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Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus

Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus Author Harry Stovell Cronin
ISBN-10 OSU:32435017000381
Release 1899
Pages 108
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Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus book for free.

The Lillian Lectures

The Lillian Lectures Author Wendy Agnew
ISBN-10 1552450155
Release 1999
Pages 112
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Hide under your bed! Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret meets South Park in The Lillian Lectures, a collection of short poems and cheerfully nasty illustrations that will turn your universe on its head. Remember how strange you thought sex and God were when you were little? Six-year-old Melanie is weirder and naughtier than you ever were, and now she's passing her wealth of wacky wisdom on to her little sister, Lillian. Your mom would never let you play with them, but you sure would have wanted to; Melanie is the ultimate bad influence.

Things I Can t Remember to Forget

Things I Can t Remember to Forget Author Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas
ISBN-10 1632751003
Release 2017-05-06
Pages 32
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Things I Can t Remember to Forget has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Things I Can t Remember to Forget also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Things I Can t Remember to Forget book for free.

Practical Argumentation

Practical Argumentation Author George K. Pattee
ISBN-10 9781847024251
Release 2006-07-01
Pages 156
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In college debate, though not frequently elsewhere, the issues as a rule are immediately followed by a series of statements that show how each issue is to be answered. These statements constitute what is known as the partition. When a partition is made, each statement becomes a main point to be established by proof in the discussion. The following portion of a student's argument contains both the issues and the partition.

The Biblical Canons

The Biblical Canons Author Jean-Marie Auwers
ISBN-10 9042911549
Release 2003
Pages 725
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This volume contains the Proceedings of the 50th Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense: the 40 contributions, written in English, French and German, focus on the canons of the Old and New Testament as well as those of the Bible as a whole. The theme is studied from a variety of historical, hermeneutical and biblical-theological points of view. Several contributions discuss the process that resulted in the canonical status of certain writings, or groups of writings, in particular, such as the Book of Psalms, Ezekiel, the Wisdom of Ben Sira, the Pauline corpus, Acts and the gospels.

No Trace of Christmas

No Trace of Christmas Author Christoph Dohmen
ISBN-10 0814627153
Release 2000
Pages 92
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In "No Trace of Christmas?", Dohmen explains why answers regarding believers' understanding of Christmas can be found not in the New but in the Old Testament. Since it was with the aid of the Old Testament that the early Church interpreted the event at Bethlehem, many of the images and biblical texts associated with Christmas only can be understood by following their Old Testament roots.

Apostelgeschichte Als Kirchengeschichte

Apostelgeschichte Als Kirchengeschichte Author Tobias Nicklas
ISBN-10 311017717X
Release 2003
Pages 454
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The remarkably complex textual traditions of the Acts of the Apostles reflect the theological developments and socio-cultural framework of early Christianity. The present volume contains studies of textual witnesses, textual traditions and translations of the Acts. They do not only focus on the traditions which occur in the manuscripts, or on the theological tendencies of the major ancient versions and their reception in the Early Church, but also consider the relevance of mostly neglected witnesses such as amuletts and tablets, and the relationship between the ancient translators and Jewish exegetical traditions.

Das Patristische Prinzip

Das Patristische Prinzip Author Merkt
ISBN-10 9789004313248
Release 2002-05-31
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The patristic principle demands that theological quarrels be settled by resorting to the church fathers. This volume presents the first comprehensive reflexion on the historical evolution of the present crisis of this ancient theological principle.

Manage Your Life with Outlook For Dummies

Manage Your Life with Outlook For Dummies Author Greg Harvey
ISBN-10 0470462493
Release 2008-11-24
Pages 360
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An all-new guide that unlocks the secrets of greater Office 2007 productivity-a must-have for power users and everyone who would like to work more efficiently Offers scores of tips, tricks, and techniques to boost productivity with the programs people use every day-Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint Topics covered include dealing effectively with e-mail, effectively managing files, using and creating templates, reusing and remixing content, sharing and reviewing content, and efficiently managing time and scheduling The CD-ROM and companion Web site offer podcasts of key productivity tips from the book Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

From Quest to Q

From Quest to Q Author Jon Ma Asgeirsson
ISBN-10 9042907711
Release 2000
Pages 345
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On June 30th 1999, James M. Robinson formally retired from his position as Arthur Letts Jr. Professor of Religion at Claremont Graduate University. At this juncture in his life Peeters Publishers is proud to be the publisher of a festschrift, From Quest to Q, dedicated to Robinson, and his monumental contributions to the field of Q studies or the Sayings Gospel Q. The Festschrift is divided into four sections following an introduction written by Asgeirsson. The first section of the Festschrift entitled "From Source to Document" opens with a tribute to the jubilee whose very work within the International Q Project has, indeed transformed the hypothetical source into a document using a papyrological model. It is followed by two essays: one on the genre of the document Q and the other on the impact of Old Testament citations or allusions in Q or more specifically the Temptation Story in Q. The second section on "Founder and Fashion" visits in three essays the questions of the character of Jesus. Whom may he be likened to, what factors in the social environment of the followers of Jesus colored his manners and view of life? In a third section "Topos and Topics," four essays deal with diverse theological motifs in Q. From the breaking up of traditional family relationships to the question of the poor, this section also includes the motif of Son of man and the geographical topos, Nazara. The last section, "Q in Redaction" deals with several aspects of the redaction of Q in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Finally, in this section, two essays deal with parallel motifs in Q, the Gospel of Thomas, the Synoptic Gospels, as well as the Gospel of John. The contributors, from Europe and the United States, have all worked within the field of Q Studies and together comprise some of the most prominent names among junior and senior scholars in the field.

The Little Book on CoffeeScript

The Little Book on CoffeeScript Author Alex MacCaw
ISBN-10 9781449325541
Release 2012-01-19
Pages 62
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This concise book shows JavaScript developers how to build superb web applications with CoffeeScript, the remarkable language that’s gaining considerable interest. Through example code, this guide demonstrates how CoffeeScript abstracts JavaScript, providing syntactical sugar and preventing many common errors. You’ll learn CoffeeScript’s syntax and idioms step by step, from basic variables and functions to complex comprehensions and classes. Written by Alex MacCaw, author of JavaScript Web Applications (O’Reilly), with contributions from CoffeeScript creator Jeremy Ashkenas, this book quickly teaches you best practices for using this language—not just on the client side, but for server-side applications as well. It’s time to take a ride with the little language that could. Discover how CoffeeScript’s syntax differs from JavaScript Learn about features such as array comprehensions, destructuring assignments, and classes Explore CoffeeScript idioms and compare them to their JavaScript counterparts Compile CoffeeScript files in static sites with the Cake build system Use CommonJS modules to structure and deploy CoffeeScript client-side applications Examine JavaScript’s bad parts—including features CoffeeScript was able to fix

Node js for PHP Developers

Node js for PHP Developers Author Daniel Howard
ISBN-10 9781449333607
Release 2012
Pages 269
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Demonstrates the remarkable similarities between Node.js and PHP, and teaches readers how to port an entire PHP web application to Node.js.

Adobe Photoshop CS Image Effects

Adobe Photoshop CS Image Effects Author Dong Mi Kim
ISBN-10 9781592003648
Release 2004
Pages 245
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Through twenty-one stunning, full-color artistic projects and clear step-by-step explanations of how to complete them, Adobe Photoshop CS Image Effects will help you master the advanced image effect techniques of Photoshop CS. Use Photoshop CS to apply a variety of effects to your images, including the faded texture of crumbling bricks, the illuminated effect of dancing lights, and the tranquil effect of a cloudy sky. Master Photoshop's diverse filters and graphic-editing features to create extraordinary image effects. All of the original artwork that you need to complete your projects is included on the book's CD- ROM.

Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications

Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications Author Frank Gross
ISBN-10 9780071588959
Release 2005-10-05
Pages 288
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Smart antennas boost the power of a wireless network, saving energy and money and greatly increasing the range of wireless broadband. Smart Antennas is a rigorous textbook on smart antenna design and deployment.

Synoptic Concordance

Synoptic Concordance Author Paul Hoffmann
ISBN-10 9783110162967
Release 1999
Pages 1032
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Synoptic Concordance has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Synoptic Concordance also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Synoptic Concordance book for free.

HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps

HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps Author Wesley Hales
ISBN-10 9781449320515
Release 2012-11-14
Pages 156
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Provides inforamtion on using HTML5, JavaScript, and W3C specifications to create mobile and desktop Web applications for all browsers and devices.

Molecular Bioelectronics

Molecular Bioelectronics Author Nicolini Claudio
ISBN-10 9789814725866
Release 2016-03-29
Pages 336
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Molecular bioelectronics is a field in strong evolution at the frontier of life and materials sciences. The term is utilized in a broad context to emphasize a unique blend of electronics and biotechnology which is seen as the best way to achieve many objectives of industrial and scientific relevance, including biomolecular engineering, bioelectronic devices, materials and sensors capable of optimal hardware efficiency and intelligence and molecular miniaturization. Contents: IntroductionActive BioelementsTechnologiesBioelectronic MaterialsBioelectronic SensorsBioelectronic Molecular DevicesProtein AutomataConclusionReferences Readership: Students and scientists in bioelectronics and materials science.