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Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures

Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures Author Phillip A. Cloud
ISBN-10 9780815516842
Release 2001-01-16
Pages 193
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This book provides hands-on techniques for writing engineering procedures to achieve ISO 9000 compliance. It is designed for individuals responsible for writing these procedures in any industry. Readers will find actual examples of clearly written, compliant engineering procedures, ready to adapt to your own industry and your own particular needs and use immediately. It answers virtually all your procedure writing questions. Procedure writers will gain a general understanding of engineering documentation principles and how to apply them to their own situations. Simple diagrams and other graphics illustrate key ideas, giving a bird's-eye view of what is coming next. The intent of the book is to familiarize the reader with the essential elements and concepts of engineering procedure development and management and show how to apply these concepts to their own specific applications. The author emphasizes engineering principles and tools that are common to all engineering disciplines, with examples for their use. Step-by-step procedures shown for each document format enable readers to apply each format to their own engineering documentation programs quickly and easily. The book provides a fingertip reference that covers the entire engineering procedure process, using the latest technology for engineering documentation systems.

Safety and Security Review for the Process Industries

Safety and Security Review for the Process Industries Author Dennis P. Nolan
ISBN-10 9780815519638
Release 2008-07-04
Pages 250
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This book describes the application of major safety reviews used in the process industries (principally petroleum, petrochemical, chemical industries, nuclear installations, utility systems, and medical facilities). It provides guidance on qualitative hazard analyses, specifically for PHA (Preliminary Hazard Analysis), What-If, and HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) for review teams. OSHA and EPA as well as national governments all over the world, require industry to conduct these reviews to help prevent major catastrophic fire, explosions and oil spillages. In 2007, the Department of Homeland Security in the United States issued new standards with regard to the security of chemical facilities. This new edition documents how the methodology and procedures used for the hazard reviews can be adopted and applied for Security Vulnerability Analysis (SVA).

Engineering Procedures Handbook

Engineering Procedures Handbook Author Phillip A. Cloud
ISBN-10 0815514107
Release 1997
Pages 419
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Provides a systematic approach to engineering documentation for companies with small manual systems to those with mass production facilities.

Systems Engineering Guidebook

Systems Engineering Guidebook Author James N Martin
ISBN-10 0849378370
Release 1996-11-14
Pages 304
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Systems Engineering Guidebook: A Process for Developing Systems and Products is intended to provide readers with a guide to understanding and becoming familiar with the systems engineering process, its application, and its value to the successful implementation of systems development projects. The book describes the systems engineering process as a multidisciplinary effort. The process is defined in terms of specific tasks to be accomplished, with great emphasis placed on defining the problem that is being addressed prior to designing the solution.

Engineering and Technology Management Tools and Applications

Engineering and Technology Management Tools and Applications Author B. S. Dhillon
ISBN-10 1580535682
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 402
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Career success for engineers who wish to move up the management ladder, requires more than an understanding of engineering and technological principles ?

Sedimentation Engineering

Sedimentation Engineering Author Marcelo H. GarcÁa
ISBN-10 9780784471289
Release 2008-02-19
Pages 1132
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Prepared by the ASCE Task Committee to Expand and Update Manual 54 of the Sedimentation Committee of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE Sedimentation Engineering: Processes, Measurements, Modeling, and Practice presents extensive advances in methods of investigation, measurement, and analysis in the specialized field of sedimentation engineering. A supplement to the classic Sedimentation Engineering (Manual 54), this new volume not only documents the evolution of the field over a 50-year period, but also reports on the state of the practice. This manual addresses new topics in physical processes, measurements, modeling, and practice, mainly in the context of rivers and inland water bodies. With contributions from internationally recognized experts in various fields, MOP 110 will benefit hydrologists, geomorphologists, sedimentoloigists, land-use planners, and soil conservation specialists, as well as environmental, hydraulic, and agricultural engineers.

Software Design and Development Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Software Design and Development  Concepts  Methodologies  Tools  and Applications Author Management Association, Information Resources
ISBN-10 9781466643024
Release 2013-07-31
Pages 2348
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Innovative tools and techniques for the development and design of software systems are essential to the problem solving and planning of software solutions. Software Design and Development: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications brings together the best practices of theory and implementation in the development of software systems. This reference source is essential for researchers, engineers, practitioners, and scholars seeking the latest knowledge on the techniques, applications, and methodologies for the design and development of software systems.

Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes

Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes Author Peter Heisig
ISBN-10 1849961999
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 213
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Modelling for Business Improvement contains the proceedings of the First International Conference on Process Modelling and Process Management (MMEP 2010) held in Cambridge, England, in March 2010. It contains contributions from an international group of leading researchers in the fields of process modelling and process management. This conference will showcase recent trends in the modelling and management of engineering processes, explore potential synergies between different modelling approaches, gather and discuss future challenges for the management of engineering processes and discuss future research areas and topics. Modelling for Business Improvement is divided into three main parts: 1. Theoretical foundation of modelling and management of engineering processes, and achievements in theory. 2. Experiences from management practice using various modelling methods and tools, and their future challenges. 3. New perspectives on modelling methods, techniques and tools.

INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook

INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook Author INCOSE,
ISBN-10 9781119015123
Release 2015-06-12
Pages 304
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A detailed and thorough reference on the discipline and practice of systems engineering The objective of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Systems Engineering Handbook is to describe key process activities performed by systems engineers and other engineering professionals throughout the life cycle of a system. The book covers a wide range of fundamental system concepts that broaden the thinking of the systems engineering practitioner, such as system thinking, system science, life cycle management, specialty engineering, system of systems, and agile and iterative methods. This book also defines the discipline and practice of systems engineering for students and practicing professionals alike, providing an authoritative reference that is acknowledged worldwide. The latest edition of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook: Is consistent with ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 Systems and software engineering—System life cycle processes and the Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) Has been updated to include the latest concepts of the INCOSE working groups Is the body of knowledge for the INCOSE Certification Process This book is ideal for any engineering professional who has an interest in or needs to apply systems engineering practices. This includes the experienced systems engineer who needs a convenient reference, a product engineer or engineer in another discipline who needs to perform systems engineering, a new systems engineer, or anyone interested in learning more about systems engineering.

An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design

An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design Author Sean Moran
ISBN-10 9780128003824
Release 2015-03-30
Pages 390
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An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design is a guide to process plant design for both students and professional engineers. The book covers plant layout and the use of spreadsheet programmes and key drawings produced by professional engineers as aids to design; subjects which are usually learned on the job rather than in education. You will learn how to produce smarter plant design through the use of computer tools, including Excel and AutoCAD, "What If Analysis", statistical tools, and Visual Basic for more complex problems. The book also includes a wealth of selection tables, covering the key aspects of professional plant design which engineering students and early-career engineers tend to find most challenging. Professor Moran draws on over 20 years' experience in process design to create an essential foundational book ideal for those who are new to process design, compliant with both professional practice and the IChemE degree accreditation guidelines. Explains how to deliver a process design that meets both business and safety criteria Covers plant layout and the use of spreadsheet programmes and key drawings as aids to design Includes a comprehensive set of selection tables, covering those aspects of professional plant design which early-career designers find most challenging

Project Management for Business and Engineering

Project Management for Business and Engineering Author John M. Nicholas
ISBN-10 9780750678247
Release 2004
Pages 603
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"This textbook is intended for business analysts, engineers, system developers, systems analysts, and others just getting started in management, and for managers and administrators with little project management training."--Jacket.

Project Management for Construction

Project Management for Construction Author Chris Hendrickson
ISBN-10 9780137312665
Release 1989-01-01
Pages 537
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Project Management for Construction has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Project Management for Construction also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Project Management for Construction book for free.

Management Fundamentals Concepts Applications Skill Development

Management Fundamentals  Concepts  Applications  Skill Development Author Robert Lussier
ISBN-10 9780324569643
Release 2008-02-14
Pages 592
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With its three-pronged approach of concepts, applications, and skill development, MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS gives you a solid foundation of management concepts and real skills you can use in the workplace. Through a variety of thought-provoking applications, Lussier challenges you to think critically and apply concepts to your own experiences. Proven skill-building exercises, behavioral models, self-assessments, and group exercises throughout the text will help you realize your own managerial potential. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Emerging Systems Approaches in Information Technologies Concepts Theories and Applications

Emerging Systems Approaches in Information Technologies  Concepts  Theories  and Applications Author Paradice, David
ISBN-10 9781605669779
Release 2009-10-31
Pages 420
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"This book presents findings utilizing the incorporation of the systems approach into fields such as systems engineering, computer science, and software engineering"--Provided by publisher.

Organization Development

Organization Development Author Gary McLean
ISBN-10 1605093343
Release 2005-12-02
Pages 465
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Designed for use in undergraduate and graduate programs in organization development, management, human resource development, and industrial and organizational psychology, Organization Development provides readers with an overview of the field and acquaints them with the basic principles, practices, values, and skills of OD. Covering every aspect of the work of an OD professional and featuring numerous illustrative case studies, it shows how OD professionals actually get work and what the first steps in any OD effort should be. Author Gary McLean surveys different ways to assess an organizational situation—including a comparison of the Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry models—and provides forms for devising an action plan based on that assessment. He then looks at how to choose and implement a range of interventions at different levels, as well as how to evaluate the results of an intervention. Organization Development goes beyond the organizational level to look at the application of OD on community, national, regional, and global levels. And it successfully combines theory and practice; process and outcomes; performance and affective results; effectiveness and efficiency.

Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications

Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications Author Timothy J. Ross
ISBN-10 9780470748510
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 606
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The first edition of Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications (1995) was the first classroom text for undergraduates in the field. Now updated for the second time, this new edition features the latest advances in the field including material on expansion of the MLFE method using genetic algorithms, cognitive mapping, fuzzy agent-based models and total uncertainty. Redundant or obsolete topics have been removed, resulting in a more concise yet inclusive text that will ensure the book retains its broad appeal at the forefront of the literature. Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications, 3rd Edition is oriented mainly towards methods and techniques. Every chapter has been revised, featuring new illustrations and examples throughout. Supporting MATLAB code is downloadable at This will benefit student learning in all basic operations, the generation of membership functions, and the specialized applications in the latter chapters of the book, providing an invaluable tool for students as well as for self-study by practicing engineers.

Perpetual Business Machines

Perpetual Business Machines Author Eric T-S. Pan
ISBN-10 0975448005
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 363
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"Perpetual Business Machines is a business manual written especially for technical professionals striving to operate in the new economy: a global economic environment marked by knowledge, convergence of technologies, and free markets. Written by the president of Meridian Deployment Corporation in Silicon Valley, Perpetual Business Machines channels the author's personal experience in the high-tech industry during all phases of business cycles. Chapters address the key principles of profit-making, market analysis, product management, business procedure, troubleshooting, and more. Presenting its ideas enumerated point-by-point, Perpetual Business Machines is a "must-have" for anyone in the technology industry looking to strengthen their understanding of how business works and what common errors to avoid in collaborations and other ventures."The MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW