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Declarations of Independence

Declarations of Independence Author John Berra
ISBN-10 9781841501857
Release 2008
Pages 224
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"American Independent" cinema has been an important creative and cultural media entity for the past fifteen years. This title questions the supposed autonomy of this cinema and asks if independent film can possibly survive in the face of the mass-production and profit of Hollywood.

American Independent

American Independent Author John Berra
ISBN-10 9781841503684
Release 2010
Pages 327
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With high-profile Academy Award nominations and an increasing number of big-name actors eager to sign on to promising projects, independent films have been at the forefront in recent years like never before. But the roots of such critical and commercial successes as The Hurt Locker and Precious can be traced to the first boom of independent cinema in the 1960s, when a raft of talented filmmakers emergedto capture the attention of a rapidly growing audience of young viewers. A thorough overview of a thriving area of cultural life, Directory of World Cinema: American Independent chronicles the rise of the independent sector as an outlet for directors who challenge the status quo, yet still produce accessible feature films that not only find wide audiences but enjoy considerable box office appeal—without sacrificing critical legitimacy. Key directors are interviewed and profiled, and a sizeable selection of films are referenced and reviewed. More than a dozen sub-genres—including African American cinema, queer cinema, documentary, familial dysfunction, and exploitation—are individually considered, with an emphasis on their ability to engage with tensions inherent in American society. Copious illustrations and a range of research resources round out the volume, making this a truly comprehensive guide. At a time when independent films are enjoying considerable cultural cachet, this easy-to-use yet authoritative guide will find an eager audience in media historians, film studies scholars, and movie buffs alike.

Directory of World Cinema

Directory of World Cinema Author John Berra
ISBN-10 178320656X
Release 2016-10-15
Pages 296
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This third volume of the successful Directory of World Cinema series to focus on American independent filmmaking presents in-depth essays on forty-four filmmakers who have primarily worked outside the mainstream or on its industrial margins. Contributors offer close analyses of the work of both widely acknowledged auteurs and little-known provocateurs who deserve much wider recognition. Major names discussed include Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch, Dennis Hopper, Sofia Coppola, and Darren Aronofsky, with attention also paid to cult directors like Larry Cohen, Zalman King, and Ti West. The resulting book is both a who s who of contemporary independent cinema in America and a reminder that the ways of making films outside the studio system are incredibly varied and can be powerfully effective."

The Hollywood Renaissance

The Hollywood Renaissance Author Yannis Tzioumakis
ISBN-10 9781501337895
Release 2018-06-28
Pages 288
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In December 1967, Time magazine put Bonnie and Clyde on its cover and proudly declared that Hollywood cinema was undergoing a 'renaissance'. For the next few years, a wide range of formally and thematically challenging films were produced at the very centre of the American film industry, often (but by no means always) combining success at the box office with huge critical acclaim, both then and later. This collection brings together acknowledged experts on American cinema to examine thirteen key films from the years 1966 to 1974, starting with Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, a major studio release which was in effect exempted from Hollywood's Production Code and thus helped to liberate American filmmaking from (self-)censorship. Long-standing taboos to do with sex, violence, race relations, drugs, politics, religion and much else could now be broken, often in conjunction with extensive stylistic experimentation. Whereas most previous scholarship has examined these developments through the prism of auteurism, with its tight focus on film directors and their oeuvres, the contributors to this collection also carefully examine production histories and processes. In doing so they pay particular attention to the economic underpinnings and collaborative nature of filmmaking, the influence of European art cinema as well as of exploitation, experimental and underground films, and the connections between cinema and other media (notably publishing, music and theatre). Several chapters show how the innovations of the Hollywood Renaissance relate to further changes in American cinema from the mid-1970s onwards.

American Independent Cinema

American Independent Cinema Author Geoff King
ISBN-10 9780415684286
Release 2013
Pages 253
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The American independent sector has attracted much attention in recent years, an upsurge of academic work on the subject being accompanied by wider public debate. But many questions remain about how exactly independence should be defined and how its relationship might be understood with other parts of the cinematic landscape, most notably the Hollywood studios. Edited and written by leading authors in the field, American Independent Cinema: indie, indiewood and beyond offers an examination of the field through four sections that range in focus from broad definitions to close focus on particular manifestations of independence. A wide variety of examples are included but within a framework that offers insights into how these are related to one another. More specifically this collection offers: an account of recent developments as well as reviewing, reassessing and revising a number of central positions, approaches and arguments relating to various parts of the independent and/or indie sector. Individual case studies that range from the distinctive qualities of the work of established 'quality' filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, Steven Soderbergh and Rebecca Miller to studies of horror genre production at the more 'disreputable' end of the independent spectrum. Examples of the limits of independence available in some cases within Hollywood, including studies of the work of Stanley Kubrick and Hal Ashby. Case studies of under-researched areas in the margins of American independent cinema, including the Disney nature films and Christian evangelical filmmaking. A number of wider overview chapters that examine contemporary American independent cinema from a number of perspectives. Together, the chapters in the collection offer a unique contribution to the study of independent film in the United States. Contributors: Warren Buckland, Philip Drake, Mark Gallagher, Geoff King, Peter Krämer, Novotny Lawrence, James MacDowell, Claire Molloy, Michael Z. Newman, Alisa Perren, James Russell, Thomas Schatz, Michele Schreiber, Janet Staiger, Yannis Tzioumakis, Sarah Wharton

Indie Inc

Indie  Inc Author Alisa Perren
ISBN-10 9780292729124
Release 2012-05-15
Pages 308
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Indie, Inc. surveys Miramax's evolution from independent producer-distributor to studio subsidiary, chronicling how one company transformed not just the independent film world but the film and media industries more broadly. Miramax's activities had an impact on everything from film festival practices to marketing strategies, talent development to awards campaigning. Case studies of key films, including The Piano, Kids, Scream, The English Patient, and Life is Beautiful, reveal how Miramax went beyond influencing Hollywood business practices and motion picture aesthetics to shaping popular and critical discourses about cinema during the 1990s ... [and] looks at the range of Miramax-released genre films, foreign-language films, and English-language imports released over the course of the decade.

Race on the QT

Race on the QT Author Adilifu Nama
ISBN-10 9780292772380
Release 2015-04-15
Pages 184
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Known for their violence and prolific profanity, including free use of the n-word, the films of Quentin Tarantino, like the director himself, chronically blurt out in polite company what is extremely problematic even when deliberated in private. Consequently, there is an uncomfortable and often awkward frankness associated with virtually all of Tarantino's films, particularly when it comes to race and blackness. Yet beyond the debate over whether Tarantino is or is not racist is the fact that his films effectively articulate racial anxieties circulating in American society as they engage longstanding racial discourses and hint at emerging trends. This radical racial politics—always present in Tarantino's films but kept very much on the quiet—is the subject of Race on the QT. Adilifu Nama concisely deconstructs and reassembles the racial dynamics woven into Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Death Proof, Inglourious Basterds, and Django Unchained, as they relate to historical and current racial issues in America. Nama's eclectic fusion of cultural criticism and film analysis looks beyond the director's personal racial attitudes and focuses on what Tarantino's filmic body of work has said and is saying about race in America symbolically, metaphorically, literally, impolitely, cynically, sarcastically, crudely, controversially, and brilliantly.

World Film Locations

World Film Locations Author John Berra
ISBN-10 9781841506425
Release 2012
Pages 128
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This volume contains 50 scene specific reviews and 6 short essays covering all aspects of Beijing. It presents a diverse mix of contributors including well-established scholars and fresh new voices.

Journal of Chinese Cinemas

Journal of Chinese Cinemas Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105213167435
Release 2007
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Journal of Chinese Cinemas has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of Chinese Cinemas also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of Chinese Cinemas book for free.


Japan Author John Berra
ISBN-10 9781841503356
Release 2010
Pages 297
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From the revered classics of Akira Kurosawa to the modern marvels of Takeshi Kitano, the films that have emerged from Japan represent a national cinema that has gained worldwide admiration and appreciation. The Directory of World Cinema: Japan provides an insight into the cinema of Japan through reviews of significant titles and case studies of leading directors, alongside explorations of the cultural and industrial origins of key genres. As the inaugural volume of an ambitious new series from Intellect documenting world cinema, the directory aims to play a part in moving intelligent, scholarly criticism beyond the academy by building a forum for the study of film that relies on a disciplined theoretical base. It takes the form of an A–Z collection of reviews, longer essays, and research resources, accompanied by fifty full-color film stills highlighting significant films and players. The cinematic lineage of samurai warriors, yakuza enforcers, and atomic monsters take their place alongside the politically charged works of the Japanese New Wave, making this a truly comprehensive volume.


FilmInt Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132653978
Release 2008
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FilmInt has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from FilmInt also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full FilmInt book for free.

Cinematic Spaces of Freedom the Challenge of American Film Festivals

Cinematic Spaces of Freedom   the Challenge of American Film Festivals Author Roya Zahra Rastegar
ISBN-10 UCAL:W265200
Release 2011
Pages 672
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Cinematic Spaces of Freedom the Challenge of American Film Festivals has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cinematic Spaces of Freedom the Challenge of American Film Festivals also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cinematic Spaces of Freedom the Challenge of American Film Festivals book for free.

Directoyr of World Cinema Japan 2

Directoyr of World Cinema  Japan 2 Author John Berra
ISBN-10 9781841505510
Release 2012
Pages 375
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Building on and bringing up to date the material presented in the first installment of Directory of World Cinema: Japan, this volume continues the exploration of the enduring classics, cult favorites, and contemporary blockbusters of Japanese cinema with new contributions from leading critics and film scholars. Among the additions to this volume are in-depth treatments of two previously unexplored genres--youth cinema and films depicting lower-class settings--considered alongside discussions of popular narrative forms, including J-Horror, samurai cinema, anime, and the Japanese New Wave. Accompanying the critical essays in this volume are more than 150 new film reviews, complemented by full-color film stills, and significantly expanded references for further study. From the Golden Age to the film festival favorites of today, Directory of World Cinema: Japan 2 completes this comprehensive treatment of a consistently fascinating national cinema.


Prospect Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000059652601
Release 2008-01
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Prospect has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Prospect also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Prospect book for free.

Directory of World Cinema American Indep

Directory of World Cinema American Indep Author John Berra
ISBN-10 1851506128
Release 2012-08-01
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From Andy Warhol's Factory films to Roger Corman's exploitation productions to contemporary features backed by Hollywood studio subdivisions, American independent cinema has undergone several incarnations since its emergence as a politically charged underground movement in the 1960s. Today, with high-profile Academy Award nominations and an increasing number of big-name actors eager to sign on to promising projects, these films garner more interest than ever before. Newly revised and expanded, the "Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 2" extends its chronicle of the independent sector's rise as an outlet for directors who both challenge the status quo and enjoy considerable box office appeal--without sacrificing critical legitimacy. In addition to essays on such genres as African-American films, documentary, and queer cinema, this volume features new sections devoted to "brutal youth," dream factory, religion, and war movies. It also includes one hundred and fifty reviews of significant American independent films--ranging from such cult classics as "Faces," "My Hustler," and "Supervixens" to recent releases like "Drive," "Mysterious Skin, " and "Win Win." In addition to interviews with and profiles of influential directors, a wide array of color illustrations and a range of suggested research resources round out the "Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 2." At a time when independent films are enjoying considerable cultural cachet, this easy-to-use yet authoritative guide will find an eager audience among media historians, film studies scholars, and movie buffs alike.

Indiewood USA

Indiewood  USA Author Geoff King
ISBN-10 1845118251
Release 2009-03-31
Pages 294
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Indiewood is the place where Hollywood and the American independent sector meet, where lines blur and two very different kinds of cinema come together in a striking blend of creativity and commerce. This is an arena in which innovative, sometimes challenging cinema reaches out to the mainstream. Or, alternatively, a zone of duplicity and compromise in which the ‘true’ heritage of the indie sector is co-opted as an offshoot of Hollywood. Indiewood is the first book to provide objective analysis of this distinctive region of the contemporary American film landscape. Case studies include the work of Quentin Tarantino, Charlie Kaufman and Steven Soderbergh and the output of the studio "specialist" divisions Miramax and Focus Features. From the stylized violence and cult film referencing of Kill Bill to the literary resonances of Shakespeare in Love and from the mind-bending scripts of Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) to Soderbergh’s Traffic and Solaris, Geoff King examines the way Indiewood features combine mainstream with more unconventional features in an attempt to have it both ways: to remain accessible while offering markers of distinction designed to appeal to more particular, niche-audience constituencies.

World Film Locations Shanghai

World Film Locations  Shanghai Author John Berra
ISBN-10 9781783201990
Release 2014
Pages 128
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In-keeping the format of the World Film Locations series, the Shanghai book explores how the city has been represented by cinema. Due to Shanghai's rich cinematic history, the volume spans a lengthy time period from the Golden Age of national production in the 1930s, to the international production hub of 2012. Due to the enduring status of Shanghai as the, ?Paris of the East', the World Film Locations: Shanghai emphasises the cities glamour and internationalisation through locations that are steeped in cinematic exoticism, yet also probes the reality behind the image through study of its back-streets and residential zones. To facilitate this examination of Shanghai's dual-identity through reference to film locations, the book includes films from both the commercial and independent sectors, with a balance between images captured by local filmmakers and the visions of Western directors who have also utilised the city for their projects.