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DC Super Heroes The Ultimate Pop Up Book

DC Super Heroes  The Ultimate Pop Up Book Author DC Comics
ISBN-10 0316122378
Release 2010-10-19
Pages 12
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Critically acclaimed pop-up engineer Matthew Reinhart celebrates the history, heroes, and villains of the DC Universe in this ultimate 3-D masterpiece! Bursting with over 25 impressive pop-ups, this deluxe format features a variety of unique novelty elements-including a light-up Bat-Signal, a cosmic Justice League of America battle scene, a twirling Lasso of Truth, and a transparent Invisible Jet! Starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and many more favorite DC characters, this momentous pop-up exploration releases just in time for DC Comics' 75th anniversary. Signed and numbered by Matthew, this stunning special edition also features a cloth slipcase and an exclusive extra pop, making it an absolute must-have for die-hard DC Super Hero fans of all ages!

Transformers The Ultimate Pop Up Universe

Transformers  The Ultimate Pop Up Universe Author
ISBN-10 0316186627
Release 2013-10-29
Pages 10
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TRANSFORMERS shift, change, and rise to battle in this spectacular interactive pop-up adventure by bestselling paper engineer Matthew Reinhart. Open each page to explore a different part of the vast Transformers universe-then pull the tabs to watch the pop-ups change into entirely new paper creations! Watch as the planet Cybertron changes into an epic battle on Earth. Then look out for the mighty Autobot Omega Supreme -- Reinhart's tallest pop-up ever -- as he rises off the page to smash Decepticon foes. In this epic pop-up experience unlike any seen before, only you hold the power to make the Autobots and Decepticons turn from vehicles to robots, and back again. Starring more than 35 iconic Transformers characters, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, and more, Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe offers fans new and old a pop-up experience they won't ever forget. Here's a book that's truly more than meets the eye!

Lego Pop Up

Lego Pop Up Author Matthew Reinhart
ISBN-10 0545881048
Release 2016-09-27
Pages 10
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The first ever LEGO(R) pop-up book! Matthew Reinhart creates another spectacular pop-up book, this time telling the LEGO(R) story with equal amounts facts, fun, and adventure! Packed with a variety of features- pop-ups, pull tabs, turning wheels and more, this "fun-formative" book will be a delight for both LEGO(R) and pop-up fans alike.

Star Wars

Star Wars Author Matthew Reinhart
ISBN-10 0439882826
Release 2007
Pages 6
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A guide to the Star Wars universe describes characters, vehicles, organizations, and the Force, in a volume that includes pop-ups, side flaps, and working light sabers.

Star Wars

Star Wars Author Matthew Reinhart
ISBN-10 054544246X
Release 2012
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This limited edition pop-up book is a three-dimensional journey into the Star Wars universe--planets, characters and stories--for fans of all ages.

Expanding Adaptation Networks

Expanding Adaptation Networks Author Kate Newell
ISBN-10 9781137567123
Release 2017-05-22
Pages 228
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This book addresses print-based modes of adaptation that have not conventionally been theorized as adaptations—such as novelization, illustration, literary maps, pop-up books, and ekphrasis. It discusses a broad range of image and word-based adaptations of popular literary works, among them The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Daisy Miller, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Moby Dick, and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The study reveals that commercial and franchise works and ephemera play a key role in establishing a work’s iconography. Newell argues that the cultural knowledge and memory of a work is constructed through reiterative processes and proposes a network-based model of adaptation to explain this. Whereas most adaptation studies prioritize film and television, this book’s focus on print invites new entry points for the study of adaptation.

Pop up Books

Pop up Books Author Nancy Bluemel
ISBN-10 9781591583981
Release 2012
Pages 324
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A convincing explanation of why interactive or movable books should be included in the library collection that documents their value as motivational instructional tools—in all areas of the school curriculum, across many grade levels.

Harry Potter A Pop Up Guide to Hogwarts

Harry Potter  A Pop Up Guide to Hogwarts Author Matthew Reinhart
ISBN-10 1683834070
Release 2018-10-23
Pages 5
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A 3-D masterpiece celebrating Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from New York Times best-selling pop-up engineer Matthew Reinhart. Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts is an exhilarating, interactive guide to the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry. This book features spectacular pop-up re-creations of key locations inside and outside Hogwarts castle, and it opens flat to form a pop-up map of the castle and its grounds—including the Quidditch pitch, the Forbidden Forest, and beyond. In addition to large pops on each spread, numerous mini-pops will bring to life beloved elements from the Harry Potter films, such as the Marauder's Map and the Flying Ford Anglia. Each pop will include insightful text about Hogwarts as seen in the films, making for a must-have collectible for fans of the wizarding world.

Disney Princess A Magical Pop Up World

Disney Princess  A Magical Pop Up World Author Matthew Reinhart
ISBN-10 1608875539
Release 2015-11-17
Pages 5
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Starring the timeless characters that have made the Disney Princess films a treasured part of pop culture and animation history, this visually stunning volume is packed with intricately designed pop-ups, transformative scenes, and many other surprises. With state-of-the-art paper engineering and beautifully rendered illustrations, Disney Princess: A Magical Pop-Up World brings these castles and characters brilliantly to life, capturing the magical worlds that have enthralled audiences for decades. This collectible piece of Disney Princess magic spans eleven films and princesses, including fan-favorites such as Belle, Snow White, Ariel, and Rapunzel. Through twenty-seven pop-ups and transformative scenes, the key moments from these beloved films leap from the page, and the accompanying text makes this book a wonderful interactive reading experience that families will treasure. Join Cinderella as she transforms for the ball, Jasmine as she embarks on a magic carpet ride, Aurora as she pricks her finger on Maleficent’s spinning wheel and is saved by her prince, and Merida as she bravely fights to decide her own destiny. The ultimate pop-up for collectors, Disney fans, and kids of all ages, Disney Princess: A Magical Pop-Up World is an indispensable celebration of these enduring characters, stories, and fairy tales.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Author Matthew Reinhart
ISBN-10 1608873145
Release 2014-06-10
Pages 5
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Inspired by the Emmy® Award–winning credits sequence that opens each episode of the hit HBO® series, Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros is guaranteed to thrill the show’s legions of fans. Featuring stunning pop-up recreations of several key locations from the series, including the formidable castle of Winterfell, the lavish capital city King’s Landing, and the Wall’s stark majesty, this book—designed by renowned paper engineer Matthew Reinhart—takes you into the world of the series like never before. Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros features a total of five stunning spreads, which fold out to create a remarkable pop-up map of Westeros that is perfect for displaying. The book also contains numerous mini-pops that bring to life iconic elements of the show, such as direwolves, White Walkers, giants, and dragons. All the pops are accompanied by insightful text that relays the rich history of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, forming a dynamic reference guide to the world of Game of Thrones. Visually spectacular and enthrallingly interactive, Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros sets a new standard for pop-up books and perfectly captures the epic scope and imagination of the series.


Mommy Author Maurice Sendak
ISBN-10 0439880505
Release 2006
Pages 12
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While looking for his mother in a haunted house, a little boy plays pranks on the monster inhabitants. Features pop-up illustrations on foldout pages.

School Library Journal

School Library Journal Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000061810051
Release 2010
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School Library Journal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from School Library Journal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full School Library Journal book for free.

The Gospel According to Superheroes

The Gospel According to Superheroes Author B. J. Oropeza
ISBN-10 0820474223
Release 2005-01
Pages 295
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"The Gospel According to Superheroes: Religion and Popular Culture" offers an intriguing look at superheroes in light of the spiritual and mythological roles they play in our lives. B. J. Oropeza takes you through the adventuresome quest of three comic book eras as you read about the popular narratives of superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Wonder Woman, the Fantastic Four, sci-fi film heroes, pulp heroes, antiheroes, and more. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in viewing the superheroes as both sinners and saints instead of mere good guys taking on the forces of evil.


Mam   Author Maurice Sendak
ISBN-10 043989526X
Release 2006
Pages 12
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They're all here! Everybody's favorite monsters are just going about their business when a plucky little boy wanders into their cuckoo house. And what does he want? He wants Mommy! No matter how scary these monsters are, there's no besting a little boy who's looking for his mommy. In one hilarious pop-up extravaganza after another, this kid shows them a thing or two. Todos estan aqui! Los monstruos mas famosos del mundo descubren que un chico muy atrevido se ha colado en su casa. En las paginas mas divertidas y espectaculares jamas creadas, este chiquillo les demuestra a los monstruos quien es quien.

Ultimate Pop Culture DC Comics Characters Who Can Fly

Ultimate Pop Culture   DC Comics Characters Who Can Fly Author Source Wikia
ISBN-10 1234784882
Release 2011-10-29
Pages 108
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Source: Wikia. Pages: 106. Chapters: Alpha Centurion, Amazon, Apollo, Apollo, Batman, Bizarra, Bizarro, Black Zero, Blackrock, Brainiac, Clark Kent, Clark Kent, Deadman, Deathstroke, Diana Prince, Doctor Light, Doctor Light, Doctor Manhattan, Eclipso, Eradicator, Fury, Galatea, Hank Henshaw, Kristin Wells, Krypto, Lightray, Man-Bat, Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, Nuclear Man, Parallax, Superman. Excerpt: Alpha Centurion is the name of two fictional superheroes published by DC Comics. The current Alpha Centurion first appeared in Adventures of Superman #527 (September, 1995), and was created by Karl Kesel and Stuart Immonen. During the Zero Hour storyline, Superman was transported to an alternate timeline where he stumbled upon a Metropolis whose hero was the Alpha Centurion, a man named Marcus Aelius from Ancient Rome who had been abducted by an alien race called the Virimiru only to return centuries later. The Alpha Centurion went on to fight Extant and Parallax alongside the heroes of the DC Universe in a battle to save time itself. Having to restart existence with a new Big Bang, all alternate realities ceased to exist and this Alpha Centurion was no more. At some point, the character is slated to return (see new rendering above) to the Superman books as an antagonist to Superman. Some time later, the Alpha Centurion of our timeline showed up. He too was Marcus Aelius and, like his counterpart had done before him, began operating out of Metropolis. There was initially some tension between Superman and him because in the alternate timeline, Lois Lane "folded his togas" to use her words. Marcus was very attracted to her, but she did not reciprocate (although he did turn up for her wedding). With Lex Luthor in hiding and the Contessa Erica del Portenza in charge of Lexcorp, AC was put in charge of Team Luthor, which he remodeled after himself. When Superman was put on trial in front of an alien tribunal, the Centurion, upon realizing he still was not suited to be the...

Pop Culture Goes to War

Pop Culture Goes to War Author Geoff Martin
ISBN-10 9780739146828
Release 2010-07-24
Pages 260
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Pop Culture Goes to War, by Geoff Martin and Erin Steuter, explores the persistence of and opposition to militarism in American life. It provides a comprehensive overview of the role of toys, video games, music, television and movies in supporting contemporary militarism. Resistance to militarism is highlighted through the traditional mediums of music and movies, and increasingly through the arts, 'culture jamming,' and the satire of The Daily Show, The Onion, The Simpsons, The Colbert Report, and South Park.

The Superhero Book

The Superhero Book Author Gina Misiroglu
ISBN-10 9781578593972
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 480
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Appealing to the casual comic book reader as well as the hardcore graphic novel fan, this ultimate AtoZ compendium describes everyone’s favorite participants in the eternal battle between good and evil. With nearly 200 entries examining more than 1,000 heroes, icons and their place in popular culture, it is the first comprehensive profile of superheroes across all media, following their path from comic book stardom to radio, television, movies, and novels. The best-loved and most historically significant superheroes—mainstream and counterculture, famous and forgotten, best and worst—are presented with numerous full-color illustrations, including dozens of classic comic covers. Each significant era of the superhero is explored—from the Golden Age of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s through the Modern Age—providing a unique perspective of the role of the hero over the course of the 20th century and beyond. This latest edition has been revised to reflect updates on existing characters, coverage of new characters, and recent films and media trends in the last several years.