceptions and ways of production and consuming, as well as ecological and social changes. More than offering an exhaustive picture of the entire environmentalist movement, A History of Environmentalism highlights the importance of the experience of environmentalism within local communities. It offers a worldwide and polyphonic perspective, making it key reading for students and scholars of global and environmental history and political ecology.

Natural Resource Use and Global Change

Natural Resource Use and Global Change Author K. Bruckmeier
ISBN-10 9781137303158
Release 2013-01-21
Pages 290
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Building on recent developments in social ecology, this book advances a new critical theory of society and nature, exploring social metabolism and global resource flows in contemporary society. Barriers to global sustainability are identified and conditions for transforming industrial economies towards new sustainable resource use are described.

Sociology Environmentalism Globalization

Sociology  Environmentalism  Globalization Author Steven Yearley
ISBN-10 9780857022837
Release 1996-04-04
Pages 176
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This authoritative book brings together the sociologies of globalization and the environment in one volume. Steven Yearley argues that environmental issues have received scant attention in the general debate on globalization even though environmentalists have been very successful in capturing the language and imagery of the globe.

Environment and Society

Environment and Society Author Erika Cudworth
ISBN-10 9781134606443
Release 2005-08-04
Pages 248
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At the start of the twenty-first century, it can be argued that human societies have a greater impact on the environment than ever before. We have always been dependent upon, and interacted with, the 'natural' environment. However, the dramatic social changes of the past three centuries, have altered the form of our relationship with non-human nature to the extent that some would see people/planet relations as in a situation of crisis. Environment and Society provides a comprehensive and critical account of the ways in which we can think about the relationship between human societies and the environments with which they interact. It argues that human societies are ecologically embedded, and that environments are often socially embedded and constituted. It makes the different theoretical positions and empirical studies accessible to students, and includes chapter outlines and summaries, annotated further reading, boxed case-studies and discussion points.

Environmental Sociology

Environmental Sociology Author Matthias Groß
ISBN-10 9789048187300
Release 2010-06-17
Pages 361
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Despite being a relatively young sub-discipline, European environmental sociology has changed considerably in the last decades towards more interdisciplinary collaborations and problem solving. Current trends such as global environmental modernization and processes of economic, political and socio-cultural globalization, fuelled by developments of transport, environmental flows, scientific uncertainty, and information technologies, have fostered new conceptual approaches that move beyond classical sociological mind-sets toward broader attempts to connect to other disciplines.

Green European

Green European Author Audrone Telesiene
ISBN-10 9781317301189
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 254
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Green European addresses the quest for a better understanding of European type(s) of environmentalism. This monograph focuses on public attitudes and behaviours and the culturally rooted as well as country specific differences. The book addresses the wider issue that many European countries are rendered ‘green’ or as having an advanced environmental awareness, but the question - ‘how green are Green Europeans really’, is yet to be answered. The book covers a variety of unique data-driven comparative studies and is divided into three parts: the first addresses perceptions of environmental and technological threats and risks, the second part deals with environmental activism in Europe, the third discusses environmental attitudes, environmental concerns and their imminent link to personal pro-environmental behaviour. The empirical comparative nature of the contributions is enabled by data from the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP).

Handbook of Environmental Sociology

Handbook of Environmental Sociology Author Riley E. Dunlap
ISBN-10 0313268088
Release 2002
Pages 602
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Environmental sociology: an introduction. Sociological theory and the natural environmental. Theory and the sociological study of the built environment. Socio-behavioral qualities of the built environmet. Macro-environments and people: cities, suburbs,a nd metropolitan areas. Designing the built environment. Rural environments and agriculture. Energy, society, and environment. Natural hazards and disastres. Technological hazards and disastres. Risk, technology, and society. Human dimensions of global environmental change. Social impact assessment and technololgy assessment. The environmental movement in the United States. Environmental concern: conceptual and measurement issues. Environmental sociology in nonacademic settings.

Sociology and Development

Sociology and Development Author Akampurira Abraham
ISBN-10 9783656354499
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 31
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Seminar paper from the year 2011 in the subject Sociology - Basics and General, grade: A, Atlantic International University (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS), course: REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT., language: English, abstract: In order to cause development, it is very important to understand man and what affects him. Sociology is one of the factors that affect man and at the same time a cause of development. Co temporally sociology looks at the causes of and consequences of development and this needs thorough study through sociological concepts. Failure to attain democratization, economic growth or social welfare has a big bearing in losing focus to arriving at development. Globalization impacts on the development trends and the social cultural set up of different communities. This is reflected in the social network configurations that affect the allocation of resources, production and consumption patterns and attitude change which subsequently impacts on the economic growth. The scope for this research paper will be the following elements of sociology and how they impact on development; culture, environment, criminality, law and punishment, education, family, gender and sexuality, health and illness, knowledge and science, Race and ethnic relations, social networks, stratification, Urban and rural sociology. Sociology is a complex process that covers almost all aspects of life and covers the ravages of war, terrorism, oppression and general infringement of human rights. Sociological issues are observed everywhere in form of oppression, injustice, gender and sex orientation. There are some views presented by scholars on sociological concepts and some of them are part of this paper.

Transnational Identity Politics and the Environment

Transnational Identity Politics and the Environment Author Gabriel Ignatow
ISBN-10 0739120158
Release 2007
Pages 137
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This study in global sociology argues that environmental activism today has taken on a hybrid, transnational character in reaction to the 'retreat of the state' and the political activism of transnational migrant communities. The argument is illustrated with in-depth case studies of contemporary environmental social movements in Turkey and Lithuania.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066043236
Release 2003
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.