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Curtains for Three

Curtains for Three Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 0307755827
Release 2010-05-12
Pages 240
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Three clever murderers challenge Nero Wolfe in cases involving lovers who want to make sure neither is a killer, a stable full of suspects in the search for a killer on horseback, and a murderer stalking Wolfe's brownstone.

Three Doors to Death

Three Doors to Death Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9780307756237
Release 2010-06-09
Pages 240
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One by one they knock on the door of the incomparable Nero Wolfe, each with a case more perplexing than the one before. First comes the niece of a man who committed suicide by jumping naked into a geyser, only to return just in time to be murdered. Then it’s the strange case of the murder victim’s family covering up for the real killer, while a chef stews in jail. Finally a master horticulturist discovers the woman he wants to marry: dead and cooling in a hothouse. Three knocks on the door. Three cases of crime. Enter a world of mendacity, mixed motives, and masterful detection on West Thirty-fifth Street, where murder is always at home. Introduction by Jonathan Kellerman “It is always a treat to read a Nero Wolfe mystery. The man has entered our folklore.”—The New York Times Book Review A grand master of the form, Rex Stout is one of America’s greatest mystery writers, and his literary creation Nero Wolfe is one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time. Together, Stout and Wolfe have entertained—and puzzled—millions of mystery fans around the world. Now, with his perambulatory man-about-town, Archie Goodwin, the arrogant, gourmandizing, sedentary sleuth is back in the original seventy-three cases of crime and detection written by the inimitable master himself, Rex Stout.

The Second Confession

The Second Confession Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9780307756169
Release 2010-05-26
Pages 256
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When a millionaire businessman hires the sedentary detective to snoop on his daughter's boyfriend, Wolfe finds himself caught in a labyrinthine case involving drugged drinks, murderous debutantes, and a gangland boss.

Murder by the Book

Murder by the Book Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 0307756068
Release 2010-05-12
Pages 256
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When everyone who has read Leonard Dykes's unpublished manuscript--including the author himself--is found dead, Nero Wolfe, along with his sidekick, decides to set a trap.

Under the Andes

Under the Andes Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9781775416722
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 505
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In the tradition of Jules Verne's classic A Journey to the Center of the Earth comes Rex Stout's Under the Andes, an early science fiction novel that recounts the exploits of a pair of dashing brothers who stumble across a portal that leads them to a lost Incan civilization.


ISBN-10 0307768198
Release 2011-07-27
Pages 183
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A bidding war for his services interrupts Nero Wolfe's attempts to solve the case of the businessman who died in his love nest--a case in which the police seem oddly uninterested.

Homicide Trinity

Homicide Trinity Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 0307755991
Release 2010-07-07
Pages 224
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Nero Wolfe attempts to find the killer who murdered his victim with Wolfe's own necktie, and he encounters a list of bizarre suspects, including a gun-toting wife and a cop-hating landlady.

Too Many Women

Too Many Women Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 0307768082
Release 2011-07-27
Pages 251
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Archie, Nero Wolfe's assistant, goes undercover to investigate a murder at a Wall Street firm, where he discovers a fringe benefit: hundreds of women work there. Everyone's alibi is air-tight, so Archie and Wolfe set a trap. Which woman will fall into it?

Red Threads

Red Threads Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9780307756138
Release 2010-04-28
Pages 272
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Val Carew had come a long way—from Oklahoma to Wall Street—only to be clubbed to death at his wife’s tomb. The wealthy financier had built the magnificent crypt in memory of his beautiful Cherokee bride, whose premature death left behind a lot of unanswered questions. Now Carew himself is dead, struck down by a reminder from his past: an Indian war club. The case lands in the capable hands of Inspector Cramer of the New York Homicide squad. The cigar-chomping detective has to follow the only clue left behind—a piece of red thread found in the dead man’s hand that no doubt leads to his killer.

Prisoner s Base

Prisoner s Base Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9780307756114
Release 2010-06-09
Pages 224
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Hours after Priscilla Eads pleads with him to take her case, Nero Wolfe is shocked to find out that she was murdered, and soon he is investigating her fortune-hunting husband and greedy business associates.

The Nero Wolfe Mystery Series The Zeck Trilogy

The Nero Wolfe Mystery Series  The Zeck Trilogy Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9781101969311
Release 2016-12-13
Pages 784
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The perfect introduction to crime fiction’s greatest armchair detective: three mysteries featuring Nero Wolfe and his nemesis, gangland kingpin Arnold Zeck . . . AND BE A VILLAIN THE SECOND CONFESSION IN THE BEST FAMILIES A guest on a radio talk show drops dead on-air after drinking a glass of a sponsor’s beverage. A business mogul suspects his daughter’s lawyer boyfriend of engaging in highly un-American activities. An aging millionairess feels threatened by her young playboy husband’s newfound wealth. Nero Wolfe agrees to take each of these cases from the comfort of his townhouse on West 35th Street—and each time, the trail leads to Arnold Zeck, a criminal mastermind willing to defend his syndicate by any means necessary. With Wolfe’s indefatigable man-about-town, Archie Goodwin, doing the legwork, their battle of wits will have fatal consequences. Featuring a new introduction by the head of Rex Stout’s literary society (“The Wolfe Pack”) and a letter from Stout’s daughter, this ebook bundle is the thrilling legacy of a grand master of the mystery novel. “It’s always a treat to read a Nero Wolfe mystery. The man has entered our folklore.”—The New York Times Book Review

The Red Box

The Red Box Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 0307768171
Release 2011-07-20
Pages 272
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A lovely woman is dead, and the fortunes of overextended theatrical producer Llewellyn Frost depend on solving the mystery of the red box: two pounds of candied fruits, nuts and creams, covered with chocolate -- and laced with potassium cyanide.When Nero Wolfe's suspicion falls on Frost's kissing cousin, Frost wants the detective to kill the sickly sweet case--before it kills him.

Murder Stage Left

Murder  Stage Left Author Robert Goldsborough
ISBN-10 9781504041102
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 246
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It’s curtains for a famous Broadway director, and private investigator Nero Wolfe is on the case—but his assistant, Archie Goodwin, is a suspect. When a renowned theater director senses something amiss during his latest production, he calls in Nero Wolfe. Though the corpulent genius wouldn’t normally accept a job this vague, a mutual friend dangles the prospect of a very rare orchid in exchange for his services, and Wolfe can’t resist. With a mind to suss out useful backstage gossip, Wolfe turns to his faithful assistant, Archie Goodwin, to impersonate a journalist in order to speak to the cast. Though Goodwin’s conversations prove unfruitful, on his last day at the theater, the director is murdered in his soundproof booth, poisoned by an unseen culprit during an evening performance. In short order, an actor whose health is failing attempts suicide with the same poison. Now Goodwin is a prime suspect in the director’s demise, effectively sidelining him for the rest of the case, and freelance gumshoe Saul Panzer must step in to help wrangle the various members of the play—from the ingénue and the diva to the handsome movie star and the surly stage manager—so New York’s smartest, and most reclusive, private detective can determine who is responsible for these dramatic deaths and clear Goodwin’s name once and for all. Continuing his beloved series—which also includes Archie Meets Nero Wolfe, Murder in the Ball Park, and Archie in the Crosshairs—Nero Award–winning author Robert Goldsborough “brings Nero Wolfe, late of Rex Stout, gloriously back to life” (Chicago). Murder, Stage Left is the 59th book in the Nero Wolfe Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

The Mother Hunt

The Mother Hunt Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9780307756053
Release 2010-06-16
Pages 224
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The Mother Hunt is the 18th novel by the Grandmaster of Mystery to be reissued in the Rex Stout Library. It's a matter of maternity that brings Lucy Valdon to the brownstone on West 35th, after a baby is left on her doorstep.

A Right to Die

A Right to Die Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9780307756145
Release 2010-05-26
Pages 208
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When a bright young heiress with a flair for romance and one too many enemies is found brutally murdered, Nero Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie, find themselves embroiled in a case that is not as black and white as it first appears. Susan Brooke has everything going for her. Men would have killed themselves to marry her, and, in fact, one did. Susan came to New York to find love and fulfillment, and ended up dead on a tenement floor. The police say her black fiance did it, but Wolfe has other ideas. Before he's done, he'll prove that good intentions and bad deeds often go hand in hand and that the highest ideals can sometimes have the deadliest consequences.

The Mirror and the Mask

The Mirror and the Mask Author Ellen Hart
ISBN-10 1429988738
Release 2009-11-10
Pages 320
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Ellen Hart was named the 2017 MWA Grand Master, the most distinguished lifetime achievement award offered in the mystery community. Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless is at crossroads. The rough economy has put her plans for a third restaurant on hold, and her long distance romance is on the rocks and quite possibly unsalvageable. Unsure of what to do next, she takes her good friend A. J. Nolan up on his standing offer to take her on as a private investigator. While still in training, her first job seems simple enough. All she had to do is find Annie Archer's stepfather. Jane tracks down a likely match—a man who has made a small fortune in real estate. While she's happy to close her first case, she finds it hard to reconcile the difference between PI work—finding what people pay you to find—and uncovering the truth, the whole truth, especially when clues in this seemingly simple case point to more threatening family secrets than where Annie's father has been hiding out. Ellen Hart's The Mirror and the Mask is another engrossing mystery filled with the deceit and psychological intrigue that fans have come to expect from this Lambda and Minnesota Book Award--winning author and MWA Grand Master.

The Rubber Band

The Rubber Band Author Rex Stout
ISBN-10 9780307756152
Release 2010-09-08
Pages 208
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What do a Wild West lynching and a respected English nobleman have in common? On the surface, absolutely nothing. But when a young woman hires his services, it becomes Nero Wolfe’s job to look deeper and find the connection. A forty-year-old pact, a five-thousand-mile search, and a million-dollar murder are all linked to an international scandal that could rebound on the great detective and his partner, Archie, with fatal abruptness. “It is always a treat to read a Nero Wolfe mystery. The man has entered our folklore.”—The New York Times Book Review