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Haunt Dead Scared

Haunt  Dead Scared Author Curtis Jobling
ISBN-10 9781471115783
Release 2014-06-05
Pages 256
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When Will finds himself in hospital, but unable to make anyone see or hear him, he realises that he never made it home from his first date with the school hottie. Knocked off his bike in a road traffic accident, Will is now officially dead - and a ghost. But somehow his best mate, Dougie, can still see him, and, once they've exhausted all the comic possibilities of being invisible, they decide to delve into the truth behind a school rumour - whether there really is an unhappy spirit haunting the ruins in the school grounds, and if so, why? What they discover is a long-buried mystery, which stretches its fingers right into the present…

Dead Scared

Dead Scared Author Sharon Bolton
ISBN-10 9781409030676
Release 2012-04-26
Pages 464
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'Bolton is hot property in crime fiction right now' Stylist Magazine 'Mesmerising' The Times A series of suicides. Each one a female university student. Each one more horrifying than the last. The police know it cannot be coincidence. But they can’t prove it. They need someone to go undercover. A young policewoman, as vulnerable as the others. As unprepared for the nightmare that will greet her. Watch your back, Lacey Flint . . .

Dead Scared

Dead Scared Author Tommy Donbavand
ISBN-10 9781784641986
Release 2014-06-06
Pages 48
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Perfect for pupils with a low reading age of 8 to 9, but a high interest age of 12 to 15, our Teen Reads will have readers on the edge of their seats. Just the right level of challenging vocabulary and plot-lines make these books highly accessible, drawing readers into exciting worlds whilst simultaneously developing their reading skills. When Toby's mum died of cancer, he knew his life would never be the same again, but even he couldn't guess just how much his world was about to change. When a stranger offers to bring his mum back from the dead, he jumps at the chance. All he has to do is nominate someone to take her place in the coffin. What could possibly go wrong?

Dead Scared

Dead Scared Author Ivan Blake
ISBN-10 1771279419
Release 2017
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Who knew the dead have more to fear from the living than the living have to fear from the dead? Certainly not seventeen-year-old Chris Chandler, not before his family moved to Bemishstock, Maine in the autumn of 1985.His father’s job is to close plants for Allied Paper Products of Wisconsin. Bemishstock is his fourth crumbling town in six years, and each one has resented and harassed the Chandlers more hatefully than the previous. Even Chris will admit that his family’s odyssey across America has turned him into a lonely, brooding nutcase, and he has only survived the soul-sucking experience by remaining virtually invisible. Then suddenly one day, after a couple of totally stupid mistakes, Chris finds himself trapped between two nightmarish forces—a grave robber and a vengeful demon—and like the cemetery guardians of old, he must defeat both or end up a corpse himself and cursed for all eternity.

The Lively Dead

The Lively Dead Author Peter Dickinson
ISBN-10 9781497684409
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 200
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In this mystery from CWA Gold Dagger winner Peter Dickinson, a landlady discovers a corpse beneath her crowded London boardinghouse A sturdy young woman with a knack for home repair and a practical sense of Marxism, Lydia is renovating her London townhouse while her husband finishes law school. To bring in extra money, she rents her upper floors to the exiled government of Livonia, a Baltic state that was long ago absorbed into the Soviet Union. One day, as Lydia is taking up the floorboards, the Livonians carry a coffin through the house. It bears their housekeeper, who is to be honored with vodka toasts and a solemn funeral. After the ceremony, Lydia returns to her floorboards. Beneath the rotted wood is dirt—and in the dirt, she discovers a corpse that never reached the graveyard. Identifying the body and finding the person who stashed it there draws Lydia into a tangle of spies and counterspies as her quiet little boardinghouse becomes a new front in the global Cold War.

The Dead Girls Dance

The Dead Girls  Dance Author Rachel Caine
ISBN-10 1101128666
Release 2007-04-03
Pages 256
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Claire has her share of challenges. Like being a genius in a school that favors beauty over brains; homicidal girls in her dorm, and finding out that her college town is overrun with the living dead. On the up side, she has a new boyfriend with a vampire-hunting dad. But when a local fraternity throws the Dead Girls' Dance, hell is really going to break loose. Watch a Windows Media trailer for this book.

I m Not Scared

I m Not Scared Author Niccolò Ammaniti
ISBN-10 9781847673572
Release 2003-01-13
Pages 208
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One relentlessly hot summer, six children explore the scorched wheat fields that enclose their tiny Italian village. When the gang find a dilapidated farmhouse, nine-year-old Michele Amitrano makes a discovery so momentous that he dare not tell a soul. It is a secret that will force Michele to question everything and everyone around him, and will bring his innocent world toppling down. An unputdownable thriller, I'm Not Scared has become a contemporary classic in Italian literature, read and celebrated the world over.

Scared to Death

Scared to Death Author Drac Von Stoller
ISBN-10 9781466099081
Release 2011-12-15
Pages 7
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Henry was a very handsome man that the ladies always had their eyes on. Henry wasn't a wealthy man and wasn't born into wealth, but Henry always dreamed he'd marry into wealth someday and have all the precious things he dreamed about. When Henry was around his friends, he'd talk like he had money because most of his friends had an abundance of money. Not having any wealth like his friends, made Henry jealous. Henry's relationships were not much to speak of. Many girls broke up with him after just a few dates because he couldn't give lavish gifts. Henry's luck and entire life was about to change, because one of Henry's rich friends was invited to a party. His friend only knew the person that invited him, so he thought it would be a good idea to bring someone he knew to keep him company. Henry and his friend were having a good time at the party. Henry told Jack he was going to get some punch and would be back shortly. Just as Henry was scooping up some punch a pretty blonde woman approached Henry and introduced herself to him because Henry's appearance took her breath away. She knew he was the one for her and she wasn't going to let someone else take him away. "Excuse me sir, could I please have some punch?" asked Monique. "Sure," said Henry. Henry was blown away by her beauty and was very happy they met. Monique said, "I heard you're a friend of Jack's, he's really a great guy. Don't you think so?" "Yeah, he's been a close friend of mine for many years. Jack and I went to the same schools growing up," said Henry."I tell you what, would you like to come over to my place this Saturday around 6:00 and I'll cook you a good meal?" asked Monique. "I'd be delighted to try your cooking. I'm sure I won't be disappointed," said Henry. "Great! I'd like to introduce you to my godparents," Monique said. After the party was over Monique asked Henry if he would escort her to her car. As Monique got in her car and Henry was turning away to meet up with Jack, Monique rolled down her window in the car and said "Henry could you come over here for a moment?" Then she said, "Henry, it's quite alright if you'd like to kiss me goodbye." So Henry kissed her and said, "Could I kiss you one more time?" Monique, said, "Sure! That's fine with me." After they kissed Monique said, "I'll see you Saturday and don't be late." Henry replied, "Don't you worry, I won't be late." Monique drove off into the sunset to her mansion. Henry got into the car with Jack and Jack asked, "How'd it go Henry?" Henry said, "I believe I just found the woman I've been searching for all of my life." "That's great! I hope it works out for you both," said Jack."Jack, she wants me to meet her god parents this Saturday." Jack responded, "Did you know her parents left her a vast fortune before their untimely death several years ago? They died when their private jet crashed over Mexico during a vacation. You think I've got a lot of money Monique's wealth makes me look poor. If you marry Monique you'll be set for life.""That's what I'm banking on," said Henry. Jack said "Well here's where I drop you off and let me know how Saturday goes." "I'll let you know, don't worry," said Henry. Henry bought a nice suit to impress Monique for their Saturday date. When Henry was finished with dinner at Monique's, Henry gave Monique a kiss goodbye and Monique said "Why don't you spend the night with me? This big house gets pretty lonely at night and I could sure use the company." "Are you sure it's okay? You really don't know me that well," said Henry. "Come on Henry! I don't bite!" said Monique. Henry accepted Monique's invitation and they shared some wine together before turning in for the night. As Monique and Henry lay in bed together Monique asked Henry if he would be interested in moving in with her. Henry replied "I would love to move in with you. I'm tired of being a bachelor and I really enjoy being with you. By the end of the week Henry moved into Monique's mansion and within a month they were married. Many years had passed, there were good times and bad times. Henry liked his scotch and whiskey and it showed. Henry loved Monique's money more than her. Monique was very depressed and not happy with Henry's spending. Henry and Monique fought a lot and that’s probably what fueled Henry's drinking and Monique's depression. It was hard for Monique to get around because she had fallen down the stairs and shattered the bones in her right leg. She had to limp around. Monique's beauty was deteriorating and Henry felt it was time to get rid of Monique so he could have her fortune to himself.

Scared to Death

Scared to Death Author Alan Gibbons
ISBN-10 9781444002850
Release 2010-08-26
Pages 352
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Late one night after a strange tube journey to Whitechapel in East London, Paul makes a new friend, John Redman - daring and enigmatic, just as Paul longs to be, away from his cloying mother (his only family - so he thinks). Redman charms Paul at once, but also a girl called Jude they meet on a night about town. A few days later, Paul learns that Jude has mysteriously died, and Redman has disappeared. Shortly after that, one of Paul's teacher dies suddenly - frightened to death - near where Jude's body was found. A link for sure. And Paul feels implicated, because both victims were known to him. He senses Redman, who comes and goes as it suits him, is involved as well. His new friend is dangerous. But so, we learn, is Paul. In uncovering the truth about Redman he learns shocking facts about himself. There's an evil curse loose in his family and Paul is the latest inheritor. The spree of death - camouflagued as copycat Jack the Ripper-style murders - will continue until Paul confronts the demon in himself head on.

The End of the World

The End of the World Author Martin H. Greenberg
ISBN-10 9781628730074
Release 2010-07-08
Pages 336
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Before The Road by Cormac McCarthy brought apocalyptic fiction into the mainstream, there was science fiction. No longer relegated to the fringes of literature, this explosive collection of the world’s best apocalyptic writers brings the inventors of alien invasions, devastating meteors, doomsday scenarios, and all-out nuclear war back to the bookstores with a bang. The best writers of the early 1900s were the first to flood New York with tidal waves, destroy Illinois with alien invaders, paralyze Washington with meteors, and lay waste to the Midwest with nuclear fallout. Now collected for the first time ever in one apocalyptic volume are those early doomsday writers and their contemporaries, including Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Lucius Shepard, Robert Sheckley, Norman Spinrad, Arthur C. Clarke, William F. Nolan, Poul Anderson, Fredric Brown, Lester del Rey, and more. Relive these childhood classics or discover them here for the first time. Each story details the eerie political, social, and environmental destruction of our world.

Born Again Dead Again

Born Again  Dead Again Author Sergio Lovett
ISBN-10 9781477151846
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 164
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Born Again, Dead Again, is a book about spiritual warfare within oneself......... Are you gifted and favored by God, or do you know someone that is? Then this book is for you. This book will make you laugh, cry, love, despise, and downright piss you off at some point. Its about a spiritually gifted young boy that is tormented by the devil, because of his gifts from God. Its a constant battle for his soul, and as he becomes an adult, the twists and turns of his life are devastating. Through it all God is always there, even when he makes the wrong decisions....... You can avoid spiritual quicksand and experience the fullness of Gods grace, and find peace ... under His will.

The Man Who Scared a Shark To Death

The Man Who Scared a Shark To Death Author Noel Boivin
ISBN-10 9780143177814
Release 2006-10-24
Pages 288
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A British comedian, drunk on a gallon of wine, takes a one-pound bet to jump, completely naked, into an aquarium filled with sharks and stingrays, causing one of them to die of stress. An American man goes on such an astonishing bender he believes his girlfriend's claim that they got married while under the influence and only becomes suspicious when she is unable to produce a marriage certificate during the following seven years. Russian troops get so wasted that it seems like a good idea to make a little extra cash by selling off their tank … to Chechen rebels. The true stories in The Man Who Scared a Shark to Death, taken from news reports around the world, serve as both cautionary tales (don't agree to "help out" with a stranger's robbery, even if he seems like a really nice guy) and comforting perspective (at least you've never woken up in a trash compactor). However cringe-making your own most embarrassing drunken moment might be, at least you're not the man who caught his privates in a mousetrap—twice.

Cold Fire

Cold Fire Author Dean Koontz
ISBN-10 1440619271
Release 2004-12-07
Pages 448
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A man on a mission must come to terms with his forgotten past in this gripping thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz. In Portland, he saved a young boy from a drunk driver. In Boston, he rescued a child from an underground explosion. In Houston, he disarmed a man who was trying to shoot his own wife. Reporter Holly Thorne was intrigued by this strange quiet savior named Jim Ironheart. She was even falling in love with him. But what power compelled an ordinary man to save twelve lives in three months? What visions haunted his dreams? And why did he whisper in his sleep: There is an Enemy. It is coming. It’ll kill us all...?

Dead Hunt

Dead Hunt Author Beverly Connor
ISBN-10 9781405515450
Release 2012-03-29
Pages 384
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Clymene O'Riley is in prison for killing her husband - though Diane Fallon is sure she killed another, and suspects she may have left a veritable graveyard of dead men in her wake. Either way, Diane was happy to help put her behind bars. So when Clymene informs her that one of the prison guards may be in danger from a serial killer, Diane is suspicious. And when Clymene escapes from jail, Diane becomes the prime suspect in a bloody murder that puts her in the path of an angry killer who wants her dead . . .

Scared to Death

Scared to Death Author Norah McClintock
ISBN-10 0439988128
Release 2001
Pages 202
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"Just days after she came to Chloe for help, Tessa is found dead. As Chloe gets closer to finding the killer, the killer is watching her ..." Cf. Our choice, 2002.

Death of an Alderman

Death of an Alderman Author John Buxton Hilton
ISBN-10 9781447229025
Release 2012-07-19
Pages 200
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The murder of an alderman on the canal towpath of the north country town of Fellaby brings about a crisis in the lives of the men who run the place and those who tell them how to run it. The papers are filled with eulogies of the dead man, of his rags-to-riches rise to power, but Detective-Superintendent Simon Kenworthy of the Yard soon discovers that Alderman Edward Barson was definitely one of Fellaby’s least favourite sons. While the local police explore the more orthodox avenues of investigation, Kenworthy turns to an unlikely source for help – fifteen-year-old Putty, a tough young girl whose local knowledge and influence he is to use to his own decidedly unorthodox ends. A precursor to The Casual Vacancy, Death of an Alderman was John Buxton Hilton’s first novel and introduces that most popular of detectives, Simon Kenworthy.

The Dead of Winter

The Dead of Winter Author Michael Allegretto
ISBN-10 9781480462762
Release 2013-12-31
Pages 247
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In frigid Denver, Lomax braves the mob to find a bookie’s missing daughter Joe Bellano never hurt nobody. A gentle barber who takes bets on the side, he’s muddling through life when his world comes crashing down around him. First he’s arrested by an overzealous police force hoping for dirt on the local mob. Released after convincing the police that he’s strictly small time, Bellano is trying to get back to normal when his teenage daughter vanishes. After years of keeping a low profile, Bellano finds himself with enemies on both sides of the law. Which one snatched his daughter? Hemmed in by the feds and the mob, Bellano turns to Jacob Lomax, a private detective with a soft spot for bookies. The case seems routine until Bellano is killed by a car bomb meant for the missing girl. The barber may have been a crook, but his daughter is innocent, and Lomax will risk death to save her from her father’s fate.