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Iron and Blood

Iron and Blood Author Joshua Dalzelle
ISBN-10 1542870356
Release 2017-01-31
Pages 362
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The Black Fleet Saga continues... A human planet has been invaded. The enigmatic Darshik have landed troops on a frontier world and have begun subduing major cities even as their blockade repels all attempts by the fledgling United Terran Federation to mount a counteroffensive. The Federation's military command is desperate and with their fleet still in tatters they make a last ditch effort to free the planet: They pull Captain Jackson Wolfe out of retirement and put him in command of a ship they hope can get past the defending armada and provide support to the beleaguered Marines and civilians fighting on the surface of the contested world. There is no reasoning with this enemy. If the Terran Federation wants their planet back, they will have to pay the price. Iron & Blood is the second book of The Expansion Wars Trilogy and the fifth book of the Black Fleet Saga.

New Frontiers

New Frontiers Author Joshua Dalzelle
ISBN-10 1536985066
Release 2016-08-08
Pages 296
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The Phage War had been a devastating conflict for the Terran Confederacy. Even with the destruction of their terrifying, implacable foe, humanity is still reeling. Political alliances are crumbling and their mighty fleet is in tatters. There is nothing to celebrate, even after such a complete victory. They soon learn that there are other stellar neighbors ... and they've been watching the conflict with great interest. One species comes with an offer of friendship and alliance, but humanity is weary and distrustful, their only interactions with aliens having resulted in the near-eradication of their kind. Before the ashes of war have been fully swept away Captain Celesta Wright is dispatched to the Frontier with a small taskforce to investigate a mysterious signal while the Confederacy struggles to hold itself together. A partnership with this new species could help accelerate the recovery effort, but is the offer too good to be true? Can humanity risk another fight with an advanced alien species right on the heels of the bloodiest war that had ever been waged? New Frontiers is the first book of the Expansion Wars Trilogy, an all adventure in the Black Fleet universe.


Destroyer Author Joshua Dalzelle
ISBN-10 1979372225
Release 2017-11-04
Pages 336
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A relentless enemy... An old wolf's last hunt... The future of two species hanging in the balance... The Darshik war machine is flagging, but the war is far from over. Even as an exhausted Federation military tenses up for a counterattack after repelling the last Darshik invasion, reports are coming in of a new, more powerful class of ship that's striking deep into Terran space. Captain Jackson Wolfe has been given the fleet's newest, most advanced destroyer and tasked with eliminating this new threat before it can claim any more human lives. What he finds, however, is immeasurably more dangerous than just some new class of starship ... it's a horror that could lead to the destruction of both their species if it isn't stopped. Destroyer is the third book in the Expansion Wars Trilogy and part of the #1 bestselling Black Fleet Saga.


Counterstrike Author Joshua Dalzelle
ISBN-10 1518808670
Release 2015-10-28
Pages 364
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Captain Jackson Wolfe never thought he'd see the end of the Phage War in his lifetime. The enemy was too powerful, too numerous, and utterly determined to exterminate humanity. But the appearance of a new ally in the fight has changed all of that. For the first time since the original incursion Wolfe thinks that maybe there's a chance to stop their implacable enemy before they have the chance to wipe out any more human planets. That opportunity comes at great cost, however, and even as he makes plans for their first offensive move on the Phage, Jackson is all too aware that most of them will not survive. "Counterstrike" is book three of the bestselling Black Fleet Trilogy.

Call to Arms

Call to Arms Author Joshua Dalzelle
ISBN-10 1514627124
Release 2015-06-27
Pages 348
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From Joshua Dalzelle comes the follow up to the #1 Bestseller "Warship." Captain Jackson Wolfe survived the initial incursion of a vicious alien species into human space ... barely. He had assumed the juggernaut that had devastated three Terran systems was the herald for a full invasion, but for the last few years it has been eerily quiet along the Frontier. Jackson now struggles to convince the Confederate leadership the threat is still imminent and needs to be taken seriously. While powerful factions make backroom deals he is desperate to find irrefutable proof that the invaders are coming and if humanity expects to survive they must marshal their forces and make a stand before it's too late.

Omega Rising

Omega Rising Author Joshua Dalzelle
ISBN-10 1484016327
Release 2013-05-08
Pages 204
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Jason Burke was a man hiding from himself in a small cabin high in the American Rocky Mountains when his simple, quiet life was shattered one night by what he first assumed was an aviation mishap. But when he investigates the crash, what he finds will yank him out of his self-imposed exile and thrust him into a world he could have never imagined. He suddenly finds himself trapped on a damaged alien spacecraft and plunged into a universe of interstellar crime lords and government conspiracies, along the way meeting strange new friends... and enemies. As he struggles to find his way back home he is inexorably drawn deeper into a world where one misstep could mean his death. Or worse. He desperately wants to get back to Earth, but it may be the end for him. ... or is it just the beginning?


Warship Author Joshua Dalzelle
ISBN-10 1507587317
Release 2015-01-16
Pages 320
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From Joshua Dalzelle, author of the bestselling "Omega Force" series, comes an all new vision of humanity's future. In the 25th century humans have conquered space. The advent of faster-than-light travel has opened up hundreds of habitable planets for colonization, and humans have exploited the virtually limitless space and resources for hundreds of years with impunity. So complacent have they become with the overabundance that armed conflict is a thing of the past, and their machines of war are obsolete and decrepit. What would happen if they were suddenly threatened by a terrifying new enemy? Would humanity fold and surrender, or would they return to their evolutionary roots and meet force with force? One ship-and one captain-will soon be faced with this very choice. Against incredible odds, Jackson Wolfe is determined to save humanity-and in the process, might end up saving himself.


Blueshift Author Joshua Dalzelle
ISBN-10 1986875989
Release 2018-03-18
Pages 296
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If you could be the first to lay eyes upon a planet orbiting a distant star, would you go? If it meant that when you returned home-if you returned home-everyone you knew would have been dead for centuries, would you still go? The members of the Polaris Project knew what they were giving up when they volunteered to fly to the star named Angel-21, but the allure of being the first explorers to leave the Solar System far outweighed the risks. As it turned out, the most dangerous thing they faced wasn't the mission ... it was the homecoming. Eight hundred years have passed and Earth is nothing like they thought it would be. As Commander Markus Brentwood scrambles to uncover the mystery of what's happened to Earth in their absence, he also must contend with an increasingly dysfunctional crew and a damaged ship that's flying on borrowed time. What should have been a joyous return home after a long, hard mission has turned into a race to see which nightmare would kill them first. Blueshift is an all new sci-fi adventure from Joshua Dalzelle, author of the bestselling Omega Force Series and Black Fleet Saga.


Supercarrier Author Scott Bartlett
ISBN-10 1988380049
Release 2016-11-21
Pages 454
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Captain Keyes captains the Providence, the last human ship not dependent on dark tech, which humanity has used to rule the galaxy for decades. When dark tech fails, allies become enemies. Meanwhile, humanity's oldest enemy is on the rise. The future now depends on Captain Keyes and his misfit crew.

Baby Grand

Baby Grand Author Dina Santorelli
ISBN-10 9780997719123
Release 2016-08-01
Pages 358
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Baby Grand has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Baby Grand also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Baby Grand book for free.

Death Troopers

Death Troopers Author Joe Schreiber
ISBN-10 9780099542889
Release 2009
Pages 288
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A deadly virus turns its victims into the vicious undead when an Imperial prison barge breaks down in deep space with its load of prisoners--criminals and murderers, human and non-human.

The Conquering Tide War in the Pacific Islands 1942 1944

The Conquering Tide  War in the Pacific Islands  1942 1944 Author Ian W. Toll
ISBN-10 9780393248203
Release 2015-09-21
Pages 672
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New York Times Bestseller The devastation of Pearl Harbor and the American victory at Midway were prelude to a greater challenge: rolling back the vast Japanese Pacific empire, island by island. This masterful history encompasses the heart of the Pacific War—the period between mid-1942 and mid-1944—when parallel Allied counteroffensives north and south of the equator washed over Japan's far-flung island empire like a "conquering tide," concluding with Japan's irreversible strategic defeat in the Marianas. It was the largest, bloodiest, most costly, most technically innovative and logistically complicated amphibious war in history, and it fostered bitter interservice rivalries, leaving wounds that even victory could not heal. Often overlooked, these are the years and fights that decided the Pacific War. Ian W. Toll's battle scenes—in the air, at sea, and in the jungles—are simply riveting. He also takes the reader into the wartime councils in Washington and Tokyo where politics and strategy often collided, and into the struggle to mobilize wartime production, which was the secret of Allied victory. Brilliantly researched, the narrative is propelled and colored by firsthand accounts—letters, diaries, debriefings, and memoirs—that are the raw material of the telling details, shrewd judgment, and penetrating insight of this magisterial history. This volume—continuing the "marvelously readable dramatic narrative" (San Francisco Chronicle) of Pacific Crucible—marks the second installment of the Pacific War Trilogy, which will stand as the first history of the entire Pacific War to be published in at least twenty-five years.

Iron Gray Sea

Iron Gray Sea Author Taylor Anderson
ISBN-10 9780451414236
Release 2013
Pages 431
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Matt Reddy sets off in pursuit of a rogue Japanese destroyer, the Hidoiame, while the invasion of Grik "Indiaa" begins with the Human-Lemurian Alliance fighting against the Dominion.

Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens Lost Stars

Journey to Star Wars  The Force Awakens  Lost Stars Author Claudia Gray
ISBN-10 9781484725023
Release 2015-09-04
Pages 551
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This thrilling Young Adult novel gives readers a macro view of some of the most important events in the Star Wars universe, from the rise of the Rebellion to the fall of the Empire. Readers will experience these major moments through the eyes of two childhood friends--Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell--who have grown up to become an Imperial officer and a Rebel pilot. Now on opposite sides of the war, will these two star-crossed lovers reunite, or will duty tear them--and the galaxy--apart? Star Wars: Lost Stars also includes all-new post- Star Wars: Return of the Jedi content, as well as hints and clues about the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making this a must-read for all Star Wars fans.

The Terran Gambit

The Terran Gambit Author Endi Webb
ISBN-10 149735398X
Release 2014-03-14
Pages 310
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DEFEAT The Corsican Empire extends the reach of the "Pax Humana" across the thousand worlds, ruling with force and fear. 40 years ago, they returned to Earth, subjugating it and claiming the ancient home of humanity for the Empire. RESURGENCE Now, in 2675, Earth fights back. Lieutenant Jacob Mercer likes fast motorcycles, faster women, and screamin' fighters. As a reckless space jock in the Resistance fleet he lives for the thrill, and to take out as many Imperial bogeys as he can. At least, more than his buddies. But with victory in sight, the Imperials thwart the Resistance in a surprise show of devastating force, and Dallas burns from a thermonuclear blast--millions die--a merciless example of what happens to upstart worlds in the Pax Humana. A DESPERATE PLAN The Resistance goes underground to rebuild its strength, and in the shadows, the leadership devises a daring plan to strike right at the Empire's heart in a final, desperate bid for freedom. A plan that will send Jake Mercer right to where he doesn't belong: The captain's chair of the most advanced warship in the galaxy, facing down a psychopathic Imperial Admiral bent on utterly destroying the Resistance, and Earth itself. But first he has to survive. (Content disclaimer: There are marines and fighter pilots in this book, and as such it contains some salty language and crude jokes. Also, mild sexual situations, and violence. Readers who are sensitive to these things, please contact me and we'll work something out.) The Terran Gambit is the first episode in a series of 10 books in the Pax Humana Saga.


Cybership Author Vaughn Heppner
ISBN-10 1544093063
Release 2017-03-06
Pages 320
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In Neptune's cloud cities, orbital stations and spaceships, the computers are taking over, killing every human. Jon Hawkins is a mercenary and a political prisoner aboard Battleship Leonid Brezhnev, frozen in a cryogenic unit for the long trip to Earth. He wakes up to find that almost everyone is dead, and that they died while destroying the main computer. The few survivors make a startling discovery. A first-contact alien vessel is gathering empty spaceships, parking them in orbit around the moon Triton and arming them with alien weaponry. The war for the Solar System has begun, and Jon Hawkins may be the only person who can save the human race.

Mother of Shadows

Mother of Shadows Author Meg Anne
ISBN-10 1548359742
Release 2017-07-23
Pages 258
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Helena's life had always been quiet. In fact, she liked it that way. When her childhood friend returns home and tells her that she is the prophesied ruler of the Chosen, those blessed with the gift of magic, her quiet life goes up in flames. Suddenly Helena finds herself surrounded by a circle of protectors, each having sworn their loyalty to her since her birth. All except for one: her Mate. It's not enough that she learn how to use her magic and undergo a trial to prove her worthiness; in order to claim her title, Helena must also find the man who carries the other half of her soul. Exiled due to a past he had no part in, Von is the last man the Chosen expect Helena to select. Despite their protests, his soul calls to hers and there's no denying that he was made for her. But the prophecy stands and all isn't as it seems. There's an enemy lurking within plain sight who will stop at nothing to destroy her.