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Design for Discipleship

Design for Discipleship Author J. Dwight Pentecost
ISBN-10 0825494591
Release 1971
Pages 128
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Dr. Pentecost demonstrates that discipleship is a growing experience of knowledge, commitment, active love, and service.

Did Jesus Teach Salvation by Works

Did Jesus Teach Salvation by Works Author Alan P. Stanley
ISBN-10 9781498276399
Release 2006-09-20
Pages 436
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This book investigates the role of works in salvation in the Synoptic Gospels. Jesus was all too aware of people who claimed to believe in Him and yet proved to be not truly born again (e.g., John 2:23-25; 8:31-46). A profession of faith made at some point during one's life is no guarantee that heaven awaits that person. Such professions or conversion experiences must be followed by changed lives if faith is to be shown to be genuine saving faith. Hence Jesus teaches that regardless of one's profession, if one does not demonstrate a changed life produced by God, one will not enter into heaven. Such a judgment will be made when Jesus returns and judges every person according to his or her "works". While this may seem contradictory to some more well-known passages ruling out the role of works in salvation (e.g., Rom 3:21-4:25; Gal 2:16-21; Eph 2:8-9), there is every good reason to understand that Jesus' teachings complement such passages. The works that admit one into heaven are not works produced by the flesh before conversion but works produced by God after conversion. They will fundamentally be characterized by a life of discipleship, love for others, and endurance in faith and obedience, and will therefore serve to confirm that one indeed did have a relationship with God during one's life. Hence Jesus did teach salvation by works. However God is the one who produces the works and they occur after conversion. Thus salvation is not one's initial conversion but one's final entrance into heaven.

The Power of Mentoring

The Power of Mentoring Author Martin Sanders
ISBN-10 9781600669972
Release 2009-05-15
Pages 224
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The Power of Mentoring is a groundbreaking guide for mentoring the next generation of Christian leaders. With its variety of practical, insightful mentoring models, The Power of Mentoring provides motivation for mentoring involvement, new approaches and skill-building exercises and implementation strategies. This ideal resource includes: Key thoughts questions for reflection, Action plans, A "Life Plan" for self-evaluation, Accountability questions and additional suggested resources .

Life from the Dead

Life from the Dead Author John D. Garr
ISBN-10 9781940685205
Release 2014-06-10
Pages 368
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Life from the Dead is an in-depth study of the incredible endurance of the Jewish people in history despite ongoing systematic and unrelenting efforts to effect their genocide. The survival of the Jewish people is notk, however, merely a testimony to their own resiliency or ingenuity. It is a testimonmy to the utter faithfulness of their God to maintain the integrity of the covenant he made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Your faith in God will be enriched as you read these dramatic subjects: Daily Prayer, As Good as Dead, Can These Bones Live?, The God-Wrestler, From the Pit to the Palace, A Resurrected Nation, By My Spirit, Says the Lord, Mashiach: Life from the Dead. The God of Israel is the ruler over death and life. As such, he can heal the sick and restore the terminally ill to life, and in the end, he will keep faith with the righteous who are in the dust of the earth by bringing them forth to life from the dead in the resurrection. Life from the Dead will build you faith in God's power to triumph over death and to bring abundant life to all those who put their trust in him.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079622596
Release 1996-09
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.

The Cumulative Book Index

The Cumulative Book Index Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015058373732
Release 1997
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The Cumulative Book Index has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Cumulative Book Index also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Cumulative Book Index book for free.

God s Plan

God s Plan Author Henrietta C. Mears
ISBN-10 0830745629
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 336
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Finding Yourself in His Grand Design God's plan is exciting and timely and God's Word is relevant today! Henrietta Mears' vital concern was for people - that they might have a comprehensive grasp of the Bible and realize that God has a wonderful plan to reveal to each one who seeks Him. In God's Plan, you'll discover that God does have a plan, and His plan is eternal. His plan predates creation, and continues forever, without limits. The essence of God's plan is love, pure unrequited love, by the Almighty God for people. This love prompted God to create the heavens and the earth, to select a chosen people, to reveal the plan of salvation, to establish the church, to direct the activities of that which He has created, and one day to return in glory.

The House of God

The House of God Author Ashish Raichur
Release 2014-04-06
Pages 289
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The Blueprint A blueprint is a guide for making something. It is a design or pattern that can be followed. When we sit down to build something, we normally draw up a blueprint and then follow the design carefully. A blueprint helps you determine what to do. In this manual "The House of God" our goal is to discover God's blueprint for local churches and local communities of believers. We also share practical ways to build local churches according to God's blueprint. Our goal is not to present one set of "methods" and "techniques", but rather discover what God wants the local church to be. Each one of us will have to make our own journey with God as we develop our local congregations according to God's blueprint. Each one of us will have to discover our own expression of this blueprint in our local communities. Since God is a creative God, He has many ways and many expressions of His blueprint. The one common denominator is that we are all pursuing the same blueprint for each local church. The blueprint describes God's design. It is God's original intent. It highlights main characteristics. It describes key features. It points to important focus areas. When we follow His blueprint we know we are moving in the right direction and will eventually arrive at the right destination for our local churches. Your Ministry And God's Blueprint Regardless of what your ministry is inside or in relation to the local church, it is important that what you are doing, is aligned to God's blueprint for His people. As a pastor/Senior pastor, your responsibility is to ensure that the local church is growing and developing in all dimensions according to God's blueprint. As an itinerant evangelist, teacher, prophet or apostle whenever you minister to a congregation, your goal is to help impart and increase the congregation in some way according to God's design for the local church. Whether you serve as a youth pastor, worship leader, children's church, women's ministry, men's ministry, small groups, etc. you are working towards establishing God's blueprint in the lives of His people in that local church. Follow God's design closely and you will not go wrong!

So Beautiful

So Beautiful Author Leonard Sweet
ISBN-10 1434799794
Release 2009
Pages 302
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In this seminal work, Sweet shares how three strands form the church: missional, relational, and incarnational. He calls for the re-union of these three essential, complementary components of Christian life.

Books in Print

Books in Print Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015062097749
Release 2005
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Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

The Fatherhood Principle

The Fatherhood Principle Author Myles Munroe
ISBN-10 9781603747738
Release 2008-03-14
Pages 192
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The inherent purpose of all men is fatherhood. Whether a man is married or single, and whether or not he has children, he is designed by God to fulfill the role of father in the lives of those around him. It is his calling to reflect the creative and cultivating nature of God. This book provides key principles and insights that will teach you how to be a father in your personal sphere of influence. In clear and compelling terms, Dr. Munroe explains how a man can become source, nourisher, sustainer, protector, teacher, discipler, leader, head, caring one, and developer. The Fatherhood Principle provides practical guidelines for fulfilling your God-given fatherhood role by showing you… How to be the foundation of your family How to be strong even in the storms of life How to meet the needs of women How to develop the potential and gifts of children How to find your life’s vision Five vital purposes of the male Discover God’s original blueprint for men and step into your true purpose in life.

Saying Yes

Saying Yes Author Albert Haase, OFM
ISBN-10 9781612618029
Release 2015-02-01
Pages 128
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What is God asking of me? How do I know if this is really of God and not simply my imagination? Should I follow my head or my heart? Discerning God's will is an ongoing process – not a static, one-time decision. Albert Haase, OFM, scholar of Christian spirituality and spiritual mentor to hundreds of people, reminds you that your ordinary life is the megaphone through which God communicates to you and to the world. Fr. Haase is known for offering clear, practical spiritual advice. This book is short, concise, practical, and written with real life examples and reflection questions, making the ancient practice of discernment appealing and understandable. "Albert Haase OFM reminds us that each of us is called to speak an ever deepening yes to God with our lives. The text centers around the most basic questions of the spiritual life: what are we living for, what keeps us from being fully alive? Haase offers a faithful and faith-filled reflection on both the simplicity and the complexity of Christian discernment and discipleship." — Most Reverend Donald Bolen, Bishop of Saskatoon "SAYING YES 'scratches where we itch.' Albert Haase, OFM has provided a blueprint and road map for discovering all the places, all the spaces and all the faces through which God speaks to us. Down-to-earth spirituality at its best!" — Most Reverend Fernand J. Cheri, III, OFM, Auxiliary Bishop of New Orleans

The Living Image

The Living Image Author A. M. Lamouria
ISBN-10 9781606965474
Release 2009-08
Pages 153
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Have you ever questioned whether your faith and your worldview were biblically connected? Whether you have or haven't, now is the time to give your worldview examination. In this insightful book, A.M. LaMouria challenges readers to explore whether they are operating from a perspective that God's story in Scripture is man-centered salvation or God-centered glory. The consequences of how one identifies the purpose of their life and how to find the will of God for living their specific life may surprise you. Readers will learn what Scripture has to say about life's purpose and how this foundational worldview affects every facet of life, from relationships to career choices to finding a place in the Body of Christ. LaMouria teaches what it means to be an 'Image Bearer, ' finding fulfillment in doing everything for God's glory as His earthly steward. Find meaning and guidance in the right place, Scripture, and discover how to apply it to become The Living Image, because God Purposed You to Bear His Image and Know His Will.

Walk in God s Pattern for Success

Walk in God s Pattern for Success Author John Bevere
ISBN-10 0884198375
Release 2002
Pages 84
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God has a blueprint for success with your name on it! The world needs more sold-out, radical servants who are not afraid to speak out or lay down their lives for the Master! In this powerful little book, adapted from The Fear of the Lord by John Bevere, you will discover the difference between seeking the praise and recognition of men--serving out of fear, and conducting yourself in the fear of the Lord. Be encouraged; God has a perfect plan for your success. It's time to step boldly and confidently into it.

Discovering discipleship

Discovering discipleship Author Thomas Alan Smith
ISBN-10 0872394387
Release 1980-01-01
Pages 64
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Discovering discipleship has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Discovering discipleship also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Discovering discipleship book for free.

Among Wolves Bible Study Book

Among Wolves Bible Study Book Author Dhati Lewis
ISBN-10 1462742831
Release 2017-06
Pages 96
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Among Wolves Bible Study Book is an eight-session study that includes individual-study opportunities for each day of the week, applicable Scripture, "How to Use This Study," and group-discussion guides. Our world is changing. Cultures are colliding. Our cities and neighborhoods are brimming with vibrant diversity. And while communities may have embraced this change, many churches have not. In Matthew 10, Jesus challenged His disciples by telling them, "Behold, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves." And He is calling us to do the same--to make disciples wherever we live, work, and play. Among Wolves is an eight-week Bible study about disciple-making in the city. This Bible study explores eight movements in the Book of Matthew that help create cultures of disciple-making in our changing environments. This resource is a field guide to help you discover God's vision for your family, develop a strategy for discipleship, and deploy to the mission field that is your neighborhood. The aims of Among Wolves are fourfold: 1. Gospel Centered Among Wolves aims to help participants develop a deeper devotion for the person and work of Christ through His Word. Throughout the Bible Study Book, we will allow the Gospel of Matthew to be our guide. This gospel begins with the burden to establish God's tangible presence and ends with a confirmation of His presence and commission to continue the family's business. 2. Local Church Based Among Wolves aims to equip participants to make disciples within the context of the local church. Urban practitioners will develop an understanding of the identity of the church as family, allowing that to shape the activities of their local gathering. This concept can be applied in multiple contexts, such as Bible study groups, missional communities, and small groups--anywhere you seek to co-labor with other believers. 3. Disciple Making Oriented Among Wolves aims to equip participants to see disciple-making not as a ministry but as the ministry of the local church. 4. Urban Focused Among Wolves aims to help participants navigate the beauty and complexity, the density and diversity that city life brings. Features: - Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content - Eight small-group sessions that walk through disciple-making in the Gospel of Matthew - Individual-study opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth - Group and personal components Benefits: - Develop a better understanding of discipleship as Jesus taught us. - Discover the blueprint for disciple-making in the Gospel of Matthew. - Acquire a discipleship strategy applicable to families. - Learn to navigate today's diversity for the sake of disciple-making. - Equip yourself to make disciples in an urban context.

Your Highest Calling

Your Highest Calling Author Joseph Luongo
ISBN-10 9781612151663
Release 2010-11
Pages 378
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You have a specific unique Highest Calling by God's Divine Design andPurpose. You need to know how to follow His blueprint during yourlifetime.Find out specifically: what this is and how to grow into Your HighestCalling, even through difficult circumstances and troubled economicconditions.Some books positively affect you for a long time... Apply what you readhere, and this book will change you for a lifetime!So make a serious decision for real positive impact and change... Get thisbook; to have the opportunity to apply the answers, keys and solutions, you discover. Then continue in this new exciting understanding of yourunique mission! These keys and answers presented are specific; thesolutions discovered are time tested and work well.Based on the firm foundation of God's Word, this book could well becomeone of your most important practical manuals, for developing yourselfpersonally and spiritually... in order to uniquely fit into Your HighestCalling!Joseph's High Calling is to develop and bring out the best in others as alife coach. He was recognized by the former President of the U. of MD forhis work amongst college students and athletes; he has served as NationalChaplain of the United States; and he was recommended for his work byDr. Halverson former Chaplain of the U.S. Senate along with many otherChristian leaders. He also has numerous creative business abilities whichare developed from a Biblical perspective, with multiple years ofprofessional training, including an honors engineering degree from the U.of MD. He travels extensively having ministered to those from over 140nations, with a unique gifting cross culturally. He is recognizedinternationally for his passion to instill greatness in others; his creativeabilities including his patented inventions; and as a life motivator formany, including some professional athletes and coaches.