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Damron Men s Travel Guide

Damron Men s Travel Guide Author Gina Gatta
ISBN-10 0929435907
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 478
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"Gay USA, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean, European cities."

Damron Men s Travel Guide

Damron Men s Travel Guide Author Gina Gatta
ISBN-10 0929435583
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 723
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From the most respected name in gay travel comes the original guide for gay men. It offers complete listings for thousands of cities in Britain, Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Damron Women s Traveller

Damron Women s Traveller Author Gina Gatta
ISBN-10 0929435915
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 408
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: "USA, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean"; : "The best lesbian guide to the USA, Canada, European cities & more."

Gay Bangkok

Gay Bangkok Author Bradley Chetworth
ISBN-10 1539741346
Release 2016-10-23
Pages 60
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Welcome to Bangkok, homo-sapiens! Gay man has dreamed of Bangkok since he first walked erect. This is your gay guide to this bustling and very gay metropolis, including: How to be gay in Thailand Where to lay your head How to speak of your twig and berries in Thai gay slang Where to meet hot Thai guys, whether you want to pay or not Best ports of call if you want to cruise Dating -- offline and online through websites and apps Naggy Nellie's Bangkok safety tips so you don't regret your trip Bradley Chetworth is an American former travel writer turned Fortune 500 executive who has been traveling to Bangkok for the past twenty years, for business but mostly lots of pleasure. He knows the city inside out and sideways, and speaks enough Thai to banter with the rough guys he advises you steer clear of. This guide is Bradley's summation of his own experience, as well as the experiences of his friends and colleagues, both Thai and American. Bangkok can be truly the world's best gay destination, no matter what you're into. This guide is your key to unlocking Bangkok's gay fun.

Damron Men s Travel Guide 2004

Damron Men s Travel Guide 2004 Author Gina M. Gatta
ISBN-10 0929435486
Release 2003-12-01
Pages 727
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The Damron Men's Travel Guide 2004 proves that some things really do improve with age. With the release of this historic 39th edition, the perennial best-selling gay travel guide has bulked up to over 700 pages and sports a sexy new cover design that says the Damron Men's Travel Guide is proudly gay and here to stay. Inside, Damron continues to list the latest information on over 12,000 gay and gay-friendly accommodations, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, retail shops, bookstores, gyms, info lines, social groups, publications, men's clubs, and cruisy areas across North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe.

Spartacus International Hotel Guide 2017

Spartacus International Hotel Guide 2017 Author Briand Bredford-Eichler
ISBN-10 3959852487
Release 2017-04-01
Pages 384
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The latest Spartacus International Hotel Guide offers up-to-date information with an extensive selection of photos for more than 900 hotels, guesthouses and apartments in 85 countries. This guide guarantees the gay travellers open-minded owners and staff as well as secure accommodation. The extensive research of all properties makes this popular guide almost unrivalled; a variety of carefully researched facts, up-to-date reviews and especially valuable insider tips simplify the gay holiday feeling!

Spartacus Berlin Gay Guide

Spartacus Berlin Gay Guide Author Briand Bedford
ISBN-10 3867877025
Release 2014-05
Pages 176
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On 176 pages one can find out about current Berlin events, shopping, history and read up on insider tips. The editor describes in detail many facets of the gay scene and in addition free tickets and vouchers to various parties are included in the back of this guide. Compact information on local attractions and theme-related articles about sex and nightlife can also be found. There are also address lists for shops and places which are a must to visit. The reader is offered help in navigation around the metropolis with the aid of city maps and a map of the public transport system.

Fodor s In Focus Barbados St Lucia

Fodor s In Focus Barbados   St  Lucia Author Fodor's Travel Guides
ISBN-10 9780804143578
Release 2014-12-23
Pages 208
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Written by locals, Fodor's travel guides have been offering expert advice for all tastes and budgets for 80 years. Known for its sophisticated resorts, British style, and warm inviting hospitality, Barbados is an island of broad vistas, sweeping seascapes, and acres of sugar cane. Mountainous St. Lucia is covered by rainforest that makes it one of the greenest islands in the Caribbean, and it also has vibrant coral reefs that draw scuba divers from all over the world. The two islands offer both all-inclusive and regular resorts and are linked by frequent air service, making the short hop in about 20 minutes. This travel guide includes: · Dozens of full-color maps · An 8-page color insert with a brief introduction and spectacular photos that capture the top experiences and attractions throughout Barbados & St. Lucia · Hundreds of hotel and restaurant recommendations, with Fodor's Choice designating our top picks · Multiple itineraries to explore the top attractions and what’s off the beaten path · Major sights such as Diamond Falls, Marigot Bay, and The Pitons Planning to visit more of The Caribbean? Check out Fodor's region-wide travel guide to The Caribbean.

Gay Travels in the Muslim World

Gay Travels in the Muslim World Author Michael Luongo
ISBN-10 9781136570476
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 232
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Travel beyond the fear and paranoia of 9-11 to experience Muslim culture Gay Travels in the Muslim World journeys where other gay travel books fear to tread—Muslim countries. This thought-provoking book tells both Muslim and non-Muslim gay men's stories of traveling in the Middle East during these difficult political times. The true, very personal tales reveal how gay men celebrate their lives and meetings with local men, including a gay soldier's story of his tour of duty in Iraq. Insightful and at times sexy, this intelligent book goes beyond 9-11 and the present political and cultural divides to illustrate the real experiences of gay men in trouble zones—in an effort to seek peace for all. After the collapse of the Twin Towers, fears about terrorism and Muslim culture went hand in hand. Gay Travels in the Muslim World enters the current war zones to bring real and very personal stories of gay men who live and travel in these dangerous areas. This book challenges readers' preconceptions and assumptions about both homosexuality and being Muslim, while showing the wide range of experiences—good and bad—about the regions as well as the differences in attitudes and beliefs. Excerpts from Gay Travels in the Muslim World: From “I Want Your Eyes” by David Stevens Men by themselves are rare. I pass a handsome Omani man sitting on the Corniche wall with a cigarette between his long brown fingers. He wears his colourful cuma cap at a jaunty angle and his mustard-coloured dishdasha has risen up to reveal tantalizingly hairy calves. I note the carefully made holes in his ears—not in his ear lobes but deep inside the cartilages—a pre-Islamic custom still practiced on some male babies to ward off evil spirits. I decide it suits him. From “It All Began with Mamadou” by Jay Davidson Drawing definitive conclusions about a society after living here for a little more than a year is not a wise, safe, or responsible action on my part. If a society's culture is a mosaic of thousands of little tiles, then I like to think that what I have been able to piece together has been a tableau in which certain aspects have become discernable, some are a little less clear, and others remain in a way that I will never see as whole and comprehensible. From “A Market and a Mosque” by Martin Foreman Sylhet, Bangladesh: It's eight o'clock in the evening and Tarique and Paritosh are taking me out to look at the cruising spots. Until I flew in here this afternoon, all I knew of the provincial city and the surrounding area was that it was where most of the Bangladeshis in the UK come from—and since most of the Bangladeshis in the UK live in my home borough of Tower Hamlets, I feel a kind of affinity with the place. Whether or not Sylhet feels an affinity with me is a different matter. From “Work In Progress: Notes From A Continuing Journey of Manufacturing Dissent” by Parvez Sharma In the construction of the image and life of the “queer” Muslim is also the awareness of the not so well known fact that a sexual revolution of immense proportions came to the earliest Muslims, some 1,300 years before the West had even thought about it. This promise of equal gender rights and, unlike in the Bible, the stress on sex as not just reproduction but also enjoyment within the confines of marriage has all but been lost in the rhetoric spewing from loudspeakers perched on Masjid's—or mosques—in Riyadh, Marrakech and Islamabad. The same Islam that has for centuries not only tolerated but also openly celebrated homosexuality is, today, used to justify a state-sanctioned pogrom against gay men in Egypt—America's “enlightened” friend in the Middle East. Gay Travels in the Muslim World is a refreshing, well written look a

Damron City Guide

Damron City Guide Author Gina Gatta
ISBN-10 092943546X
Release 2003-06-01
Pages 327
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Over 130 full-color maps of North America and Europe, Australia AND NOW PRAGUE AND SOUTH AFRICA!

Iron Man Vol 2 the Secret Origin of Tony Stark

Iron Man Vol  2  the Secret Origin of Tony Stark Author Kieron Gillen
ISBN-10 1846535506
Release 2013-08-07
Pages 136
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In the aftermath of the Phoenix Event (Avengers Versus X-Men), Iron Man stands accused of Deicide for the murder of the alien Shi'ard's god, the Phoenix Force! Just how the heck is ol' Shell Head gonna get out of this one?! Collecting Iron Man Vol.6 #6-11.

Rick Steves Pocket Barcelona

Rick Steves Pocket Barcelona Author Rick Steves
ISBN-10 9781631214714
Release 2016-09-13
Pages 196
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Rick Steves Pocket guidebooks truly are a “tour guide in your pocket.” Each colorful, compact 280-page book includes Rick’s advice for prioritizing your time, whether you're spending 1 or 7 days in a city. Everything a busy traveler needs is easy to access: a neighborhood overview, city walks and tours, sights, handy food and accommodations charts, an appendix packed with information on trip planning and practicalities, and a fold-out city map. Rick Steves Pocket Barcelona includes the following walks and tours: • Ramblas Ramble • Barri Gotic and Cathedral Tour • Picasso Museum Tour • Eixample Walk • Sagrada Familia Tour

Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017

Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017 Author Briand Bedford-Eichler
ISBN-10 3959852495
Release 2017-04-01
Pages 980
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No other gay guide offers such a wide variety of information to the countries and cities listed.

With the Help of God and a Few Marines

With the Help of God and a Few Marines Author Albertus Catlin
ISBN-10 1536964239
Release 2016-08-08
Pages 314
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With the Help of God and a Few Marines: The Battles of Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood is the recollections of Brigadier General Albertus Wright Catlin during World War I. The original illustrations are included.

Long Time Passing

Long Time Passing Author Myra MacPherson
ISBN-10 0253214955
Release 1984
Pages 695
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Praise for the original edition: "A haunting chorus of voices, a moving deeply disturbing evocation of an era." --San Francisco Chronicle "Myra MacPherson's book belongs with the best of the works on Vietnam, and there has been no better body of war literature that I know of." --Joseph Heller "A brilliant and necessary book... this stunning depiction of Vietnam's bitter fruit is calculated to agitate even the most complacent American." --Philadelphia Inquirer "There have been many books on the Vietnam War, but few have captured its second life as memory better than Long Time Passing." --Washington Post Book World "A most perceptive and fascinating account of the continuing impact of the Vietnam experience.... As this important book makes clear, we will be paying the costs for Vietnam for long years to come. Myra MacPherson not only lived through the Vietnam years, she writes with the insight of one still deeply caught up in the issues of that tragedy." --George McGovern "Enthralling reading... full of deep and strong emotions." --New York Times This new edition of a classic book on the impact of the Vietnam War on Americans reintroduces the haunted voices of the Vietnam era to a new generation of readers. In a new introduction, Myra MacPherson reflects on what has changed, and what hasn't, in the years since these interviews were conducted, explains the key points of reference from the 1980s that feature prominently in them, and brings the stories of her principal characters up-to-date.

Spartacus International Gay Guide 2016

Spartacus International Gay Guide 2016 Author Briand Bedford
ISBN-10 3959850573
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 1000
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Gay men have diverse wishes for travel destinations. The best confirmation of this is presented by the success story of the Spartacus International Gay Guide, which has been around for over 4 decades now. The new edition once again presents around 21 000 listed entries of interest to gay men from over 135 countries worldwide on 1 024 pages. Whether it be a hotel in Palm Springs, a bar in Hong Kong or a club in Buenos Aires - no other travel guide offers such extensive information regarding locations where gay men are welcome and where they can be themselves. Each country is described in a detailed introductory text, which includes the legal and social situation for gay men as well as unique cultural characteristics of the country. Current information compact and at your finger tips. The following unique characteristics make the use of this guide practical and easy: The most important information for each country is highlighted and stands out, full colour country and city maps are

Chicago Whispers

Chicago Whispers Author St. Sukie de la Croix
ISBN-10 9780299286934
Release 2012-07-11
Pages 312
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Chicago Whispers illuminates a colorful and vibrant record of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people who lived and loved in Chicago from the city’s beginnings in the 1670s as a fur-trading post to the end of the 1960s. Journalist St. Sukie de la Croix, drawing on years of archival research and personal interviews, reclaims Chicago’s LGBT past that had been forgotten, suppressed, or overlooked. Included here are Jane Addams, the pioneer of American social work; blues legend Ma Rainey, who recorded “Sissy Blues” in Chicago in 1926; commercial artist J. C. Leyendecker, who used his lover as the model for “The Arrow Collar Man” advertisements; and celebrated playwright Lorraine Hansberry, author of A Raisin in the Sun. Here, too, are accounts of vice dens during the Civil War and classy gentlemen’s clubs; the wild and gaudy First Ward Ball that was held annually from 1896 to 1908; gender-crossing performers in cabarets and at carnival sideshows; rights activists like Henry Gerber in the 1920s; authors of lesbian pulp novels and publishers of “physique magazines”; and evidence of thousands of nameless queer Chicagoans who worked as artists and musicians, in the factories, offices, and shops, at theaters and in hotels. Chicago Whispers offers a diverse collection of alternately hip and heart-wrenching accounts that crackle with vitality.