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Democracy and Civil Society in a Global Era

Democracy and Civil Society in a Global Era Author Scott Nicholas Romaniuk
ISBN-10 9781317246800
Release 2016-03-31
Pages 292
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Democracy and Civil Society in a Global Era addresses challenges to the strengthening of active citizenship. In this highly-structured work, the themes presented are linked to fostering a culture of peace and non-violence, the lessening of fear and insecurity in political, economic, social, and cultural terms inherently detached from the conceptualization of political delineations and physical boundaries, and the ability to live dignified lives. The various regions that are represented in the case studies include: the Indian sub-continent, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, China, the Middle East, Nigeria and the EU. The commonality and universality of the topics allows readers from any region of the world to relate to them. This book presents a dynamic combination of theory and field research, and is an iconoclastic tour-de-force of studies in democracy. Policy makers, think tanks and development practitioners may be particularly be interested in this book because it is about action rather than mere ideas and processes. It demonstrates how social movements can introduce and strengthen equality, inclusion, accountability, and the free flow of information. These elements, in turn, can contribute to the acculturation of freedom and social justice, in the developed world just as much as in the developing world.

From Corruption to Modernity

From Corruption to Modernity Author Sebastian Văduva
ISBN-10 9783319269979
Release 2016-02-03
Pages 137
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This volume examines corruption and provides tools and that can be utilized to combat it and encourage development. Using Romania as a case study, the authors argue that corruption can be reduced via institutional reforms and effective civic education. Describing various causes and types of corruption, the authors explore the causes and influences that result in corruption and the current political and bureaucratic practices that inhibit social, political or economic reform. The nations of Europe, including Romania, have different civil traditions varying in their intensity, cultural heritage, scope of activity, religious or non-religious affiliation, among other factors. Western Europe has experienced over a century of modern government involvement crowding out the efforts of traditional civil society, while Romania, along with the other Eastern nations of the former Soviet bloc, experienced almost a half-century of systematic efforts by communist regimes to eradicate and control all spheres of voluntary, nongovernmental civil life. Moreover, the inexperience and immaturity of Romanian society in the early transition period after communism, particularly its so-called “entrepreneurial class,” have discredited and abused the concept of civil society, utilizing it solely for tax benefits and selfish purposes. Having had to learn the hard way about some of the key aspects of public administration often taken for granted in other countries more experienced in democratic participation, Romania has most recently made significant progress toward overcoming corruption and implementing reforms and policies that will allow it to participate more fully in the global arena.

Africa and the New World Era

Africa and the New World Era Author J. Mangala
ISBN-10 9780230117303
Release 2010-12-12
Pages 289
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Over the last decade, there has been a shift toward a strategic view of Africa. China and the US import much of their oil from Africa which is clearly emerging on the world stage as a strategic player. Africa and the New World Era probes the importance and significance of this shift and its implications for Africa's international relations.

Governing Cities in a Global Era

Governing Cities in a Global Era Author R. Hambleton
ISBN-10 9780230608795
Release 2007-11-26
Pages 267
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This book is about the role that ideas, institutions, and actors play in structuring how we govern cities and, more specifically, what projects or paths are taken. Global changes require that we rethink governance and urban policy, and that we do so through the dual lens of theory and practice.

Global Civil Society 2012

Global Civil Society 2012 Author Hertie School of
ISBN-10 9780230369436
Release 2012-04-18
Pages 224
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Activists and academics look back over ten years of 'politics from below', and ask whether it is merely the critical gaze upon the concept that has changed – or whether there is something genuinely new about the way in which civil society is now operating.

Handbook of Comparative and Development Public Administration

Handbook of Comparative and Development Public Administration Author Ali Farazmand
ISBN-10 0203904753
Release 2001-06-29
Pages 1130
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With contributions from nearly 80 international experts, this comprehensive resource covers diverse issues, aspects, and features of public administration and policy around the world. It focuses on bureaucracy and bureaucratic politics in developing and industrialized countries and emphasizing administrative performance and policy implementation, as well as political system maintenance and regime enhancement. The book covers the history of public administration and bureaucracy in Persia, Greece, Rome, and Byzantium and among the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas, public administration in small island states, Eastern Europe, and ethics and other contemporary issues in public administration.

Global Civil Society 2004 5

Global Civil Society 2004 5 Author Helmut K Anheier
ISBN-10 1412903076
Release 2004-10-18
Pages 375
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Contains a wealth of detail on globalization, people's values and attitudes, governance and civil liberties, plus a chronology of the conferences, campaigns and protests that are the sinews of global civil society.

The Idea of Global Civil Society

The Idea of Global Civil Society Author Randall Germain
ISBN-10 9781134272891
Release 2004-08-02
Pages 248
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This book evaluates the claim that in order to explore the changing social foundations of global power relations today, we need to include in our analysis an understanding of global civil society, particularly if we also wish to raise ethical questions about the changing political and institutional practices of transnational governance. Bridging the normative concerns of political theorists with the historical and institutional focus of scholars of international relations and international political economy, this book is of broad interest to students and researchers concerned with international relations, civil society, global governance and ethics.

Challenges of the global century report of the Project on Globalization and National Security

Challenges of the global century   report of the Project on Globalization and National Security Author
ISBN-10 1428980652
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Challenges of the global century report of the Project on Globalization and National Security has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Challenges of the global century report of the Project on Globalization and National Security also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Challenges of the global century report of the Project on Globalization and National Security book for free.

The Work of Policy

The Work of Policy Author Hal K. Colebatch
ISBN-10 0739111124
Release 2006
Pages 236
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"Concerned with how people do policy work - not simply policy analysis - and with the way policy becomes part of the process of governing." - page ix.

Public Administration and Democratic Governance

Public Administration and Democratic Governance Author
ISBN-10 OSU:32435078833902
Release 2007
Pages 359
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Strengthening trust, accountability, and participation in government are essential to serving the needs of citizens. This volume brings together concepts and ideas from around the world on how to achieve more responsive and accountable public administration within the framework of democratic governance. Public officials and administrators are provided with conceptual and policy tools to help them understand today's complex challenges, and to pursue ideas that are most likely to enhance service delivery from the citizen's perspective. The publication is one of the analytical products emerging from the Global Forum on Reinventing Government.

Managing Nonprofit Organizations in a Policy World

Managing Nonprofit Organizations in a Policy World Author Shannon K Vaughan
ISBN-10 9781452240053
Release 2013-01-08
Pages 413
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In explicitly tying the policy realm to management skills, this book sheds new light on how nonprofit managers can better navigate policymaking and regulatory contexts to effectively lead their organizations.

Administrative Reforms and Democratic Governance

Administrative Reforms and Democratic Governance Author Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans
ISBN-10 9781136749506
Release 2011-03-21
Pages 272
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After a quarter of a century of implementation of New Public Management (NPM) reform strategies, this book assesses the major real outcomes of these reforms on states and public sectors, at both the organisational level and a more political level.

The New Public Service

The New Public Service Author Janet V Denhardt
ISBN-10 9781315289472
Release 2016-09-16
Pages 240
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This widely praised work provides a framework for the many voices calling for the reaffirmation of democratic values, citizenship, and service in the public interest. The expanded edition includes an all-new chapter that addresses the practical issues of applying these ideals in actual, real-life situations. "The New Public Service, Expanded Edition" is organized around a set of seven core principles: serve citizens, not customers; seek the public interest; value citizenship and public service above entrepreneurship; think strategically, act democratically; recognize that accountability isn't simple; serve, rather than steer; and value people, not just productivity. The book asks us to think carefully and critically about what public service is, why it is important, and what values ought to guide what we do and how we do it. It celebrates what is distinctive, important and meaningful about public service and considers how we might better live up to those ideals and values. All students and serious practitioners in public administration and public policy should read this book. While debates about public policy issues will surely continue, this compact, clearly written volume provides an important framework for public service based on and fully integrated with citizen discourse and the public interest.

Unsettled Legitimacy

Unsettled Legitimacy Author Steven Bernstein
ISBN-10 9780774817196
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 816
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Under what conditions do individuals and communities accept globalized decision making as legitimate? And what political practices do individuals and collectivities under globalization use to exercise autonomy? To answer these questions, the contributors explore the disruptions and reconfigurations of political authority that accompany globalization. Arguing that we live in an era in which political legitimacy at multiple scales of authority is under strain, they show that globalization has also created demands for regulation, security, and the protection of rights and expressions of individual and collective autonomy.

Comparative Public Administration

Comparative Public Administration Author Eric Edwin Otenyo
ISBN-10 9780762313594
Release 2006
Pages 980
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Volume 15 of Comparative Public Administration, titled Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management, offers a four-part approach that includes comparative public administration, administrative development and development administration, institutional management, and new public management and reforms. These elements discuss the fundamentals of public administration in detail while also investigating the changes that occur in administrative institutions. *Discusses the fundamentals of public administration *Investigates the changes occurring in administrative institutions *Includes content about internatonal organizations

The Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion

The Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion Author Jonas Wolff
ISBN-10 9781134509621
Release 2013-09-11
Pages 294
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Though scholarly attention to democracy promotion is increasing, there is still little comparative and theoretically-based work on the protagonists of democracy promotion. This book investigates the motives that drive democracy promotion in a comparative and theoretically oriented manner, exploring how democracy promoters deal with conflicting objectives and the factors that shape their behaviour. It also addresses the more policy-oriented debate on the contemporary challenges to democracy promotion, focusing on US and German policies towards three kinds of challenges: the emergence of ‘radical’ leftist governments in Bolivia and Ecuador, the political rise of Islamist movements in Turkey and Pakistan, and the consolidation of (semi-)authoritarian rule in Belarus and Russia. In each case, North-Western democracy promoters have been confronted with serious conflicts of objectives between security, economic interests and democracy promotion. The analysis and comparison of such situations in which democracy promoters have to deal with competing objectives and make tough decisions provides powerful evidence as to the factors that shape democracy promotion. The Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion will be of interest to students and scholars of international relations, comparative politics, democratization studies and foreign policy.