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Cutlip and Center s Effective Public Relations

Cutlip and Center s Effective Public Relations Author Glen M. Broom
ISBN-10 0132669153
Release 2012
Pages 431
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Rev. ed. of: Effective public relations / Scott M. Cutlip, Allen H. Center, Glen M. Broom. 9th ed. 2006.

Effective Public Relations

Effective Public Relations Author Scott M. Cutlip
ISBN-10 013123014X
Release 2006
Pages 486
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'Effective Public Relations' offers an authoritative and comprehensive summary of concepts, theory, principles, history and management of the field.

Effective Public Relations

Effective Public Relations Author Glen M. Broom
ISBN-10 0138145660
Release 2008
Pages 504
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For courses in Introductory Public Relations. Cutlip & Center offers students the gold standard in public relations, providing the most up-to-date reference in the market. In the new edition, Glen Broom continues the work of Cutlip and Center by providing the most up-to-date reference for students.

Primer of Public Relations Research Third Edition

Primer of Public Relations Research  Third Edition Author Don W. Stacks
ISBN-10 9781462522705
Release 2016-11-23
Pages 404
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Thousands of public relations (PR) students and professionals have relied on this authoritative text to understand the key role of research in planning and evaluating PR campaigns. Revised and expanded to reflect today's emphasis on standards-based practice, the third edition has a heightened emphasis on setting baselines, creating benchmarks, and assessing progress. Stacks presents step-by-step guidelines for using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods to track output, outtakes, and outcomes, and shows how to present research findings clearly to clients. Every chapter features review questions and a compelling practice problem. PowerPoint slides for use in teaching are provided at the companion website. Instructors requesting a desk copy also receive a supplemental Instructor's Manual with a test bank, suggested readings, and case studies. New to This Edition: *Chapter on standardization, moving beyond the prior edition's focus on best practices. *Chapter on different types of data sets, with attention to the advantages and disadvantages of using Big Data. *Addresses the strategic use of key performance indicators. *Covers the latest content analysis software. Pedagogical Features: *Each chapter opens with a chapter overview and concludes with review questions. *End-of-chapter practice problems guide readers to implement what they have learned in a PR project. *Appendix provides a dictionary of public relations measurement and research terms. *Supplemental Instructor's Manual and PowerPoint slides.

It s Not Just PR

It s Not Just PR Author W. Timothy Coombs
ISBN-10 9781118554043
Release 2013-07-08
Pages 160
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In the second edition of their award-winning book, W. Timothy Coombs and Sherry J. Holladay provide a broad and thorough look at the field of public relations in the world today and assess its positive and negative impact on society’s values, knowledge, and perceptions. Uses a range of global, contemporary examples, from multi-national corporations through to the non-profit sector Updated to include discussion of new issues, such as the role and limitations of social media; the emergence of Issues Management; how private politics is shaping corporate behavior; and the rise of global activism and the complications of working in a global world Covers the search within the profession for a definition of PR, including the Melbourne Mandate and Barcelona Principles Balanced, well organized, and clearly written by two leading scholars

The Practice of Public Relations

The Practice of Public Relations Author Fraser P. Seitel
ISBN-10 9780134170282
Release 2016-01-27
Pages 456
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. For courses in public relations. Prepares Readers for Public Relations Work with an Emphasis on Ethics and Contemporary, Real-world Applications Featuring an intensely practical approach that favors reasoning, justification, and applications that work, The Practice of Public Relations prepares readers for contemporary public relations work in the changing landscape of the 21st century. Fraser Seitel’s writing combines a contemporary, real-life approach that marries his experience in the field with a light-hearted, energetic prose style. This Thirteenth Edition has been thoroughly updated to include recent public relations cases with a continued emphasis on ethics, using examples that span several fields and countries. Building on the successes of the previous edition, this text remains the most visual text on the market, as well as the most comprehensive in its discussion of social media as it relates to public relations.

Strategic Planning for Public Relations

Strategic Planning for Public Relations Author Ronald D. Smith
ISBN-10 9781351983372
Release 2017-05-18
Pages 574
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Strategic Planning for Public Relations is in its fifth edition of offering an innovative and clear approach for students looking to learn how to develop public relations campaigns. It is a text intended for those serious about entering the rapidly changing professions of public relations and strategic communication. Ronald Smith shows how to implement pragmatic, research-driven strategic campaigns used in public relations practice, and draws from his years of experience as a professional in the industry and his years of teaching in the classroom. The approach used in this text is a threefold pattern: first, readers are exposed to new ideas, then see them in use, before finally being showed how to apply those ideas themselves. Complex problem-solving and decision-making processes in strategic communication and public relations are turned into a series of easy-to-follow steps, flexible enough to be applicable to myriad situations and organizations in the real world. This new fifth edition follows the same format as previous editions and includes numerous timely and real-world examples of cases and current events, along with classic cases that stand the test of time. It includes new research on opinions and practices within the discipline and covers several recent, award-winning public relations campaigns.

Campaign Strategies and Message Design

Campaign Strategies and Message Design Author Mary Anne Moffitt
ISBN-10 0275955923
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 207
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Presents the planning and execution of a public communication campaign from start to finish.

Public Relations Practices

Public Relations Practices Author Allen H. Center
ISBN-10 0133354059
Release 2014
Pages 276
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Directed primarily toward undergraduate marketing college/university majors, this text also provides practical content to current and aspiring industry professionals. Written by two of the most respected individuals in the field, "Public Relations Practices" presents timeless case studies to help future practitioners develop agility in the principles and applications of effective two-way communications likely to confront them and their employer.

Practical Public Relations

Practical Public Relations Author Anthony Fulginiti
ISBN-10 1524921971
Release 2017-03-02
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A word about our words ...This is one textbook you may want to keep. Why? Because you'll probably refer to it throughout your life to promote causes you believe in - whether you want to write an effective letter to the editor, gain support for a candidate for an office, or just build persuasive techniques to gain acceptance for an idea you want others to accept. Public relations is one area every student will practice, forever. Whether it's moving up the corporate ladder or espousing ideas you want to see succeed, you'll be able to tap into the knowledge that you've accumulated in this course and to revisit this text for ideas when you need them. Also, One of the most important activities you can engage in during your college years is getting involved in a preprofessional society such as the Public Relations Student Society of America. Your college or university might offer other communication, advertising or marketing societies or clubs. Join one. Attend their meetings, especially those of the professional parent society. You'll network with people and get involved in projects that will lead to internships and jobs. Thousands of students, like you, joined those societies and worked on worthwhile projects, attended national conferences, and become hugely successful after graduation. Some of those were students of ours who wrote some of the words in this text. You can make your world, and the world that your children live in, better by learning to champion causes you think will make a serious difference. We hope the ideas in this book will help you do that. If this book enlightens you, we are satisfied. If it motivates you, we are gratified. And if someday, you recall a few of its words when you most need them, we will be edified that through you, we'll still be teaching. - Tony Fulginiti and Don Bagin Practical Public Relations is a complete study of the field of public relations arranged in 15 chapters corresponding to a typical 15-week college semester. The authors present thoughtfully blended theories and principles with models and examples to help readers learn how to sell an idea, build a coalition, or manage a crisis. Practical applications include questions, exercises, and special practical cases after each chapter which help readers translate theory into actual PR actions that make a difference. In a crisp, active writing style every aspect of PR is explored - from the basic M-A-C Triad communication model, through research, thinking, writing and designing, to planning a complete PR program. Readers will see the effect of law, ethics and the networked age on every PR activity. Students will use this text to master everyday PR chores; professionals will use it to reexamine principles behind their practice, develop professionally, or prep for accreditation and advancement.


Reset Author James Rubin
ISBN-10 9780231545907
Release 2018-01-09
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As consumers, our access to—and appetite for—information about what and how we buy continues to grow. Powered by social media, increasingly we look at the companies behind the products and are disappointed when their actions do not meet our expectations. With engaged citizens acting as 24/7 auditors of corporate behavior, one formerly trusted company after another has had their business disrupted with astonishing velocity in the wake of what, in the past, might have been written off as a bad media cycle. Gone are the days when a company could hide behind “socially responsible” branding or when marketing controlled the corporate narrative. That control has shifted to engaged stakeholders in the new social landscape, requiring a more radical change to company practices. James Rubin and Barie Carmichael provide a strategic roadmap for businesses to navigate the new era, rebuild trust, and find their voice. Reset traces the global decline of trust in business at the same time that the public’s expectations for business’s role in society is increasing. Today, businesses must bridge this widening gap at a time when online stakeholders are committed to holding business accountable for its behavior, with unprecedented internal and external scrutiny. This requires strategic solutions anchored in a critical outside-in understanding of the stakeholder footprint of the business model. Reset offers case studies of reputations lost and found, suggesting fundamental strategies to mitigate risk and build the corporate brand. In this new era of instant transparency, corporate behavior has become the proof of corporate character for recruiting and retaining both customers and the next generation of talent. Offering essential advice for managing brand, reputation, and risk, this book is a guide to navigating the pitfalls and taking advantage of the opportunities of the reset.

The PR Styleguide Formats for Public Relations Practice

The PR Styleguide  Formats for Public Relations Practice Author Barbara Diggs-Brown
ISBN-10 9781133713661
Release 2012-01-20
Pages 264
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A concise and student-friendly handbook, THE PR STYLEGUIDE serves as a complete style guide and reference tool for PR students and practitioners. Assisting students in presenting messages that display great form and style, THE PR STYLEGUIDE addresses the most widely used and accepted practices in developing PR pieces providing many visual examples and a breakdown of the goals for each piece. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Cengage Advantage Books This Is PR

Cengage Advantage Books  This Is PR Author Doug Newsom
ISBN-10 1133307612
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 369
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Ideal for the beginning student or the experienced public relations practitioner, THIS IS PR: THE REALITIES OF PUBLIC RELATIONS, Eleventh Edition, covers the world of public relations with a strong emphasis on fundamentals such as history and research, as well as emerging issues such as technology, ethics, and the international aspects. With numerous examples, strategies, tactics, and case studies, your students will have resources they can take away from the classroom.

Communicating in Groups

Communicating in Groups Author Katherine Adams
ISBN-10 9780077832551
Release 2014-03-24
Pages 336
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In its ninth edition, Communicating in Groups provides a fresh look at modern group communication while retaining the foundational information about research and theory that has made the text so popular. Helpful tables and images, as well as boxes showcasing ethical dilemmas, “Apply Now“ situations, and current issues related to media and technology complement the information. Along with the authors' conversational style, these features make the text accessible and relatable for students, who will come away with a deep understanding of small group communication and the positive impact they can make through effective interactions.

Public Relations Writing Form Style

Public Relations Writing  Form   Style Author Doug Newsom
ISBN-10 9781285546025
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 384
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PUBLIC RELATIONS WRITING: FORM AND STYLE combines the practical approach of a trade book with the fundamental principles and theories of Public Relations to provide you with the essential techniques and methods needed to write with understanding and purpose. This text guides you through a logical progression of PR writing, starting with an explanation of how this kind of writing is unique and by exploring the legal and ethical obligations. It also introduces you to the different styles and techniques behind writing principles that you'll need to develop. The 10th edition features a Writing for Select Publics section that covers public relations writing assignments that you'll likely come across early in your career: emails, memos, letters, reports and proposals, backgrounders and position papers. Writing for mass media and the more complex public relations writing functions, including media kits, media pitches, print and online newsletters, brochures, magazines, including those online, and annual reports also are covered in this comprehensive guide. The new edition features a separate exercise book that contains three PR Scenarios and a quick study for each chapter. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Social Media and Public Relations

Social Media and Public Relations Author Deirdre Breakenridge
ISBN-10 9780132983211
Release 2012
Pages 166
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"This concise, action-oriented book shows practitioners how to systematically expand their roles, improve their processes, and sharpen their strategies to engage with today’s more sophisticated and socialized customers. Drawing on her extensive client experience, Breakenridge helps you respond to consumers who demand control over their own brand relationships... marry communications with technology more effectively, and become your organization’s go-to resource on social technology decisions... reflect social media realities throughout your policies and governance... generate greater internal collaboration, eliminating silos once and for all... listen to consumers’ conversations, and apply what you’re learning... build communications crisis plans you can implement at a moment’s notice... develop profound new insights into how consumers construct and perceive their brand relationships.,. practice “reputation management on steroids”... take the lead on identifying and applying metrics... and much more." --Publisher description.

Public Speaking Made Easy

Public Speaking Made Easy Author Judith Ann Rolls
ISBN-10 0176406999
Release 2006
Pages 378
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Written in clear, accessible, upbeat language, Public Speaking Made Easy takes the dread out of public speaking by offering practical information and concrete suggestions to help anyone deliver effective, informative speeches and presentations. Through a balanced mix of theory and practical information, Public Speaking Made Easy won't overwhelm students with unnecessary detail or focus too heavily on skill development. Even those who enjoy giving presentations are likely to uncover public speaking theory and strategies within Public Speaking Made Easy that will help them become better, more confident public speakers.