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Deleuze and Race

Deleuze and Race Author Arun Saldanha
ISBN-10 9780748669615
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 320
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The first collection of essays on the Deleuzian study of race. An international and multidisciplinary team of scholars inaugurates this field with this wide-ranging and evocative array of case studies.

Kant s Critical Philosophy

Kant s Critical Philosophy Author Gilles Deleuze
ISBN-10 9780826432063
Release 2008
Pages 67
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Gilles Deleuze was one of the most important and influential continental philosophers of the 20th century and this book is an essential text for the field of Kant studies.

Psychedelic White

Psychedelic White Author Arun Saldanha
ISBN-10 9781452913070
Release 2007
Pages 239
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"Psychedelic White is one of the most innovative, refreshingly different analyses of race I have read in the last decade." —Elizabeth Grosz, author of The Nick of Time: Politics, Evolution and the Untimely The village of Anjuna, located in the coastal Indian state of Goa, has been one of the premier destinations on the global rave scene for nearly two decades. The birthplace of Goa trance, the most psychedelic variety of electronic dance music, Anjuna first attracted adventurous Westerners in the 1970s who were drawn there by its tropical beaches, tolerant locals, and readily available drugs. Today, rave tourists travel to Goa to take part in round-the-clock dance parties and lose themselves in the crowds, the music, and the drugs. But do they really escape where they come from and who they are? A rich and theoretically sophisticated ethnography, Psychedelic White explains how race plays out in Goa’s white counterculture and grapples with how to make sense of racism when it is not supposed to be there. Goa is a site of particularly revealing forms of interracial collision, and contrary to author Arun Saldanha’s expectations that the nature of rave would create an inclusive atmosphere, he repeatedly witnessed stark segregation between white and Indian tourists. He came to understand race in its creative dimension as a shifting and fuzzy assemblage of practices, environments, sounds, and substances—dance skills, sunlight, conversation, cannabis, and tea. In doing so, his work shows how the rave scene in Goa harbors conflicting tendencies regarding race. The complicated intersection of cultures and phenotypes, Saldanha asserts, helps to consolidate whiteness. Race emerges not through rigid boundaries but rather through what he terms viscosity, the degree to which bodies gather together for pleasure and self-transformation. Challenging the prevailing conception of racial difference as a purely social construction and offering building on the works of Gilles Deleuze and Flix Guattari, Psychedelic White presents nothing less than a new materialist approach to race. Arun Saldanha is assistant professor of geography at the University of Minnesota.

Geographies of Race and Food

Geographies of Race and Food Author Rachel Slocum
ISBN-10 9781317129066
Release 2016-04-15
Pages 360
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While interest in the relations of power and identity in food explodes, a hesitancy remains about calling these racial. What difference does race make in the fields where food is grown, the places it is sold and the manner in which it is eaten? How do we understand farming and provisioning, tasting and picking, eating and being eaten, hunger and gardening better by paying attention to race? This collection argues there is an unacknowledged racial dimension to the production and consumption of food under globalization. Building on case studies from across the world, it advances the conceptualization of race by emphasizing embodiment, circulation and materiality, while adding to food advocacy an antiracist perspective it often lacks. Within the three socio-physical spatialities of food - fields, bodies and markets - the collection reveals how race and food are intricately linked. An international and multidisciplinary team of scholars complements each other to shed light on how human groups become entrenched in myriad hierarchies through food, at scales from the dining room and market stall to the slave trade and empire. Following foodways as they constitute racial formations in often surprising ways, the chapters achieve a novel approach to the process of race as one that cannot be reduced to biology, culture or capitalism.

Bianco in Questione

Bianco in Questione Author Susan Petrilli
ISBN-10 9788883535581
Release 2007
Pages 489
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Bianco in Questione has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bianco in Questione also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bianco in Questione book for free.

Deleuze and Politics

Deleuze and Politics Author Ian Buchanan
ISBN-10 9780748631964
Release 2008-05-20
Pages 272
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This volume in the Deleuze Connections series debates and extends Deleuze's political thought through engagement with contemporary political events and concepts. Against recent critique of Deleuze as a non-political thinker, this book explores the specific innovations and interventions that Deleuze's profoundly political concepts bring to political thought and practice. The contributors use Deleuze's dynamic theoretical apparatus to engage with contemporary political problems, themes and possibilities, including micropolitics, cynicism, war, democracy, ethnicity, friendship, revolution, power, fascism, militancy, and fabulation.

Musical Encounters with Deleuze and Guattari

Musical Encounters with Deleuze and Guattari Author Pirkko Moisala
ISBN-10 9781501316760
Release 2017-01-12
Pages 256
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This is the first volume to mobilize encounters between the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and the rich developments in cultural studies of music and sound. The book takes seriously the intellectual and political challenge that the process philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari poses for previous understandings of music as permanent objects and primarily discursive texts. By elaborating on the concepts of Deleuze and Guattari in innovative ways, the chapters of the book demonstrate how musical and sonic practices and expressions can be reconsidered as instances of becoming, actors in assemblages, and actualizations of virtual tendencies. The collection pushes notions of music and sound beyond such long-term paradigms as identity thinking, the privileging of signification, and the centrality of the human subject. The chapters of the volume bring a range of new topics and methodological approaches in contact with Deleuze and Guattari. These span from movement improvisation, jazz and western art music studies, sound and performance art and reality TV talent shows to deaf musicians and indigenous music. The book also highlights such fresh ways of doing analysis and shaping the methodological tools of music and sound studies that are enabled by Deleuze and Guattari's philosophy. Their philosophy, too, gains renewed capacities and potential when responding to ethnographic, cultural, ethnomusicological, participatory, aesthetic, new materialist, feminist and queer perspectives to music and sound.

Your Average Nigga

Your Average Nigga Author Vershawn Ashanti Young
ISBN-10 0814335764
Release 2007-03-01
Pages 192
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An engrossing autobiographical exploration of black masculinity as a mode of racial and verbal performance.

Cinema The time image

Cinema  The time image Author Gilles Deleuze
ISBN-10 0816616779
Release 1989
Pages 344
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Discusses the theoretical implications of the cinematographic image based on Henri Bergson's theories

Negotiations 1972 1990

Negotiations  1972 1990 Author Gilles Deleuze
ISBN-10 0231075812
Release 1995
Pages 221
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A provocative guide to Deleuze by Deleuze, this collection traces the intellectual journey of one of the most important French philosophers and clarifies the key critical concepts in the work of this vital figure who has had an impact on aesthetics, film theory, psychoanalysis and cultural studies.

Deleuze and Philosophy

Deleuze and Philosophy Author Keith Ansell-Pearson
ISBN-10 9781134765270
Release 2002-03-11
Pages 288
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The work of Gilles Deleuze has had an impact far beyond philosophy. He is among Foucault and Derrida as one of the most cited of all contemporary French thinkers. Never a student 'of' philosophy, Deleuze was always philosophical and many influential poststructuralist and postmodernist texts can be traced to his celebrated resurrection of Nietzsche against Hegel in his Nietzsche and Philosophy, from which this collection draws its title. This searching new collection considers Deleuze's relation to the philosophical tradition and beyond to the future of philosophy, science and technology. In addition to considering Deleuze's imaginative readings of classic figures such as Spinoza and Kant, the essays also point to the meaning of Deleuze on 'monstrous' and machinic thinking, on philosophy and engineering, on philosophy and biology, on modern painting and literature. Deleuze and Philosophy continues the spirit of experimentation and invention that features in Deleuze's work and will appeal to those studying across philosophy, social theory, literature and cultural studies who themselves are seeking new paradigms of thought.

Postcolonial Literatures and Deleuze

Postcolonial Literatures and Deleuze Author L. Burns
ISBN-10 9781137030801
Release 2012-06-19
Pages 220
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Bringing together high profile scholars in the fields of Deleuze and postcolonial studies, this book highlights the overlooked connections between two major schools of contemporary criticism and establishes a new critical discourse for postcolonial literature and theory.

Philosophy and the Mixed Race Experience

Philosophy and the Mixed Race Experience Author Tina Fernandes Botts
ISBN-10 9781498509435
Release 2016-01-21
Pages 350
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This book explores the experiences and philosophical work product of mixed race philosophers, as well as possible links between the two. Some books address mixed-race identity, and some anthologies focus on mixed-race identity, but this is the first anthology on the philosophy of mixed-race, and the first anthology by mixed-race philosophers.

The Racial Discourses of Life Philosophy

The Racial Discourses of Life Philosophy Author Donna V. Jones
ISBN-10 9780231145480
Release 2010
Pages 231
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"In the early twentieth century, the life philosophy of Henri Bergson summoned the âelan vital, or vital force, as the source of creative evolution. Bergson also appealed to intuition, which focused on experience rather than discursive thought and scientific cognition. Particularly influential for the literary and political Nâegritude movement of the 1930s, which opposed French colonialism, Bergson's life philosophy formed an appealing alternative to Western modernity, decried as 'mechanical,' and set the stage for later developments in postcolonial theory and vitalist discourse. Revisiting narratives on life that were produced in this age of machinery and war, Donna V. Jones shows how Bergson, Nietzsche, and the poets Leopold Senghor and Aimâe Câesaire fashioned the concept of life into a central aesthetic and metaphysical category while also implicating it in discourses on race and nation. Jones argues that twentieth-century vitalism cannot be understood separately from these racial and anti-Semitic discussions. She also shows that some dominant models of emancipation within black thought become intelligible only when in dialogue with the vitalist tradition. Jones's study strikes at the core of contemporary critical theory, which integrates these olderdiscourses into larger critical frameworks, and she traces the ways in which vitalism continues to draw from and contribute to its making." -- Book jacket.

Essays on Deleuze

Essays on Deleuze Author Daniel W Smith
ISBN-10 9780748655373
Release 2012-05-31
Pages 480
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Brings together 18 key essays, plus two completely new essays, by one of the world's leading commentators on the work of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

Occupy Time

Occupy Time Author J. Adams
ISBN-10 9781137275592
Release 2013-11-22
Pages 122
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While secondary texts on Paul Virilio typically see no way out of the tempo- and techno-dystopia he articulates, Occupy Time engages the events of Occupy Wall Street to fix attention on what such readings circumvent: Virilio's elusive theory of resistance.

Colonial Desire

Colonial Desire Author Robert J. C. Young
ISBN-10 9781134938889
Release 2005-08-05
Pages 256
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The language of contemporary cultural theory shows remarkable similarities with the patterns of thought which characterised Victorian racial theory. Far from being marked by a separation from the racialised thinking of the past, Colonial Desire shows we are operating in complicity with historical ways of viewing 'the other', both sexually and racially. Colonial Desire is a controversial and bracing study of the history of Englishness and 'culture'. Robert Young argues that the theories advanced today about post-colonialism and ethnicity are disturbingly close to the colonial discourse of the nineteenth century. 'Englishness', Young argues, has been less fixed and stable than uncertain, fissured with difference and a desire for otherness.