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Death and Dying

Death and Dying Author Glennys Howarth
ISBN-10 9780745625348
Release 2007-01-05
Pages 301
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This stimulating new book provides a sophisticated introduction to the key issues in the sociology of death and dying. In recent years, the social sciences have seen an upsurge of interest in death and dying. The fascination with death is reflected in popular media such as newspapers, television documentaries, films and soaps, and, moreover, in the multiplying range of professional roles associated with dying and death. Yet despite its ubiquitous significance, the majority of texts in the field have been written primarily for health professionals. This book breaks with that tradition. It provides a cutting edge, comprehensive discussion of the key topics in death and dying and in so doing demonstrates that the study of mortality is germane to all areas of sociology. The book is organised thematically, utilising empirical material from cross–national and cross–cultural perspectives. It carefully addresses questions about social attitudes to mortality, the social nature of death and dying, explanations for change and diversity in approaches, and traditional, modern and postmodern experiences of death. Death and Dying will appeal to students across the social sciences, as well as professionals whose work brings them into contact with dying or bereaved people.

Constructing Death

Constructing Death Author Clive Seale
ISBN-10 0521594308
Release 1998-10-08
Pages 248
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Constructing Death reviews sociological, anthropological and historical studies of death, grief and mourning in order to illuminate present-day experience. It is both an introduction to the sociological study of death, dying and bereavement, and an original contribution to death studies and social theory, combining a theoretical argument with original research material. The volume will be of use to students and scholars of sociology, as well as health care practitioners.

The Revival of Death

The Revival of Death Author Tony Walter
ISBN-10 9781134814626
Release 2002-01-31
Pages 240
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Talking about death is now fashionable, but how should we talk? Who should we listen to - priests, doctors, cousellors, or ourselves? Has psychology replaced religion in telling us how to die? This provocative book takes a sociological look at the revival of interest in death, focusing on the hospice movement and bereavement counselling. It will be required reading for anyone interested in the sociology of death and caring for the dying, the dead or bereaved.

The Life Course

The Life Course Author Stephen J. Hunt
ISBN-10 9781137521972
Release 2016-09-23
Pages 344
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Dramatic social transformation in Western society over recent decades has had a profound impact on the way the life course is studied. While people continue to experience the implications of class, gender, ethnicity and, of course, age, they are more than ever able to take personal control of their own lives. The Life Course considers how, in a diverse and uncertain world, the previously predictable stages of life are no longer fixed but increasingly open to change. Focusing on continuities and change, this book looks not only at the different 'phases of life', but also at the transformation of a number of closely related social institutions such as the family, education and the workplace. Recognising that the established cradle-to-grave view is now outdated, the trajectory from infancy and youth to later and end-of-life is followed not as a stable object of study, but as a starting point for critical analysis. This second edition offers an essential overview of the sociology of the life course, incorporating both contemporary and conventional perspectives. It calls upon current theorising around the life course as well as on up-to-date empirical research data. This thought-provoking text is relevant to researchers and students of life course studies and sociology, as well as to those in nursing, social work and related caring professions.

Death and Dying in America

Death and Dying in America Author Andrea Fontana
ISBN-10 9780745639154
Release 2009-07-27
Pages 240
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This engaging new book takes a fresh approach to the major topics surrounding the processes and rituals of death and dying in the United States. It emphasizes individual experiences and personal reactions to death as well as placing mortality within a wider social context, drawing on theoretical frameworks, empirical research and popular culture. Throughout the text the authors highlight the importance of two key factors in American society which determine who dies and under what circumstances: persistent social inequality and the American consumerist ethic. These features are explored through a discussion of topics ranging from debates about euthanasia to deaths resulting from war and terrorism; from the death of a child to children?s experience of grieving and bereavement; and from beliefs about life after death to more practical issues such as the disposal of the dead body. Drawing on sociological, anthropological, philosophical, and historical research the authors present the salient features of death and dying for upper-level students across the social sciences. For anyone interested in learning more about the end of life, this book will provide a useful and accessible perspective on the uniquely American understanding of death and dying.

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying Author Glennys Howarth
ISBN-10 9781136913600
Release 2003-12-16
Pages 560
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In recent years there has been a massive upsurge in academic, professional and lay interest in mortality. This is reflected in academic and professional literature, in the popular media and in the proliferation of professional roles and training courses associated with aspects of death and dying. Until now the majority of reference material on death and dying has been designed for particular disciplinary audiences and has addressed only specific academic or professional concerns. There has been an urgent need for an authoritative but accessible reference work reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the field. This Encyclopedia answers that need. The Encyclopedia of Death and Dying consolidates and contextualizes the disparate research that has been carried out to date. The phenomena of death and dying and its related concepts are explored and explained in depth, from the approaches of varied disciplines and related professions in the arts, social sciences, humanities, medicine and the sciences. In addition to scholars and students in the field-from anthropologists and sociologists to art and social historians - the Encyclopedia will be of interest to other professionals and practitioners whose work brings them into contact with dying, dead and bereaved people. It will be welcomed as the definitive death and dying reference source, and an essential tool for teaching, research and independent study.

Making Sense of Death Dying and Bereavement

Making Sense of Death  Dying and Bereavement Author Sarah Earle
ISBN-10 1847875114
Release 2008-12-03
Pages 224
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This anthology offers a unique collection of personal accounts of death, dying, and bereavement. It examines representations of death, dying, and bereavement in fiction, poetry, the media and the internet, as well as exploring visual representations of death and dying.

Handbook of the Sociology of Death Grief and Bereavement

Handbook of the Sociology of Death  Grief  and Bereavement Author Neil Thompson
ISBN-10 9781315453842
Release 2017-04-28
Pages 404
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The Handbook of the Sociology of Death, Grief, and Bereavement sets issues of death and dying in a broad and holistic social context. Its three parts explore classical sociology, developments in sociological thought, and the ways that sociological insights can be useful across a broad spectrum of grief-related topics and concerns. Guidance is given in each chapter to help spur readers to examine other topics in thanatology through a sociological lens. Scholars, students, and professionals will come away from the handbook with a nuanced understanding of the social context –cultural differences, power relations, the role of social processes and institutions, and various other sociological factors – that shape grief experiences.

An Introduction to Thanatology

An Introduction to Thanatology Author Colbert Rhodes
ISBN-10 UVA:X000630134
Release 1983-01-01
Pages 135
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An Introduction to Thanatology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from An Introduction to Thanatology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full An Introduction to Thanatology book for free.

Death and the Migrant

Death and the Migrant Author Yasmin Gunaratnam
ISBN-10 9781472515346
Release 2013-11-21
Pages 208
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Death and the Migrant is a sociological account of transnational dying and care in British cities. It chronicles two decades of the ageing and dying of the UK's cohort of post-war migrants, as well as more recent arrivals. Chapters of oral history and close ethnographic observation, enriched by photographs, take the reader into the submerged worlds of end-of-life care in hospices, hospitals and homes. While honouring singular lives and storytelling, Death and the Migrant explores the social, economic and cultural landscapes that surround the migrant deathbed in the twenty-first century. Here, everyday challenges - the struggle to belong, relieve pain, love well, and maintain dignity and faith ? provide a fresh perspective on concerns and debates about the vulnerability of the body, transnationalism, care and hospitality. Blending narrative accounts from dying people and care professionals with insights from philosophy and feminist and critical race scholars, Yasmin Gunaratnam shows how the care of vulnerable strangers tests the substance of a community. From a radical new interpretation of the history of the contemporary hospice movement and its 'total pain' approach, to the charting of the global care chain and the affective and sensual demands of intercultural care, Gunaratnam offers a unique perspective on how migration endows and replenishes national cultures and care. Far from being a marginal concern, Death and the Migrant shows that transnational dying is very much a predicament of our time, raising questions and concerns that are relevant to all of us.

Social Perspectives on Death and Dying

Social Perspectives on Death and Dying Author Jeanette A. Auger
ISBN-10 1552662381
Release 2007
Pages 255
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Exploring the social and cultural perspectives on death and dying, this fascinating study challenges the reader to examine their own thoughts and feelings towards the inevitable. Arguing for acceptance and even celebration, this cross-cultural look at a natural phase in life covers a myriad of important issues—including historical attitudes, hospice palliative care, euthanasia, funeral practices, suicide, bereavement, and legal issues.

Death Dying and Bereavement

Death  Dying and Bereavement Author Donna Dickenson
ISBN-10 0761968571
Release 2000-09-28
Pages 388
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`This second edition, which has also been edited by Samson Katz, utilizes around half of the original text, of which a significant portions has been revised and updated. The remainder comprises new material reflecting both the changes in attitudes generally towards death and dying, and also designed to meet the needs of students undertaking the revised curriculum of the K260. This book will stimulate thinking and challenge the personal views of both academics and those in practice. ...[A] valuable tool for both those new to the area of palliative and cancer care and those experienced professionals searching for a new angle on several key topics in relation to ethical issues occurring in this speciality... [A]n excellent balance of theoretical contents and moving prose... [T]his book is directed towards all professionals working in health and social care. ...This book is a must for pre-registration students wishing to gain greater understanding of the psychosocial issues faced by those with a terminal illness and their significant others' - Nurse Education Today The fully revised and updated edition of this bestselling collection combines academic research with professional and personal reflections. Death, Dying and Bereavement addresses both the practical and the more metaphysical aspects of death. Topics such as new methods of pain relief, guidelines for breaking bad news, and current attitudes to euthanasia are considered, while the mystery of death and its wider implications are also explored. A highly distinctive interdisciplinary approach is adopted, including perspectives from literature, theology, sociology and psychology. There are wide-ranging contributions from those who come into professional contact with death and bereavement - doctors, nurses, social workers and councellors. In addition there are more intimate personal accounts from carers and from bereaved people. Death, Dying and Bereavement is the Course Reader for The Open University course Death and Dying, which is offered as part of The Open University Dilpoma in Health and Social Welfare. Praise for the First Edition: `The book does give a broad overview of many of the issues around death, dying and bereavement. It raises the reader's awareness and encourages deeper investigation at every level. It is easy to reda and therefore accessible to a wide audience' - Changes `Provides a richly woven tapestry of personal, professional and literary accounts of death, dying and bereavement' - Health Psychology Update `Offers a unique collection of fascinating information, research, stories, poems and personal reflections. It is unusual to experience such a diversity of writings in one book' - Nursing Times `It brings together the knowledge and skills from a multi-occupational group and thereby offers and opportunity, to whoever reads it, to enable better experiences for those who are dying and bereaved' - Journal of Interprofessional Care `For those trying to help the dying and bereaved, this volume will inspire and move you as much as it will inform and guide your work' - Bereavement Care `Provides a unique overview, and in many areas, penetrating insights into various aspects of death, dying and bereavement. One of it's major strengths is that it brings together a wide and varied discourse on death across cultures and through time' - British Journal of Sociology


Endings Author Michael C. Kearl
ISBN-10 0199725888
Release 1989-10-26
Pages 544
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Arguing that death is the central force shaping our social life and order, Michael Kearl draws on anthropology, religion, politics, philosophy, the natural sciences, economics, and psychology to provide a broad sociological perspective on the interrelationships of life and death, showing how death contributes to social change and how the meanings of death are generated to serve social functions. Working from a social as well as a psychological perspective, Kearl analyzes traditional topics, including aging, suicide, grief, and medical ethics while also examining current issues such as the impact of the AIDS epidemic on social trust, governments' use of death symbolism, the business of death and dying, the political economy of doomsday weaponry, and death in popular culture. Incisive and original, this book maps the separate contributions of various social institutions to American attitudes toward death, observing the influence of each upon the broader cultural outlook on life.


Sociology Author Anthony Giddens
ISBN-10 9780745648842
Release 2010
Pages 347
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A strong emphasis has been placed on creating a productive mixture of classic and contemporary readings which is highly readable and lively, yet remains challenging. Whilst particularly useful as a companion to the sixth edition of Giddensʹs Sociology, the reader is designed for use independently or alongside other textbooks. The reader maintains the distinctive approach which Sociology pioneered: strongly comparative and historically informed, it stresses the influence of globalizing trends in social life. The carefully selected readings range from studies of face-to-face interaction through to the analysis of large-scale global systems, and cover sociological theories of society as well as research methods. Amongst the new selections in this volume are readings on the Internet and virtual communities, the impact of ecological thinking and climate change on social science, offshoring and the future of work, global cities, patriarchy and shifting gender relations, intersecting social inequalities, the idea and practice of restorative justice, new forms of cybercrime, war, terrorism and the prospects for a global cosmopolitan democracy. The readings are arranged in ten thematic sections and each section is preceded by a summary in order to facilitate studentsʹ comprehension and critical reflection. The result is an exciting new text that encompasses the major themes and debates in both classical and contemporary sociology. Sociology: Introductory Readings will be an essential resource for anyone who wishes to engage with the scope of sociological thought today. -- Back cover.

Understanding the Sociology of Health

Understanding the Sociology of Health Author Anne-Marie Barry
ISBN-10 1473929458
Release 2016-10-03
Pages 352
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Understanding the Sociology of Health, continues to offer an easy to read introduction to sociological theories essential to understanding the current health climate. Up-to-date with key policy and research, and including case studies and exercises to critically engage the reader, this book shows how sociology can answer complex questions about health and illness, such as why health inequalities exist. The 4th edition includes: a global perspective with international examples a new chapter on health technologies a glossary, key concepts, chapter summaries and reflective questions Though aimed primarily at students on health and social care courses and professions allied to medicine, this textbook provides valuable insights for anyone interested in the social aspects of health.

Handbook of Death and Dying

Handbook of Death and Dying Author Clifton D. Bryant
ISBN-10 9780761925149
Release 2003
Pages 1088
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"More than 100 scholars contributed to this carefully researched, well-organized, informative, and multi-disciplinary source on death studies. Volume 1, "The Presence of Death," examines the cultural, historical, and societal frameworks of death, such asthe universal fear of death, spirituality and varioius religions, the legal definition of death, suicide, and capital punishment. Volume 2, "The Response to Death," covers such topics as rites and ceremonies, grief and bereavement, and legal matters after death."--"The Top 20 Reference Titles of the Year," American Libraries, May 2004.

The Australian Way of Life

The Australian Way of Life Author Alastair Greig
ISBN-10 1420256017
Release 2013-04-04
Pages 608
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The Australian Way of Life adopts a broad and flexible approach to sociology that illustrates ‘the sociological endeavour’ – the ongoing effort to understand and describe our changing world. The book begins with two introductory chapters. Chapter 1 lays the foundation for the four key sociological themes addressed throughout the book:• Questioning things we take for granted• Examining social life from difference perspectives• Appreciating the advent of modernity/div• Examining social division, social inequality and social difference This is followed by an introduction to sociological theory which readers can return to as they consider different perspectives. The structure and layout of the five parts that follow offers readers flexibility to pursue their own interests, while enriching their appreciation of the sociological endeavour.Part 1 The stuff of life: landscape, food, water, health, time and spacePart 2 Fit for life: family, education, working, law and crimePart 3 Modern life: identity, location, globalisation, communitiesPart 4 Life chances: sex and gender, class and poverty, the life course, AboriginalityPart 5 Life style: mass media, leisure, consumption, religion /divThe interconnectedness of various issues is highlighted throughout the book. Also included are reflective markers which provide questions for consideration, margin notes and end of chapter discussion questions.