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Deep Culture

Deep Culture Author Joseph Shaules
ISBN-10 9781847690166
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 262
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This is a straightforward guide to understanding the hidden cultural challenges of adapting to life abroad. Combining intercultural theory with the lived experiences of sojourners, it reviews key concepts, introduces a cultural learning model, explains hidden barriers to intercultural sensitivity, and brings clarity to debates about globalization and cultural difference. This is an essential resource for sojourners and educators. It presents a clear model for understanding intercultural adaptation. It uses sojourners' experiences to illustrate intercultural learning.

A Beginner s Guide to the Deep Culture Experience

A Beginner s Guide to the Deep Culture Experience Author Joseph Shaules
ISBN-10 9781931930895
Release 2010-12-15
Pages 200
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Shaules proposes the idea of a “deep culture journey,” in which travelers pursue the entire cross-cultural experience.

The Intercultural Mind

The Intercultural Mind Author Joseph Shaules
ISBN-10 9781941176016
Release 2015-01-05
Pages 240
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A pioneering look at the new world of cultural neuroscience and how intercultural experiences can change the way we think.

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication Author Fay Patel
ISBN-10 9788132119586
Release 2011-06-07
Pages 232
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Competence in communicating across cultures is a prerequisite for success in today's fast-changing global community. In Intercultural Communication, Patel, Li and Sooknanan draw on their deep intercultural experience to show us how to build successful communication bridges across diverse cultures. The book explores various theoretical positions on global communication ethics and norms by providing an overview of the contemporary socio-cultural situation and seeking ways in which common ground may be found between these different positions. The authors raise points of critical reflection on intercultural events and issues in various areas of communication including health, work, environment and education. The book also covers a range of issues, from the interactions of various cultures to the expansion of social organizations and the growing global infrastructure. By integrating 'glocal' perspectives in intercultural communication, the book addresses the long-term strategy of developing a global community without sacrificing indigenous local values.

From Foreign Language Education to Education for Intercultural Citizenship

From Foreign Language Education to Education for Intercultural Citizenship Author Michael Byram
ISBN-10 9781847690784
Release 2008
Pages 272
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This collection of essays analyses the evolution of theory of intercultural competence and its relationship to education for citizenship. It does so by analysing the concepts of intercultural competence, including the notion of the intercultural speaker, by discussing the ways in which language education policy develops and by comparing the theories and purposes of foreign language education and education for citizenship.

Language Shock

Language Shock Author Michael Agar
ISBN-10 9780688149499
Release 1996-12-16
Pages 284
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A linguistic anthropologist takes readers on a personal and humorous journey through language, showing them how to understand differences between cultures, while using anecdotes from his own experiences in foreign lands

The Global Intercultural Communication Reader

The Global Intercultural Communication Reader Author Molefi Kete Asante
ISBN-10 9781135048716
Release 2013-06-26
Pages 600
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The Global Intercultural Communication Reader is the first anthology to take a distinctly non-Eurocentric approach to the study of culture and communication. In this expanded second edition, editors Molefi Kete Asante, Yoshitaka Miike, and Jing Yin bring together thirty-two essential readings for students of cross-cultural, intercultural, and international communication. This stand-out collection aims to broaden and deepen the scope of the field by placing an emphasis on diversity, including work from authors across the globe examining the processes and politics of intercultural communication from critical, historical, and indigenous perspectives. The collection covers a wide range of topics: the emergence and evolution of the field; issues and challenges in cross-cultural and intercultural inquiry; cultural wisdom and communication practices in context; identity and intercultural competence in a multicultural society; the effects of globalization; and ethical considerations. Many readings first appeared outside the mainstream Western academy and offer diverse theoretical lenses on culture and communication practices in the world community. Organized into five themed sections for easy classroom use, The Global Intercultural Communication Reader includes a detailed bibliography that will be a crucial resource for today's students of intercultural communication.

Intercultural Communication in Contexts

Intercultural Communication in Contexts Author Judith Martin
ISBN-10 9780077769420
Release 2012-02-23
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Intercultural Communication in Contexts has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Intercultural Communication in Contexts also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Intercultural Communication in Contexts book for free.

Cross cultural Lifelong Learning

Cross cultural Lifelong Learning Author Vesa Korhonen
ISBN-10 9789514479441
Release 2010
Pages 379
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Cross cultural Lifelong Learning has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cross cultural Lifelong Learning also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cross cultural Lifelong Learning book for free.

Intercultural Communication Impacts on Marriage and Family Relationships

Intercultural Communication  Impacts on Marriage and Family Relationships Author Youd Sinh Chao
ISBN-10 9781449764531
Release 2012-10-03
Pages 270
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With so many individuals, couples, and families now living in the United States from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, there are various communication styles among the different ethnic groups that play a key role in determining the success and failure of today's marriages and family relationships. Throughout the years of personal struggles as a formal political refugee from Southeast Asia, the author survived many levels of challenges, such as escaping from Laos to Thailand to be freed from political persecution, surviving in a refugee camp from sicknesses and hunger, coming to America with zero English skill, in order to become a language instructor, marriage and family counselor, and Mien language and cultural consultant. The combined years of his research and personal experiences in working with individuals, couples, and families from different cultural, social, and educational settings, he has the honor and privilege to write this book, with practical implications for individuals, couples, parents, pastors, community leaders, counselors, educators, and researchers.

Intercultural Communication A Reader

Intercultural Communication  A Reader Author Larry A. Samovar
ISBN-10 9781285077390
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 528
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This eye-opening reader explores how communication values and styles can be similar or different for members of various cultures and communities. INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION: A READER focuses on practical strategies you can use to communicate more effectively in a variety of contexts, including interpersonal, rhetoric, group, business, education, health care, and organizational. This broad-based, highly engaging reader, compiled by the authors who defined the course, includes a balanced selection of articles-some commissioned solely for this text-that discusses the classic ideas that laid the groundwork for this field, as well as the latest research and ideas. Material is presented in such a way that you can read, understand, and then apply course concepts to your own life. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Art and Intercultural Dialogue

Art and Intercultural Dialogue Author Susana Gonçalves
ISBN-10 9789463004237
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 285
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How can art act as an intercultural mediator for dialogue? In order to scrutinize this question, relevant theoretical ideas are discussed and artistic intervention projects examined so as to highlight its cultural, political, economic, social, and transformational impacts. This thought-provoking work reveals why art is needed to help multicultural neighbourhoods and societies be sustainable, as well as united by diversity. This edited collection underlines the significance of arts and media as a tool of understanding, mediation, and communication across and beyond cultures. The chapters with a variety of conceptual and methodological approaches from particular contexts demonstrate the complexity in the dynamics of (inter)cultural communication, culture, identity, arts, and media. Overall, the collection encourages readers to consider themselves as agents of the communication process promoting dialogue.

Intercultural Competence for All

Intercultural Competence for All Author Josef Huber
ISBN-10 9287173567
Release 2012
Pages 121
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Education which helps citizens live together in our diverse societies is a matter of urgency. We all need to develop the ability to understand each other across all types of cultural barriers; this is a fundamental prerequisite for making our diverse democratic societies work. This publication looks at the development of intercultural competence as a key element of mainstream education. It stresses the need firstly for an appropriate education policy which puts intercultural competence at the heart of all education and, above all, for the development, on an everyday basis, of the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge needed for mutual understanding. Without these, no sustainable societal change is possible.

Foreign Language Teachers and Intercultural Competence

Foreign Language Teachers and Intercultural Competence Author Lies Sercu
ISBN-10 1853598437
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 219
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Foreign Language Teachers and Intercultural Communication: An International Investigation reports on a study that focused on teachers' beliefs regarding intercultural competence teaching in foreign language education. Its conclusions are based on data collected in a quantitative comparative study that comprises questionnaire answers received from teachers in seven countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Mexico, Greece, Spain and Sweden. It not only creates new knowledge on the variability, and relative consistency, of today's foreign language teachers' views regarding intercultural competence teaching in a number of countries, but also gives us a picture that is both more concrete and more comprehensive than previously known.

Communication and Information Technology in Intercultural Language Teaching

Communication and Information Technology in  Intercultural  Language Teaching Author Mariusz Marczak
ISBN-10 1443851434
Release 2013
Pages 380
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The topic of this book is in congruence with the current trends in foreign language education worldwide. On the one hand, it tackles the concept and implementation of intercultural language teaching; on the other, it analyses the circumstances in which information and communication technology may be utilised in the contemporary EFL classroom. Both intercultural teaching and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) have been promoted by national/international educational documents in Europe, the USA and Asia, and endorsed by international organisations, including the Council of Europe and UNESCO. This book constitutes a pioneering attempt at establishing the role of ICT in English language and culture teaching within the Polish education system. However, the research instruments used within both research modules are applicable to other education systems worldwide, while the results obtained have implications for intercultural and computer-assisted language education in international contexts. The research results presented in the book highlight to the broad EFL profession a wide range of issues relating to the use of ICT in the foreign language classroom. They also offer materials writers, software designers and EFL teachers criteria with which to evaluate the intercultural component of CALL software.

Communicating Across Cultures at Work

Communicating Across Cultures at Work Author Maureen Guirdham
ISBN-10 9780230345966
Release 2011-05-11
Pages 416
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Examines intercultural communication in the workplace. Firmly grounded in theory, it offers practical suggestions on how people can develop cultural awareness and communication skills to enable greater understanding and appreciation of those from different backgrounds. Fully updated with the latest research, this makes an ideal core text.

Communication Et ducation Interculturelles

Communication Et   ducation Interculturelles Author Fred Dervin
ISBN-10 3039111892
Release 2006
Pages 229
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In the context of cultural and economic globalization, intercultural communication is of central importance for the study of social and educational processes and practices. This volume contains contributions on conceptual issues as well as case studies on intercultural communication and education in Finland. Some of the contributions were first presented at the conference -Enhancing the Visibility and Collaboration of Researchers in Intercultural Communication and Education in Finland- which took place at the University of Turku, Finland, in October 2004. The other collected articles offer various contrasting perspectives on issues related to interculturality. Dans le contexte de la mondialisation culturelle et economique, la recherche en communication interculturelle est d'une importance capitale pour l'etude des pratiques et des processus sociaux et educatifs. Les contributions de ce volume relevent tant du traitement de problemes conceptuels que de l'etude de cas, reunies autour du theme de la communication et de l'education interculturelles en Finlande. Certaines d'entre elles ont ete presentees lors de la conference intitulee - Visibilite et collaboration des chercheurs en communication et en education interculturelles en Finlande -, qui s'est deroulee en octobre 2004 a l'Universite de Turku. D'autres viennent s'ajouter a l'ouvrage, offrant ainsi des eclairages a la fois complementaires et differents sur les problematiques de l'interculturalite."