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Daviborshch s Cart

Daviborshch s Cart Author David Fraser
ISBN-10 9780803234383
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 408
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In the spring of 1942, Nazi forces occupying the Ukraine launched a wave of executions targeting the region's remaining Jewish communities. These mass shootings were open, public, and intimate. Although the victims themselves could never testify against their killers, many eyewitnesses could and did identify the perpetrators. Among these communities, three local men from the villages of Serniki, Israylovka, and Gnivan were intimately implicated in such killing operations: Ivan Polyukhovich, a forester in the German-controlled administration; Heinrich Wagner, aVolksdeutscherliaison officer; and Mikolay Berezowsky, a member of the local police force. More than fifty years later, these three men were arrested and brought to trial in Australia for their alleged war crimes. Daviborshch's Cartis more than an account of Holocaust perpetrators who found a safe haven in postwar Australia. It is also the story of the Holocaust in the Ukraine, the War Crimes Act, Nazi policies, and the ways in which future generations translate history into law, archives into proof, and law into justice. Based on a review of previously unexamined historical and legal documents and transcripts,Daviborshch's Cartoffers the first critical examination of Australian attempts to bring alleged Nazi criminals to justice.

Alleged Nazi Collaborators in the United States after World War II

Alleged Nazi Collaborators in the United States after World War II Author Christoph Schiessl
ISBN-10 9781498529419
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 270
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This thorough account of the postwar search for 150 suspected Nazi collaborators in the United States explains how they immigrated into the United States, why it took so long to locate and apprehend them, and the eventual founding in the 1970s of the investigative body that sought to bring them to justice.

Forensic Archaeology

Forensic Archaeology Author W. J. Mike Groen
ISBN-10 9781118745984
Release 2015-04-27
Pages 616
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Forensic archaeology is mostly defined as the use of archaeological methods and principles within a legal context. However, such a definition only covers one aspect of forensic archaeology and misses the full potential this discipline has to offer. This volume is unique in that it contains 57 chapters from experienced forensic archaeological practitioners working in different countries, intergovernmental organisations or NGO?s. It shows that the practice of forensic archaeology varies worldwide as a result of diverse historical, educational, legal and judicial backgrounds. The chapters in this volume will be an invaluable reference to (forensic) archaeologists, forensic anthropologists, humanitarian and human rights workers, forensic scientists, police officers, professionals working in criminal justice systems and all other individuals who are interested in the potential forensic archaeology has to offer at scenes of crime or places of incident. This volume promotes the development of forensic archaeology worldwide. In addition, it proposes an interpretative framework that is grounded in archaeological theory and methodology, integrating affiliated behavioural and forensic sciences.

Annual Report

Annual Report Author University of London. Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105134500284
Release 2007
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Annual Report has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Annual Report also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Annual Report book for free.

Jews of the Channel Islands and the Rule of Law 1940 1945

Jews of the Channel Islands and the Rule of Law  1940   1945 Author David Fraser
ISBN-10 1845196783
Release 2014-08-01
Pages 262
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From 1940 to 1945 the Channel Islands were the only part of Britain to fall under German occupation. During that period, local courts continued to function and to apply Island law and lawyers, judges, and government officials in Jersey and Guernsey continued to swear oaths of allegiance to the British Crown. But German anti-Semitic laws and other measures were introduced and became part of the legal system. This book examines the ways in which officials cooperated in the implementation of legal measures against the Islands' Jewish community and their property. Resident Jews were registered by Island authorities and lists of Jewish property were compiled and submitted to the Germans by local lawyers and bureaucrats. Jews were banned from employment and from appearing in public, businesses were “Aryanized,” wireless sets were confiscated because their owners were Jewish, and many residents were deported. Based on a thorough review of Island archival material and previously unknown evidence, this book offers the first jurisprudential and legal analysis of the moral and legal failures of law and lawyers to combat the Holocaust and Nazi legality on British soil.

The Bombing of Auschwitz

The Bombing of Auschwitz Author Michael J. Neufeld
ISBN-10 PSU:000053420749
Release 2003
Pages 350
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"Did we 'know' the gas chambers were there? Could we have destroyed them? Why didn't we bomb? For decades, debate has raged over whether the Allies should have bombed the gas chambers at Auschwitz and the railroads leading to the camp, thereby saving thousands of lives and disrupting Nazi efforts to exterminate European Jews. Did failure to do so simply reflect a callous indifference to the plight of the Jews or was it a realistic assessment of a plan that could not succeed? In this volume, a number of eminent military and Holocaust historians and others--including Sir Martin Gilbert, Walter Laqueur, James Kitchens III, Richard Levy, Gerhard Weinberg, Williamson Murray, and Deborah Lipstadt--address and debate those very questions."--Page 4 of cover.

War Crimes

War Crimes Author Angela Betzien
ISBN-10 0868199184
Release 2011
Pages 52
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Set in a regional coastal town, War Crimes tells a powerful story of five disenfranchised young women who are fighting for respect, railing against authority and struggling to form an identity in a small town with limited opportunities. The relocation of an Iraqi refugee family to the town provokes a climate of hostility and tension that threatens to violently explode. War Crimes continues Real TV's trademark technique of using real events as pretexts for the creation of relevant and provocative contemporary Australian drama.

The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal Law

The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal Law Author Kevin Jon Heller
ISBN-10 9780191652868
Release 2012-10-11
Pages 536
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This book provides the first comprehensive legal analysis of the twelve war crimes trials held in the American zone of occupation between 1946 and 1949, collectively known as the Nuremberg Military Tribunals (NMTs). The judgments the NMTs produced have played a critical role in the development of international criminal law, particularly in terms of how courts currently understand war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression. The trials are also of tremendous historical importance, because they provide a far more comprehensive picture of Nazi atrocities than their more famous predecessor, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg (IMT). The IMT focused exclusively on the 'major war criminals'-the Goerings, the Hesses, the Speers. The NMTs, by contrast, prosecuted doctors, lawyers, judges, industrialists, bankers-the private citizens and lower-level functionaries whose willingness to take part in the destruction of millions of innocents manifested what Hannah Arendt famously called 'the banality of evil'. The book is divided into five sections. The first section traces the evolution of the twelve NMT trials. The second section discusses the law, procedure, and rules of evidence applied by the tribunals, with a focus on the important differences between Law No. 10 and the Nuremberg Charter. The third section, the heart of the book, provides a systematic analysis of the tribunals' jurisprudence. It covers Law No. 10's core crimes-crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity-as well as the crimes of conspiracy and membership in a criminal organization. The fourth section then examines the modes of participation and defenses that the tribunals recognized. The final section deals with sentencing, the aftermath of the trials, and their historical legacy.

Knight s Cross

Knight s Cross Author David Fraser
ISBN-10 9780060925970
Release 1994-12-02
Pages 624
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An in-depth biography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel written with the cooperation of Rommel's son, by a renowned military analyst and historian who is himself a general.

Genocide on Trial

Genocide on Trial Author Donald Bloxham
ISBN-10 9780198208723
Release 2001
Pages 273
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When the Allies tried German war criminals at the end of WWII they were trying not only to punish the guilty but also to set down a history of Nazism and of what had happened in Europe. Bloxham shows the reality was that these proceeedings failed.

Gross moral turpitude

Gross moral turpitude Author Cassandra Pybus
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105061111576
Release 1993
Pages 238
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A reassessment of the case of Sydney Sparkes Orr, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tasmania, who was dismissed in 1956 for allegedly seducing a female student. His dismissal provoked extensive debate on intellectual freedom. Includes bibliography and index. The author is editor of the Tasmanian literary journal, TIsland'.

The Plunder of Jewish Property during the Holocaust

The Plunder of Jewish Property during the Holocaust Author A. Beker
ISBN-10 1349413909
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 355
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More than fifty years after the Holocaust, European and other countries are confronting newly-emerging memories and guilt-filled ghosts from the past. The campaign for the restitution of Jewish property stolen during the Holocaust touched a raw nerve within European society and, together with the end of the Cold War and generational change, created a need to re-evaluate conventional historical truths. A group of experts joined together to review in this book how the issue was dealt with in different countries and how national myths must be re-examined.

Law After Auschwitz

Law After Auschwitz Author David Fraser
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060883439
Release 2005
Pages 451
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The idea of Nazi law is, for many lawyers, an oxymoron. Today, law under the National Socialist regime continues to be portrayed and understood as the ultimate perversion of legality and the Holocaust as the inevitable result of the collapse of the rule of law. This book offers important insights into the ways in which our understanding of the Holocaust and of the law have been built upon mutually reinforcing but erroneous constructions of the two. Fraser argues that the Holocaust is best understood, or at least studied, not as a point of lawless, criminal disjuncture with law, but as offering remarkable points of commonality and continuity with the law, with legality as understood at the time, and with law as we understand and practice it today.Law After Auschwitz studies law and lawyers under Nazi rule, the jurisprudence of Nazi law, and the reception of Nazi law by contemporary legal scholarship. It offers detailed analyses of the ways in which the Holocaust has been constructed in post-war trials. This book raises fundamental questions about legality and ethics in the 21st century. If the Holocaust took place in a “legal” framework, and if the legal system today operates in part in a continuous fashion with Nazi legality, then law must be understood as still operating in the shadow of Auschwitz. Throughout the book, the consequences of a legal system which operates in a state of willful amnesia about its own implication in the Shoah, is the central focus.

Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great Author David Fraser
ISBN-10 WISC:89072018609
Release 2001
Pages 703
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Chronicles the life of the legendary ruler, artistic patron, man of letters, lawgiver, and military commander, examining his use of strategy and psychology within the context of eighteenth-century European diplomacy.

Thinking Through the Body of the Law

Thinking Through the Body of the Law Author Pheng Cheah
ISBN-10 9780814715451
Release 1996-07-01
Pages 274
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Issues that are drawn from, and bear on, disciplines including philosophy, law and legal studies, feminist studies, social and political theory, communication studies, critical theory and cultural studies.

Cricket and the Law

Cricket and the Law Author David Fraser
ISBN-10 0714653470
Release 2005
Pages 438
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Cricket and the Law charts the inter-relationship between cricket - the law of the game, and legal theory - the law of our lives. Fraser draws connections and commonalities between these two seemingly disparate, complex sets of conventions. This study will be enjoyed by lawyers and students of law, sport, sociology and cultural studies, as well as cricket lovers everywhere.

The Law Under the Swastika

The Law Under the Swastika Author Michael Stolleis
ISBN-10 0226775259
Release 1998-02-28
Pages 263
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European legal history scholar Michael Stolleis examines the evolution of legal history, theory, and practice in Nazi Germany, paying close attention to its impact on the German republic and its legal profession. Breaking the conspiracy of silence held in the postwar period by justices left over from the Nazi era, Stolleis stresses the importance of researching Nazi law in order to confront ethical problems in today's legal profession.