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Depression Fallout

Depression Fallout Author Anne Sheffield
ISBN-10 9780061743191
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 304
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Using the vivid, poignant and personal stories of the members of a website support group she founded (, Anne Sheffield, the author of two highly acclaimed books on depression, provides an honest record of what happens to a love relationship once depression enters the picture, and offers solid advice on what the non–depressed partner can do to improve his or her own life and the relationship. Of the millions of people who suffer from a depressive illness, few suffer in solitude. They draw the people they love – spouses, parents, children, lovers, friends – into their illness. In her first book, How You Can Survive When They're Depressed, Anne Sheffield coined the phrase 'depression fallout' to describe the emotional toll on the depressive's family and close friends who are unaware of their own stressful reactions and needs. She outlined the five stages of depression fallout (confusion, self–doubt, demoralisation, anger, and the need to escape) and explained that these reactions are a natural result of living with a depressed person.

How You Can Survive When They re Depressed

How You Can Survive When They re Depressed Author Anne Sheffield
ISBN-10 9780307556912
Release 2009-02-04
Pages 320
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Each year more than 17 million Americans suffer from a depressive illness, yet few suffer in solitude. How You Can Survive When They're Depressed explores depression from the perspective of those who are closest to the sufferers of this prevalent disorder--spouses, parents, children, and lovers--and gives the successful coping strategies of many people who live with a clinical depressive or manic-depressive and often suffer in silence, believing their own problems have no claim to attention. Depression fallout is the emotional toll on the depressive's family and close friends who are unaware of their own stressful reactions and needs. Sheffield outlines the five stages of depression fallout: confusion, self-doubt, demoralization, anger, and finally, the desire to escape. Many people will find relief in the knowledge that their self-blame, guilt, sadness, and resentment are a natural result of living with a depressed person. Sheffield brings together many real-life examples from the pioneering support group she attends at Beth Israel Medical Center of how people with depression fallout have learned to cope. From setting boundaries to maintaining an outside social life, she gives practical tactics for handling the challenges and emotional stresses on a day-to-day basis.

Living with a Depressed Spouse

Living with a Depressed Spouse Author Gay Ingram
ISBN-10 9781602473638
Release 2007-10-01
Pages 99
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Like a voice crying in the wilderness, Gay Ingram shares her hard-earned knowledge about living with a depressed husband. She gives the reader insight into this debilitating disease that affects an estimated 18.8 million people who struggle with it in any given one-year period.

When Depression Hurts Your Relationship

When Depression Hurts Your Relationship Author Shannon Kolakowski
ISBN-10 9781608828340
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 208
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When you are feeling depressed, having a loving, supportive relationship with your partner can help you in your path towards healing and creating a happier life. But often depression interferes with your relationship, distancing you from your partner during your time of need. If you are in the midst of depression, you may worry that you aren’t good enough for your partner, or become irritable around them. You may even push them away when you feel like your emotions are beyond your control. In addition, your sense of intimacy may diminish, and your sex life may fizzle as a result of fatigue, medications and feeling disconnected from your partner. The hard truth is that feelings of isolation, worthlessness, and tiredness can all take a hefty toll on your love life. But you don’t have to let depression be the demise of your relationship. Using an integrative approach based in mindfulness, interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), When Depression Hurts Your Relationship offers practical skills to help readers with depression reignite intimacy with their partners. If you suffer from depression, this book is a must-read to help keep your romantic relationship healthy, exciting, and rewarding for you both.

Talking to Depression

Talking to Depression Author Claudia J. Strauss
ISBN-10 9781101099506
Release 2004-01-06
Pages 224
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When a friend or family member suffers from depression, we naturally want to help—but too often our good intentions seem to come out wrong. We can feel guilty, or even angry, about the sheer difficulty in communicating with someone we love so much. This practical, compassionate guide can help you understand exactly what your loved one is going through, and why certain approaches help and others have the potential to do damage. Whether your loved one is receiving professional treatment or not, this guide addresses the vital role you can play in managing the day-to-day ups and downs, and speeding up recovery. By discussing common behaviors and situations, Talking to Depression offers specific advice on what to do and what not to do—what to say and what not to say—to avoid frustration and give the kind of caring, effective support that really makes a difference. “A prescriptive guide for genuine relating with loved ones experiencing depression. It touches the heart of one’s inner experience.”—Jo Cohen Hamilton, Ph.D.

Should You Leave

Should You Leave Author Peter D. Kramer
ISBN-10 9781476737102
Release 2013-07-23
Pages 320
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In his phenomenal bestseller Listening to Prozac, Peter Kramer explored the makeup of the modern self. Now, in his superbly written new book, he focuses his intelligent, compassionate eye on the complexities of partnerships and why intimacy is so difficult for us. With the art of a novelist and the skill of a brilliant psychiatrist, Kramer addresses advice seekers struggling with such complex questions as: How do we choose our partners? How well do we know them? How do mood states affect our assessment of them and theirs of us? What does “working on a relationship” truly entail? When should we try to improve a relationship, and when should we leave? Equally at home with Shakespeare, Emerson, and Kierkegaard as it is with Freud and Jung, Should You Leave? is a literary tour de force from a uniquely insightful observer and a profoundly resonant and helpful approach to resolving dilemmas of the heart.

Let Me Sow Light

Let Me Sow Light Author Bernadette Stankard
ISBN-10 9780879463786
Release 2008
Pages 150
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Treatment for depression has come a long way, but often left out of the equation are the devastating effects depression can have on a marriage. The feelings of alienation, guilt and anger can be overwhelming. Authors Amy Viets and Bernadette Stankard have both lived with a depressed spouse, and they offer this book as a source of support for the pain that spouses may feel as they watch their loved ones struggle with depression. In addition to drawing from their own experiences, they have used examples from other people who have first-hand knowledge of depression in a spouse to address issues such as: Depression's effect on finances, Depression's effect on faith, The challenges of treatment, The importance of self-care, Life after depression.

When Someone You Love is Depressed

When Someone You Love is Depressed Author Xavier Amador
ISBN-10 9781439135259
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 272
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I Don t Want to Talk About It

I Don t Want to Talk About It Author Terrence Real
ISBN-10 0684865394
Release 1999-03-11
Pages 384
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A revolutionary and hopeful look at depression as a silent epidemic in men that manifests as workaholism, alcoholism, rage, difficulty with intimacy, and abusive behavior by the cofounder of Harvard’s Gender Research Project. Twenty years of experience treating men and their families has convinced psychotherapist Terrence Real that depression is a silent epidemic in men—that men hide their condition from family, friends, and themselves to avoid the stigma of depression’s “un-manliness.” Problems that we think of as typically male—difficulty with intimacy, workaholism, alcoholism, abusive behavior, and rage—are really attempts to escape depression. And these escape attempts only hurt the people men love and pass their condition on to their children. This groundbreaking book is the “pathway out of darkness” that these men and their families seek. Real reveals how men can unearth their pain, heal themselves, restore relationships, and break the legacy of abuse. He mixes penetrating analysis with compelling tales of his patients and even his own experiences with depression as the son of a violent, depressed father and the father of two young sons.

Undoing Depression

Undoing Depression Author Richard O'Connor
ISBN-10 9780316071352
Release 2010-01-07
Pages 384
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Like heart disease, says psychotherapist Richard O'Connor, depression is fueled by complex and interrelated factors: genetic, biochemical, environmental. In this refreshingly sensible book, O'Connor focuses on an additional factor often overlooked: our own habits. Unwittingly we get good at depression. We learn how to hide it, how to work around it. We may even achieve great things, but with constant struggle rather than satisfaction. Relying on these methods to make it through each day, we deprive ourselves of true recovery, of deep joy and healthy emotion. UNDOING DEPRESSION teaches us how to replace depressive patterns with a new and more effective set of skills. We already know how to "do" depression-and we can learn how to undo it. With a truly holistic approach that synthesizes the best of the many schools of thought about this painful disease, O'Connor offers new hope-and new life-for sufferers of depression.

Morning Has Broken

Morning Has Broken Author Emme Aronson
ISBN-10 0451219627
Release 2007-01-02
Pages 305
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The world famous model and TV personality and her husband describe their long and difficult battle with the crippling effects of Phillip's clinical depression, the ECT that eventually brought him relief after years of struggle, and the ways in which their joint ordeal brought them closer together. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.


Couples Author John Updike
ISBN-10 9780679645726
Release 2012-03-13
Pages 576
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One of the signature novels of the American 1960s, Couples is a book that, when it debuted, scandalized the public with prose pictures of the way people live, and that today provides an engrossing epitaph to the short, happy life of the “post-Pill paradise.” It chronicles the interactions of ten young married couples in a seaside New England community who make a cult of sex and of themselves. The group of acquaintances form a magical circle, complete with ritualistic games, religious substitutions, a priest (Freddy Thorne), and a scapegoat (Piet Hanema). As with most American utopias, this one’s existence is brief and unsustainable, but the “imaginative quest” that inspires its creation is eternal. From the Trade Paperback edition.

When Someone You Love Suffers from Depression Or Mental Illness

When Someone You Love Suffers from Depression Or Mental Illness Author Cecil Murphey
ISBN-10 0834121344
Release 2004
Pages 96
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Does someone you love struggle with depression or mental illness? As much as you want to fix it, you won't be able to. But it is important that you take care of yourself - both physically and spiritually - during this difficult time.

Solo on a Tandem Bicycle

Solo on a Tandem Bicycle Author Craig Cato
ISBN-10 0615525865
Release 2011-08-14
Pages 274
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Solo on a Tandem Bicycle has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Solo on a Tandem Bicycle also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Solo on a Tandem Bicycle book for free.

What to Do When Someone You Love Is Depressed Second Edition

What to Do When Someone You Love Is Depressed  Second Edition Author Mitch Golant, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 0805082778
Release 2007-08-07
Pages 243
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A clinical psychologist describes the warning signs of clinical depression and explains how to offer comfort, maintain communications, deal with the mental health community, and handle suicide threats, in an updated manual. Original. 15,000 first printing.

How Can I Get Through to You

How Can I Get Through to You Author Terrence Real
ISBN-10 9781439106761
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 304
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"What happened to the passion we started with? Why aren't we as close as we used to be?" PROBLEM: If you are a woman who is unfulfilled in your marriage...if you feel unheard or overburdened...if you quietly live in a state of slow-burn resentment... PROBLEM: If you are a man unhappy that your partner seems so unhappy with you...if you feel bewildered, unappreciated, or betrayed... This book offers a solution Bestselling author and nationally renowned therapist Terrence Real unearths the causes of communication blocks between men and women in this groundbreaking work. Relationships are in trouble; the demand for intimacy today must be met with new skills, and Real -- drawing on his pioneering work on male depression -- gives both men and women those skills, empowering women and connecting men, radically reversing the attitudes and emotional stumbling blocks of the patriarchal culture in which we were raised. Filled with powerful stories of the couples Real treats, no other relationship book is as straight talking or compelling in its innovative approach to healing wounds and reconnecting partners with a new strength and understanding.

Living with Depression

Living with Depression Author Caroline Carr
ISBN-10 1905410611
Release 2009
Pages 198
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Living with someone who is depressed is one of the loneliest feelings in the world. You’re trapped with someone you know you love, and yet the only side of them you see makes you miserable and confused. There’s plenty of help out there for your partner, but what about you? How do you cope? When Caroline Carr’s partner of 20 years became depressed, it was a shock. But slowly she learnt the techniques she needed to cope without being dragged down herself, and was inspired to write this book. From her own experience and from talking to others in the same boat, she imparts advice and support on: - how to look after yourself and the rest of your family - how to support your partner - understanding depression and how it affects you - strategies to get you through - where to get help Caroline’s very honest account of her relationship will show you how she coped, and how you can cope too.