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Devotional Classics Revised Edition

Devotional Classics  Revised Edition Author Richard J. Foster
ISBN-10 9780060777500
Release 2005-06-28
Pages 400
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A New, Expanded Edition of Renovaré's Classic Companion to the Devotional Life Updated to incorporate all six traditions, or "streams," that comprise a healthy and holistic life of faith, these fifty–two selections have been organized to introduce the reader to the great devotional writers over the course of one year. Edited by James Bryan Smith, each reading is accompanied by an introduction and meditation by Richard J. Foster. In addition, each entry includes a related biblical passage, discussion questions, and individual and group exercises. With devotional readings in 1. The Prayer–Filled Life 2. The Virtuous Life 3. The Spirit–Empowered Life 4. The Compassionate Life 5. The Word–Centered Life 6. The Sacramental Life Foster and Smith sift through works from the great spiritual writers of the past as well as readings from contemporary spiritual leaders to create a guide that is indispensable for those looking for a deeper and more balanced spiritual life.

Devotional Classics

Devotional Classics Author Richard J. Foster
ISBN-10 0060669667
Release 1993-06-11
Pages 368
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Updated to incorporate all six traditions, or "streams," that comprise a healthy and holistic life of faith, these fifty-two selections have been organized to introduce the reader to the great devotional writers over the course of one year. Edited by James Bryan Smith, each reading is accompanied by an introduction and meditation by Richard J. Foster. In addition, each entry includes a related biblical passage, discussion questions, and individual and group exercises.

Spiritual Classics

Spiritual Classics Author Richard J. Foster
ISBN-10 9780060628727
Release 2000-01-05
Pages 400
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The Brightest Lights of the Christian Tradition St. Augustine, Thomas Merton, Fredrick Buechner, Evelyn Underhill, A.W. Tozer, G.K. Chesterton, Thomas More, Martin Luther King, Jr., Amy Carmichael, Simone Weil, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Hildegard of Bingen, John Milton, Dorothy Day, Leo Tolstoy, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and more. . . From nearly two thousand years of Christian writing comes Spiritual Classcs,fifty–two selections complete with a profile of each author, guided meditations for group and individual use, and reflections containing questions and exercises. Editors Richard Foster and Emilie Griffith offer their expertise by selecting inspirational writings and including their own commentary and recommendations for further guided reading and exploration.

Streams of Living Water

Streams of Living Water Author Richard J. Foster
ISBN-10 9780062046338
Release 2010-10-12
Pages 448
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The author of the bestselling celebration of discipline explores the great traditions of Christian spirituality and their role in spiritual renewal today. In this landmark work, Foster examines the "streams of living water" –– the six dimensions of faith and practice that define Christian tradition. He lifts up the enduring character of each tradition and shows how a variety of practices, from individual study and retreat to disciplines of service and community, are all essential elements of growth and maturity. Foster examines the unique contributions of each of these traditions and offers as examples the inspiring stories of faithful people whose lives defined each of these "streams."

Learning from Jesus

Learning from Jesus Author Renovare
ISBN-10 9780060841249
Release 2006-06-27
Pages 160
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Become a Student of the Master To Christians, Jesus is many things: the Son of God, the pivotal figure in whom we put our trust and who speaks on our behalf, a companion in the life of faith. But Jesus is also an incredible example of how to lead a faithful life. Jesus, as a human, walked on earth and confronted the same struggles that we face. Our primary mission as his followers is to learn from him -- to become his apprentices. In this book we seek to further our apprenticeship by studying everything from Jesus's interactions with those around him to the revolutionary wisdom recorded in the Gospels. Learning from Jesus is conveniently organized for individual or group study, and each section of this guide leads you further down the path to true discipleship.

Life with God

Life with God Author Richard J. Foster
ISBN-10 9780061851872
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 240
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“If you want to discover new ways of entering the Bible, and letting it enter you, you will find no better guide than Richard Foster.” — Lauren F. Winner, Duke Divinity School, author of Girl Meets God “Foster’s work is not for those readers who are seeking quick answers or a behavioral checklist of what the Bible says they should do. Rather, it is a deep reflective guide to spiritual rumination and growth.” — Publishers Weekly Richard Foster, the beloved, bestselling author of Celebration of Discipline, Streams of Living Water, and Prayer, shows the intimate connection between Scripture and spirituality, revealing the secrets to living the “with-God life.”

Living the Mission

Living the Mission Author Renovare
ISBN-10 9780061955426
Release 2009-06-02
Pages 160
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Living the Mission explores what it means to be a Christian today. By examining the early church's struggle in the wake of Jesus's devastating death and awe-inspiring resurrection in the book of Acts, we learn how we can follow Jesus, how Jesus is still with us in the Holy Spirit, and how we are called to form communities into which we are forever inviting others. Conveniently organized for individual or group study, Living the Mission explores the heart of what it means to follow Jesus and be a part of his church.

Connecting with God

Connecting with God Author Renovare
ISBN-10 9780060841232
Release 2006-06-13
Pages 144
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How can we experience god? God has communicated with his people throughout the ages in many ways. Adam and Eve encountered him directly in the Garden of Eden, Teresa of Avila experienced him through visions, and Francis of Assisi heard his voice in nature. This book gives practical advice for connecting on a deeply personal level with God. It uncovers new places to look for God, while providing reflection questions and activities to reinvigorate communication with God in such traditional areas as prayer and Bible study. Divided into twelve chapters conveniently organized for individual or group study, each section explores a different area in which we can deepen our individual communion with God. The RenovarÉ Spiritual Formation Guides, created by Richard J. Foster and the team that developed The RenovarÉ Spiritual Formation Bible and the longstanding A Spiritual Formation Workbook, provide tangible lessons that help us become spiritually formed, conformed, and transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. Geared for either individual study or use in small groups, each RenovarÉ Spiritual Formation Guide explores one facet of our life with God, providing readings from Scripture as well as classic and contemporary works of spirituality. The combination of readings, reflection questions, exercises, and activities makes these books invaluable interactive guides that prompt true spiritual growth.

Who We Are Is How We Pray

Who We Are Is How We Pray Author Charles J. Keating
ISBN-10 0896223213
Release 1987
Pages 147
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Draws on the 16 personality types identified in the Myers-Briggs personality profile, matches each to a suitable form and style of spirituality, and shows why prayer is different for each.

25 Books Every Christian Should Read

25 Books Every Christian Should Read Author Renovare
ISBN-10 9780062098665
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 420
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From the creators of Devotional Classics and Spiritual Classics comes 25 Books Every Christian Should Read, the definitive guide to the most spiritually influential and important books for Christians to read. Renovaré, a community of Christians promoting personal and spiritual renewal, put together a prestigious editorial board including Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Phyllis Tickle, and Richard Rohr, resulting in this wonderful resource for exploring the richness of the Christian tradition.

Great Devotional Classics

Great Devotional Classics Author Upper Room Books
ISBN-10 0835803325
Release 1975-09-01
Pages 1160
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Great Devotional Classics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Great Devotional Classics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Great Devotional Classics book for free.

A Spiritual Formation Workbook Revised Edition

A Spiritual Formation Workbook   Revised Edition Author James Bryan Smith
ISBN-10 0062029339
Release 2010-09-28
Pages 112
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This beginning workbook for Spiritual Formation Groups features guidelines for starting a group, study plans for the first nine sessions, and a questionnaire that helps map the way ahead. Based upon six major dimensions of the spiritual life found in the life of Christ and Christian tradition: The Contemplative Tradition - The Holiness Tradition - The Charismatic Tradition - The Social Justice Tradition - The Evangelical Tradition - and The Incarnational Tradition, this workbook program provides all the necessary ingredients to start and maintain a Spiritual Formation Group. Successfully used by thousands of Spiritual Formation Group participants, A Spiritual Formation Workbook has been completely revised to correlate with Richard J. Foster's Streams of Living Water. Its new and updated exercises and teachings offer fresh perspectives on Christian faith and practice. Christian in perspective and ecumenical in breadth, RENOVARÉ (from the Latin, meaning "to renew") is an effort committed to the renewal of the Church. Founded by bestselling writer Richard J. Foster, RENOVARÉ provides individual churches with a balanced, practical, effective small-group strategy for spiritual growth.

Satisfy Your Soul

Satisfy Your Soul Author Bruce Demarest
ISBN-10 1576831302
Release 1999
Pages 317
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Discover proven tools for developing intimacy with God as you follow a carefully chosen path from familiar evangelical practices to those outside our experiences and traditions.

Victorious Christian Living

Victorious Christian Living Author Robertson McQuilkin
ISBN-10 1939074088
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 56
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Robertson McQuilkin explores the issues behind why many Christians don't experience a "normal" Christian life, which is seen in the New Testament as a life of victory, peace, and joy. Instead, many Christians tend to live and behave like morally upright non-Christians, without the vibrancy and victory of a life that centers around constant, personal companionship with Christ. McQuilkin takes a balanced approach, examining the divine and human aspects of sanctification, as well as a roadmap back to experiencing a normal Christian life as God intended.

Take and Read

Take and Read Author Eugene H. Peterson
ISBN-10 0802840965
Release 1995-12-14
Pages 136
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Lists and describes hundreds of recommended books on Christianity and the spiritual life

A Diary of Private Prayer

A Diary of Private Prayer Author John Baillie
ISBN-10 9781476754710
Release 2014-10-07
Pages 144
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Editor Susanna Wright offers this updated edition of a Christian devotional classic—invoking the daily prayers and timeless imagery of the original text through modern, accessible language. In this wonderful collection, famed theologian Dr. John Baillie shares personal prayers for people who are seeking a better understanding of God and themselves. Organized by morning and evening—with special prayers for Sundays—A Diary of Private Prayer is written with eloquence, piety, and directness. Blending praise and meditative thoughts about God with a concern for the social and individual good, these daily invocations help and inspire us to search our inner selves and find the deep religious beliefs that lie within. First published in 1936, A Diary of Private Prayer remains a seminal Christian devotional with more than a million copies in print. This modern edition—completely redesigned into a gift package—admirably preserves all the qualities of the original, ensuring that the wisdom of God and the wonder of Baillie’s prayers remain accessible for many generations to come.

Falling for God

Falling for God Author Gary W. Moon
ISBN-10 9780307552204
Release 2009-01-21
Pages 240
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Falling in love is one of life’s greatest joys. So imagine the endless joy of falling head over heels for God. Falling in love is one of the most magnificent experiences of human life. Remember what it feels like? How it happens? You spend time with that special someone, get to know each other, and then one day find yourselves so intimately connected it is as though your souls have become intertwined. Compare that experience with your current relationship with God. Why doesn’t it feel just as passionate, just as wonderful? Gary Moon believes it can. If you’re not head over heels in love with God, you’re missing out on an incredible experience–but you’re not without hope. Falling for God will inspire you to pursue a passionate, intimate relationship with a God who–even though he doesn’t need anything from you–wants more than anything to be united with you. Through Bible study, personal meditation, and classic spiritual exercises, you’ll discover how to experience this loving connection with the lover of your soul. The journey will take you through honest conversation and active communion to a deeper experience of intimate union with God. Falling for God will move you to embrace an all-out passion for joyful and abundant living. From the Trade Paperback edition.